Breathe easier: Breathe Ezy

BREATHE EZY is the pioneering New Zealand company that began selling Pure New Zealand Air® to Asia in 2016.


Breathe Ezy


Since that time the company has expanded with an increased range of products and now Breathe Ezy 60 PLUS is being Pure Air enhanced with 60 percent oxygen. This product is aimed specifically at people involved in strenuous activity and pre or post sports.
Breathe Ezy collects air from locations in the Alps and passes it through filters to remove any trace of pollen, dust and most bacteria. Independent tests show the level of particles in our product is less than 0.03 parts per million, many times purer than WHO recommendations. Increasing the oxygen level to 60 percent has produced a safe, effective and useful product that removes any of the risks associated with breathing near 100 percent pure oxygen

The use of oxygen has been a long tradition to enhance energy prior to activity or for warm-down however, aware of some of the risks associated with breathing pure oxygen, Breathe Ezy undertook research and trials to ascertain the most useful mix of oxygen and air. Typically, the air we breathe contains about 20 percent oxygen; increasing the oxygen in Breathe Ezy 60 Plus is an ideal solution for people involved in sports who seek safe and rapid warm-down and re-oxygenation after exercise. Online purchases only at $14.99 a seven-litre canister of about 150 breaths.

Breathe Ezy is a proud sponsor of the International Golf Association of New Zealand.