Luscious smooth locks: V for Hair and Beauty

Salon staff at V for Hair and Beauty, Merivale, are adept at administering increasingly popular keratin smoothing treatments. Some clients find these keratin interventions life-changing.


V for Hair and Beauty


Owner, Vicki Ogden-O’Fee describes her keratin smoothing treatment as distinguishable from a chemical straightening process that’s found in some countries, in that the former doesn’t involve potentially dangerous chemicals.

Instead, keratin smoothing is natural and gentle. It relaxes, curls, strengthens and repairs damaged hair. A beautiful side-effect is the sheen it adds to dull, dry hair. The blow wave takes frizz out of curly or wavy hair and bulk out of unmanageable, rebellious hair.

In short, keratin smoothing could be dubbed the ultimate treatment for salon-perfect hair every day. Included in this are targeted treatments for differing hair types. The results of a keratin-smooth will last for up to four months. Plus, these gorgeous effects are cumulative, with repeated smoothing applications.