Maxed Out

Change is afoot in the zeitgeist. People used to be afraid of dressing-up too much and err on the side of caution. When in doubt of the dress-code, they’d default-dress in black.


Maxed Out


But, for Cup and Show week, plus spring in general, it’s a case of new city, new attitude! A great dress for this mantra is the maxi. Roll out the red carpet. This is the dress that commits. It’s a show of strength and says you’re not afraid to be elegant. Wearing a maxi, particularly one that colourfully sports a large-scale print, is a fab brand of fearlessness.


The maxi dress is a freedom-fighter; a spirit-lifter. In a hue-rich incarnation, the maxi doesn’t require much else. Wearing one shows that you were probably born since the ‘70s. Or, if you remember the maxi the first time around, that the memories are good. It’s a flattering silhouette that’s circumnavigated the globe, outlasting trends. And right now it seems perfect.

Fashion these days abounds in options. You can either rock the almost-maxi and flash some ankle and gorgeous shoes, or wear stilts and cover the evidence in fabric. You can opt for tier-or-ruffle dressing (for instance, see Trelise Cooper’s, Kate Sylvester’s or Maggie Marilyn’s new season dresses for inspiration) or go sleek and body-con. The maxi might have sheer panels of skirting, or a low back, or have one shoulder down. All are beautiful, indie ways of living in a more glamorous universe.