Finding your signature style: Our writer Liesl’s tips for defining the foundation of your wardrobe

It’s a significant step forward for daily life when getting dressed is simple. A first-world problem it may be, but a perennial one. Left to itself, dressing impeccably is problematic.

signature style

Fulsome wardrobes are no help. On early, dark mornings, the co-ordination factor can feel insurmountable. Identifying your own basic wears is the answer.
So, how to find them? Those pieces of clothing which underpin additional ‘wow’ seasonal items?
Step one is to walk wardrobe-wards and select those clothes you invariably feel good in. Those ‘friends’ that you never end up de-friending before heading out. They’re often quite basic but a great shape (maybe tailored) and of quality fabric with a teensy amount of elastine in the mix.
These elemental beauties might include the perfect long skirt that just works with most tops, or the classy underdress with a fab hemline. Don’t forget the crop-top with fine sleeves for days when arm exposure seems over-rated.
Be ruthlessly honest. The fit must be perfect. Ditto the colour. Even if neutral it should ‘lift’ skin tone; not make you appear tired. Especially if you are. Next, hang these crucial items together, in plain view.
Then it’s time for step two. Once you’ve assembled basic goodies on the most accessible rail, hang colourful or embellished coats, jackets and oversized jerseys on another, with scarves, hats, statement socks and hosiery nearby, also easily seen.
It’s one strategy to make mornings easier. Just saying.