Class-leading construction: building a quality home is easy with Wigram’s MrHomes

MrHomes lives and breathes the home building and construction industry. Based in Wigram, the company has earned a sterling reputation for providing customers with quality service and industry knowledge, providing the customer with modern, class leading designer homes at an affordable price.


A dependable contracting service is available, along with house and land packages, design and build options, renovations, plastering, painting and other alterations. If your venture is focused more towards the light commercial side, the company also caters for light commercial projects.
With the vision to modernise the construction industry and the understanding that every individual house constructed is unique, only the finest materials and techniques are used to ensure the finished product is nothing less than perfection.
Once the architectural design is finished, the build process will not begin until every aspect meets with the customer’s approval. MrHomes also guarantees, regardless of your criteria, a shorter design to build process – no more than six months.
The company has proved over countless occasions, it lives up to its sterling reputation. With so many satisfied customers in their dream houses, it’s a popular choice.
For more information or to discuss your project, contact MrHomes on 021 117 1666, 0508 111 666 or email