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Spa-tacular!: Moss Spa review

Melinda Collins checks out the central city’s new “cocoon of calm”.



The world is whizzing past the windows of Moss Spa in the new Sudima Laneway, which is also home to the upscale 5-star Sudima Hotel and Vices & Virtues restaurant and bar, on the corner of Victoria and Salisbury Streets in the heart of the city. But you would never know it, because inside it is a cocoon of calm.

My treatment on the day started with a Spa Immersion; the beautiful relaxation bath was ready to slip into, with a bath bomb of essential oils taking it to the next level. Exquisite body washes and lotions are on hand and the attention to detail extends to a slice of orange in the glass of water next to the bath.

The stresses of a fast-paced publishing job have melted away and a knock on the door signals the next stage of the service is about to commence – the Juvenate Facial!

A treatment that has been designed to restore radiance and boost collagen renewal for smoother skin regeneration, it’s a highly concentrated and active treatment – exactly what my troubled skin needs. But this treatment proves hardworking and relaxing aren’t mutually exclusive, it is after all, still all about the pampering here… Spa Manager Kirsten shrugs off my embarrassment over my snoring (not once, but twice!), with assurances that “this is the highest compliment you can give a therapist!”


Recognising the current congestion my skin is suffering, my therapist worked in a salicylic acid treatment but not before checking that I was comfortable with using this beta hydroxy acid which can feel a little tingly as it exfoliates the skin from deep inside, penetrating the pores to unclog them.

While the products work their magic, a massage continues the pure bliss of the experience, focusing on head and feet, along with neglected areas such as arms and hands.

Next up, a menu from the neighbouring Vices & Virtues offers tempting entrée options and my selection – the Miso Eggplant (sesame baked eggplant, hummus, crispy buckwheat and chilli oil – suggests this is the place to dine. There’s nowhere I would rather spend a work day (but don’t tell my boss that!).

Check out Moss Spa’s range of treatments at




A bold new look

New Zealand Cup and Show Week is an iconic event that has been loved by the public since its beginnings in the late 90s. Fashion lovers have the opportunity to celebrate in style and showcase all of the latest trends. This year the springtime festival has had a revamp, with the Bloom campaign created to introduce a bold new look.




So, why not take some inspiration from the fashion forward event and introduce your own bold new look. After all, ‘glam’ shouldn’t be relegated to just one week of the year. Check out our top tips for bringing the ‘glam’ to your every day.


Back to school: A blazer is such a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn in almost every season. A colourful cotton blazer can keep you both feeling and looking cool this spring. This item can be paired nicely with jeans and a shirt or a simple dress. Don’t forgot to experiment with colour to really make your outfit pop.

Bless you: Not to be confused with a handkerchief… a silk kerchief is another fun way to be bold with your fashion choices. There are so many creative ways to use this item, whether you wear it around your neck, waist, head or tote bag – you’ll never tire of ways to tie it. You can even pair it with your blazer by tucking it into the chest pocket.

Stand out: There are loads of loafers to choose from when revamping your wardrobe. They’re a fashion staple that moves your everyday outfit into the smart-casual category. Not to mention, they’re extremely breathable and comfortable. These sleek slip-ons come in multiple styles, from tassels to zips, so choose the pair that stand out to you.

Make it click: A pearl barrette hair clip is a simple yet effective addition to your look. This vintage accessory is a statement piece that has made its comeback this year. You can’t go wrong with this classy item as there’s only so many ways to wear a hairclip.

Be bold: Never underestimate the use of a bold lip. While reapplying your lipstick every few hours may not be the most practical beauty tip, taking those extra few minutes to do so can upgrade your look from everyday-ready to bold and beautiful.

In the loop: Fun and quirky earrings are a way to give your outfit personality. The possibilities for styles and colour schemes are endless. Don’t have your ears pierced? Not to worry, clip on earrings are also available so you don’t miss out. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, matching the colour of your shoes and earrings is always a hit.









Earth Organic Hairdressing

The personal touch: Earth Organic Hairdressing

Traci Aylmer of Earth Organic Hairdressing says the reason her clientele base is growing and remaining loyal is because clients appreciate a totally one-on-one service where they’re warmly welcomed and treated as if they’re the most important person in the room. “People are tired of feeling they’re on a conveyor belt, being shuffled from one person to the next. It’s so impersonal.”


Earth Organic Hairdressing


With more than thirty years of hair expertise behind her, Traci and her colleagues, Hannah and Natasha, (who, like Traci, are both Master Stylists and Colourists with more than ten years of experience each) give you their undivided attention from the moment you enter the salon until the moment you leave.

Another huge point of difference is Traci’s commitment to sustainability. All salon hair is composted, products and packaging are biodegradable, and foils are done with recycled foil ‘Refoil’.

Traci’s long-held aversion to petrochemical filled products ensures her products are vegan, certified organic, are 85+ percent all natural, and are not tested on animals, such as the heavenly Angel En Provence range, with active ingredients of essential oils, seed oils and Argan oils; or the colour and UV-safe Lust range, which uses essential oils like Blackcurrant and Grape Seed, and extracts of Bitter Cherry and Gingko Biloba Leaf.

Traci’s Loyalty Scheme – Refer a Friend – runs all the time. It enables both you and a friend to receive 15 percent off your next salon service. Now there’s an incentive for booking your next appointment!

Visit or find them on Facebook and Instagram.



Make way for the groom boom: Face Value

While aesthetic medicine has traditionally been seen as female focused, there continues to be a considerable shift towards the male market. Those in the industry describe it as the ‘groom boom’ and adopt terms such as ‘brotox’ when describing male anti-wrinkle injections. Face Value’s Dr Phil Frost is seeing an increasing number of male clients seeking subtle and natural non-surgical cosmetic treatments that enhance the masculine aesthetic. No longer taboo, cosmetic procedures are seen as part of regular grooming and maintenance, and are just as acceptable as visiting a barber or hair salon.




But Dr Frost stresses it is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. “It’s important to understand the difference in aesthetics between beautifying and glamorising a female face, and enhancing the attractiveness and masculinisation of the male. The male face requires different ratios and sharpening of angles, avoiding feminising and softening of features.”

A strong and well-proportioned chin, jawline, brow and cheekbones are widely perceived to be attractive features of a male face, and dermal fillers are often the first line treatment to correct these areas. For example, if you have a ‘weak’ chin or undefined jawline, fillers are used to add volume or chin projection, creating a more chiselled, angular and stronger profile. So too are Belkyra® injections, targeting that unwanted fat under the chin and jowls which cannot be worked out at the gym. The results are long lasting and can give the jawline strength and definition.

Treatment with botulinum toxin remains the single most common cosmetic procedure sought by male clients to minimise frown, forehead and lines around the eyes, and again doses and placement should be tailored to suit the male face. And especially important for the Kiwi male, sun protection and tailored skincare is a must.

“Men are also taking better care of their skin,” Dr Frost says. “Seeking professional-grade sun protection, and solutions for excess sweating, enlarged pores, wrinkles, brown spots, moles, and facial blood vessels.”

For years, women have availed themselves of cosmetic treatments to look and feel their best. Men are now catching on – in a big way!




A surreal hair experience: Surreal Hair and Beauty

Celebrating 20 years of creating beautiful hair in a friendly, welcoming environment, Michelle Marsh and her talented team of stylists at Surreal Hair & Beauty make every client feel special. “We genuinely care about each and every one of them – as well as each other – and our longevity and large following of loyal clientele is testament to that.”



The salon started life on Durham Street in 1999, before moving to Victoria Street, and then its current location in St Albans following the 2011 earthquake. Investing in ongoing training is the key to growing and nurturing amazing stylists, says Michelle, who ensures her team stay ahead of the game when it comes to current trends and industry developments.

“Our skill level is consistently high, and we always provide an exceptional level of professional care. And our longstanding staff love working here so turnover is very low, which really sets us apart.”

The spacious salon is a renovated old villa on Westminster Street, featuring a lovely outdoor seating area so clients can relax in the fresh air and sun while their colour develops, accompanied by Billy, the friendly salon cat. It’s the kind of place where lifelong friendships are formed in a supportive and unique environment, where staff go the extra mile to show they care – and once you discover it, you’ll keep going back.

Surreal Hair & Beauty stock Redken products. Follow the salon on Facebook and Instagram, visit for more information or call the friendly team on 03 365 2215.




Cellulite Salvation: Beauty Progress

“Even small people have cellulite,” says Wendy Barker, Director of Christchurch beauty and massage favourite Beauty Progress. Cellulite is the accumulation of fat cells in the form of clusters, given a dimpled appearance or ‘orange peel’ skin. These clusters compress circulation systems and leading to inflammation at the level of connective tissues, increasing water retention and allowing the accumulation of toxins and a loss of elasticity.



At Beauty Progress, the expertise of Thai-trained masseuses Anne and Orn, together with the specially formulated Gernétic International cellulite products, help to treat inflammation and drain tissues. The one-hour massage uses the Lympho serum, plus Vasco Artera which together leave lower limbs and heavy legs feeling lighter with an improvement of the orange peel skin visible at the end of treatment. Wendy recommends one treatment session per week, for six weeks. You can use Vasco Artera at home as well.

Wendy also offers the incredible range of Gernétic facials. Wendy selects from the incredible range of therapeutic products to create a facial that is tailored to your skin and its issues. A cult brand from France, Gernétic skincare products work at cellular level, stimulating the natural healing capabilities of the skin. “At Beauty Progress we take an entirely natural approach to skin therapy, and we believe that a mature skin can be full of life and vitality, firm and hydrated, while oily, acne prone, dry, scarred, red or hyperpigmented skin can be enhanced as well,” Wendy says.

Go to their website to learn more.



Natural luxury: Botanical Skincare

Luxury is anything that feels special. Luxury is attention to detail, originality and, above all, quality. A little luxury can be yours every day with the skin, beauty and bath range from Botanical Skincare in Nelson.



Botanical Skincare is created by Amy Burke, whose passion for the therapeutic and sensual properties of plants led her to develop her range made from the natural ingredients and botanical plant extracts that you will find in a classic country garden. “I grew up working with my grandmother, who had a traditional meadow, cottage and herb garden in the Orinoco Valley in Nelson,” Amy says.

“As children, we would help her with the gardens and with serving the Devonshire teas in the café. Surrounded by her medicinal plants and home remedies, she shared her knowledge of the properties of each plant. I guess it’s in my DNA.”

Beautiful form meets natural function, with scents such as rose, chamomile, orange blossom, geranium and mint all beautifully presented in in eco-friendly packaging. From hand creams to facial oils, lip balms to bath bombs, the emphasis is on naturally derived ingredients, free from parabens, sulphates, silicons, mineral or palm oil, and animal testing. The products feel like an indulgent treat, but are priced to be used every day.

“Our products work, they feel good and you feel great about using them too,” Amy says.

Uniquely packaged in Amy’s hand-sewn custom-printed paper and in beautiful craft papers, the bath bombs and foot soaks are popular for gifting and in hampers. See



Luxe Lashes: Lash Kandy

It’s long been said our eyes are the windows to the soul and if this is true, then lashes certainly make the most beautiful of window dressings. When it comes to enhancing them and making them ‘pop’, then Lash Kandy’s Rangiora premises is where you want to be.



Headed by lash expert Keren Clayton, who has been trained in the UK by internationally recognised Eyelash Excellence, Lash Kandy is a high-end, bespoke lash boutique at 135 High Street with services available by appointment only.

The beautiful and relaxing upstairs space has been designed with the same attention to detail that goes into every set of bespoke lashes applied. You’ll find the discreet entrance on Transport Lane, where parking is plentiful.

Lash Kandy also provides packages for high school formals, complete with non-alcoholic bubbles for the whole glam experience, and eyelashes for men are an increasingly popular service, with both natural and flamboyant options available by preference.

The team is currently trialling magnetic eyelashes. A premium product from the US, they attach to magnetised eyeliner, making them ideal for those with no natural lashes due to alopecia or chemotherapy, with Keren’s understanding of lash shape and curvature ensuring she is sourcing only the best. This includes a new glue arriving from the US next month suitable for those who react to cyanaoacrylate glues and want a vegan-friendly product.

Keren also stocks the highest quality supplementary products, including Nanolash serums to encourage growth, mascaras and a specialised cloth which removes eye makeup without causing any damage.

Phone 021 655 308 or email



Age Defying

Fine lines, dark circles, age spots, dry skin and thinning hair are just a few of the unavoidable aspects of getting older that keep us up at night. There are some clever tricks of the trade that make it possible to bring back that youthful glow.




Vitamin C
Beauty bloggers and dermatologists are raving about Vitamin C for anti-aging. It can improve the appearance and texture of your skin by decreasing the sun’s harmful effect on the skin and preventing future damage. It also encourages collagen production to promote skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. What’s more, this miracle antioxidant targets stubborn skin discoloration and reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation, redness and under-eye circles. Serums are one of the best ways to add Vitamin C to your skincare routine.

Dermal Fillers
These anti-aging injectables fill in wrinkles and depressions, replenishing lost volume to smooth your skin and promote an even complexion. Dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvéderm® use hyaluronic acid, a sugar naturally found in the body, to soften facial wrinkles and restore volume. When injected into the skin, it causes a smoothing, filling effect where lost volume needs to be restored. The effects of hyaluronic acid last between six and 12 months. An experienced injector who understands facial anatomy can give you the natural results you want.

As the name suggests, microneedling involves pricking the skin with tiny needles, creating microscopic channels for anti-aging products, like hyaluronic acid or Vitamin C, to penetrate the deep layers of the skin. The tiny injuries caused by the needles promote collagen production and build new elastin. The anti-aging results of microneedling are most apparent after four to five treatments. The treatment is especially effective at treating large pores, acne scars, neck lines and wrinkles around the mouth.

Just as your hair thins with age, your eyebrows may start to look sparse as you get older. Microblading is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that can give you the appearance of thick, lush brows to lift your face and make you look younger. The technique involves using a hand-controlled device with ultrafine needles to make microscopic strokes which are filled in with semi-permanent pigment that resembles your natural eyebrow hair, creating a defined shape and fuller look. Results last between one and three years, depending on skin type.

Vitamin A (Retinol)
The wrinkles and freckles we associate with aging appear most prominently on skin that has been exposed to the sun. Vitamin A, which you might also see labelled as retinol, helps fade these dark spots and stimulates the production of new skin cells. And these are just the creams and serums you can get over the counter. Prescription-strength retinoid can actually renew the skin by treating acne, reducing the appearance of fine lines and evening out skin tone. Not only can retinol boost collagen production and treat the signs of aging that are already there but also it can potentially prevent future sun damage.

Among the millions of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures performed each year, BOTOX® is one of the most popular. It is used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in the face by paralysing the underlying muscles, which stops the overlying skin from creasing. The anti-aging effects last between three and six months. It is important to note that BOTOX® will not treat wrinkles caused by sun damage, but, when paired with another treatment like microneedling, BOTOX® can produce fantastic anti-aging results.

Radiofrequency Skin Tightening
A radiofrequency (RF) treatment involves heating the deepest layers of the skin to encourage new collagen production and cell turnover to help the skin become firmer, thicker and younger-looking. While lasers work to improve the skin’s surface, radiofrequency treatments use a lower frequency to safely penetrate to a deeper level. This helps improve skin tone and structure, and it can even lift tissue. Radiofrequency treatments can be performed in tandem with injectables, microneedling and other minimally invasive treatments to achieve complete facial rejuvenation.

Makeup can transform your appearance and minimise the physical signs of aging. Primer helps minimise fine lines and large pores by filling them in. For fuller lips, lightly draw over the border on your lips with a lip liner that matches your natural lip tone and top with a sheer gloss. Bold and defined eyebrows can also make you look younger. A brow pencil that is a cross between a pencil and a powder will create the illusion of fuller brows. For your eyes, use a cream eye shadow in a neutral shade and apply powder illuminator to the inner corner of your eyes. Cream and silicone-based cosmetics work best for aging complexions because they ‘melt’ into the skin and offer a flawless, natural-looking finish, while powder settles into fine lines and can make the signs of aging more apparent.

Laser Resurfacing
Laser resurfacing uses short, concentrated beams of light to remove layers of the skin for improved texture. Facial flaws like age spots, acne scars, wrinkles and sun damage respond well to laser resurfacing as it smooths out your skin for a complexion that not only looks younger, but actually is younger. A series of treatments are best for long-lasting results.

This article first appeared on Aedition. Visit



Winter Warmers: Beauty Sense

On point winter looks from Youngblood Mineral Makeup.



From the perfect pout to the radiance of a dewy complexion, there’s something for everyone in the Youngblood Mineral Makeup collection. We’ve checked out some of our favourites.

    Get up close and personal with comfortable matte perfection. Intimatte Mineral Lipsticks glide on with full-coverage matte pigments and natural emollients so lips feel hydrated and look sophisticated. These velvety, precious oil-infused lipsticks deliver luxurious, high-pigment mineral colour while moisturising the lips with light notes of creamy vanilla. In 23 trend-worthy shades including luscious nudes, bold pinks, sensual plums and daring reds.
    The effortless answer to looking ‘off duty flawless’, this lightweight, oil-free tinted moisturiser leaves skin comfortably hydrated while providing sheer coverage and protecting the skin from environmental damage. The nourishing formula delivers a surge of marine nutrients with a youthful, dewy finish and fresh California orange fragrance. Mineral Radiance Moisture Tint is available in six skin-perfecting shades, including a universal, golden-toned bronzer in the shade Golden Sun.