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Voluminous is vogue

Oversized, floaty and fabulous, this fashion statement for autumn has exaggerated its proportions to both capture attention and keep everyone comfy as the leaves fall and temperatures drop.



Cinderella is donning the pronounced but pretty puff sleeve to show she means business – this time in sexy fabrics from completely sheer and shimmery through to coloured leather.

For long sleeves, it is time for them to balloon, like with the Felix Shirt by Morrison, pictured.

Balance out this festoon of fabric with a micro skirt or slinky pants.


More flattering than the eco-friendly title suggests, these baggy-waisted trousers, stylishly cinched at the waist with a ropey or wide belt, are the sassiest autumn trend.

Pair with a casual crop top, or dress up with a puffed sleeved blouse or smart shirt. Mostly high-waisted, and either cropped or turned up at the ankles, they make generous-fitting comfort look effortlessly feminine.


No need to juggle a multitude of shopping bags; swing an oversized tote instead. Big and very big bags are still here – very practical for those of us that are always on the fly.

Invest, and choose a colour and fabric to look great with an outfit, as this is the boldest of accessories.


Oversize the timeless, chic trench or the puffy, padded parka.

The four-seasons-in-one-day dilemma is solved. Forget oodles of layering – it’ll feel like snuggling into a blanket when the weather turns nippy, after a sun-kissed autumn day in a sleeveless top.


The Caffeine Queen

An energetic buzz brews behind a Christchurch coffee icon – and its co-owner shares her gift of motivation to the world.

Sacha Coburn is the Chief Operations Officer for Coffee Culture and who also delivers entertaining leadership talks through The Company You Keep.

Now 46, she overcame aggressive breast cancer a decade ago, when fate threw her one of the toughest curve balls imaginable.

Sacha retained her spirited smile, flipping tragedy on its head. She’s now embracing the life-changing journey as a gift – one that has fuelled her motivation to help others succeed.

“It didn’t make me want to retreat, it made me want to expand,” she says. “I live out every year deliberately as though it’s my last. I want to keep learning, sharing and contributing.”

So far there have been two highlights of her life, she says. “One is meeting my husband, the founder of Coffee Culture, in ‘99.”

Hailing from Onehunga, Sacha came to Christchurch for her first career as a qualified lawyer – where her daily coffee routine ended in love!

“We all have our own Coffee Culture story,” she laughs. “Tinder dates through to job interviews – it’s the place where people meet up. We’ve even had staff who have had babies, then they’ve grown up and worked for us!”

The business has grown alongside Sacha’s family, teenagers Tiger and Portia and stepson Jordan.

“The second highlight of my life was attending Harvard Business School in Boston.”

She was one of nine Kiwis to receive the 2018 Prime Minister’s Business Scholarship for three-week sessions over three consecutive years, starting last September.

“It was Coffee Culture’s achievement really – we are a real coffee nation. Harvard is such a transformational environment, with business leaders from throughout the world,” says Sacha, who also has a Master’s Degree in Education.

“I feel part of my responsibility is to share that learning and bring those skills back.”

She believes in being open to new experiences that come along. “When we have openness, crazy s**t happens!” she laughs.

It is her funny, inspirational and motivating performance that gives authenticity to the workshops presented a few times a year, in tandem with Chair of The Chiefs Rugby Club Tonia Cawood.

People rarely nod off at the lively leadership events, which uniquely interweave comedy and classic tunes.

Sacha also co-wrote the book Speakership with renowned speaker Matt Church.

She points out that public speaking has been pivotal in society for thousands of years.

Today’s TED talks are just the modern equivalent. However, the talented talker says that her favourite thing is actually just listening.

Back at Coffee Culture, the quest to constantly make things better never stops.

“We’re always thinking what would delight people the most, so it’s attention to detail with every aspect in design trends, food and drinks – and providing wonderful spaces for people to hang out. You can even have a charcoal latte now. We are all so different. It’s that combination of familiarity and freshness.”

A single origin latte with a splash of cold milk is Sacha’s takeaway cup tipple – although now it’s made with oat milk.

After 12 years living in Sumner, Hamilton became home, to help launch the brand up north. Sacha oversees all training and development of the 20 Coffee Culture stores, but plenty of time is still spent in Christchurch.

“As business gets tougher in New Zealand, we’ve been helping our young staff with ownership of their own stores. For me, that’s enormously fulfilling – having an impact on people’s lives.”

Coffee Culture Charitable Foundation, has also built new trading facilities for their coffee suppliers in Papua New Guinea.

“My main focus is ‘how do we grow our people’. We also give additional attention to mental health. It’s understanding who I am, and who they are, so we can enjoy working together in a high-performance environment.

“If I keep doing the work on myself, the opportunities will come for all of us.”


Taking Off!

The only luxury commercial jet of its kind in the country has landed – poised to take tourism, business and bucket-list dreams to greater heights.


It’s a new beginning for the latest addition to the GCH Aviation fleet, a Bombardier Challenger 604.

The full walk-around Canadian-built luxury jet sports a new engine and has been modified to transform into an international air ambulance when required.

From important meetings to far-away events, it’s a way to get there fast and in jet-set style.

With a glamorous fit-out in mahogany trim, cream leather seats and couch, bar and bathroom, the ride is the highlight.

“We can take up to 10 people on board, and can fly say to the Melbourne Cup for the day, or a shopping spree in Sydney,” says GCH Aviation CEO Andrew Currie.

“Jetting to the wineries is much more of a relaxing experience – like swapping the bus for a Mercedes! It’s really comfortable and quiet. You can hardly hear the engine.”

GCH Aviation is known to most as Garden City Helicopters. Many a mile has clocked up since pioneering beginnings on New Brighton Beach in 1983 with weekend helicopter flights and a rescue service.

Founder John Currie, a current helicopter pilot, moved his family up from Manapouri and started Christchurch’s first helicopter operation.

He moved to the former airport location in 1985 with everything helicopters – tourism, flight training, rescue and the 3ZB radio report.

The New Zealand Flying Doctors launched 1994 – the first fixed-wing hospital service, where John’s son Andrew was both pilot and Operations Manager.

John now semi retired, but will still phone or calls in every day, leaving all the Currie siblings at the controls – Andrew as CEO, Daniel as Chief Financial Officer and Chantelle managing the accounts.

Professional wings have widened over the years (hence the name rebranding) and now includes Wellington Helicopters, Kaikoura Helicopters, GCH Greymouth, GCH Nelson, Pacific Island Air in Fiji, Vanuatu Helicopters and GCH UAV (drones), with 35 helicopters and now five fixed wing aircrafts nationwide.

The new headquarters at 73 Grays Road was completed in 2017, taking purpose-built to an impressive, breath-taking level.

Winning gold at The New Zealand Project Commercial Awards, it will soon be completely solar powered as a move towards sustainability.

“A decade of thought and aviation knowledge has gone into the design,” Andrew says.

“We had to create a balance between all areas – air rescue, air ambulance, tourism, commericals and engineering.

A place where everyone can meet up together. A luxury jet was always on the cards, but dad had said we needed the garage before the car!”

The new addition arrived at the Jet Centre last month.

“As a ‘first of type’ aircraft for the country, we are awaiting certification from Civil Aviation before putting her into service as the South Island’s only charter jet and international air ambulance.”

The Jet Centre has customs facilities, shower and VIP lounge – a relaxing, private five-star space, also ideal for meetings on the fly.

Whether for a marriage or business proposal, or unique unforgettable trip of a lifetime, Andrew says GCH Aviation’s services now offer a solution for everybody.

Group Marketing Manager Caroline Blanchfield promotes GCH Aviation to the worldwide luxury tourism sector.

“This is a big thing for New Zealand tourism,” she says of the new truly global jet.

“It opens up a whole lot of opportunities. For people wanting to do business in the islands, it provides convenience, anonymity and comfort, and we can then link to our helicopter experiences in Christchurch, Fiji or Kaikoura, for example. Some fly to New Zealand just for a day’s whale watching. We are bridging the gap for travellers who are asset rich but time poor”.

The service offers exciting endless opportunities for locals. “It could be Auckland to a concert, or Formula 1 in Queensland – all the things Christchurch people love to do.”


Chill Factor

Relax, it’s the 2020s and this decade’s décor retreats into a comfort zone that simply says ‘chill’. Home is a sanctuary where we recharge our batteries. We look at ways to do them up, so we can wind down.



A softer palette
Muted, serene shades make a peaceful haven.

Warmer neutrals are snuggling up to hazy pastels for a luxuriously lived-in look as cool colours now give way to more yellow-based neutrals such as creams and all renditions of dirty white.

Star of the season, mustard, melds into this vibe with a cosy dollop of colour. Warm up any cool greys with nude and champagne pinks, washed-out teal, dusky aqua or faded moss greens.

Cutting the corners
The art deco era embraced all those sensuous curves – as seen in those glamorous circular mirrors and artwork, seating with gorgeous curved detailing and those graceful flowing figurines.

Cylindrical-shaped coffee tables are also a cool change. Couches are comfy with soft, sloping sides.

Round or oval tables can squeeze in more diners, inviting conversation – no one is on the edge.

Lounging around
A soft-cornered ottoman really owns the living room.

They can aspire to everything a coffee table can but without the sharp edges – from magazines and trays of morning tea through to extra seating for visitors or a footstool for three.

In deep-button velvet they’re opulent eye-catchers.

Magical Moroccan-style poufs add exotic chill factor; in fact oversized oval cushions in all styles are relaxing up lounge landscape.

Egg swing chairs and circular seating of the swinging ’60s have also become cocoons we love to lounge upon.

Tactile textures
Freedom from formality is frayed fringing, tussled tassels, worn velvets and canvas, linen and cotton.

Pamper with pom poms and mohair rugs and include touchable softness from silks and satins to worn leather and faux fur.

Fade away
Time worn and sun-kissed has earned its place.

Let pale, aged, natural wood have a break from the high polish.

Relax in the imperfect charm of wicker, rattan and cane in a faded shade.

Further invite with paled plump cushions and washed-out cotton throws. Faded evokes well-loved style.

Holiday mode
For a retreat-style home, embrace pale flooring of parquet or light woods, exposed rustic beams and let in plenty of light.

Bedrooms can be 24-hour hibernation hubs with lounging areas and soft dreamy colours to send us into slumber.

On the other hand, lounge couches have become bed-like with the trend in sumptuous wider seating.

Upholstered chairs around lower casual dining tables also become hang-out zones.

After all, who wants a visitor to perch politely on the edge of their seat – we’re now saying welcome, stay awhile and chill.


Energising the airwaves

Mike Puru energisers the airwaves along with Anika Moa and Stacey Morrison on The Hits Drive show from 3 to 7pm. After a decade at The Edge and as TV host for the first two seasons of The Bachelor, he’s the personality from Southland who has won hearts nationwide.



So how much fun is it sharing the studio with two of the coolest chicks in showbiz? What a trio!

It’s a great combo – two very special women who have the biggest hearts but also the best humour.

They are both admired in the specialty fields and maintain family life but are always keen to share experiences and laughs.

I’m always learning Māori and what it’s like to have kids, so I just add my yarns and experience and it makes me laugh every day.

What are a couple of awesome/weird/profound moments?

We all, quite often, sing along to the songs and every now and then Stace and I look up at Anika and think ‘wow you are amazing’.

We forget she is actually one of New Zealand’s best singers.

The other profound moment is the realisation of our backgrounds – all very similar upbringings and somewhat weird we all ended up together!

You hosted for the first two seasons of the Bachelor. So, The Bachelorette 2020 – wish you were there and what do you think of it?

Where to start? First of all I think the Bachelorette is brilliant; I would hate being a single straight male dating, so I’m finding it hilarious watching these guys.

Secondly it’s much better just watching it on TV – the problem you have with hosting is you know what happens before it airs and it’s hard to keep your mouth shut until it airs.

And thirdly, I think Art is great at presenting – although I miss being part of something so huge on TV.

I’ve been there, done that and quite happy to be a watcher… PS, it is all real – I used to get asked so many times but I can assure you what you see it what happened!

TV or radio – differences for you?

Someone once told me ‘radio pays ya mortgage, TV pays for ya holidays’ – and that was great advice!

TV is so fickle and short-lived.

I was out of full-time work for a few years constantly freelancing in many areas, but I loved the move back to full time radio as there’s something special about being live each day and having your listeners become part of your extended family.

TV is great fun, but changing fast; radio has stood the test of time and I love it.

Do you get to your hometown of Gore often? Is Southland still stuck in your soul?

Love Gore! It was big enough to have opportunities but small enough to not have to compete for jobs and experiences.

I host the Gold Guitars each year and love catching up with family as well as being part of something that is part of Gore’s history – I owe Gore a lot so it holds a special place in my heart.

What’s life at the moment for you when you’re off the air – what gobbles up your leisure time?

Radio demands mean you are constantly looking for material so it never really ends but you need to live life to experience that so I mainly just hang with my partner and dog at home doing house things – I’ve found mowing lawns and cleaning quite therapeutic.

We try often to sponge off our mates who have holiday homes; Auckland is a great region for weekend getaways so we try to do that as often as we can.

Dreams (big and small) for this year/decade?

I’d love for our radio show to become of the “must listen“ shows in the afternoon and I would also love to get back to France where my partner is from – his family and the region (Southwest France) is amazing and I can’t wait to get back …

so please tune in and give the gayest, brownest family-friendly entertaining show on radio a go so I can earn enough money to get back to France.


Tangerine Dreams

Fruity forms of orange fuelled our fashion sense in spring. Citrus shades are still sizzling on summer’s shelves and now they’re set to warm up autumn wardrobes.

Eastern cultures have always revered this hot spot on the colour wheel.

During Chinese New Year mandarins, tangerines, satsumas are symbols of abundance and fortune.

To wear the vibrant orange shade of tangerine brings happiness and enthusiasm – the mantra for 2020.

Tangerine is Fashion and Lifestyle Coach Angela Stone’s favourite colour – and has been for a while.

“My wardrobe is full of it; skirts, tops, trousers, dresses. Colour adds vibration and it really makes me feel alive, as it’s such a positive colour.”

Tangerine hails from the orange palette, but it’s a richer more saturated shade, just like the skin of its fruity namesake – injected with a juicy squeeze of scarlet.

Angela says it is a perfect colour to wear for those who would normally shy away from standing out in siren red. “It is kinder and softer than red – more subtle.”

Tangerine will show off a golden tan and will also add warmth to those with a more porcelain complexion.

“It is a very flattering universal colour, as everyone suits it. It can be paired with almost any other shade, including other universal colours like forest green or cobalt blue. Blonde, brunettes and red heads – we all look great in it.”

We don’t have to retire an outfit once autumn hits.

Tangerine is a sumptuous pop of colour pared against more retiring shades of autumn – such as darker greens, chocolates and burgundies.

Tangerine evokes a dream escape to a tropical retreat, sipping tequila sunrises by the pool. Wear it every way – from psychedelic crop tops to maxi skirts and boots.


A grand palaver!

Local comedic favourite Shay Horay presents his latest busker’s baby – Palaver Grand. With a handful of showbiz buddies, in the style of Graham Norton, riotous banter and sparing of wit will entrap the audience in the Spiegeltent on 14 February. The two-hour show promises hearty belly laughs.


Photographer: DEAN MACKENZIE


It’s for one night only and it’s going to be one heck of a line-up,” he says.

Shay is best known at the World Buskers Festival as Rubber Band Boy and, in 2019, packed the house with busker show The Revolver Club.

He recently hosted his inaugural Palaver chat shows in Lyttleton’s intimate Wunderbar – delving into the minds of colourful kiwi celebrities, one on one. Peter Rowley, legendary funny man and co-writer/sidekick for the Billy T James Show, was one of his victims.

“Shay’s a great smooth-talking, cool, good-looking guy,” Peter says.

“The show was sensational. He delved into drawers from the back of my mind that I never knew existed!”

He will be under the microscope once more for Palaver Grand, uniting with an eclectic cast of four on the couch – in front of a much grander audience.

Other guests for the R18 show include favourite television host and comedian Dai Henwood, actor Jonny Brugh, aka Deacon the Vampire, of film What we do in the Shadows fame, and from Daredevil Chicken Club from USA – sensational improvisers and regular busker act. House band Lawrence Arabia will entertain.

“These are all people I’ve loved performing with in the past,” Shay says.

“Palaver means to talk unproductively at length – exactly like the open and free-flying nature of the show.

None of it is scripted, I just cut and edit a loose script as it goes on.

These are stories the audience wouldn’t normally get to hear – personal information and funny bits. And because it’s from the horse’s mouth, it must be true!”

As the Rubber Band Boy, Shay has smashed two Guinness World records for the most rubber bands strapped to a human face, and took the stretchy show to 30 countries.

He asked a plastic surgeon if it was OK.

“It was a great thing for my skin, he assured me, and would probably keep me looking younger!”

Hailing from Geraldine, he cut his comedic teeth at Burnside High School, where his parents sent their talented son to for the renowned drama department.

In 1996, while still a student, he hit busker bigtime.

Now a quarter of a century later, he’s just turned 40. “I’m over the hill now – so I’ve got to start ticking off all the boxes.”

He lives in Lyttelton with Riley the dog, who also has a few talented tricks.

Shay’s a wicket keeper for Heathcote Cricket Club, where he also volunteers.

Always having a side-splitting project on the go, he recently starred as butcher, florist and masseuse in NZ on Air shortlisted The Woolston Complex, filmed at The Tannery.

Aspiring to launch Palaver as a live-audience TV series, he loves the concept of a chat show.

“There’s nothing on TVNZ like it at the moment. It is closest in format to This Is Your Life”.

Except this show will be a grand palaver of life’s more funnier follies.


Sensational street food

The Night Noodle Market is not just noodles – it’s music, fun and fabulous Asian flavours.



Hagley Park’s lakeside Entertainment Triangle will have 21 local and international hand-picked food stalls from February 6, Waitangi Day, until February 15.

That’s 10 mouth-watering nights for Christchurch’s celebrated pop-up event under neon lanterns.

Event Manager Vanessa Fleming says stallholders are working on exciting new menus, with more plant-based options.

Aussie Hoy Pinoy’s smokin’ BBQ skewers and Gelato Messina’s Thai full moon gelato dessert menu will wow.

New onboard are Japan’s The Flying Noodle and Melbourne’s Puffle Dessert.

Favourite local fare includes new restaurant Dish. Moa Beer, Crafters Union and the Coca-Cola Caravan have beverages to match the feasting.

Achieving NZ’s Best Sustainable Event at the 2018 NZEA Awards, compostable packaging partner Ecoware, recyclable cans, and 100 percent recycled plastic bottles help the event move towards zero waste.

Lion dancers, Takumi drummers, performers and live bands spice up the mood, with local funk/reggae band Horizon for opening night.

Sport Suzie will entertain the kids both Saturdays.

Eclectic new visuals include an immersive entranceway and an 9m-wide neon-look “selfie” wall.

Vote for the favourite ‘Top Chopsticks’ stallholder to be in to win $1000. Also Air New Zealand offers the chance to win economy flights for two to Asia.

Entry is free and all ages are welcome, including dogs on a leash.

There’s free Wi-Fi at the cashless event – all stallholders accepting major credit and debit cards (excluding AMEX) and have contactless payment facilities.

Noodle Night Market runs from 4pm to 10pm daily – with a 1pm start for Sparks in the Park, on the last day.


Sports Luxe: Leisure-wear’s cool new makeover

Comfortable, classy and practical while still being gorgeous and glamorous – the luxe sportswear style is less trend and more lifestyle. It is the second skin of healthy active people with multi-faceted lives, who also adore fashion and femininity. Putting it together perfectly is the goal post. Is an outfit truly luxe or lackadaisical? We explore the rules to rock this racy ensemble.




  1. Sneak it in
    Flat sneakers – there’s no need to unlace when bounding into the boardroom.

    Sneakers with flirty summer dresses through to long maxi skirts all add bounce to our stride.

    Note: sneakers with track pants are straight sports girl, so beautify the bottom half to sporty-luxe them up.

    Black or white are a wardrobe staple to pair with most outfits.

    However, pick a complementary or contrasting colour, metallic or embellishment for even more kick-ass cool.

  2. Sport a pair of heels
    Wearing designer track pants?

    They desire a cute pair of heels to take them to Hollywood heights. It’s all about juxtaposition!

    Pointy toes peeping out from track pant hems is relaxed attitude. It is about blurring the lines of leisurewear.

  3. Change it up
    Pair an edgy over-sized jacket with slinky bike shorts.

    Baggy tops with baggy bottoms are lax rather than luxe, so pair a fitted top with a floaty pant, or over-sized sweater with tight tapered trackies.

  4. Crop the top
    Bare midriffs have made a re-appearance – from 80s crop t-shirts to gym-style racer-backs sporting the latest logos and feminine bra tops.

    Layer under a loose or fitting jazzy jacket, t-shirt or summery coat.

  5. Material girl
    It’s time to give the grey marle of yesterday a new decade onceover.

    Exciting new trends in materials keep luxe-lovers even more cool and comfortable – and strides ahead in the fashion stakes.

    From a luminescent track-pant stripe to an all-over shimmery ensemble, from jersey to neoprene.

    There is stretchy, flexible, breathable textures in everything from pearlescent to high sheen.

  6. Comfort is queen
    The goal is to be eye-catching, but the reason we are secretly in love with luxe is the comfy, cosy feeling we don’t want to change out of.

    A pair of Lorna Jane track pants, that feel silky soft and buttery are worth every dollar.

    Fitting and stretchy means they won’t linger on the wardrobe side-lines.

    Even natural-based fabrics are designed these days with flattering but fitting flex.

  7. Keep the cool to look cooler
    Along with bare midriffs, perforated materials and edgy laser cut-out designs are so hot right now.

    That extra airflow has the bonus of keeping us from overheating as we dash about our day.

  8. The right recipe
    Tempting – but head to toe super-sporty luscious luxe is just a tad too tempest.

    It’s easy enough though to tone it to perfection with a mix of textures and an item or two from our current fashion staples.

  9. Dress it up dress it down
    From the collecting the kids to dinner and dancing – transformer luxe is easy as.

    A blazer with rolled up sleeves, belts, handbags, bling and scarlet lippy – take them on, or off.

    A Wonder Woman quick change and it’s off to the next mission looking a million dollars.


Plump up the pension pot

Whether it’s a comfortable three decades away or in a few short years, it’s tempting to put off planning for retirement and facing fiscal reality.



How much of a nest egg we really need can be subjective, varying vastly depending on situations and expectations.

A figure plucked out by a few professionals is $300,000 per person or $400,000 per couple.

And then there are some experts that say we need a million or two to relish our twilight years.

Ironically both can be right. We all have unique needs, dreams, and fates.

  1. Do the maths
    All incoming funds and likely outgoing expenses meld to make the final pot of gold. Calculate incomes from weekly New Zealand Superannuation, other pensions, tenants, boarders, projected KiwiSaver funds and other investments. Will the mortgage be paid off? Will there be lump sums from cashed-up investments such as property or the fine art collection? Whether it’s a flowchart of likelihoods or a list of outgoings and incomings, it pays to put pen to paper and update continually.
  2. Downsizing
    Many plan to downsize upon retiring to plump up the pension pot, but when it comes to the crunch, it might be difficult to sacrifice creature comforts. Living frugally in a nicer home might appeal to one, and a humble abode and overseas trips to others.
  3. Decide on your lifestyle
    Some people might be content living off a well-tended vege garden, for others it’s banqueting on a river cruise. Lavish or frugal – or indeed somewhere in between – decide what lifestyle fits with reality, and work toward a healthy dollar sum.
  4. Expect the unexpected
    Unplanned medical costs, helping the children out financially, global events or even new opportunities, being over-prepared brings peace of mind. If forthcoming inheritance is in the mix, be aware anything can happen. Security is planning for the worst case scenario.
  5. How much to save
    The closer we are to retirement, the larger percentage we should be stashing away from our salaries. Invest wisely in purchases that increase in value or will make money. For example, will this latest computer help increase my income? As leisure days loom faster we are more likely to work smarter than harder. Regardless, every little amount will help and it’s never too late.
  6. The bucket list
    Retirement buys the time, but not necessarily the bucks. Wish-lists invariably come with a price tag and they are generally better crossed off early, while we are fit and able. Make a list of the ‘must-dos’, and ‘would like to do’, and ferret away the required funds.
  7. Get advice from all angles
    Take on board all the workable tips from financial advisers, success stories from happy retirees, an accountant who knows your spending habits and online research. The website has useful advice and current pension rates.

Seeing retirement as an exciting staging of life makes the saving up for the adventure a pleasure.