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Fabulous Face-Framers

Prescription glasses have come a long way, from library to catwalk – these fabulous face-framers can be a true reflection of personality.




Being short-sighted has been a big bonus for celebrity cook Jax Hamilton. She has a designated drawer for her 36 pairs of spectacular spectacles and eight pairs of prescription sunglasses. “No one bats an eye-lid that I have 60 pairs of shoes,” she says. “So why not have loads of glasses – and they don’t have to break the bank.”

Jax even has her own name for signature eyewear. “I don’t call them glasses, I call them face furniture. I see them as an integral part of my face, just like a couch is integral to the living room. They are a part of who I am – it’s my dreads, glasses, and Cockney accent!”

Preferring her accessories large and loud, she wears big square or hexagonal shapes when she’s out and about. However, at home in Christchurch, Jax will be relaxing in her PJs with a smaller, comfortable, round Harry Potter-esque pair. The colourful character is attracted to bright, bold colours like reds and blues, and her newest pair is always her fave – her latest being black bat-winged prescription sunnies with wide tortoiseshell arms.

“I feel like a diva,” she laughs. “I love them.”

Jax always has four pairs with her when she goes out, and at least six when travelling. “As for me, it’s always how I feel at the time. I buy my glasses locally from Bailey Nelson, and it literally takes about 40 seconds to choose a pair.”

The trends to try on next year for 2020 vision are bejewelled, oversized, funky cat-eye, brow bar, and big, bold geometric shapes – so Jax will be in her element.

“It’s not if they suit me, it’s more about having the confidence to wear them. Most of mine are out-there – I just put them on and rock it.’




Stepping up their game

Since ECCO Shoes’ story began in Denmark in 1963, the company has evolved to become a revolutionary shoe manufacturer like no other.

Enter the SHOCK-THRU collection – a range of sleek, athleisure-inspired sneakers that incorporate brand new ground-breaking technology.

At the core of ECCO’s ethos lies a determination to provide shoes with optimum comfort, style and quality – three important factors that ECCO doesn’t compromise on.

Their design team have been exploring and developing ‘shockpoint’ variations that break through all the layers of the outsole and embed a soft cushion core directly between your heel and the ground.

This has come to fruition with the recent launch of SHOCK-THRU™, or ST.1. The integration of the cushion core adds 17 percent more shock absorption and rebound and combined with their existing innovative ECCO FLUIDFORM ‘Direct Comfort Technology’ – which you will find across the ECCO collection – makes for the ultimate hybrid shoe that’s sure to suit any occasion, purpose, environment or style.

For those of you who remember the American buck shoe from the 1950s, the all-new ECCO ST.1 HYBRID can be classed as its sleek, contemporary cousin which is both relaxed and formal.

The shoes effortlessly blend traditional style with revolutionary comfort technology – say hello to the ultimate versatility that will take the modern man from the boardroom to the ball game.

Available in a number of classy styles both brown and black; the shoe for you has arrived just in time for Christmas.

Check out the collection online at


To the max

The trends of maximalism and minimalism seem to be fighting for the top spot everywhere. It’s time to wave goodbye to demi-fine jewellery as it steps out of the spotlight and is replaced by a chunkier rival.




This season, leave your dainty jewels on the duchess and make way for bolder, heavier, chunkier pieces with serious pizzazz. Big, bold necklaces are reigning supreme; gold chunky chains, oversized pearls, big beaded beauties, standout link chokers and strings of life-sized shells are all making waves, and headbands, rings and bracelets are also getting the chunky treatment.






Teeny-tiny totes

Handbags are by our sides day in, day out, through thick and through thin. But unlike previous seasons, this year’s must-haves aren’t defined by shape, but rather by size.




Shrunk down to fit no more than a phone and lipstick (if you’re lucky), this season’s most lust-worthy bags are also the smallest – blink and you’ll miss it.

Over the last few years, the world’s greatest fashion houses have played with the size and scale of accessories – swinging from supersized silhouettes one season to teensy models the next. From teeny-tiny totes to baby bucket bags, ‘cute’ is the look that’s taking over the handbag world.

The micro bag: so comically small that they were declared ‘ridiculous’ when an onslaught of them hit the catwalk this year. Jacquemus first revived the trend in 2017 and it’s been making waves since – bags of diminutive proportions hung from the fingers, wrists, shoulders and necks of models from Chanel to Fendi this season, proving that although small, the micro bag makes a big statement.

And it seems there is somewhat of a purpose to these itty-bitty bags. Preventing you from being burdened by the weight of all your belongings (crammed in alongside weeks-old receipts, abandoned chocolate wrappers and empty lipstick tubes), these baby bags are designed to carry just the bare essentials – no more digging around in the black hole of your tote. So what are you waiting for? Downsize that big bag and opt for a dainty cross-body sidekick – or two.



Bags of your dreams: Furmoo

It’s been said that if diamonds are a girls’ best friend, then handbags are family, and you’re sure to find the bag of your dreams at Furmoo – the coolest wee bag shop in town.



Sassy styles and demure designs are what you’ll find at Furmoo: home to a tastefully crafted collection of handbags, travel bags, wallets, clutches, passport holders, keyrings and more. Locally owned by Shelley Double, this boutique accessory business was established to provide women and men who like beautiful things with stylish, high-quality accessories, while keeping both affordability and fair-trade in mind.

Shelley works directly with the factory in Indonesia – a factory she wholeheartedly supports. “I’m all about giving back,” Shelley says, and it is because of this unique and laudable approach to business that the factory has been able to thoroughly improve their working environment.

The accessories are all individually handmade and dressed in either premium cowhide or ‘crazy horse leather’; an ultra-long-lasting leather made of full grain cowhide. With a vintage-y feel that develops character with age, this leather is used for all products in the ‘Fur Man’ range.

Picking a bag or wallet that’s perfect for you is easy thanks to the myriad of styles, designs and colours that are available both in store and online, plus there’s a new and unique style added to the range every week! Furmoo can also customise any bag to suit your taste.

Stylish, long-lasting, affordable and fair trade – what more could you ask for? Browse their collection at 3/177 High Street or shop online at



Wrap Up

Hair accessories are picking up the pace as one of 2019’s biggest street-style trends; satin headbands, statement barrettes, velvet scrunchies… and now headwraps and headscarves are emerging as the hottest (and most versatile) hair accessory of the year – just ask Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Versace or Tom Ford – and it appears they’re delighting the inner bohemian babe in all of us.



But these head-cessories are arriving in a variety of designs, so much so that this trend aligns with a series of styles from Parisian glamour to carefree gypsy. Whatever look you’re rocking, there’s countless no-fuss ways to style these babies; we’ve done some research to get you started.

For that 9-to-5 look that’s also completely dinner date appropriate, twist hair into a loose bun and secure with bobby pins. Fold your headscarf into thirds and tie it around your updo, leaving the ends to hang loose at the nape of your neck. Polished perfection!

Gone are your worries of bad hair days; easily conceal those unruly strands with a funky headwrap or be the trendsetter and channel the vintage Brigitte Bardot look: drape a silky headscarf over the crown of your head and securely knot the two ends underneath your chin. Team with a deep red lippy for peak retro vibes.

Love a little boho? Take a skinny scarf, wrap it around your hairline and knot it in the centre above your forehead. Tuck the loose ends underneath and voilà!


Via Sollertia

The Bespoke Specialists: Via Sollertia

The true meaning of bespoke refers to handcrafted design, developed in close consultation with the client.


Via Sollertia


The talented team at Via Sollertia are the bespoke specialists, delivering a personal design and creation service for clients who want a unique piece of jewellery. “We design and craft creations fully by hand – without using CAD (computer aided design) or cast and assembled design – which is the true meaning of bespoke,” says designer Clare.

There is also a stunning selection of timeless, unique pieces showcased at the store – all beautifully crafted by the on-site jeweller. Located in the heart of the city on iconic New Regent Street, the family-owned business provides a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and can work with any budget.

“Good service is our number one priority and we’re willing to go above and beyond what customers expect.”


Via Sollertia


Find Via Sollertia on Instagram and Facebook. Phone 366 8001 or visit for more information.



New season style: DUET

New season fashion is arriving by the day at Lincoln’s destination boutique, DUET, making it the perfect time to reorganise your wardrobe.




Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming with a cupboard full of impulsive buys that don’t work, match, or fit, but with the announcement of their new wardrobe consultation service, DUET is here to help. “It just takes an experienced eye to put some outfits together with what you already have in your wardrobe, and to help you find a few additional garments to fill the gaps,” says co-owner, Lee Parker.

Lee assists with wardrobe reorganisation and offers styling ideas as part of the consultation. To top off this exciting new service, a generous discount voucher will be offered for any purchases made the following week. “This is all part of Duet’s philosophy, to offer a one-stop-shop with real service, for real people.”

Duet features up-to-the-minute designs, including exciting, new labels from Curate by Trelise Cooper, Foxwood, Joe Brown from London, LoLa, and Loobies’ Story. Lee says in-vogue colours of the season, include mustard, khaki, petrol, rose and merlot. “There are new labels and lots of our favourites. Everything from fun casual, to special occasion outfits, not to mention our ongoing in-house alteration service.”

Customers visiting the Lincoln boutique are enjoying the newly-revamped shop layout, which was remodelled last year with a fresher, brighter appeal.


Now open late on Thursdays until 7pm and Sunday from 10am to 4pm. Visit the shop at 12 Gerald Street, and to book your consultation, call the team on 03 325 2390


Polished Diamonds

Jewellery Design Made Easy: Polished Diamonds

Award-winning New Regent Street jeweller “Polished Diamonds – Jewellery Design” specialises in bespoke jewels that are uniquely you.


Polished Diamonds


Clients can bring in their own precious stones, or choose from 20,000 diamonds and 3,500 ring designs. Architectural CAD technology and equipment such as an MRI laser scanner ensure that any stone, any metal and any ring profile can be produced to utter perfection and brilliance, not to mention matched more exactly to existing jewellery.

Owner Dan Joines says if people can dream it, they can create it. “In a little over a week we can reproduce a client’s ultimate vision from their photos, images or design ideas.”  Backed with a lifetime guarantee and at affordable workshop direct prices – why go anywhere else?


Megawatt Hues

Megawatt Hues

A colourful style shift is taking place. Our wardrobes are set to be lit up with megawatt hues from orange and green, to pink and blue as designers look ahead to the playful must-have colours of the season.


Megawatt Hues


Turned-up colours are popping up in all the latest fashion collections including Louis Vuitton’s new glow in the dark keepalls, featuring the brand’s signature monogram print.

Saint Laurent’s show at Paris Fashion Week was like a disco with a full range of the seasonal colours in neon form – orange blazers, red stilettos and green feathers.

Day glow brights have also recently hit the runways, further confirming the colourful shift in the upcoming season of fashion.

Bold and beautiful accessory pieces are another way to celebrate this trend and maintain your own personal style without breaking the bank.

Pairing a fluorescent bracelet, bright sunglasses or neon tights with your current ensemble will keep you looking fresh and on trend without having to spend a fortune on fashion.

It seems unanimous that we can expect to be rocking seriously fun fashion this season with colour leading the way – the brighter the better.