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Celebrating the individual woman: Made in the Shade

With new arrivals from quality New Zealand and European labels now instore, Made in the Shade has curated a winter collection that’s not only beautiful on the eye, but more importantly, celebrates the individual woman.


“There’s something here for everyone, from bold and bright to understated elegance through to the romantic – every look and occasion is covered,” says owner Alison Donn. The Anne Mardell/Mardee ensemble of wool shift-dress and reversible jacket, for instance, makes for an inspired layering combination, while Anne Mardell bomber jackets deliver the ultimate in casual chic.

Optimum knitwear, renowned for its non-pilling, takes you through the cool months in colours, designs and mix’n’match options that are just too clever. For ladies who like to wear the pants, the exquisitely tailored Lisette trousers take you from the boardroom to the theatre, while for laid-back glamour, a pair of figure-hugging NYDJ jeans showcases your best assets!

If you’re looking for something unique for a party or event, here’s where you’ll find that stunner cocktail dress to ramp up the fun, or that chic two-piece suit to make you stand out from the rest. But for that special date, think velvet skirt and fine Italian silk top with an eye-popping puffer jacket to snuggle in as you depart the restaurant.

Don’t forget to check out the travel range of the finest cottons, non-crease linens and other perfect-for-packing garments – you might be needing them sooner than you think! Find Made in the Shade at 151a Colombo Street, Beckenham, phone 03 332 1238, email and visit


Winter Escape

Winter is the time of year to trigger the innate flight or fight response in us; flee for the tropics or tough it out in our little corner of the South Pacific. And, although the islands in the sun may offer the seductive swaying of palm trees and umbrella-clad cocktails, there are plenty of local options for a seasonal getaway to combat the winter blues.



Whether you want to hibernate in luxury or the great outdoors is more up your alley, Canterbury offers superb scenery, divine day spas, world-class cuisine, fine wines and warm southern hospitality – all the ingredients for a luxurious getaway without leaving the confines of Canterbury.

Hanmer Springs & Hurunui
Swill and savour some of Waipara’s award-winning wines and refuel with delicious vineyard fare, unwind at the hot pools or relax and rejuvenate with a massage or body treatment at a spa.

South Canterbury
With historic homesteads and modern high country lodges, there’s something for everyone, with beautiful outdoor environments, rich art, history and heritage, plenty of outdoor adventures and fabulous fare.

North of Canterbury
You’ll find the relaxing Maruia Springs Thermal Resort 2.5 hours from the city, then continue north towards Murchison. The abandoned township of Lyell is a must-see historic reserve. Then you’ll find Buller Gorge Swingbridge Adventure and Heritage Park, where you’ll find family friendly adventure, from the comet line to gold panning and exploring.

Few places in the world can boast of such natural wonders as those offered by land and sea in Kaikoura, providing an unforgettable location for a combination of New Zealand’s best eco-tourism experiences, along with both relaxing and exhilarating land-based activities.


Newest design talent hits stores

Wardrobes are, for many of us, in a constant state of evolution. Thankfully new talent is always on hand to satiate the need for the seasonal metamorphosis as we seek to renew, refresh and restore our sartorial stock.


Ballantynes Autumn/Winter 2019 magazine photo shoot – model wears Millie Pux-Askew collection.


Millie Pux-Askew is one of the country’s prodigious design talents and, with her new 11-piece collection ‘Waiting for Summer’ now available instore at Ballantynes Contemporary Lounge and Ballantynes’ online store, she will be playing her own role in this stock-up.

Millie shot from being a design student working on the outskirts of fashion, to being mentored by some of the industry’s finest, after winning the 2018 Ballantynes Emerging Designer Competition last September. Inspired by romanticised memories of summer during the cold winter months, Millie’s ‘Waiting for Summer’ range is a refined extension of the collection that won the 23-year-old the Ballantynes’ Emerging Designer title, a competition which attracted significant national interest and was judged and supported by fashion industry heavyweights such as Karen Walker and twenty-seven names designers Rachel Easting and Anjali Burnett.



Millie says her collection is inspired by the feelings of nostalgia you grasp onto throughout winter months. “The fabrics and silhouettes speak to this feeling, with a strong contrast between soft handwoven cottons and heavy-duty oil skin fabric.” The Ballantynes Emerging Designer Competition win also provided Millie with more than $28,000 in materials, publicity and mentoring from some of New Zealand’s most successful fashion industry insiders, with support from some insiders of her own. “Mum and dad have been here on a few late nights helping me sew buttons or cut out fabrics – their support has been amazing.

“All the garments have been made in Wellington by myself or my machinist. I felt it was really vital that, especially for my first collection, I was really involved. I wanted a grasp of the full process.” And even though her eye for design has been long-running – she hand-sewed her first t-shirt when she was 13 years old (a project Millie says was a disaster) – the idea of having her own label seemed like a distant, unattainable thing. “The Ballantynes Emerging Designer competition has really pushed me to give it my best shot. It’s made me realise that it can be possible – it’s been a huge opportunity to see what I can achieve with the support of the mentoring team and the incredible Ballantynes crew.”


Millie Pux-Askew


Ballantynes’ Head of Buying Megan McKee says it’s been incredibly rewarding to be part of Millie’s journey so far. “The Ballantynes Emerging Designer judging team knew Millie offered a fresh and unique fashion perspective and this collection is just that. Her use of fabrics and the whimsical nature of her designs are beautiful, and we are delighted to being able to showcase her work. We have no doubt Millie Pux-Askew will be one of the next generation of Kiwi designers producing some of the best fashion in the world.”


Open Source

Kitchen cupboards starting to look worn or dated? Here’s a novel idea: throw them away!



The spaces within our sanctuaries have gone from minimalist to maximalist in the past few months and, with it the need to pretend there is no ‘stuff’ has gone out the window. Inspired by hotel and retail spaces, open shelving is adding to the bold statements we are seeking to make in our homes.

That doesn’t mean we need to put all the clutter on display. Much like styling throw pillows on a couch, there’s quite an art to styling your open cabinets. Start with a palette determined by existing colour schemes then take the opportunity to be creative with the decorative process by adding boxes, jars, draped plants and other items.

Neutral palettes are always a great place to start. White dishes, wooden cutting boards and creamy or clear canisters provide a base that is easy to switch around for special occasions or when you get bored.

Art is an easy way to bring colour and personality to your open shelves. Glass storage jars of varying sizes and heights add both form and function. If in doubt, Pinterest and Instagram are a prime store of inspiration.

Combine cook books and kitchen items. Books can be neatly arranged horizontally or vertically. Top stacks with small objects and then throw in larger items, such as vases, for variety. Finally, open shelving is a blank canvas for careful and curated arrangements that give visitors an insight into you and your family, so make it yours!

Simple but effective, open shelving allows you to add a touch of your own personality or store extra ingredients. It also comes with a level of accountability – with nowhere to hide mess, keeping the space tidy is a must and it does mean you should probably eschew that old chipped dinnerware.


Giving Back to the Community: D.J. Hewitt Builders Ltd

Award-winning local company, D.J. Hewitt Builders Ltd, is leading the way when it comes to giving back to the community it’s been a part of for nearly 25 years.




Founder Daryl Hewitt is passionate about making a positive difference in Canterbury, supporting local initiatives, projects and our young people striving for sporting success. When he’s not overseeing one of the region’s leading building companies and its 20 plus crew, he can be found working hard behind the scenes to help people and organisations achieve their goals.

A recent project has been helping with fundraising for the Sumner Volunteer Fire Brigade, which has seen the brigade successfully purchase a new 4WD truck. The list of ongoing sponsorship also continues, with the team noting a long association with New Zealand KartSport Champion Matt Hamilton and his wife Tiffany Chittenden.

Daryl has also supported Tom Alexander, who also came through go-karting and is now racing super utes in Australia, and sponsored James Munro in the Toyota Racing Series. He has also been a main sponsor for the Ferrymead Bays Football Club since 2013, supported Albion Softball, and has sponsored Coast to Coast cyclists. “We like to be involved with people who strive to win and need help,” Daryl explains. “It’s so tough to get ahead and get sponsorship, and I really enjoy watching them grow and giving back to the community; it makes people feel better.”




Following the Christchurch earthquakes, Daryl took on another project close to his heart, to bring a little joy back to the local community he loves so much. By teaming up with Christchurch artist Tony Cribb, known for his iconic Tin Man images, they set about creating signs and posters that covered up the shipping containers lining Peacocks Gallop and at Redcliffs School.“Over the quake period, the kids got the biggest kick out of seeing the Tin Man work, it was huge. I did that to help people’s emotional state after the quake.”

Daryl says as the community starts to get back to normality, they’re as busy as ever, but always looking towards the next job. “As a company, we’re a family. All the sub-trades get together a lot for meetings as a huge group to look at things coming up. We have about 20 on the team and one guy has been with us 24 years.”And, of course, there’s plenty more sponsorship and community-focused plans in the pipeline, so watch this space!


Gorgeous food on the go: Gorgeous Food

At Gorgeous Food, the cabinets are full of delicious, quality homestyle pies, sandwiches and sweet treats that have all been lovingly prepared on-site.



The specialist bakery, located at 68 Springs Road, has been open since 2005, catering to hungry locals and those after a quick, delectable bite to eat on the go. Owner JoAnne Fryer, who runs the operation with partner Pete, says, while the service is quick, and the food is ready in a flash, it’s “not your usual takeaway”.

“We bake all our own products, except the bread which is sourced from Vic’s Bakehouse. This makes us quite unique,” she says. “We’re providing quality homestyle baking, using real butter and eggs. “It’s the older-style recipes, like Nana’s Chocolate Fudge, that are the most popular.”

Other favourite items gaining points for nostalgia include Real Beef and Cheese Pies, Bacon and Egg Pies and Carrot Cake. New additions to the line-up, such as the dairy-free and gluten-free Plum and Almond Friands, are quickly becoming popular items on the menu too! For their caffeine fix, customers can also pick up a takeaway Vivace Espresso Coffee, prepared by barista Tammy.

“We have a lot of regulars,” Jo says. “We know all their names, it’s fantastic. It’s a real buzz for us because we’re providing what they want.” The team also offers catering for local morning and afternoon teas, lunches and parties, with all handmade food presented in disposable boxes, ready for you to collect and take home.

Gorgeous Food is open Monday to Friday 6am to 3:30pm and Saturdays from 7am to 1:30pm. For more information, phone 03 344 6043 and visit’


Smile with Confidence: Merivale Denture Clinic

Good quality dentures play a significant role in each individual’s physical and psychological health. Poor aesthetics and ill-functioning dentures can lead to poor diet and low self-esteem which can affect the most basic and essential activities in our daily lives from eating to socialising. If these problems go unaddressed, it can cause constant stress on a daily basis which may even lead to depression, as found in many international studies.



It is paramount to have good, comfortable and well-functioning dentures to eat well especially for the elderly, who are at higher risk of age-related health conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, heart troubles, high blood pressure and cholesterol issues. A well-balanced nutritional diet to manage these conditions in-conjunction with the medications is important.

Good aesthetics in dentures are also essential, as it contributes significantly to individuals’ confidence and psychological wellbeing. Scientific studies suggest that only a second is all it takes to start determining someone’s first impression visually, like attractiveness and character, where facial appearance plays a powerful role in how we perceive and treat each other, hence resulting in our efforts to maintain our aesthetic standards.

Dentures, especially with full plates, not only restore your missing teeth but also support and plump up a big portion of the facial features like the areas around your lips, cheeks and the lower jaw, which determines the profile of half your face. With the right expertise, customised dentures can greatly enhance your appearance and function by providing adequate support to help restore the youthful look back into your smile.

At Merivale Denture Clinic, Thomas’s specialised expertise, skills and friendly down-to-earth manner, provides only the finest quality customised dentures to help all those in need to improve their ability to eat, talk and smile with confidence enhancing physical and psychological wellbeing to ultimately improve each individual’s quality of life.


Breast reduction alternative: Encoré Cosmetic Clinic

Although a large bra size can be portrayed as desirable, the reality for many women is that large breasts can cause physical and emotional discomfort. Carrying the extra weight can result in back, neck or shoulder pain and can limit physical activities. Some women also experience feelings of self-consciousness and struggle to find well-fitting clothes.



The good news is Dr Grant Bellaney, founder of the Encoré Cosmetic Clinic, offers women an alternative to traditional breast reduction surgery, with extremely good results. “Most breasts, particularly in women over the age of 40, consist of 40 to 60 percent fat, so the removal of some of that fat through a procedure called tumescent liposuction can give a significant reduction in breast size,” he says.

While traditional breast reduction surgery is carried out by plastic or general surgeons, breast reduction procedures using tumescent liposuction have been developed and practised by dermatological surgeons such as Dr Bellaney, who are skin and fat specialists.

The procedure was first used in the 1980s and has an outstanding safety record. “The procedure also has huge advantages over traditional surgery. It is a form of ‘keyhole surgery’ so results in little or no scarring as the small incisions the procedure is done through heal very quickly, usually without needing sutures.

It is simpler and less painful than surgery and the recovery time is far quicker. It is also safer because it is performed under tumescent anaesthetic, which has fewer risks than surgery that is carried out under general anaesthetic.

“There are also fewer side effects. With traditional surgery about 10 to 25 percent of patients can experience a loss of sensitivity around the nipples or an inability to breastfeed afterwards.

With tumescent liposuction, the risk reduces to less than one percent. “It’s a day procedure, so women can go home afterwards and are usually back to their regular routine within a few days.”

Dr Bellaney is the only specialist in the South Island performing this technique and has successfully performed this procedure on hundreds of women over the last 10 years.

Phone the day surgery clinic at 248 Papanui Road in Merivale, 03 356 0214 or visit the website



Dr Grant Bellaney



A positively well winter: Unichem Prestons Pharmacy

Apart from yearning for winter to be over, there are many practical steps we can take to safeguard against winter illness; the first step is to think positive – think winter wellness!



Unichem Prestons Pharmacy have everything covered when it comes to equipping us for this most challenging season – from flu jabs to expert advice and remedy recommendations from owner and pharmacist Ed Dawwas and his friendly team. Flu inoculations are integral to winter health, but Ed also recommends natural supplements as extra protection against succumbing to those pesky viral or bacterial infections.

Vitamin C is a natural immune booster for all seasons, but in winter especially, it helps reduce the severity and duration of ailments, as well as providing antioxidant support in both tissue and wound repair. Gut and digestive health is a major contributor in boosting immunity and, because probiotics are designed to maintain and restore good gut bacteria, probiotics are superstar supplements when it comes to winter wellness.

Another star supplement and natural active vaccine is Buccaline. A 1×7 tablet treatment provides three months protection against bacterial complications of colds – i.e. sneezes, runny noses, sore throats and coughs, while a second course provides full winter protection. It’s the ideal additional protection to the flu vaccine, so for optimal protection, both are recommended.

With these supplements available in tablet, powder and liquid form, Ed and his team happily advise customers on which will work best for them. Find Unichem Prestons Pharmacy at Shop 3 420 Marshland Road, phone 03 281 7889 or visit


Business greats hit Christchurch

Former Christchurch High head boy Jake Millar is a 23-year-old with a $9 million video company and the world at his feet, so why is he bringing some of the world’s most successful business leaders back home? To teach New Zealand businesses about failure.



Millar’s commercial baby is Unfiltered which, at face value, is focused on content creation. But amongst the vast and impressive range of video interviews on its website which include Sir Richard Branson and former Prime Minister John Key, there’s an overriding theme – education. The website is designed to be a ‘hub’ of information sourced directly from the best business minds in one easy to navigate spot at

Since launching in Auckland back in 2015, Millar and business partner Yuuki Ogino have uploaded more than 200 videos, attracted almost 30 million views and worked with companies like Bell Gully, AMP, PwC and Spark to create and distribute branded content. It’s seen Millar and Ogino ranked in Forbes’ North American ‘30 Under 30’ list in the education category.



Together the pair have hundreds of interviews under their business belts, with as many again in the pipeline – unsurprisingly it can take years of legwork to get some of America’s biggest household names on camera. Now they’re bringing some of the business heavyweights to Christchurch, from the former worldwide CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi, to the founder and CEO of Masterclass, and NASA’s former administrator.

Unfiltered Live is hitting Christchurch on 25 June, with the top business leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world here to share the biggest, most transformative mistakes they’ve made and how they turned devastating failure into global success.



“We’re really excited to bring the event to Christchurch. We’re now in our fourth year and we have a feedback rating of 97 percent of people who attend that want to see the next event,” Millar says. “It’s time to have an open and transparent conversation, a behind the curtains look at the mistakes that everyone makes. We’ve got a fantastic line up that is a mix of international and national speakers.”

Find more at