Lemon Heaven: Ali’s Lemons

Christchurch based Ali’s Lemons has won a loyal and growing following for her range of lemon produce that is fresh, traditional and distinctive.


Ali’s Lemons


Producer Ali McGregor believes lemons are our hero fruit and her considerable variety of lemon fare more than proves the point. Ali produces Limoncello and Lemon Fresh; Lemon Curd (Traditional, Saffron and a 75 percent Reduced Sugar Curd); Lemon and Lemon Ginger Marmalades; Lemon Caramelised Onion; Preserved Lemons (Moroccan Style); a lactose/cholesterol-free Lemon Gelato; and gluten-free Lemon Shortbread, Melting Moments and Spiced Lemon Cake.

Ali says, “My products are truly artisanal; I’m the creator, cook and bottle washer. My main ingredients are organic: Christchurch farm-fresh, free-range eggs; insecticide and pesticide-free lemons from Ormond Orchard, Hawkes Bay; and saffron from Wynyard Estate Saffron in Central Otago.” Ali says the colour of all her products is natural. “It comes only from the lemon and eggs. There are no artificial colours or preservatives.”

Ali’s 27 percent alcohol Limoncello was inspired by an Amalfi Coast recipe, and she is justifiably proud that her Limoncello Riserva has received a thumbs up from Italy. Lemon Fresh is delicious either hot or cold, and is wonderful in your gin. A regular customer credits her family’s good health over the winter with a daily dose of Lemon Fresh!


Lemon lovers can sample Ali’s products at the Christchurch Farmers’ Market, or find them at Lincoln Pantry, Tanner Street Bakery and Pukeko Junction Café, Leithfield.
Visit www.facebook.com/alislemons.