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Solid Business Growth: Eastmure & Associates

Chartered Accountant Peter Eastmure is proud of the boutique accountancy firm he has spent over ten years building. It’s the kind of firm that is tailor made for the SME. Relationships are central to the success of any business and this is true of Eastmure & Associates, and its clients’ businesses.



Owning and operating any business is a time-consuming, complicated, and sometimes daunting endeavour. Often, questions and challenges arise that demand an immediate, even if simple, response. Peter is nearly always only an email or text away. Simple matters can be dealt with quickly, or a meeting can be arranged. His open-door policy at the Hazeldean Road, Addington office with plenty of parking means your business keeps running smoothly.

“We intend to remain a small, approachable firm,” Peter says. “When you get too big it’s easy to lose that client interaction.” There are no extra charges for such interactions, meetings, or travel. That peace of mind is vital to the relationships Peter likes to build, and the businesses he and his team help grow.

“We do lots of compliance work for SMEs, for a whole range of clients, but we’re focusing on the business growth aspect because the accounting profession is changing. Clients want more from their accountant. They don’t just want to know what happened 12 months ago and how much tax they have to pay. They want to know what’s happening now, and last month, and the projections for going forward.

“Some clients just want their tax done, but others may, for example, want to sell their business in five to ten years and realise now’s the time to make some changes such as keeping track of performance and setting targets. Prospective purchasers will want to see five years of accounts with steady growth.”

Eastmure’s Business Growth Package looks at all aspects of a business, such as compliance, shareholder agreements, structure, anti-money laundering measures, Companies Office documentation and more, and makes sure they are all in place. Then, together, targets are set and a plan to achieve the targets is devised.“It’s about building that business, that asset, to get the maximum value when they come to sell it, or to give a greater return on their investment while they own it.”

Eastmure & Associates is a well-established Christchurch firm with clients nationwide and overseas. Many of its clients have come from referrals. Having the right accountant, where you feel valued and are getting the result you want is a good business decision and with variable fee structures, including a fixed fee which assures no surprises.

Using the latest technologies and keeping up with new legislation, dealing with IRD so you don’t have to, and with a network of related professionals – lawyers, insurance and mortgage brokers, financial advisors – Peter and his team are always on hand with advice and strategies to grow your business.


McFadden Accounting

A taxing affair: McFadden Accounting takes the pain out of tax time

Rumour has it the Beatles got taxed at 94 percent in the UK in 1963, rousing George Harrison to write the heartfelt lyrics, ‘Now my advice for those who die, declare the pennies on your eyes…. yeah, I’m the taxman, and you’re working for no one but me’.

McFadden Accounting
Jason McFadden

We haven’t reached 94 percent in New Zealand, but according to Jason McFadden of McFadden Accounting, the New Zealand system is so complex, “people are often paying more tax than they need”.
Take Portfolio Investment Entities (PIE) and KiwiSaver, taxed at a discounted rate determined by your income band. People nominate the tax rate at the outset: if you set your tax rate too high and pay too much, you won’t get the excess tax back; set the rate too low and you have to include your PIE or KiwiSaver income in your tax return – you’ll be taxed in your income band and lose the discounted rate. “A rate set too high or too low sees you penalised. It is quite a prevalent problem,” Jason says.
Buy a new mortgaged home and rent out your retained mortgage-free house, then no claim on mortgage interest payments is possible. However, sell the renter into a company which raises the mortgage, and that company can claim a tax deduction for the interest. Jason says you will incur conveyancing costs, but you can be better off longer term.
With 26 years’ experience, Jason offers a competitive service, travelling to you to see where, why, and how you operate. Jason can see you promptly throughout Christchurch and North Canterbury.

McFadden Accounting

A talent for taxes: how Jason of McFadden Accounting is taking the stress out of tax time for ordinary people (like you)

Mark Twain once quipped, “What is the difference between a taxidermist and a tax collector? A taxidermist takes only your skin.”

McFadden Accounting
Jason McFadden

In reality of course, getting organised to pay your tax is no joke and, after 27 years as an accountant in Christchurch, Jason McFadden of McFadden Accounting finds that because our system is complex, few people are getting it right.
Unlike IRD however, easy-going Jason won’t get cantankerous if you’ve got in a muddle or got behind. In fact, after working in a big accounting firm, Jason decided to specialise in helping small businesses and ‘mum and dad’ investors. Enjoying the personal service his role brings, Jason will meet you, look at your accounts and records and give you a cost-competitive estimate or quote. You can visit his home office, but Jason enjoys travelling to your workplace and doesn’t charge for travel time.
He’s happy to help with local investments, or overseas interests requiring assessment under the Foreign Investment Fund (FIF) regime. For small businesses he understands that being audited, paying GST, managing employees with PAYE, Kiwi Saver, child support, or other deductions can be stressful and are a burden when you are passionate about focussing on your business.
If the problems of provisional tax based on your previous year’s results are a headache, Jason can help with new IRD option: the Accounting Income Method (AIM) enabling payment of Provisional Tax every one or two months based on actual profit. Happily, a loss made during a period attracts an immediate refund.
Visit Jason’s website at