With sustainability fast becoming an integral part of almost every industry – cars, architecture and even technology – it’s no wonder eco-conscious fashion is gaining traction both here and abroad.




Sustainable fashion doesn’t have to mean drab-coloured t-shirts or scratchy plimsoles seemingly made from a potato sack – Meghan Markle herself has thrown the spotlight on brands with minimal environmental impact during her first royal tour of Australasia.

Paving the way for a 2019 trend, the Duchess of Sussex was photographed wearing multiple sustainable labels – among them, Outland Denim, known for their organic cotton jeans crafted by seamstresses paid the living wage, Rothy black flats, made from 100 percent recycled plastic bottles, and Stella McCartney, who has long been committed to sustainable practices and the use of vegan materials. Lesser known, local brands like Maggie Marilyn also made an appearance and the effect on these smaller fashion labels has been significant to say the least.

It’s not news that a growing number of celebrities are turning away from fast fashion and towards ethical attire – boosting eco-friendly fashion has been on the agenda for celebs from Emma Watson through to Miley Cyrus for years now.

A range of vibrant styles will undoubtedly be seen on the runways this year – but who says you can’t be stylish and sustainable at the same time? Sustainable fashion is a niche that has been growing exponentially around the world and, while it can be pricey, the extra dollar more often than not means extraordinary quality – and you can strut your stuff proudly knowing your fabulous outfit didn’t cost the planet.