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Don’t forget your roots!

Ever-popular Kiwi band Six60 famously sings ‘Don’t forget your roots’. Whilst we are aware the song was paying tribute to family – the line is not totally misplaced when it comes to haircare. We are talking about the roots on your head, and specifically the rise of scalp care or “hair skinification”.


More of a marketing monniker than scientific term, this is the concept of treating your scalp like it is an extension of your facial skincare routine.

Skincare has boomed in recent years, with tutorials and product reviews just as popular as those for makeup and hairstyling, so much so, the global industry is expected to be worth more than $1 trillion by 2025.

Although, this is not to suggest that the world just hasn’t been aware we have scalps – more that we need to start treating them with a bit more TLC.

And when treating your scalp like your face, those in the know recommend using similar types of ingredients you would see in skincare such as probiotics and hyaluronic acid.

Products to know include, Virtue’s scalp supplement and treatment and Neutrogena’s Healthy Scalp collection.

Virtue founder and chief executive Melisse Shaban said since its supplement launched in June, it became the brand’s number nine (out of 50) best-selling product by August.

So why are we seeing such a skyrocket in scalp care sales? Cynics may see it as commodifying a new body part – but there is evidence to suggest the scalp skin needs a similar level of considered care as the rest of your epidermis to prevent irritation, flakiness and build up in pores and hair follicles.


Freshen up for spring! Skin Rejuvenation Clinic

Spring is the perfect time of year to look at your skin and to get yourself ready for summer, Skin Rejuvenation Clinic’s Dr Brigid Lee tells us how.

When you are looking for solutions for your skin issues you want your cosmetic medicine specialist clinic to be at the cutting edge of the latest, safest and most effective treatment options.

Profhilo has been hugely popular in the UK over the last four years and has now been launched in New Zealand to much excitement and anticipation.

Profhilo is classed as a dermal filler as it is a hyaluronic acid but it is unique in its ability to stimulate the skin to produce collagen and elastin making the skin smoother, firmer and more hydrated.

It is great for people who have noticed some of the early signs of ageing.

Happy Face is a specialised technique where dermal filler is used to support the corners of the mouth.

Anyone who has noticed the corners of their mouth starting to pull downwards as they age leaving them looking sad needs a Happy Face treatment.

As we age our faces start to deflate and slip so treatments that are going to lift and firm the facial tissues are needed.

“At the Skin Rejuvenation Clinic we have specialised techniques using particular dermal fillers to restore and rejuvenate,” says Brigid.

These work in combination with Ulthera (high intensity focused ultrasound) and radio-frequency tightening treatments for an ultimate non-surgical solution to restore your natural beauty.

Brigid advises people to choose the medical edge to beauty!


Dream big for beauty’s sake

Sleeping Beauty was put under a sleeping spell for 100 years, but it begs the question: was it really a curse or a blessing? Catching those Zs is a science-backed way to achieve an inner and outer glow, and here’s three ways to do just that.

Beauty sleep
“You look tired” are three words no one wants to hear. Dr Shelby Harris, a New York-based behavioural sleep-medicine specialist says sleep helps repair muscle damage and cell regrowth, improves brain function and regulates your mood. The key? Consistently having between seven- and eight-hours (and no, playing catch up at the weekend doesn’t count).

Princess and the pea
We’re recommending against putting your vegetables underneath your mattress, but we do suggest putting them into your body. So does registered dietitian and founder of wellness education studio, Nutritious Life, Keri Glassman. She says a well-balanced diet combined with at least 20-minutes of cardio exercise each day optimises your sleep – and therefore its benefits.

Screen queens
The one-more-episode mentality is a dangerous game to play before bed. Bingeing on streaming services or having one last scroll through social media keeps your brain active – resulting in a greater struggle falling asleep once you put your device down. The solution? Scientific studies suggest avoiding screens one to two hours before bed.


Make-up your mind on study: Kristen Stewart School of Makeup

All beauty gurus start somewhere. And at Kristen Stewart School of Make-up graduates not only earn an industry-recognised diploma in make-up artistry – they gain real world experience alongside the best of New Zealand beauty.

KSSM’s huge Brutalist-esque building at 3C/75 Peterborough Street is custom fit so students have ample mirror space, great lighting and luxe chairs for a truly professional feel.

As an official partner to the prestigious New Zealand Fashion Week, KSSM is the only school in the country that takes graduate and attending students to the event – and have been doing so for the last 11 years. Runway makeup is often regarded as a pinnacle of makeup artistry, so students add that notch to their belt early on in their careers.

The school is sponsored by industry-leading MAC cosmetics and has one-on-one classes with Kristen herself and two of her best graduates; Michelle Raasch and Tessa Taylor. But aside from learning from the very best – students get very hands on work experience including the ARA Pitch Fashion Show, Lynn Woods show, and local productions including school productions, Star Jam, Jump Jam, Christmas in the Park, Cup and Show Week, Ronald McDonald House, and the much-anticipated New Zealand Fashion Week.

Photos by Getty Images NZFW 2019 Make Up by #teamkssm

KSSM’s top makeup tips:
• Focus on creating – not covering – healthy skin
• Keep heavy “Instagram makeup” online
• Barely there or minimal makeup is trending
• Know what you’re doing and if you don’t – find out through courses and industry professionals

Made up your mind yet? Find out how to apply for the October 12 intake online.


Mindful Beauty

Mindful beauty is a new trend that will get you glowing inside and out. We show you how to embrace the trend which is as much about calming the mind as it is about cleansing the skin.

Mindful beauty is a meeting point between skincare and self-care, representing beauty rituals which calm the mind, cleanse the skin and offer a little bit of me-time.

Rather than a quick slap and dash of applying your products, mindful beauty is about slowing down and being in the moment with mindful gestures, breathing techniques and meditation.

Mindful beauty is the intent to honour and centre yourself through your beauty routine and has unsurprisingly picked up momentum in recent months as people look for at-home ways to steel themselves against uncertainty.

The benefits of meditation and mindfulness are known to relieve stress, improve sleep and even alleviate some symptoms of medical conditions – so why not incorporate these principles into something you’re already doing?

When approaching mindful beauty, you’ll need two things: products and technique. So let’s start with products. This is easy – it can be anything you already use, like cleansers, masks, moisturisers or mists and relaxing bath and body favourites like soaks, bath and body oils, body and hand creams. Some recommend aromatherapy-infused products like those featuring lavender, rose or frankincense, but it’s not a must…

…Because it’s how you use them that counts! Schedule in a time, pick some of your favourite products, light some candles and lather up!

Focus completely on what you’re doing, and when your mind wanders, simply acknowledge the thoughts, let them float past and gently turn your attention back to the task at hand.

Whether you incorporate mindful beauty to unwind at the end of the day or set yourself up for the day with a moment of calm before the storm, it might just be time to start taking a mindful approach to beauty. It will have you looking and feeling your best.


The results are in…: Juvenate

When investing in your skin, you want products you know will work – and work well. We learn more about Juvenate, the super active skincare range leading the market with scientifically proven results and award-winning ingredients. Metropol catches up with Juvenate Director Marie August about the leading products.




B-HYDRATED 4D: Is a multi-active hydrating complex designed to de-stress, sooth, smooth and strengthen skin. Its super hydrating formulation fights dehydration and inflammatory conditions. It is an absolute must for dry, flaky, red, irritated, or inflamed skin, as it provides it with protection and optimises the environment for skin cell health.








REACTIVATING COMPLEX: This beautiful blue serum comes jam-packed with high-strength copper peptide and bio-actives great for boosting collagen renewal and tissue repair. Smoother collagen production aids in lifting and firming which will tighten and lift the neck and face.

Use twice a day for optimal results (after cleanser and before moisturiser).








REJUVENATE CRÈME: Your go-to for normal to dry skin. It absorbs beautifully into the skin with a multi-dimensional approach focussed on skin firming, plumping and smoothing. All of this results in reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It’s recommended to use one pump for the neck and one for the face.





Juvenate is exclusively available in selected salons: Moss Spa in Christchurch, Blush Beauty in Timaru Nude Skin & Beauty in Dunedin


Let’s talk tan

Travel might have been put on hold, but when done right you can achieve that “just gotten back from Europe” tan sans passport.



We’re nearing the end of August and coming into a new season; spring! Those big winter jackets are being swapped for lighter layers with bare arms and legs, and that means one thing: tan is needed, stat. So, we’ve put together some essential tanning tips to make sure you get a natural look, without any harmful UV rays.

FINDING THE FORMULA: I was never a big fan of math but what I did learn is, finding the perfect formula is crucial to the end result. The same applies for tanning products. Personally, I’ve found Bondi Sands to be very reliable throughout the years. The lightweight foam gives you that bronzed perfection after just six hours.

AD-MITT IT: I would strongly recommend against using your hands to apply faux tan. Instead, a good quality mitt ensures even distribution, and your hands are kept clean. And if you don’t have a friend to apply it to your back…you can invest in a back applicators, too.

BYE TO DRY: Before applying the tan, and after you’ve showered and exfoliated, make sure to lightly apply moisturiser on your elbows and knees. This will prevent the tan from clinging onto those dry spots! You can also use moisturiser once your fake tan has developed to prolong your tan and prevent cracking.

MEET THE TAN-SIE: A custom-made zip front onesie, the Tansie by Spray Tan Wear is designed to protect your furniture, bedding, clothing – and your tan. Wear it while waiting for your tan to develop or while sleeping, and bid adieu to bronzed sheets, PJs and chairs.


Heads up! – Hair Art + Beauty

 Hair Art and Beauty has a new stylist. We caught up with Sharon Screen about a career that has taken her around the world.


With years of experience I find myself still absolutely passionate about all things ‘hairdressing’.

I’ve travelled the world, creating and showcasing fabulous hairstyles from London, to Italy, France, Japan and even on the catwalks of New York.

Having been an educator to top hairdressers around the world, I’m now loving being back on the salon floor with clients in a great environment as a member of the fabulous Hair Art and Beauty team.

Wether it’s cutting, styling or technical colouring that is required, I’ll enhance your look, create your point of difference and reflect your personality.

As a stylist with exceptional avant-guard cutting skills, technical expertise as a colourist and natural flair, I’ll create looks that are totally on-trend and suited to you.

I offer a very personalised and professional service.

When not in salon, you could well find me consulting clients on their gardens as a landscape architect (BLA Hons), or perhaps I might be helping couples shape their perfect wedding day…. doing all the flowers and venue stylings as I’m also a registered marriage celebrant.

Keeping active is always important, golfing, playing tennis or jumping on my bike for a quick fix and enjoying my family and friends helps make it all worthwhile.

When it comes to hair, my philosophy has always been ‘it’s more important what we leave behind than what we take off!’

Come and find me at Hair Art and Beauty on Wednesdays and Thursdays. I welcome new and existing clients.


Beauty from the outside in: Beauty Progress

The French know beauty and how beautiful skin is the outer reflection of inner health.


Wendy Barker travelled to a renowned skincare house in southwest France to meet the man who created GERnetic skincare – the highly effective range chosen for facials and treatments at her Christchurch salon, Beauty Progress.

During his seminar at the Laboratoire Gernetic Synthese at the Chateau d’ Ensoules in Beraut, Albert Laporte explained how the skin reflects what is happening inside the body.

Through the understanding of cellular biology, his products penetrate the skin so the digestive system can effectively synthesise the active elements.

“You will find all the active vitamins, amino acids and oligo elements are in the exact dosage necessary for the body’s daily needs,” Laporte explained to a group of professionals from around the globe.

These are delivered directly to organs such as the liver and can help counteract imbalances in the diet or nutrient absorption.

“It is not always possible to get the right nutrients from what we digest. When these creams are applied with effleurage (circular) movements, the fatty molecules – which are two-and-a-half times larger than a pore – remain on the skin, while the smaller molecules go deeper, entering the blood circulation, to be absorbed by the body.”

Working in tandem with a healthy diet, scientific developments in cosmeceutical products are now providing amazing results, he says – not to mention the pampering.

Find about the GERnetic skincare treatments at Beauty Progress on their website.


The best in beauty: Virginia Scott Beauty Therapy

When you’re getting some cosmetic tattooing (permanent makeup) performed on your face or body, you need to go to a professional that you can trust. Virginia Scott of Virginia Scott Beauty Therapy and Cosmetic Tattooing is that person.



Virginia offers a niche service to help women and men.

One of the main reasons she trained in this profession was to help ladies with alopecia, as well as the medical side of cosmetic tattooing, camouflaging scars or burnt skin and tattooing nipples after breast augmentation.

She is one of the most experienced Master Cosmetic Tattooists in Christchurch, with more than 40 years as a beauty therapist and 30-plus years as a cosmetic tattooist.

Virginia is also constantly doing post graduate training in cosmetic tattooing and beauty therapy.

For those wanting to not worry about applying or touching up their makeup, cosmetic tattooing of the brows, lip blush and eyeliner can provide a solution.

There’s also the added bonus of private parking and a professional beauty room.

But importantly, when it comes to finding a cosmetic tattooist, Virginia urges everyone to, “Please check out the person’s qualifications, meet them and see their premises”.

“Cheaper isn’t always best… it’s not just a beauty thing, it’s a healing thing. If you look good, you feel good.”