Salmon Supreme: Sovereign Salmon

We are all aware of the importance of fish in our diet, but salmon, super-endowed with Omega-3 benefits, reigns supreme in joint, muscle and cardiovascular support, and also cognitive function and mood enhancement.


Sovereign Salmon


Fortunately for Cantabrians, nearly 25 years ago Henry Studholme, director of Sovereign Salmon, purchased land in Hororata and finding it came with a state-of-the-art abandoned honey processing plant, took advice from a salmon farmer friend and turned it into a fully-functional salmon smoking factory.  Today that factory employs around 25 people, and any passing public are welcome to browse the factory shop, at 165 Hororata Road, for tempting smoked salmon goodies.

Henry estimates its products have been available in 300 supermarkets, both nationally and internationally. Encouraged by glowing feedback from factory outlet customers, Henry decided it was time to be a visible presence in the city and showcase its extensive range of salmon products. In April 2018, Sovereign opened their Salmon Heaven shops in the Merivale Mall and The Colombo.

“We sell cold and hot smoked salmon; salmon slices, smoked mussels and whitebait; and also available are lamb shanks in a retort pouch; cheeses, pickles, fruit pastes, and other family produced products,” Henry says.

Customers can view their full range online, and purchase online, check out monthly promotions, or be inspired by their scrumptious recipes at:

So, while savouring that mouth-melting Omega-3 packed salmon, ponder this: what if Henry Studholme hadn’t purchased that Hororata property almost quarter of a century ago?