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The masters of massage: Beauty Progress

“Your body is your temple; it’s your home and you must decorate it,” said Gabourey Sidibe. A temple to self-ease and beauty itself, Beauty Progress Thai Massage and Spa is the place to visit to ensure the body your soul calls home is relaxed, toned and free from muscular aches and pains.



Massage is their specialty and there is an extensive menu of massage types to leave you feeling wonderful. Along with Sports Massage and Swedish Massage, there is Traditional Thai, Herbal Thai, Therapeutic Thai, Aromatherapy Thai and Four Hands Thai, all available as full body or specific body area options. Owner and Therapist Wendy Barker can talk you through the options and advise on the massage style that would be most beneficial.

Authenticity defines your experience when you visit Beauty Progress for your Thai massage, because specialist masseurs Anne and Orn are Thailand born and trained. Anne herself became an expert in Thai massage after discovering its therapeutic effects when she felt sore and movement was impaired. “I had a Thai massage and I discovered how incredibly effective it is and that was that,” she says. “I had to learn how to do it.”

Orn says getting massages regularly makes a huge difference to your comfort and movement, and both Anne and Orn ensure they receive regular massages themselves. “It strengthens your body and it really revives you when you are tired,” Orn says.

Training for five years in Thailand, Anne and Orn have called Christchurch home for eleven years now, but they travel back to Thailand regularly to learn about the latest developments in massage. A combined approach to massage styles is available and customers love to mix traditional Thai massage with sports massage.

“A great massage can leave you feeling so great – it can become addictive and we have customers who never go a week without a massage,” Anne says. “We can improve aches and pains anywhere on the body and it’s really helpful if customers are specific about the areas that need improvement,” Orn says.

At Beauty Progress, the full range of facials, body treatments and spa packages are available. “They combine so well with massage as a gift to yourself or someone special,” Wendy says. Discover more at


The heart of happiness: Beauty Progress

“How did it get late so soon?” said Dr Seuss, a relatable sentiment as we operate on fast forward through busy days. Tasks on the to-do lists multiply and the most important job of all – looking after ourselves – can get left behind. When busy days become frantic weeks, we can move from thriving, to only just surviving.



That’s where Beauty Progress Thai Massage Spa comes in. At Beauty Progress, owner Wendy Barker understands that you need to get straight to the heart of top-quality treatments that are tailored to you, using acclaimed products applied by experts. A full range of massage, body treatments and facials are available, and Wendy specialises in planning your treatments to ensure that every moment in the spa is focused on your bespoke therapies.

Wendy has chosen the celebrated Gernétic products for treatments. With more than ten years’ experience working with this extensive range, Wendy herself selects the ideal products and applies them for your bespoke facial, addressing your combination of concerns and skin issues, whether that be aging, wrinkling, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, burns, scarring, sun damage, blemishes and problem skin. A facial by Wendy using selected Gernétic formulations left me with skin glowing in a way that it has not for twenty years!

As well as natural skin perfection, Beauty Progress specialises in massage. Wendy’s talented team perform authentic Thai massage, treating the body in a holistic way: physically, emotionally and spiritually, achieving an overall feeling of wellbeing. Thai massage is deep tissue, so it is especially beneficial to those of us with injuries and age or work-related stiffness. There is also Swedish, herbal, yoga, aromatherapy, head, foot spa, four hands, back neck and shoulders, pregnancy, post-natal, baby, and foot reflexology. You’ll feel fabulous the moment you climb off the bed, with lasting benefits.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Beauty Progress is offering a special promotion. The 90-minute Executive Treatment incoporates a 30-minute foot spa and reflexology to ease sore and tired feet, plus a divine one-hour full body deep massage or you can choose a Hydrating Facial instead. A scalp massage is also included. Normally worth over $215, you can treat yourself or your mum to the Executive Treatment for $119 until the end of May 2019.

Gift vouchers are also available for this fabulous deal, phone 0800 379 4315 to book, or visit to make an appointment.


Beauty Progress

A feel-great festive season: Beauty Progress

The festive season is joyful, social and busy, and most of us wouldn’t have it any other way. But it can also be stressful and, if you’re feeling the pressure, your body will soon let you know.


Beauty Progress


Neck and shoulder aches from long hours at the computer delivering those jobs everybody wants completed before Christmas; feet painful from pounding pavements and malls in search of the elusive perfect gift, and skin showing the stress of wondering how you’ll seat 15 at your table for 8 can be unwelcome additions to your Christmas lists.

Beauty Progress Thai Massage Spa, a specialist in massage, facials and quality skin treatment products, is the guardian angel of your feel-good festive vibe. The team is offering a Christmas Massage Special – it is a delicious full 90 minutes of massage for the amazing price of $99 and includes a full body massage, a head and scalp massage, and foot reflexology massaging.

While you are there, double down on your stress reduction by stocking up on Christmas gift vouchers for loved ones who have been especially good this year. The vouchers come in any value from $30 to $100, or can be gifted for a specific treatment. Beauty Progress is open over the holiday period, so visiting friends and family can use their voucher to come in and de-stress, or you can come in together and experience the relaxing bliss as a bonding exercise!

The facials at Beauty Progress are something special. The team uses a product range exclusive to them in Christchurch. Ten years ago, Gernétic approached Owner and Skin Therapist Wendy Barker. “I proceeded to do in depth research on friends and family, and discovered the range to be the best I have used in 30 years of skin therapy,” Wendy says.

“The range, which is French, was first developed to treat burns in Paris hospitals, so the products contain 50 to 80 percent active ingredients, as opposed to the 20 to 30 percent that you can buy over the counter.” The full and final answer to your festive prayers is received when you discover Beauty Progress is open seven days from 9am to 7pm and there is parking at the door.


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Mind & body wellbeing: Beauty Progress

If the mind is willing to frolic into spring like a Canterbury lamb but the body is tiptoeing along like a tuatara, then a visit to Beauty Progress for a Thai Massage will see body reunited with mind in as little as 15 minutes.



Beauty Progress


Authentic Thai Massage treats the body in a holistic way: physically, emotionally and spiritually, achieving an overall feeling of wellbeing. The range offered by Director Wendy Barker is extensive and includes herbal, yoga, aromatherapy, head, foot spa, four hands, back neck and shoulders, pregnancy, post-natal, baby and foot reflexology.

Wendy says clients travel to Beauty Progress from all points of the compass, intent on enjoying the therapeutic benefits. Thai Massage is deep tissue, so it is especially beneficial to those of us with injuries, chained to the keyboard, or simply not as young as we used to be. Select the yoga stretch massage and you will find yourself in positions you did not believe possible!

Of course, a Thai massage can be a purely hedonistic experience – couple’s Thai Massages are a treat for lovebirds, best friends, or mothers and daughters, and are always a special price at just $199 for a one-hour massage. You can add a specialised head and scalp massage or a reflexology massage for just $35. Wendy and the team love what they do. “It’s a lovely role to be in, people come in with pain or are just exhausted and after their massage we wave them on their way so happy and relaxed.”


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Indulgent beauty and relaxation: Beauty Progress

Clients stepping into Waltham Road’s Beauty Progress Thai Massage Spa are assailed by wonderful aromas and gentle music in a cocoon of warmth.

Beauty Progress
Fiona (L) and Wendy (R)

This haven of calm is where beauty treatments by leading therapists Wendy Barker and Fiona Edwards are administered.
Both Wendy and Fiona have extensive beauty and spa experience. Wendy established a well renowned Spa in 2000, before opening Beauty Progress Thai Massage Spa in 2007.
Rapid growth has meant that Wendy recently welcomed Fiona Edwards to the team. Fiona’s experience as a therapist also spans decades, as does that of Thai-massage therapists, Anne and Orn.
The team uses naturally formulated, plant-based ‘GERnetic’ products, which originated in France to heal third-degree burns. The fine molecular structure and efficient delivery system of these products allows percutaneous penetration, similar in activation to slow-release medical patches.
Wendy finds GERnetic superb for sensitive or sun damaged skin and for those susceptible to eczema. It’s especially great as a skin-defence system for those suffering reactions to the recently-chlorinated Christchurch water.
Also ideal for mature skins, GERnetic’s anti-ageing properties have produced spectacular results; firming skin, lifting facial contours, improving skin tone and reducing fine lines and blemishes within a few weeks.
In celebration of Fiona’s return to the spa, Wendy is promoting her Pure Indulgence Treatment; a holistic hour and a half of rejuvenating tension-relief massage for feet, face, back, neck and shoulders.

Beauty Progress

Massage magic: a relaxing visit to Beauty Progress

Would you be interested in better health, more relaxation, better circulation, greater flexibility, higher levels of peace of mind, an improved sense of well-being, stress relief and a feeling of being totally revitalised?

Beauty Progress

A visit to Beauty Progress Thai Massage Spa for a traditional Thai Massage is designed to re-energise your body, mind and soul.
With three treatment rooms available (including doubles – yes, you can have a massage with your partner) you can enjoy a truly therapeutic experience. One of the most popular treatments for men and women at Beauty Progress is the Thai Therapeutic massage. It concentrates on the relief of specific stress points and muscle tension – perfect for those who suffer from muscle pain.
To celebrate six years of Thai massage at Beauty Progress, and just in time for
Easter, it is offering a special promotion on the
Executive Package. The 90-minute treatment incorporates a 30-minute Reflexology Foot Massage to ease sore and tired feet, plus a divine one-hour full body massage using techniques to deeply massage and release the knots in your muscles. A tension relieving scalp massage is included.
Normally worth more than $200, until 7 April, you can treat yourself and your friend, partner, mother or sister to this 90-minute executive treatment for $109. Don’t miss out on this fabulous deal running for three weeks only. Gift vouchers are also available at the Spa. Phone 0800 379 4315 or visit the website at to make your booking.