Beautiful bathrooms

We love spending time at home – and that includes the bathroom too.

Its overall design is becoming increasingly cosy and welcoming – and revealing the growing influence of general interior design trends in the process. At the same time, new technical developments are a must-have in the bathroom too.


Beautiful bathrooms


It all stems from users’ desire for a modern, lifestyle-friendly bathroom and there’s definitely no shortage of options for turning those plans into reality. Whether the goal is a family bathroom or a private spa, the level of equipment should be tailored to the users’ personal needs. There’s plenty of scope for the interior design too – the spectrum ranges from stylish minimalism all the way to snug and cosy furnishings with plenty of storage space and lots of surfaces for decorative items.


The Comfort Bathroom

The furnishings in a modern bathroom don’t need a lot of fancy gimmicks to convey a sense of luxury and ease. A level access shower, a shower toilet, a bathtub with an ergonomically sloped back or fittings that work at the push of a button, LED-illuminated mirror cabinets with storage space and optimal lighting, bathroom products have never been as convenient as they are today. Finding a separate place for the toilet or adding a guest toilet also helps the bathroom be perceived as a room in its own right.


The Small Bathroom

In some urban areas, smaller bathrooms are the norm. As a proportion, their number even looks set to grow because the density and price of sought-after inner-city living space will continue to increase. An optimised layout designed by a professional bathroom planner also helps make full use of every square centimetre when space is in short supply. There’s nothing outdated about the small on-trend bathroom. On the contrary: it might be small, but it’s stunning too – thanks to an abundance of hi-tech and convenient solutions.


The Ecological Bathroom

When it comes to ecology, the bathroom has had an excellent track record for quite some time. Thanks to the optimisation of tap spouts and the jets on hand and overhead showers, the amount of water consumed by fittings has been reduced to a minimum. The growing trend towards natural materials for the bathroom walls and ceiling confirms the ecological bathroom’s credentials once and for all.


The Hygienic Bathroom

In Asia, shower toilets are more or less par for the course in any modern bathroom and are becoming increasingly widespread in Europe too. Hotels first acquainted us with the shower toilet, and word of the good feeling and convenient hygiene it provides is spreading rapidly.


The Snug Bathroom

As bathroom architecture opens up to lifestyle spaces and enhanced functions turn it into a private spa, the bathroom is experiencing a very special kind of update. Its snug features, innovative products and larger size are increasing both the amount and the quality of the time we spend in the bathroom: a megatrend.