Child’s Play: Q&A with Angelique Armstrong

When it comes to designing for the littlies in ones’ life, it’s not all child’s play. Metropol talks to award-winning interior designer Angelique Armstrong about creating inspiring spaces.

Angelique Armstrong



What are the most important things to consider when interior designing a child’s bedroom?

Layout, easy flow to the bed and around the room, ensuring there is enough storage for toys jewellery, sports gear, clothes etc, such as under the bed, a window seat, box shelving on the walls or an ottoman with lid. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have good storage; baskets, brightly painted shoe boxes, fabric-covered buckets with ribbons will help children clean up easily. Nooks for sleeping, playing and storing special things will also make children feel happy, safe and inspired every day no matter their ages.


How do you incorporate colour?

Painting neutral/white walls means there is plenty of scope to adapt with art and decor. In boys’ rooms l personally like primary colours, white, soft blues and contrast piping. For girls’ rooms, soft plush pink is very in at the moment.
Adding these colours through the duvet, throws and cushions means it can be changed as your child grows without much cost. If the child is high energy, add colours that are soft and calming, and vice versa.


What advice would you give parents looking to update a space for their child?

Remembering that this is the only space in the house your child can actually call their own, it’s about making it suit; what they like, favourite colours and their hobbies.
The challenge is to design a space that will reflect their interests and personality but can grow with them through the years. Create some fun, such as a large pinboard for photos, certificates, artworks and fairy lights.


How can Armstrong Interiors help create your child’s room?

With our knowledge of wall colours, we can get this right first time. We also have a large range of fabrics and beautiful bed linens. We can also make drapes and cushions.
We design dedicated storage areas and can measure your area, design what you need, quote and get one of our specialised joinery companies to make and install for you, removing all the stress from beginning to end.



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