Prep your platter game: Hellers

With summer fast approaching, it’s time to prep your platter game. What better way to tease and wow your audience by whipping up a stunning and tasty platter for Cup and Show Week!




Never stray too far from Hellers’ treats that never disappoint a hungry crowd. Even Brydon Heller is proud to add his wonderful selections when getting the mates together to watch a game.
How can you go wrong with snacks such as the Mild and Spicy Biersticks with their moreish flavour and a spicy kick? They’re ready to eat straight out of the pack and are great on their own for a snack on the go.


If you’re ready to add some exotic flavours to your creation, add some Hellers Spanish Chorizo. Made with finely chopped pork, venison and beef, lightly seasoned with the traditional spices of the Spanish culture, you are sure to win over your troop. Mix these tasty morsels up with salami and a wide range of shaved meats. Hellers’ Salami Chub range is the most convenient way to dice and slice tasty meats straight onto your plate or meal. Don’t forget to get fancy and complete your plate with feta, roasted capsicum, sundried tomatoes and your favourite cheese. Brilliant!


With options like these to satiate your summer food additions, your place will be the centre of attention for those wanting fantastic summer fare.