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Botanical beauty

Nature is undeniably beautiful. Therefore, adorning ourselves in leafy glade renditions or the magical mystique of a lush green forest reflects our free-spirited feminine wiles.




Karen Walker has her own take on the botanical twist. Her ‘Runaway Girl’ pendant has turned woodland nymph, now dangling an adorable oversized acorn as a change from her trademark knapsack.

And for earrings, the elegant silhouette of dragonflies are seen hovering under earlobes.




Green is serene, calm and cool. It’s the big shade for 2020 fashion.

So botanical-inspired prints are a natural flow, branching out in all directions from mint to emerald.

Florals part the way for tropical jungle palm leaves to reign on summer dresses.

Lush rainforests through to sweeter daisy-dotted meadows glam up the green palette.



Foliage set on a white background is crisp, fresh couture, while retro botanical prints give classic vintage detailing.

Nature provides enough individuality to inspire designs from the likes of Dolce & Gabbana and timeless icons like Dior who have been down the botanical path before.


This time it’s not for shrinking violets, as larger-than-life fronds adorn jumpsuits, summer trench coats and floaty skirts, through to bags, hair accessories and sunglasses.


Bonkers for bamboo

This summer we’re bonkers for bamboo. While the material does make for great home furniture, it also takes centre stage in the fashion world – the reason being they’re extremely lightweight and compliment almost any outfit. You’ll definitely be the envy among your peers with this purchase.



Like most other bags, you can choose the style and shape to suit you. Some may prefer a clutch and others a shoulder strap.

Either way, it’s a wardrobe must-have – think of the ‘summer vibes’ it will bring to your collection of clothes. The bamboo bag or clutch provides a casual appearance without compromising on style.

A great thing about these bags is that you can find them at several different price points. From the high-end designers such as Yves Saint Laurent to the bustling Bali street markets for a bartered-down price – anyone can feel ‘bad and boujee’ as long as they wear it with confidence.

But if you’re sick of hearing about how you can wear must-have items this summer, you could always just prepare for winter by purchasing a bamboo bag in black and pairing it with a huge winter jacket.

They’re really such versatile bags!

Just make sure not to accidentally drop it into the panda enclosure at the zoo…you won’t be getting that back.


Style staple: shoulder bags

Shoulder bags are the most practical style staple for an active life, leaving hands free to juggle phones, children, dogs, Christmas shopping – and giving hugs!


It’s all about the strap with the shoulder bag. There is a return of the ’80s chain straps seen in slim gold to bold twisted metal through to chunky plastics.

Chains are getting a reaction swung over the shoulder on the catwalk.

Classic structured styles are the latest adventurous shoulder-bag style in mock croc, zebra, calf skin, python and lizard.

Slouchy bags are making a comeback too and these make the ultimate shoulder bag. They hug the silhouette of the body, which makes them comfortable to cart around. The satchel look is also hip.

Bags are generally getting smaller. Designers are also bringing out the teeny tiny bag with the long, long strap; a must-have for hitting the dance floor this party season. However, on the other end of the spectrum, bag lovers are bearing oversized totes with big enough straps to sling over the shoulder – a winner of practicality.

Some bags can now even do a double act and transform from cross body shoulder style to a belt bag.

In essence, a shoulder bag becomes part of your outfit. When choosing one, make sure it’s comfortable on both shoulders before the big purchase. It will be like a pair of ill-fitting shoes if it doesn’t feel right.

A shorter strap won’t look right on a tall frame and a too long strap on a smaller silhouette can swamp. Check the straps are long or short enough to balance out your height and feel comfortable.

Most have adjustable straps, so it’s not a problem. If the strap is long enough to wear across body, even better.

When buying a bag to wear with a certain outfit, try them both together. A great shoulder bag can really finish the overall look.

Getting the style, the balance and the comfort just perfect will ensure the wearer and their bag are inseparable.


In the bag

In the bag

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend and that may well be the case, but bags are like family, by your side day in, day out.


In the bag


Structured boxy styles in all sizes will be swinging down the streets – with black only one of a multitude of colourways for a vibrant 2019. Conversely, super slouchy is still a huggable shape in soft-leather.

Tiny, quirky bags will be seen hanging off, and even on, wrists – along with little purses with cross body straps. The good news is, it’s cool to carry more than one handbag, as room is always an issue. Belt bags and swanky bum bags are still hands-free heaven for multi-tasking lives.


In the bag


Silver leather and foil material is a futuristic meets 60s retro vibe. While on the other end of the shiny spectrum, creatively crocheted bags and totes make earthly boho beauties. The latest purses with clasps, evoke fond yesteryear memories while single centre straps are a new thing.

Logos will be brandish and bold for the label loving. Wildly geometric and asymmetric angles – and clever ball shapes – are upstaging each other in the fashion world, just to challenge the classic silhouette.


In the bag


Some designers have included purse-version lanyards to carry travel docs around your neck and the credit card when hitting the dance floor, while others have created mini duffle bags as cute cylindrical carryalls.

Whatever style you go with, a much-loved hand bag is a reflection of personality.