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Make a spring transformation: Armstrong Interiors

Spring is the season of transformation when it comes to our humble abode. But according to award-winning interior designer Angelique Armstrong from Armstrong Interiors, this season is about so much more than the archetypal spring clean.



With spring finally here, what does this mean from an interior design perspective?
Consider your family – how do they want to live, what makes them feel good, what do they need to improve about their living space and minds? The arrival of spring brings freshness, fragrance and finally opening the doors to let the sunshine in. So a nice way to freshen up your home is to have a good tidy up of things you have accumulated during winter. It’s a chance to simplify your bench tops and re-style your furniture layout. Your interiors have the power to change your mood.

After winter’s heavy throws and blankets, how do we style beds for spring?
This is a nice time to take the darker, moody, warm tones away and replace them with soft greys and whites. We still need warmth, so maybe change things up with a lighter throw on the end of the bed and new cushions. Try sleeping in linen sheets; this will be lovely change.



With the end of the year fast approaching, when is the best time to get started on home projects?
Spring is always a busy time, coming into the silly season, with Labour Weekend and Show Week just around the corner. Easy yet effective changes include adding cushions, painting a room (a cost-effective way to get a fabulous new feel), changing accessories or new curtains to instantly change the feel.

We have been spoilt with choice of colours over the winter with mustards, oranges and dark greens. What colour trends are we looking at for spring?
I have just painted and restyled my own bedroom for spring. I used Resene Quarter Rice Cake. This is a creamy white; warm and fresh. Great for villas or for someone looking for more than just white. I have accessorised with a soft floral pot plant, new cushions on my bed in Liberty Florian, with piped edge and backing in velvet, and very soft dove grey linen duvet and white sheets. Feminine colour tones and patterns. This summer, florals are in and I was in the mood for ‘soft and pretty’.


Angelique Armstrong
Armstrong Interiors Ltd


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Serious decorating punch: Armstrong Interiors

When it comes to the home, accessories have the power to make or break your space. We sought the inside scoop from award-winning interior designer Angelique Armstrong from Armstrong Interiors about how to use accessories to pack some serious decorating punch.




What are your top tips for picking accessories for the home?
When choosing your accessories, they could be favourite pieces handed down through the family, or a new piece that you like for some reason or another. Everyone is different, so personal needs are different when dressing your home. We live in a very disposable world these days. When you choose something, it is best to love it. Buy things you will treasure, look after and even enjoy for many years.

What accessories are worth investing in, rather than those with a lower price point?
This really depends upon your priorities and budget. Some people love to collect objects, paintings, coins, bottles, pots etc. These can all be used in clever ways, displayed for decorating your home. For example, choose a vase that you love that is beautiful on its own – this way it may not need dressing, or if it does, try a small amount of greenery from the garden or a tea candle, rather than expensive flowers. I believe you can cleverly put together items from high and low price points and make them work together.

Art is a great way to add colour and interest to a room, how do you make sure the accessories complement and not detract from the art?
Art again is a very personal taste; for some people, the more colour the better, while others prefer a more neutral palette. I believe anything in wall/sculptural art goes. You can put a new frame on a classic old water painting and it will look fabulous in a new home. Be clever, think outside the square and do what is right in your heart and home.

The trend of odd numbers of items together is very popular in interiors and even floristry, does this apply to accessories?
Unless we are specifically working on a symmetrical look, this definitely applies, because for some reason it is more pleasing to the eye. One, three and five are good numbers to work with, and different sizes create different levels and shadows, which is interesting.


Angelique Armstrong
Armstrong Interiors Ltd


European design inspiration: Armstrong Interiors

A small island in the bottom of the South Pacific, New Zealand has long taken design inspiration from offshore, in particular, from Europe and its diverse range of countries.



Metropol caught up with award-winning interior designer Angelique Armstrong of Armstrong Interiors about what we can expect to see heading our way, based on European summer trends.

“As I sit on a train travelling from Venice through to Florence, I have been asked to write about forecast trends in Europe,” Angelique says. “Since leaving our Christchurch winter, I have experienced Paris, the UK, Monte-Carlo, Milan, Venice and the region of Tuscany, Europe’s summer holiday destination. Throughout these wonderfully inspiring places, you start to recognise that each region has its own particular trend.

“Italy is of course using the latest in luxurious fabrics from our favourite fabric houses, while staying true to tradition by sticking to the colour traditional colour schemes of the region,” she says. “Paris, on the other hand, takes a more contemporary approach to fabric colours and textures, while the closer to the sea you get, the more soft blues and greens, patterned cottons and thick heavy linens you will find in trends. Meanwhile, stone tops and nested coffee tables are still very hot across Europe.”

Comparatively, in New Zealand we’ve still got a lot of love for timber and moody dark colours, with black tapware and dark accessories that have been on trend for a couple of years now. “But if we look at what’s coming through now, we’re seeing more greens, blues, natural fibres and various tones of natural, ranging from soft grey to beige and caramel to complement a lighter and softer approach to interior design,” Angelique says.

One of her favourite pieces during the trip that she wouldn’t mind investing in herself, was a sofa. “The design function behind this piece is that it is not easy talking to people on a long 3-4 seater – well this sofa is the perfect solution!”

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Warming up winter: Armstrong Interiors

With temperatures plummeting, we’re craving warmth in the home. So we sought out the inside scoop from award-winning interior designer Angelique Armstrong from Armstrong Interiors about focus areas for your home to get you through the chilly season.



What are some of the best ways to create the feeling of warmth?
We’ve talked previously about the importance of thermal backing on your drapes. This will make a huge improvement to warmth and your power bill. Using lovely thick drape fabrics, like thicker linens, cottons and velvets, is ideal at this time of year. There is a huge variety of colour and price points available and we can help you narrow the options down.

A gas fire adds both warmth and ambience. We can help you find the best installer and talk you through what is needed architecturally. Meanwhile, a quick fix could be painting your walls with warmer tones – Resene Fashion Colours is a great range of interesting options. Soft lighting at night creates a cosy atmosphere, so add candles and soft scents from a diffuser.

What are some of your must-have winter warmers – those accessories you can’t live without at this time of the year?
An extra soft and luxurious comforter on the end of your bed you can pull up, while cashmere and woollen blankets are great for cuddling up on a winter’s night. We stock Seneca bed linens, so come into the work room and see what we have to offer.

What are your favourite colour combos this season?
Rust, burnt orange, golds, rich dark greens – all colours that scream depth and cosiness; anything with warm tones.

Why is now the ultimate time to start looking at renovation projects?
Whether it is a new deck, interior paint, new drapes, a new modular sofa or designer bespoke furniture, most people would like their renovation projects finished for summer and the Christmas holidays so they can enjoy it with family and friends.

When looking at an architectural fit-out like an entertainment wall, new bathroom, ensuite or kitchen, it can take a good couple of months to design and order, and joiners can be booked up months in advance, so it’s a great time to start planning and beat the Christmas rush.


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Angelique Armstrong
Armstrong Interiors Ltd



Small rooms with big impact: Armstrong Interiors

It may be one of the smallest rooms in the house, but this tiny room can have a big impact on your overall interior design scheme. Metropol catches up with award-winning interior designer Angelique Armstrong from Armstrong Interiors about how to maximise your bathroom’s potential, with or without costing a fortune.



How can you create a great bathroom on a modest budget?
Cleverly pick tiles that can enhance your space. A feature tile on the vanity wall is a nice way to add colour and texture into your design. When visiting your local tile supplier you will see different selections for floor and wall tiles. Be creative.

If you’re going to spend money on anything in the bathroom, what are your key investment pieces?
Quality stone tiles and tapware. I personally love the Axor Hansgrohe range of tapware; the colours available within the range can match with any look you are trying to achieve. If the freestanding bath is your feature then you may look to invest in this.

What are some quick bathroom ‘pick me ups’ if you want to create some simple changes each season?
Mirrors; circular, oval, square – anything goes. Consider painting the GIB in your bathroom a different colour, remembering to use a water-based paint for wet areas.

What are some of the hottest bathroom looks you’re seeing this year?
Adding a hint of timber, whether it be timber looking tiles, timber vanity or freestanding timber stool beside the bath. White tiles are out. Natural colours and adding feature wallpapers seem to be on trend also.

How can a professional – like Armstrong Interiors – help create a space that captures both form and function?
When asking us to look at your bathroom design, we will look at all aspects of your needs and expectations within your space. Drawing 3D models will help visualise the layout of the tiles and fixtures; working with colour options and choosing the right tapware and mixers to flow through the rest of your home. We can work with your plumber, builder and electrician and provide them with detailed plans to minimise costly errors.


Armstrong Interiors

The perfect position: Armstrong Interiors

Multi award-winning interior design firm Armstrong Interiors has moved into Merivale where you can now find the company’s sassy new work room at 27 Papanui Road.


Armstrong Interiors


Armstrong Interiors prides itself on offering the latest interior trends and the new office is full of gorgeous samples for you to see and touch, immersing yourself in the creativity of interior design.  The team can help you with all your design requirements, whether it’s for a renovation, or a new build and can fully accommodate you on job size and budget, ensuring you get personalised service and attention to detail.

Working together with your architect, adding value to your home living, whatever your style. Make an appointment for a design consultation and enjoy looking around the much-loved space they have created. Something to look out for every month is the front window which will feature a new interior scheme each month, calling on the company’s favourite suppliers and demonstrating what is achievable.


Armstrong Interiors

The new work room has been a long held dream for Angelique Armstrong, but well worth the wait. “This move has been an exciting way to start 2019,” she says.  “I was looking for the perfect position for nearly two years. Now we are in, I just love the feel of our work room, dedicated meeting rooms and shop front windows.

“I wanted to bring something a little bit different to Christchurch, with bespoke interiors and design. When you walk in the space feels quite eclectic and definitely reflects who I am.”

Angelique Armstrong
Angelique Armstrong
Armstrong Interiors Ltd




Wonderful Walls

Wonderful Walls: Angelique Armstrong

Whether you want an understated design for subtle interest or a bold statement pattern to give a room that wow factor, it seems the writing is on the wall for 2019 interior trends. Yes, wallpaper is making its beautiful mark and our homes are all the better for it.


Wonderful Walls


Metropol catches up with award-winning interior designer Angelique Armstrong of Armstrong Interiors about how to dress your walls in their Sunday best. “Some people say that wallpapers are making a comeback. I say they never went out,” Angelique says.
“At Armstrong Interiors we love to embrace the texture, colours and creativity of wallpaper, whether it’s for a feature or the whole room.”

When it comes to making any wallpaper decisions, consideration first needs to go into the space you’re working with; lighting is always an important factor to consider, as is the mood you want to convey in the room. “One thing you need to be careful of when choosing your wallpaper is that you create flow between each room to ensure continuity throughout the home,” Angelique says.

“It’s also important to create a nice balance between wallpapers and paint within the greater space and the right paint colour to complement the wallpaper you have chosen will give you the best outcome.  There are many wallpapers to choose from and fabric houses continuously launch the new season’s look with matching fabrics and wallpapers;

telling a story in colour and pattern,” Angelique says. Once you have chosen your wallpaper, you need to consider the hanging. Most companies offer their own specialised glues however, these can be purchased through your designer.
Choose your wallpaper hanger carefully, Angelique says. “This is where you are best to deal with an expert. If you need help call our office and we can name a few paper hangers we use.

“At Armstrong Interiors we have a good relationship with all major wallpaper and textile houses around the world so we are able to source the latest products in wallpapers and fabrics.”  So why not let your walls do the talking? When it comes to your home, it’s your personal space so embrace this and live for now.


Angelique Armstrong
Angelique Armstrong
Armstrong Interiors Ltd


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Setting the Scene

Setting the Scene

Award-winning interior designer Angelique Armstrong from Armstrong Interiors shares her ideas for creating exceptional Christmas centrepieces.


Setting the Scene


Love it or loath it, it’s Christmas. Whether you are planning a formal Christmas dinner or a casual barbecue on the deck, it is always special for you and your guests to enjoy something a little different and to embrace the Christmas theme. Pinterest is a great option for last minute inspiration, especially if you are running a busy household like myself. So here are some creatively inspiring options.

Greenery that reflects Christmas for New Zealanders and commonly found in our gardens is perfect for your xmas table; olive branches, rosemary, bunches of fresh thyme, pine tree, bay-tree leaves and branches, and of course buxus balls. The fragrance of some of these greeneries can also be perfect for enhancing our food, including rosemary, thyme and pine.

Cutting off sprigs or branches and adding gold, white, red Christmas decorations can set the scene without spending a fortune. Get creative, people! For a more casual country look, natural raw brown string linens, with tea lights, fairy lights or long candle sticks in various colours to match your theme, can quickly create interesting centrepieces and place settings for your xmas table. Cinnamon sticks are a lovely twist for a traditional setting and florals will complement the base of the greenery. Meanwhile, white tablecloths, linens, or paper napkins will complement the Christmas colours well.

Spending special time with family over the holidays is the perfect opportunity to write your list of what you would like done to your interiors for 2019. A new kitchen or ensuite, new drapes or a lovely new sofa? Contact us we would love to help you


Angelique Armstrong
Angelique Armstrong Armstrong Interiors Ltd


Merry Christmas, much love, Angelique.
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Angelique Armstrong

Child’s Play: Q&A with Angelique Armstrong

When it comes to designing for the littlies in ones’ life, it’s not all child’s play. Metropol talks to award-winning interior designer Angelique Armstrong about creating inspiring spaces.

Angelique Armstrong



What are the most important things to consider when interior designing a child’s bedroom?

Layout, easy flow to the bed and around the room, ensuring there is enough storage for toys jewellery, sports gear, clothes etc, such as under the bed, a window seat, box shelving on the walls or an ottoman with lid. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have good storage; baskets, brightly painted shoe boxes, fabric-covered buckets with ribbons will help children clean up easily. Nooks for sleeping, playing and storing special things will also make children feel happy, safe and inspired every day no matter their ages.


How do you incorporate colour?

Painting neutral/white walls means there is plenty of scope to adapt with art and decor. In boys’ rooms l personally like primary colours, white, soft blues and contrast piping. For girls’ rooms, soft plush pink is very in at the moment.
Adding these colours through the duvet, throws and cushions means it can be changed as your child grows without much cost. If the child is high energy, add colours that are soft and calming, and vice versa.


What advice would you give parents looking to update a space for their child?

Remembering that this is the only space in the house your child can actually call their own, it’s about making it suit; what they like, favourite colours and their hobbies.
The challenge is to design a space that will reflect their interests and personality but can grow with them through the years. Create some fun, such as a large pinboard for photos, certificates, artworks and fairy lights.


How can Armstrong Interiors help create your child’s room?

With our knowledge of wall colours, we can get this right first time. We also have a large range of fabrics and beautiful bed linens. We can also make drapes and cushions.
We design dedicated storage areas and can measure your area, design what you need, quote and get one of our specialised joinery companies to make and install for you, removing all the stress from beginning to end.



Visit or phone 03 356 2636.


Angelique Armstrong

Interior Inspiration: Q&A with Angelique Armstrong

Metropol caught up with award-winning interior designer Angelique Armstrong from Armstrong Interiors to get a sneak peek at the latest trends to hit the home.


Angelique Armstrong


What trends do you see emerging this spring?

Whether you are intending on a moody dark room or a fresh white palette, all our fabric companies around the world are suggesting more colour. We have pineapples, flowers and large prints coming through, for outside and inside use. We need more people in Christchurch that want to be different and go for an individual look that suits them.

What is your favourite thing to include in your designs right now?

Steel and timber combined in pieces of furniture. We tend to be moving away from built units and cabinetry. Freestanding pieces of bespoke furniture or individually purchased pieces are making a comeback. There are some beautiful pieces available for the look you want. Open and boxed shelving for indoor plants to sit on seem to be popular this spring.

What advice would you give to someone looking to renovate or build?

Engage a designer to help with the large decisions at an early stage. Spending a little bit of money for some good design advice can save you a lot of time, money and mistakes later on. Set a budget and stick to it. Someone who knows what they are doing can help you achieve the look you want by comprising what I call ‘highs and lows’. This means higher priced items and low priced can sit in the same room side by side to achieve the look you want.

What makes a successful interior for you?

When I walk into a room and feel inspired, it is due to the combination of colour, layout, accessories and fabrics used. This can be achieved through colours sitting well together, new products on the market and seeing the enjoyment on my clients’ faces when they see and feel what they are getting. From design choices made early on to the beautiful and homely final touches.

What are you currently inspired by?

I love many different interior design looks, renovated villas, to very modern, minimalist new builds. At present I am working on a range of jobs from a heavy industrial-feel project with elegance in Auckland, to a modern rustic project in Queenstown. I am inspired when I get immersed into each job and creating beautiful interiors.