Cyclical superfoods: what culinary ingredients are making the rounds this season

Trends are cyclical by their very nature and yet some of the biggest crazes to hit the culinary scene are cyclical in more ways than one.

Cyclical Superfoods

While seeds have been ruling the gastronomic game for the longest of times, chia seeds have been pushed off their perch for the first time this year, with a slightly more exotic – and colourful – range of replacements now reigning.
Purple potatoes, purple corn, black quinoa, black sesame seeds and the ancient Peruvian superfood seed, kiwicha are now on the up.
Kiwicha, also known as amaranth or ‘mini quinoa’ is a small pseudo cereal noted for its dense nutritional content which has seen it reach superfood status in recent years.
Black quinoa is an earthier and sweeter-tasting option compared to white quinoa and maintains its colour when cooked. As with all quinoa varieties, it’s gluten-free and packs a powerful nutritional punch.
One of the most ancient forms of corn is Kculli, a beautiful purple variety that was once an Incan empire staple. Said to contain higher antioxidant capacity and free radical fighting ability than any other grain or fruit, it is more nutritionally dense than its traditional counterpart.
Black Sesame seeds are one of oldest condiments known to man. Highly valued for their oil, they pack a nutritional punch that far outweighs their small stature.
So why not start getting a bit more creative in the kitchen with some cynical superfoods?