Hands on feet: Alistair Burbury reflects on how he came to set up his mobile reflexology business AB’s reflexology

In a different life, Alistair Burbury might have become a doctor. As the oldest male of his generation in his family however, he fell into a life of farming in North Canterbury after agricultural training at Lincoln. Now, at an age when some are retired, and after stints in real estate and working as a reflexologist in Australia, he’s in Christchurch, busy as the latter.

AB's Reflexology

Living and working at the Surfer’s Paradise Crowne Plaza Day Spa as a reflexologist some years ago, Alistair was treating an international clientele. Management were loath to lose him, but Alistair returned to Christchurch to be near family. Needless to say, timing wasn’t ideal for reflexology after the quakes. Now however, it’s all about the help, happiness and stress release he can endow. Alistair’s very busy; he’s now even training other practitioners.
‘Reflexology’ is a practice of applying pressure to feet and hands in certain skilled ways. The results include deep, rejuvenating relaxation, improved sleep, increased energy and optimising clients’ lymphatic systems, boosting health and freedom from pain.
Alistair spends much of his working week assisting friends’ businesses. However, during evenings he takes his reflexology gear on the road to clients’ houses. He often treats couples, one after the other, starting with a foot-spa. For this, he’ll go as far afield as Rangiora and Tai Tapu.
“Travelling to treat clients just makes sense, because then for them there’s no driving anywhere afterwards. Instead, they can immediately fall into a beautiful sleep.”