Building a Dream: Fleetwood Construction

Fleetwood Construction has just handed over one of the most stunning properties it has ever created, and the client is now enjoying the fruits of this talented team’s labour in the stunning Governors Bay.


Fleetwood Construction


Working alongside Matt Gutsell, from Sheppard and Rout Architects, owners Sam and Charlotte Fleetwood are thrilled with the finished product and enjoyed the opportunity to create a `dream home’ for their clients. For Sam, Charlotte and the team, making the building process as stress free as possible is key and putting their clients first has been integral to their success in the field.  Every day they strive to create Christchurch’s most personalised home building experience, to the point they have decided they would experience their own processes for themselves.

Having recently purchased their ‘dream’ section, Sam and Charlotte are looking forward to working with an architect to create their forever home. They will use the same process as what they recommend, so they can experience exactly what they provide their own clients – a quality start to finish building journey.

Sam and Charlotte even plan to share their experience through the design process and the build on social media, so that future clients can get a taste of what it is like. Keep an eye out Fleetwood Construction has built strong relationships with everyone they have dealt with, which is what has enabled them to make their clients’ journeys enjoyable and stress free.


So, when it comes to building your architectural dream home, make the journey with the team at Fleetwood Construction. Phone 0800 381 381 or visit