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Architectural winners revealed

The people spoke when the Christchurch Town Hall was mooted for demolition post-quakes, and it was saved. Now, after substantial restoration, the judges of the Canterbury Architectural Awards have also spoken – and the heritage building has been crowned an architectural winner.



The public building, built in 1972, took out one of two awards in the Heritage category of the annual awards run by Te Kāhui Whaihanga New Zealand Institute of Architects.

Judges celebrated the remediation work by Warren and Mahoney Architects, which preserved the building’s Brutalist design and reflection of post-war austerity with the use of reinforced concrete.

Alongside remedial works, the architects identified several new elements to increase the value and amenity of the building without lessening its integrity, including a new 1500m2 block for the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra.

There were 25 winners across 11 categories of the awards, which highlighted the diversity of Canterbury’s architectural offerings.

From large public-use buildings like the Town Hall and Ashburton’s Bathroom Pavillion (Architype), to Tekapo’s Dark Sky (Sheppard & Rout), CBD The Welder precinct (Three Sixty Architecture) and residential projects like the stunning Chippendale House in Charteris Bay (Stephenson and Turner), Riverside House (Three Sixty Architecture) and Wrightmann House (Athfield Architects).


A complete list of winners can be viewed online


Hoogervorst Architectural Builders

An architectural adventure: Hoogervorst Architectural Builders

The new build at Desmond Street constituted the perfect storm of a beautiful but challenging site, and owners who sought adventure in design.


Hoogervorst Architectural Builders


Warren and Mahoney architects Richard McGowan and Fiona Short delighted in the task of conceiving a home that both responded to its place and provided the required advancement of concept for the clients, while Hoogervorst Architectural Builders rose above the challenge of bringing the spectacular design to reality. Hoogervorst was approached by Warren and Mahoney as one of three contractors invited to tender. “I had experienced their spectacular work at Annandale, on a complex site with unusual elements,” Richard says.
Site manager Nick Hoogervorst says building this home has been really special. “The working relationship with the clients and with Richard and Fiona was excellent, which made for a really enjoyable build.”

The challenges tended to be just bits and pieces which they managed by working them through with the team. “We tried to keep ahead of the game to minimise the chance of any larger issues.” The team of five worked on the house for around 18 months plus a further nine for landscaping, and Nick says on this project they “were learning every day, which is what keeps you interested”. A memorable day was getting the staircase, made of two tonnes of steel and a first for Hoogervorst, inside a fully painted room. Nick doesn’t have a favourite style or material to work with; it is the variety that appeals. Another Desmond Street home is polar opposite in design and that is so enjoyable for the team. “We have exceptional staff on board and the variety keeps them absorbed.”


Hoogervorst Architectural Builders


The Desmond Street house is the first project they have done with Warren and Mahoney in some years and they found Richard and Fiona enjoyable to work with. “We had regular site meetings which were exceptionally productive.” Richard says this home and its riverside site, post-earthquake, was a demanding project to undertake. Fascinating even from below ground level, the foundations consist of a series of stone columns beneath the main raft. The columns are constructed using a system of hollow tubes packed with stone.

The house itself is an abstract response to its site, and to the owners’ requirements. On the bank of the Avon River, the house wraps the protected Copper Beach tree. The root system had to be protected, and required an extensive collaboration with an arborist.
Richard’s design acknowledges earlier raised-floor precedents – Craig Ellwood’s Rosen house in California, and Mies’s Farnsworth house on the Fox River, Illinois. The story begins with a north-facing raised courtyard under a canopy, which leads to the main entry of the house. Floodplain regulations mean the floor-level had to be one metre clear of the ground level and, happily, raising the platform suited the clients’ vision.

A shared interest was in abstract forms with shapes and corners expressed, which in turn created unexpected spaces within. At 400 square metres, the house is not huge, but is elongated following the river frontage. The north side is C-shaped, European in style with the central courtyard enclosed on three sides by the building. The steel frame is clad with Hebel Aerated Concrete Panels, which Richard describes as “today’s equivalent of Warren and Mahoney’s original relationship with concrete block” but is lightweight and suitable for our seismic zone, as well as cost effective. Cedar cladding, an aluminium Eurotray roof, and APL joinery complete the exterior.
From east to west the four-bedroom home ramps up in height. The linking gallery connecting living and sleeping wings contains the black metal staircase ascending in a straight run through the tall and airy space.

The wedge of space hosting the living areas makes for a dramatic backdrop for everyday living for the family of four, as well as for entertaining. The kitchen is generous and formed as long gallery including a wall of dark oak timber cabinetry. Richard says the space is intended to read as an extension of the outdoor courtyard. The bathrooms are tall and interestingly shaped, slotted as they are into the spaces created by the angles of the house, while the guest toilet features an obscured glass wall. Flooring throughout is light coloured Tundra limestone, with walls a combination of light painted and dark stained oak. A Polished Venetian Plaster wall surrounds the fireplace, created through trowelling on plaster which is highly polished and waxed to a marble-grey colour.

Richard says it’s a sculptural study rather than a complex or fussy house. An intended white exterior flowing into the light interior, was changed to black part-way through the build to create contrast with neighbouring homes. For Richard the house is a standout. “An example of our interest in the future and the past, contemporary forms informed by precedents that we like, translating and expressing the desires of our clients who were interested in an adventure and willing to be brave with the site. Hoogervorst has executed the work superbly, and they have a great group of subcontractors.”



Bayshore Builders

Turning architectural heads: Bayshore Builders has been partnering with some of the best architects in the business to deliver visually stunning results

“Queenstown is a wonderful place to be involved in the construction industry,” says Ben Collins, owner of Bayshore Builders which he set up in 2001. “There is so much variety of work, from residential builds to commercial construction and internal fitouts, as well as civil projects.”

 Bayshore Builders

Indeed, Bayshore Builders is skilled in all these aspects of construction, but Ben says the company’s deep passion is architecturally-designed homes. “We pride ourselves on working closely with architects from all over the country who have clients wanting to build in Queenstown. Of the last 11 houses we built here, three were for local residents, but the remainder were holiday homes for people from out of town – even as far away as Sydney.”
What excites Ben and his team of experienced tradies is the quality and the detailed craftsmanship required to build high-end houses. “Clients building this calibre of home have high expectations. It’s our challenge to deliver the best of workmanship and finish and we are not satisfied with anything less. It’s also very important for us to have excellent relationships with the architect and client throughout the build time, which can be anything from 12-18 months because of the size and complexity of the homes.”
Ben says that it takes a special breed of builder to take on these projects. “Not everyone wants to do this kind of work. It can be hard after all because of the need for perfection and total dedication, but I learned about building big houses while on OE in Canada and that ignited an enthusiasm which has never faded.”
Contact Ben on 021 345 256.

MC Architecture Studio

Architectural artistry: MC Architecture Studio wins big at 2017 World Architecture News Awards

“I do truly believe in the importance of design – we sometimes underestimate the power of it,” says Max Capocaccia of MC Architecture Studio.

MC Architecture Studio

Fortunately, the judges at the 2017 World Architecture News Awards thoroughly understood the power of Max’s Black Door House’s design, awarding it first prize in the ‘Best Modern Method of Construction’ category, with the comment it “stands as an object of art overlooking the ocean”.
For Max, Black Door House was a favourite project long before it won an international award. It was christened when the original door was reshaped to incorporate the surrounding wall into its form. The door is of course black and towers at 2.9m tall, but it sits within a wall that echoes its geometric design. The curved entrance mirrors the sweep of Pegasus Bay from Whitewash Heads to Amberly Beach. Like an aeroplane wing, its upswept roof provides lift and thrust to the house, relating it to surrounding hills and valleys, reflecting the mountains across the bay and plains.

MC Architecture Studio
Constructed with a combination of timber frame, complex steel structure, and Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) supplied by MagRoc, the SIP system is a key component of the extraordinary thermal performance of the house. Rather than simply installing insulation between gaps in the framing leaving up to 20 percent of the walls and roof uninsulated, the SIP system insulates and clads the entirety of each wall.
MagRoc SIP homes have been tested down to 0.51 air changes per hour, in contrast to the standard 4.5 to 19 air changes per hour. The magnesium oxide internal panels provide additional thermal mass, absorbing excess heat during warmer times and releasing that heat when the ambient air temperature drops, maintaining more consistent internal temperatures.
The entrance of Black Door House is Max’s favourite, high ceilinged, the view unfolds just a few steps into the house. Glassforce created the glass and balustrade systems. A close relationship with MC Architecture is due to mutual unique design abilities, which found their first iteration in a loft home in Lyttelton where they designed, engineered, manufactured and installed a timber and glass sound reducing feature window that occupies the front wall.
Glassforce invented, patented, and trademarked a stunning glass system called Davantech, which requires zero mechanical fixing. Seismically superior, there is no point load so it is safe and easy to install. Both MC Architecture and Glassforce have offices in Italy, and together introduced the technologies invented in Christchurch. They are acclaimed there, as well as in Australia, America and the rest of Europe.
When choosing underfloor heating, both the architect and builder knew the client would be thrilled, not only now, but well into the future and there is special satisfaction for the company knowing it had not relied on an expensive system to win the award.

MC Architecture Studio advises anyone building a new home that they can put luxurious underfloor heating in it for only $100 per square metre. The economical installation cost plus the future ability to extend or add to the system means the home is set up for future additions and the homeowner will live in the ultimate in luxury warmth every winter.
The company provides exemplar systems with low running costs for luxurious home heating right from the outset through the installation of in-floor piping when the foundations are poured. Once installed, the benefits are reaped with the total capital and running cost.
While Max’s design stood out amongst the world’s best, he modestly assumed he wouldn’t win, sending a London-based colleague to the Gala Ceremony in London in his place. Max’s team replicates his approach: they must be “people who are open to the challenge of pushing boundaries but at the same time keep their feet on the ground”.
New technologies are a passion, but the aptitude for variety and the ability to accomplish a simple or traditional request is central to the practice.

Project Partners

  1. Warmth NZ Ltd
    Ph: 03 377 8026
  2. Magroc
    Ph: 03 423 9514
  3. Glass Force
    Ph: 03 384 3077
Home Trends Builders

The city’s future icons: Home Trends Builders is excited about building modern homes in Christchurch

The team at Home Trends Builders is keeping its sunglasses handy and polished as the future keeps getting brighter. Each project is something a little different, driven by co-owners Peter and Elaine DeGouw’s enthusiasm for bringing inspirational, great-looking homes relevant to the Christchurch market, to fruition.

Home Trends Builders

Peter says the company focuses on building, “homes that will be iconic in the future”.
They have just completed one such project in Naseby Street, where the original historic mansion, defeated by the earthquakes, has been replaced by two absolutely remarkable modern homes.
The pair of houses are very different from the usual cookie-cutter architectural homes in Merivale. They incorporate natural materials including cedar, a lightweight designer stone panel board exclusive to New Zealand Brick and Stone, Onyx concrete blocks, with black monolithic louvre blades that transcend two storeys. The overall effect is stunning, people are talking, and one of the homes is waiting patiently for its lucky new owners.
Three Wai-iti Terrace sites host both single and two storey homes, some of which have sold before consent, illustrating Home Trends’ ability to anticipate the needs of the market. Five entries will grace the New Zealand Master Builders House of the Year 2018 competition, including the front house at Naseby Street, Totara and Tui Street homes, plus multi-units at Prestons – a local category that Home Trends won last year.
After 30 years, Peter knows what works and knows the special people that live here. You’ll still find him on site every day, monitoring the builds and making clients happy.

Hybrid Homes

Architectural eco-showhome: Hybrid Homes wanted to show just how good a home can be without sacrificing the environment

Unafraid of tricky building sites, Hybrid Homes has built a new thermally broken, zero-energy showhome. “Power and rain water collection systems combined with building techniques that maximise efficiency allows us to run this home at zero energy cost,” says Hybrid Homes Director Jamie Harrington, who has been designing and building eco homes for more than ten years.

Hybrid Homes

The company has also designed a series of customisable ‘ekohomes’ to make owning a sustainable home more affordable, but this double living, four-bedroom plus study abode on Sumner’s Richmond Hill Road is a top level architectural showcase of expertise and techniques.
Smooth contemporary concrete floors are softened with a natural textured mat defining the dining area. The spacious kitchen has wooden accents, stunning hexagonal tiles and clever hidden lighting that brings everything to life. The tap is a nickel finished ‘Elisa Sink Mixer’ by Waterware and supplied by Edward Gibbon. “We love working with Hybrid Homes. They choose great products from our most innovative ranges,” David Walker-Rogers of Edward Gibbon says.
“All of the tapware is eco-friendly – reducing volume but not pressure.”
The eye-catching Waterware ‘Istone Basin’ in the bathroom is a black rimmed oval number, paired with ‘Modern Linear’ basin mixers atop a wooden vanity unit. The luxurious double shower head is a ‘Nova Shower Tower’. The dark gloss-finish tiles in the bathroom play with the light from the marble look tiles that line the rest of the walls. It is a glam, modern environment.
On the exterior, the contrast of white plaster with black aluminium joinery is pleasing to the eye, as is the clever use of lines: the diagonal roofline with that of the rail for the steps and, while sitting around the firepit, the straight lines of the seating area with the dramatic square lines of that side of the house. The sunken firepit feels holiday spot-esk, the simple decision to use stones underfoot shows Hybrid Homes know how to get the vibes right. Once your eyes have lingered on the detail you can catch a view of the ocean.
Open the first Saturday of the month 11am-2pm or by appointment for a private tour of the multitude of features and options available for your new home. Visit

Project Partners

  1. Edward Gibbon
    Ph: 03 366 7137
Today Homes

Latest looks of today: how Today Homes keeps things fresh after having built over two thousand homes

For more than 30 years, Today Homes has built in excess of 2000 homes in Canterbury, delivering a full home design and build service to the highest standard.

Today Homes

Established in 1987, the locally owned and operated company takes pride in building quality homes that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but stand the test of time. Whether you’re building your first home or an architecturally designed abode, the expert team of talented new home consultants, designers, builders, quantity surveyors, tradespeople and support staff will guide you throughout the entire process.

Today Homes

“We provide an extensive range of build options to choose from and excellent project management and service, from concept to completion,” General Manager Dean McLeod says. “We are passionate about this industry and dedicated to exceeding our clients’ expectations.”
The company recently opened an architecturally designed showhome in Preston’s Park, Burwood. Showcasing modern living to suit either a family or an executive couple, the home features an expansive master bedroom with a stylish ensuite and walk-in wardrobe, creating a private getaway within the home.

Today Homes

The four generous sliding exterior joinery units allow exceptional indoor/outdoor flow onto the idyllically situated north facing courtyard – perfect for entertaining family and friends. Differing ceiling heights and the use of bulkheads and recesses throughout the home creates a spacious feel. The captivating, over-height, entranceway to the home sets it apart from the others. Clad in Espan Coloursteel Endura Cladding and Rockcote Integra Plaster Cladding System, the home is built to withstand the test of time.
The striking roof design enhances the overall appeal of the property, which has been landscaped immaculately with utmost care given to providing the optimum level of outdoor enjoyment, beauty and privacy.
For more information, see or visit the team at 251 Blenheim Road in Riccarton. Phone 03-341 6460 to enquire further or visit the showhome, open daily from 12-4pm.

Chris Beer Architectural Builders

Made to be loved: Chris Beer Architectural Builders is in the business of crafting homes and good memories along the way

Chris Beer Architectural Builders builds exquisite homes. The company has a profile publication full of images of stunning properties to showcase its passion for architecturally-designed homes. But even more than the actual houses it builds, the team at Chris Beer cherishes the relationships established with clients and the trust and empathy that develops throughout a building process.

Chris Beer Architectural Builders

We take immense pride in crafting homes for them that will be real homes and that they will love to live in,” Chris Beer says. “We work by the mantra ‘crafted by hand; made to be loved’ and that is what we deliver.”
One of Chris Beer Architectural Builders’ latest projects – a 480sqm home on the Mona Vale Stream – encapsulates every facet of the company’s operating philosophy. “We have walked each step of the path of this build process along with our clients, from the insurance claim, to the house design by Noordanus Architects, to the build itself and then to the handing over of the keys. It’s been a two-year journey made easier through open and transparent communication. What we are most proud of is that our clients are simply delighted with their home and know it will be a pleasure to live in for years to come.”
The Fendalton home is a masterpiece of both exterior and interior design, making features of different materials and custom-made fixtures and fittings. The house is clad in bluestone, copper and composite metal. A double-height entrance way and copper front door make a truly impressive statement and is just a tempter for the beauty of the interior where attention to detail is everything. Many of the special elements of the home have been created as one-off pieces, designed by the architects, created by Chris Beer Architectural Builders to the highest of standards.
The outcome of the build is breathtaking. “You don’t get a second chance with a project of this calibre. It has to be right. Of course there were challenges, but our strength as a team is the way we deal with these, talking through any issues and possible solutions with the clients and keeping the communication channels open. The result – happy clients.”

Premium Home Builders

A talent for transformation: Premium Home Builders have been wowing the judges (and homeowners) with their renovation and design skills

Specialising in architectural builds and large-scale renovations, the innovative team at Premium Home Builders can transform a dated abode into an award-winning home.

Premium Home Builders

With a strong focus on sustainability and creating healthy, energy-efficient homes, the company ensures quality craftmanship, contemporary design and an exceptional building experience.
This is reflected in one of their recent projects, an earthquake repair in Lyttelton. The stunning, two-storey home won Premium Home Builders a string of accolades at the Registered Master Builders 2017 awards, including the national winner title for House of the Year Renovations $500,000 – $1Million – excellence in workmanship, creativity and innovation.
Perched on a hill surrounded by native bush, the four-bedroom home was originally built in the 1960s. “It now looks like a brand-new home,” says Andrew Breward, who runs the successful company with Kelly Wood. “We improved the structure of the house, using the latest products and technologies, to modernise its layout and look from the ground up.”
With significant attention to detail and excellent client communication, the company provides a seamless service and a quality assurance process throughout every stage of the project. Andrew and Kelly have an impressive amount of knowledge each with over 30 years’ experience in the industry.
“We really care about our clients and aim to provide the best outcome for them as possible, in line with their budgets and requirements.”
Visit for more info or call 0800 773 628 or email