Made to be loved: Chris Beer Architectural Builders is in the business of crafting homes and good memories along the way

Chris Beer Architectural Builders builds exquisite homes. The company has a profile publication full of images of stunning properties to showcase its passion for architecturally-designed homes. But even more than the actual houses it builds, the team at Chris Beer cherishes the relationships established with clients and the trust and empathy that develops throughout a building process.

Chris Beer Architectural Builders

We take immense pride in crafting homes for them that will be real homes and that they will love to live in,” Chris Beer says. “We work by the mantra ‘crafted by hand; made to be loved’ and that is what we deliver.”
One of Chris Beer Architectural Builders’ latest projects – a 480sqm home on the Mona Vale Stream – encapsulates every facet of the company’s operating philosophy. “We have walked each step of the path of this build process along with our clients, from the insurance claim, to the house design by Noordanus Architects, to the build itself and then to the handing over of the keys. It’s been a two-year journey made easier through open and transparent communication. What we are most proud of is that our clients are simply delighted with their home and know it will be a pleasure to live in for years to come.”
The Fendalton home is a masterpiece of both exterior and interior design, making features of different materials and custom-made fixtures and fittings. The house is clad in bluestone, copper and composite metal. A double-height entrance way and copper front door make a truly impressive statement and is just a tempter for the beauty of the interior where attention to detail is everything. Many of the special elements of the home have been created as one-off pieces, designed by the architects, created by Chris Beer Architectural Builders to the highest of standards.
The outcome of the build is breathtaking. “You don’t get a second chance with a project of this calibre. It has to be right. Of course there were challenges, but our strength as a team is the way we deal with these, talking through any issues and possible solutions with the clients and keeping the communication channels open. The result – happy clients.”