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Paving the way: Affordable Concrete and Paving

Being a family business with deep roots in Canterbury, Affordable Concrete and Paving has a unique understanding of just how hectic undertaking your own concrete related project can be. That’s why, for the last three decades, the company has a gained a sterling reputation for taking the stress out of your project, by giving you the best quality concrete workmanship at competitive prices.




With many concrete projects under their belt, Affordable Concrete knows the build and paving process better than anyone. With plenty of repeat business to draw from, the experienced team offers a no-obligation pricing service and can quote onsite or from plans.

From a residential driveway, right up to civil or commercial ventures including carparks, footpaths and kerbing, Affordable Concrete can do it all.

New builds are also an Affordable Concrete specialty. Whether you are someone building a new home or renovating an existing one, Affordable Concrete will take you through every step of the process from start to finish.

To know more about how Affordable Concrete can give your new build the best quality concrete to suit your budget, head to for more information or call 03 354 2140.




Naked Architecture

Choice – that’s what we need; a way in which each of us can individually live happily in our increasingly complex world.




Now, more than ever, people really do want greater choice around how they live in the urban environment. And internationally, a growing array of solutions are emerging to answer that urgent need. We are diverse, our needs differ and the days of the one-stop solution are long gone. In architecture, a new trend is allowing buyers individual choice even within the walls of one block.

‘Naked Architecture’ offers its end users the exciting ability to buy ‘shell space’ with no pre-imposed layout, giving them the opportunity to think about their own individual requirements within the space. The shell can then be fitted out to suit any individual’s needs and budget. In an inspired move towards individual choice, buyers can now tailor-make their own solutions and configure their own designs, with the assistance of the resident architect.

This innovative new architecture means that no two units need be the same, and each unit can work with the light and boundaries of its individual space – the possibilities are as varied as the buyers.

In a city such as Christchurch, which has already embraced massive change after the earthquakes, the opportunity to create anew has caused many of us to re-think our needs. ‘Naked Architecture’ embraces the need for individual choice – a chance to make personal decisions about personal space, and an opportunity to live more comfortably in our urban environment. Everybody benefits, happiness spreads – and Christchurch becomes an increasingly interesting and diverse city.




Solution-based building: Pringle Homes

‘Building confidence’: two words which perfectly sum up Pringle Homes. Yes, in the minds of many, the idea of undertaking a new home build of one’s own can be a terrifying prospect. However, it doesn’t need to be. Thanks to Pringle Homes, the stress we tend to experience after deciding to pull the trigger on our new humble abode, simply no longer applies.



With their solution-based building and construction plan, Pringle Homes has, for the last decade, gained a sterling reputation for helping everyone, from first-time home buyers to others wanting their second dream home, get the peace of mind of a job well done.

You only need look at the home of Di Lynes and Richard Hall. Built by Pringle Homes, it has won the Gold Reserve and Master Build Regional House of the Year. It is also in the running for National House of the Year too.

Built using the latest building techniques and the best possible materials and no expense spared, this home is the standard by which Pringle Homes is renowned for. Di and Richard were given building confidence by Pringle Homes. Just think what Pringle homes can do for you.


Dr Megan Woods: The Influencers

One of the most exciting projects for the city right now is the Metro Sports Facility and it’s really ramping up, with the first major concrete pour for the site carried out recently.


Greater Christchurch Regeneration Minister

Ōtākaro have poured around 1100m3 of concrete for the foundations of the site. This is the first of around a half a dozen large concrete pours that will create the foundation for the largest sport and recreation venue of its kind in New Zealand. It was great to see to a procession of around 200 truckloads of concrete arriving on site.

The Metro Sports Facility will cover an area about the size of two rugby fields and require around 16,000m3 of concrete and 3700 tonnes of structural steel to build, making it one of the largest projects in central Christchurch.

Once all of the foundations are poured, people travelling along Moorhouse Avenue and St Asaph Street will start seeing the structural steel going up early next year. This is just another of the visible signs of increased momentum in the recovery, with the opening of wonderful new projects like the city library.

This is also great news for the local economy. Over 300 people are expected to be working on the Metro Sports Facility at the height of construction, so it will be a hive of activity before the doors even open to sport and recreation enthusiasts. That’s 300 people with good, high-paying jobs, not to mention the economic boost to the central city once the project is complete.







Head-turning Homes: Metro Advances

Five high-end townhouses at 55 Bishop Street have the best of everything – a head-turning design in cedar, with distinctive extras in the mix.



In the tranquillity of a quiet tree-lined St Albans street, these freehold three-bedroom apartments have just been completed – with two having sold already.

Nigel and Julie Lundy of Metro Advances Ltd chose the sizeable parcel of land, once the site of a derelict villa, for its fantastic location. The company has completed a large number of quality builds in recent years, including, in addition to their specialty quality housing, commercial investments such as the office building at 254 St Asaph Street (Unknown Chapter café), the popular Southwark Apartments hotel complex, and the Stor-Ezi storage units at 62 Factory Road, Belfast.

The company’s Project Manager Gabby Stockman says after a carefully executed design and consent stage, the build has taken a full year. “No shortcuts have been taken with the build; it’s quality all the way. They are on the right side of the street for really good sun in the living areas, and are a short walking distance into town. And the cafés of Edgeware village are not far either.”


Gabby has another strong family connection to property, as she is Shaun Stockman’s daughter. Shaun is renowned for developing CBD icons such as the award-winning Billens Building.

Both Metro and Shaun utilise the talented flair of architect Andrew Evans.

Under a pitched iron roof, the sumptuous golden cedar blends effortlessly with Rockcote. This exclusive, no-expense-spared design culminates in a striking street appeal. Builder Jack Forrest has also crafted some stunning boxed windows for extra space.

“One great feature is the really good-sized bedrooms, which is a rarity in new townhouses these days,” she says.

“The thick double-framed inter-tenancy walls are well-insulated for warmth and privacy. We have kept the interior décor light and bright with LED lighting, light-grey tiling, carpet and ‘Mt Aspiring’ painted walls.”


For the kitchen, Gabby chose either a timeless light walnut grain or natural wood, with all-white stone benches, pendant lighting, induction hobs, and reliable Omega appliances. “An architectural-designed steel rail leads to the ample landing space, which is large enough for a study nook. We always utilise every space as best as we can.”

The fully-tiled bathrooms have had no expense spared, with Italian-made black tapware, light timber-veneered vanity and a separate stone wash-bowl. The concrete-look tiled walls are simultaneously modern, classic and practical. The entrance is a beautiful cedar door, giving a Scandinavian-spa touch and that calming woody scent.

The middle units of the freehold townhouses are a comfortable 145sqm with single garaging, a private courtyard of aggregate and grass, and a tenancy fence of hardwood horizontal slats.

The larger back unit has a 175sqm footprint and two-car garaging. The wooden patio is built around an existing fruit-bearing feijoa tree. One of its three bedrooms is conveniently downstairs, and the main bathroom is embellished with a feature wall and a double-sized shower.

“These townhouses will suit so many people – young families, families with teenagers, retirees or professionals; anyone who wants an extremely low-maintenance home for years to come.”

Priced affordably for its unique quality, 55 Bishop Street (55B and 55E) in St Albans can viewed at or contact Richard Dawson of Harcourts on 021 387 105.




Final call for repair coverage: Precision Solutions

Following the 15 August Government policy announcement that owners of on-sold over-cap Canterbury properties can apply for an ex-gratia payment to cover repairs, Precision Solutions is urging locals to have their properties assessed.




The policy gives homeowners 12 months (no later than 14 August 2020) to register their interest.

House relevelling company, Precision Solutions, says the time to check levels and foundation issues is now. Contracts manager Charles Porter estimates there may be “thousands of people out there who don’t know they have problems”.

“It’s only for a year, and if you think of how many homes have been bought and sold in Christchurch since 2011… There are pockets in Christchurch that sustained more damage than people realise, and I’m not talking about the east side, that’s pretty obvious. I’m talking about everywhere, including Papanui, Casebrook and Cashmere, where people have purchased houses which have settlement issues and earthquake damage that they are not aware of. When they try to sell, they may be forced to get a builder’s report which will then show up any issues. If you miss this time period to make a claim you could be out tens of thousands of dollars.”

The team offers a free initial site visit within the Christchurch area that provides assessment to identify issues and help navigate the remedial path. They work alongside engineers and industry professionals to provide the homeowner with a complete package to repair their homes properly.

“We do a floor level survey free of charge. This helps us identify any foundation settlement and potential earthquake damage. If there is a problem we can help them go through the process. We can help them navigate what they need to do with EQC, which is actually pretty straightforward. We provide a copy of the floor level survey which they can make a remedial claim with.”

Precision Solutions offers house relevelling, building and renovation work and a project management service.

“If you think you have issues, do something about it now before it’s too late when the year’s up,” urges Charles. “I would suggest 90 percent of the calls I get result in finding damage to the house that needs rectifying.

“Our assessment and quote is obligation and cost-free. We can also work with homeowners to help project-manage the entire repair.”




Waste-free Bathrooms

The bathroom wastepaper basket might soon be a redundant commodity as we go from wasteful to tasteful in the busiest little room of the house.



We look at tips to keep the bathroom a stylish, sustainable sanctuary – where consciences will also get a good clean.

Those plastic shampoo, conditioner, and beauty product containers all add up. Imagine what a family uses in a month – then do the maths. Thankfully, solid soap and beauty bars with recyclable cardboard packaging are a popular and evolving eco choice. And some innovative products are making it simple to start, and keep, a new sustainable habit.

Christchurch-based company Ethique, who has recently won the Westpac Champion Innovation Award, has deliciously scented, natural solid shampoo and conditioners that last and last – as well as cleansers, scrubs, moisturisers and serums. Solid beauty products are value for money too, as you’re not paying for extra packaging and fillers. And soap that comes in cardboard, or handmade varieties sold simply as is, are usually as good for your skin as they are the environment.





Favour the luxury of cotton facecloths, instead of disposable wipes. Loofahs, which come from a tropical vine of the cucumber family, are biodegradable and have long been a bathroom basic for expert exfoliation. Along with natural sea sponges, they also look great in the eco bathroom, blending with the trend for natural materials such as timbers and stone.

Bamboo for the bathroom is sustainable and affordable, and right at home here. Bamboo and wooden toothbrushes can replace all those colourful plastic ones that choke the landfill. Use bamboo cotton buds, and even hairbrushes or scrubbing brushes – along with natural wood, they create a spa-style Scandinavian vibe in the bathroom too.





For the sustainably serious, toothpaste can even be bought in a jar, or you can make your own all-natural concoction. Stainless steel safety razors should last a lifetime and replace another high-turnover item that has over-taken in its mainstream plastic form. Also, go for glass containers over plastic.

Ladies, consider reusable sanitary options like menstrual cups or reusable pads – this saves a mountain of plastic and packaging over time. Buy toilet paper in bulk to save on packaging, or change to a paper-packaged brand – and recycled toilet paper is even better. Choose the refill options of your favourite products, especially cleaners.




Try and use up what you already have in the house before buying more – for example those fancy soaps that have been given as presents. Be inventive and creatively recycle. Perhaps cut up old towels to make facecloths or to wrap around soap for a DIY lathering body scrub.

Online shopping sites such as are specialising in sustainable beauty products. And many owner/operator gift shops have sustainability top of mind when sourcing for their stores.

The fresh new focus on pure artisan eco beauty is luring us away from our no-longer-viable dependence on plastics. The bathroom is a great place to start cleaning up the planet.




The benefits of customised homes: Designer Homes

It’s the same routine for most of us; get up, exercise, have breakfast, go to work, work, come home, make tea, go to bed, repeat. However, what about other commitments? Picking the kids up from school, weekly shopping, meeting clients and hosting functions? Let’s face it, when you arrive home at the end of a working day, you want your place of residence to soothe your fevered brow, not prolong your stress.





If you have poured your hard-earned cash into creating a home you have always aspired to reside in, you must expect it to reflect your tastes and be tailor-made to suit that busy lifestyle. In other words, you want to have the final say about all aspects of the build process. Many times, people who have been kept out of the loop by builders and contractors end up with a home which really isn’t them at all.

Happily, Designer Homes knows this, and is aware that you are the most integral part of their work. The team thinks of everything, including the amount of light and even whether to build on a slope to ensure your home’s location is warm and inviting. Basically, Designer Homes is a one-stop home customisation shop, putting your personal tastes as their first priority. In other words, every carpark, wardrobe, floor design and open-plan kitchen is built to your exact requirements.

Designer Homes works closely with you every step of the way, breaking down the build process and give you an accurate timeline from design to handing you the keys. This means you can focus wholeheartedly on making your future home reflect your tastes. The Designer Homes team of builders, designers and architects, with decades of combined experience, know their stuff inside and out. There is no project too big or too ambitious.




Designer Homes can cater to all tastes and cover all bases, rising to every challenge. If ending your day in a spa pool sounds like your idea of unequalled post work bliss, then Designer Homes can even help with that too. Before the job is done, the team allows you to inspect every aspect of their handiwork to make sure it meets with your approval.

Designer Homes is also fully embracing the future of home ownership, by providing you with the option of ‘Home Auto’, the latest in-home automation technology. Having your TV, security system and air conditioning system able to be operated from your phone, or your doors, lights and switches from your Wi-Fi, is a mountain of convenience.

Designer Homes was founded in 2016 by Rajesh Thakur, who has over a decade of experience in the design and construction industry. Thakur’s industry experience, coupled with his tightly knit team of building professionals, have gained Designer Homes a sterling reputation in providing so many with the residence of their dreams.




Love the new home journey: Quinn Homes

‘Love the journey’. That’s the Quinn Homes motto and genuine message to clients.



“Taking the stress away is what we always do best,” says hands-on owner Peter Quinn.

“People often tell me how much of a stress-free experience they’ve had – and the most enjoyable journey; hence our motto.”

The small operator specialising in impressive middle to high-end new-builds has only Peter and Linda Quinn, and mascot Benji the Cavoodle, at the helm. “We are a home-based business with low operating costs. We keep it that way to be adaptable for whatever the clients wants.

“Building a home is about people foremost,” says Peter, who oversees every project while remaining in close liaison with clients during the whole process.

He says a common question on people’s minds is, ‘what if the building company goes bust?’

“We don’t require any money upfront. Our clients pay for the work only when completed, and in stages. All the risk is taken on by us. We pay our tradies on time, or even early. That’s how we’ve always operated.”

The all-rounder spent 30 years in the building industry, mainly as a Sales Representative for Placemakers and Resene Construction.

“I’ll often get asked ‘why I haven’t done this sooner’ but all the experience has got me to where we are now. The company started out with spec-builds a decade ago, until four years ago when word-of-mouth clients kept us busy, and we continue to expand. We’ve got a great reputation out there.”

Architectural detailing is a Quinn Homes specialty. “It’s exciting for me to bring in new ideas and products that stand out and have that wow-factor. I absolutely insist on a quality finish, and work closely with two teams of great builders, and our architectural designers and subcontractors who are aligned with our high reputation. There’s no project manager – I’m it!”




Peter says the building industry’s mass production style is not for him. “We don’t have 20 houses on the go, so we’re available for clients, while still achieving a good turnaround. My after sales service is also paramount. We’ll always stand by our reputation.”

Peter firstly meets clients in their homes for a no-obligation discussion – invariably the beginning of a trusted bond.

A people-person with a relaxed, jovial personality, he says clients love that they can call him up day or night, and he’ll answer concerns and put them at ease. “We’ll often go out to dinner with clients. I even call one of them mum and drop by for scones!”
Back-office work and accounts are seamlessly administered by Linda. “We’ve even got compliments from the solicitor on our good systems and tidy variations,” she says.

Linda attends client meetings for the all-important kitchen and interior design decisions, ensuring the best fit for the family’s lifestyle. The stunning interiors are designed by renowned Fiona Renton of Sandalwood Design, and outdoor areas are transformed by Debbie Rimmer Landscapes, who both complement the brand.

Attending meetings, taking clients appliance shopping, and guiding them all the way is all-important to the husband and wife team.

“Peter is so great when he’s got a lot on. He’s fantastic – and so organised,” Linda says. “Juggling 10 balls in the air is no problem! No matter how busy he gets, clients get full attention.”

Quinn Homes is well represented in Christchurch from Prebbleton and Halswell through to Pegasus Bay. Homes from 250 to 450sqm are often graced with a spacious 3.5m stud, or using a combination of heights.

“We’re happy to work with people’s own plans too, or help them choose the perfect parcel of land,” says Peter. “I’ve also developed a flow chart, so there’s plenty of time to get excited and prepare for each stage.”

This year was the first time Quinn Homes entered the Master Builder of the Year Awards, coming away with a silver medal in the $750,000 to $1 million category for a Prebbleton home.

“Our goal is to go for gold next time.”




Iconic building stands strong

In the heart of the new city, overlooking the renewed Ōtākaro Avon River precinct, The Public Trust Building is being restored to its former glory and strengthened for future generations.



Box 112 is preserving the iconic building which has graced the Canterbury streetscape for almost 95 years. The team at Box 112 is renowned for restoring heritage buildings with all the respect they deserve – the Public Trust Building stands as a fine example. Every historic detail of this landmark has been considered and respected, enhancing the architecture and feel of the Canterbury icon that encapsulates the roaring twenties.

Built in 1925 for the Public Trust, 152 Oxford Terrace was designed by one of Christchurch’s most celebrated architects, Cecil Wood. Wood drew international inspiration for this bold and grand design after a trip to New York during the skyscraper boom of the 1920s.

With such inspiration, it’s not surprising that the building’s entrance is a masterpiece, and will have steps leading into what could easily be the middle of the Manhattan, via its stunning timber revolving door (saved from the original 1919 PGG building) and into the grand 6m high marble lobby. The impressively oversized steel-framed windows, the original steel-caged elevator, cornice detailing and its feature façade – soon to be restored to its original colour – express a timeless architectural masterpiece.

Property developer Box 112 spokesperson James Stringer says, “Christchurch City Council have shown tremendous civic leadership in their joint desire to support these important projects. In a time where they are being called on for funds from many angles, it is deeply encouraging to see them acknowledge the importance of these structures in telling the story of Ōtākaro to the world and to Canterbury’s future generations.”

Awarded in 2017, The Landmark Heritage Grant of $1.9m enabled immediate strengthening works and protection of key heritage features to be undertaken. The building’s strengthening project is now complete. Box 112 has now commenced the second stage of construction, involving the carpentry, fit-out and aesthetic refurbishment. Completion and the opening are scheduled for early 2020.

“We want the people of Christchurch to have a chance to appreciate the beauty of this historic building,” James says.

The Public Trust Building was designed to portray strength and stability to the people of Christchurch. At the time of its original completion, almost 100 years ago, another local and celebrated architect Hurst Seager said of its design “it strikes a new note in Christchurch”. It’s seemingly fitting, and the same can be said of the city’s icon, entering the new ‘20s – almost a century on.

Vibrant hospitality and professional services are set make this iconic site home. Francesca Voza will bring the basement to life with a Rome-inspired jazz and cocktail bar, adorned with the original 1920s safety deposit boxes. Professional recruitment firm Graham Consulting and award-winning strategic advertising and brand agency Novo will both have headquarters here.

And for the cherry on the top, a world-class tapas bar created by Jeremy Stevens will overlook the city – ensuring the building is one for the public to call their own.