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Takes the cake

It’s long been said you can’t have your cake and eat it too, but with our roundup of the latest cake trends for the Romeos and Juliets of 2020, you might just be able to! These are some of the sweetest staples of the big day.


CROCHET CAKE: You’ll find crochet and macramé winding its way around three, four or even five tier cakes this year, its intricate delicacy creating an elaborate lace-like feature.

I THINK OF YOU FRONDLY: With the modern wedding leaning towards a natural and clean colour palette, many brides and grooms are swapping their bright, colourful blooms for crisp, elegant ferns to decorate their cake.

FESTIVAL OF FLAVOUR: We’re quickly swapping out the traditional flavours of vanilla or fruit cake for those that are a little more exciting and unexpected, like pistachio, pink champagne and even lime.

SAY CHEESE! Well that was unexpected, right? Yes cakes made out of stacked cheese wheels are actually a thing! So too are stacked doughnuts, macaron towers and tiered cookie cakes, as today’s matrimonial matches are thinking outside the box for alternative ways to take the cake.


Patisserie Yahagi

Making sweet memories: Patisserie Yahagi

Patisserie Yahagi, located in an old shopping arcade at Church Corner mall, Upper Riccarton, celebrated its tenth birthday on 4 March.


Patisserie Yahagi


The shop has been providing more than 15 kinds of exquisite desserts since it opened. Although the offerings in the cabinet have changed frequently to match the seasons, some products have remained in the line-up for ten years because of devoted fans.

One of them is Mousse au Chocolat (chocolate mousse), the bestseller at Patisserie Yahagi. It consists of both dark and milk Belgium chocolate and has turned many chocolate lovers into loyal devotees of Patisserie Yahagi.

Owner, Eri Yahagi, says with a smile “I can’t count how many chocolate mousses I’ve made in the past ten years, but all have sold out. I’m delighted because it means so many people have had the opportunity to enjoy our chocolate mousses.

“Over the years, many of our young customers who tried our chocolate mousse when we first opened left Christchurch to study or work in other places. But when they return during their holidays, they often visit our shop. They tell us that they miss our chocolate mousse and it is the best of its kind.”

The cakes from Patisserie Yahagi have become memories in their lives, just like your mother’s and grandmother’s baking when you were a child. A decade of Patisserie Yahagi means it has established itself as a ‘sweet memory’ to local customers!