Creative marketing and communications: the team behind Priority Communications tells us how to stay relevant to customers in a modern world

The average person scrolls through more than 20 metres of content on their smartphone or computer each day – sometimes in just one sitting.

Priority Communications

So it’s more important than ever for businesses to be creative and highly strategic in how they market themselves and communicate with the people that matter to them.
That’s where the team at Priority Communications comes in. This talented crew are experts in creating engaging content and helping organisations communicate at their very best with customers, staff and others.
“Often businesses don’t have the budget to have an in-house public relations team. We’ll work with them to create a marketing communications strategy and then assist them to put it in place,” Priority Communications Director Michele Hider says.
“Several of our clients see us as an extension of their team, asking us to look after everything from their website and social media presence to engaging with media, producing their marketing material and supporting them with crisis communications.
“Others have us on board for one-off campaigns or distinct pieces of work such as writing their annual report, developing a new website or microsite, organising an event, or liaising with the media over a special issue.”
The Priority Comms team are a friendly, down-to-earth bunch, who are just as comfortable meeting clients at home or on a farm, as in a corporate setting. Between them they have backgrounds and qualifications in public relations, journalism, broadcasting and community relations. They work alongside local, well-respected partners for graphic design, web development, photography and videography.
“The first impression people have of your business stems from your marketing and communications, so it is important to do it well,” Michele says. “We get enormous satisfaction out of watching our clients grow and thrive.”