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New Zealand’s most luxurious sleep: Dreamwool Beds

With summer just around the corner, the thought of beautiful, long warm days is an exciting thought, but for many, it also comes with the prospect of hot sleepless nights.



The good news is you can now say goodbye to waking up all hours in a lather and positioning fans around your bedroom to keep you cool.

Local company Dreamwool Beds really has thought of everything. “It’s all about controlling the bed micro-climate and that starts with the mattress and then what goes on top of the bed. We can help you with both,” owner David Henderson says.

For more than 40 years, the Henderson family has been perfecting the design of premium handmade mattresses, creating a specialist product featuring a thick layer of 100 percent natural merino wool designed for climate control. “We offer New Zealand’s most luxurious sleep.”

When it comes to their much-loved mattress products, Dreamwool sleep systems use the advancements in technology and a combination of pure merino wool, natural latex and micro-coils for breathability.

This all helps provide comfortable support without pressure. The mattresses are anti-static, dust repellent, and the natural probiotic fabric treatment uses no harmful chemicals. “Our mattresses are natural and have no hot foams or synthetic fillings that would hold the heat,” David says. “And they’re on flexible slat beds, rather than box bases.”

To add to the luxurious sleeping experience, Dreamwool Beds also has bedding options available that can help even the hottest sleepers experience a more refreshing sleep.

This season they’ve introduced a range of German-engineered Tencel Mattress Protectors, made with cellulose natural fibre. The Tencel fibre absorbs moisture to store it at night and emit it into the environment during the day, therefore providing a comfortable, dry and healthy sleeping environment keeping dust mites, bacteria and odours out.

For a more low-tech but equally beneficial alternative, they offer organic cotton mattress protectors, which their customers love.

Another European product on offer is a range of summer blankets, designed for a refreshing sleep during hot summer nights as they’re cool to the skin.

Made from Tencel and cotton, they have lovely drape-ability, and are weighted so hot sleepers can still feel the comfort of being covered by a beautiful soft blanket, yet enjoy the benefits of the sophisticated climate control concept of Tencel that ensures pleasant temperatures and a dry sleeping environment. The summer blanket range comes in six colour options.

Also available are resort-quality organic cotton sheets, which come in white or silver and are especially good for deep mattresses.

For more information, visit the Dreamwool Beds showroom at 96 Disraeli Street, Sydenham, search, or call 0800 753 754.




Beddy Buys: Armstrong Interiors

Armstrong Interiors is now working alongside Seneca Manchester and is excited to be stocking a small range of their favourite Seneca bed linens and sheets.



Award-winning interior designer Angelique Armstrong is researching and getting to understand more about Egyptian cotton sheeting and bed linens. Words like long and fine silky fibres, pima cottons, ginning, and combed are all commonly used in the textile industry, but are not familiar terms in our everyday lives. “When you break it down, all you really need is a comfortable, soft, fresh feeling on your skin and a fabulous night’s sleep,” Angelique says. “So it’s comforting to know we can leave the rest up to the experts.”

When it comes to sourcing quality bed sheets, there are five things Seneca looks for when they’re sourcing the highest quality bed sheets – the cotton, the weave, the thread count, the handle and the brand. The genuine Egyptian cotton has been grown on the banks of the Nile in Egypt’s Nile Delta, which offers the perfect climatic conditions for cotton growing. Each season Seneca Manchester designs a new product range, which is ideal for the changing temperatures, while the designs and colour palettes align with trending paint colours and the European textile companies’ forecasts.

When it comes to a beautiful bed, Armstrong Interiors has found the most frustrating thing for people is that they need to order and wait for anything that is an original design of high quality. It is not unusual to wait 6-12 weeks for your bespoke manufactured furniture to arrive. So Angelique has designed a range of bedheads and matching bed cushions. “This not only cuts down the waiting time, but it also makes it easy to complement your existing bedroom interiors, or use as a base to start from when designing a whole new interior scheme.”

So if you are looking for a quality, original bedhead manufactured with special detailing and quality fabrics, this may be just what you’ve been waiting for. “When adding a bedhead into your room, it finishes the space and overall look. To me, it is one of the most important extras in completing your bedroom.”

Visit or phone 03 356 2636.


Beddy Buys

Beddy Buys: Quality slumber spaces

When it comes to our slumber spaces, quality counts. After all, if the average night’s sleep is eight hours, then one sleeps for a third of one’s life.

Beddy Buys


Granted, for many of us, eight hours of sleep is but a distant dream, which makes it even more important to favour quality over quantity in the bedroom. Because, the busier our waking lives are, the more important the role of this sacred space to help us rest and recharge.
In 2018, functionality is key in the bedroom, which begs the question, how do we incorporate form and function here?


Beddy Buys
Beddy Buys


For a soothing space, decorate in soothing shades of lilac and grey or blue and pink. Tactile and textured fabrics will promote comfort and sleep-promoting scents such as lavender always have a home in the bedroom.
We’re taking a less is more approach to the space overall; less technology, less decorative elements and less clutter. Conservative design with modern clean lines continues to define the contemporary bedroom furniture market this year, while the wabi-sabi philosophy continues to reign supreme.


Beddy Buys
Beddy Buys

An easy, carefree concept to apply, wabi-sabi is about the beauty that can be found in imperfection. Life isn’t perfect, our homes aren’t perfect – and that’s okay.
We’ve put together a mood board of the things that sweet dreams are made of.

Llama Luxury

Llama Luxury

Llamas have made their way beyond the farm gate, as the new breed of homewares makes itself right at home in every room of the house.

Llama Luxury

From cuddly soft toys, stationery and duvet covers in the bedroom, to the more grown up ornaments, prints, cushions and even shower curtains, or take away the novelty factor and try a beautiful llama fleece throw, the South American camelid is this season’s must-have animal adornment.
From pugs to unicorns and cats to mermaids, novelty homewares make people smile and, with the latest llama theme, this looks set to continue. After all, as they say, ‘less drama, more llama’.