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Ivan Iafeta: The Influencers

In a place like Christchurch where, in recent years, there has been an intense focus on planning for the future, stopping to just focus on the ‘here and now’ can be tempting.


Regenerate Christchurch CEO

While life should never be all work and no play, we need to choose our moments and, when it comes to the local economy, we must not allow any false sense of security to mask the challenges still ahead. With growth slowing and unemployment above the national average, the city is emerging from the recovery to find itself at economic crossroads with the amber lights flashing.

The need for more people living in the central city identified in Regenerate Christchurch’s analysis of central city momentum is one challenge. Another is the need for about 70,000 extra workers to improve productivity and offset the effect of an ageing population over the next 15 years.

ChristchurchNZ is leading the development of the Christchurch 2050 strategy to help the city address these and other challenges. All agencies will need to continue to work together in partnership with the private sector to develop strong connections between urban planning, regeneration and economic development.

Regenerate Christchurch will continue to play its part, led by recently appointed Board Chair, Dr Thérèse Arseneau, who succeeded Sue Sheldon when her fixed term ended in June.

I am looking forward to working with Thérèse and the wider board to not only build on the progress made under Sue’s leadership, but ensure the Christchurch 2050 strategy is supported by Regenerate Christchurch’s unique role in the regeneration ecosystem.




John Bridgman: The Influencers

We’ve delivered roads, parks, laneways, a promenade and we have two of the largest buildings in the city under construction – Te Pae and the Metro Sports facility.


Ōtākaro Limited Chief Executive

But later this year Ōtākaro will take on a new type of project with the North Frame pedestrian bridge. The 32-metre-long, four-metre-wide bridge will connect Cambridge and Oxford Terraces between Colombo and Manchester Streets.

The bridge sits on what we call a ‘desire line’, the route people would take over the bend in the Avon River if it were possible. It will make the trip through the city along the Avon River Precinct quicker for cyclists and pedestrians.

With residential and other private developments planned for the North Frame, it makes sense for us to get in now to do the work, ahead of an influx of people living, working and visiting this area. Christchurch City Council expressed a desire for the bridge to be functional, simple and low maintenance, and this concept design reflects that.

The bridge will run perpendicular to the river, to encourage approaching cyclists and scooter riders to reduce their speed and will mean the main vertical elements of the Taurapa sculpture, which was commissioned by the Seattle Sister City Committee in 1997, will not need to be moved. Work is likely to get underway around November and take about six months to complete.

Out of our long list of construction projects, I’m confident this will be the only one with the added challenge of having to work around the trout spawning season.




Will you marry me?: Via Sollertia

Let’s face it, when it comes to proposals of marriage, nothing beats making it an unforgettable one. Who can resist the bended knee, the proffered ring and the view from atop the Eiffel Tower?



While it’s winter here, it’s summer over there, but you want this romantic getaway to be perfect – so you need to visit bespoke jewellers Via Sollertia at 11 New Regent Street!

Bring your thoughts and ideas to Clare and her dedicated team. They will craft and create that very special and unique ring that says everything about who you are as a couple and the love you share.

But even better, your beautiful ring comes with a bonus – it’s tax free! That’s a lovely surprise and incentive, isn’t it? So much so, that now you’re wondering about a gondola in Venice… or a beach in Bali… the Empire State building perhaps? The possibilities are endless.

Phone 03 366 8001 or visit



The sexy new black: V for Hair and Beauty

“Going grey gracefully and letting yourself go… there is an enormous difference!” quotes Master Stylist Vicki Ogden-O’Fee.



In fact, Vicki says, silver/grey is the sexy new black and you don’t need to be 65+ to be a silver siren. But you do need to have a hair stylist that understands grey hair and can give you expert advice and the right approach for you.

For years women (and men) coloured their hair when it turned grey, but we’re increasingly yearning for a more natural shift in hair colour, embracing silver and using the very latest in ‘no demarcation’ colour systems that still enhance your style and give shine, but without the nasty regrowth line.

Consultations are complimentary at V For Hair and Beauty Merivale and well worth the time to get you going in the right direction for your desired look, whether that’s natural hues, avant garde, silver blonde, foxing or simply going grey gracefully.




Functionality & Aesthetics: Affordable Concrete

From increased durability to greater flexural strength, the benefits of steel mesh reinforced concrete are obvious. The team at locally owned and operated family business Affordable Concrete & Paving are true concrete experts – and are offering a special deal of free steel mesh reinforcement for home driveways booked before 31 August.



For all driveway, hard landscaping and repair needs, Affordable Concrete & Paving provides the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. The well-established business has built a significant reputation in Canterbury since it was established by father and son team, John and Scott Grant, in 2000. With a number of long-standing industry relationships and contacts, as well as repeat clients, the company’s longevity offers a strong point of difference.

Specialising in residential driveways, Affordable Concrete & Paving uses the latest machinery to complete everything from small residential projects to commercial car parks, concrete floors and kerbing. Offering quality workmanship at competitive pricing, new builds are also a specialty.

Whether building a new home or renovating an existing one, the company offers a no obligation pricing service and can quote onsite or from plans. “No matter how big or small your next project is, we have the expertise and knowledge to help.”

To know more about how Affordable Concrete and Paving can offer the best quality concrete paving in town, or any concrete project, visit for more information or chat with a member of the team on 03 354 2140.



Elegant Architecture: Borrmeister Architects

The rebuild of an award-winning 1970s abode in Cashmere took cues from its original plans, while modernising and reinterpreting the design into a functional family home. Shortlisted at the recent Canterbury NZIA Awards, the ‘Courtyard House’ features a dramatic promenade entry enclosed in glass and vertical louvres, revealing the heart of the home – a private central courtyard.



The formation evolved from a deference for the original house, which featured a courtyard-like entrance. The new central design was developed to take advantage of passive design considerations, such as enhanced natural ventilation, natural light and wind protection.

Living spaces were arranged to encourage these features and the stunning views of the Port Hills, says Wulf Borrmeister, of Borrmeister Architects. “The central courtyard plan offers visual interest and diversity between spaces, where passages between rooms offer a brief moment to appreciate the natural, well-established garden area at the core of the home.”

The home features an open plan family/dining area, well-appointed kitchen, cosy snug and flexible living areas; the bedroom spaces are framed by ribbons of glazing at ceiling level, allowing extra light to filter into the home, connecting the garden and courtyard.

The elegant compositions and natural, sustainable materials featured throughout the home contribute to the warm atmosphere and economical living spaces – from the horizontal roof bands, oiled cedar weatherboards and raw concrete blocks of the street façade, to the cantilevered roof overhangs and glass-framed cedar walls at the rear and centre of the building.

Borrmeister Architects always strives to create architecture that integrates into the natural world, thoughtfully and respectfully. Visit for more information.



Breathing life into the city: Stockman Group

Lured by the historic enchantment of the SALT district, small businesses are returning – breathing community spirit back into a very unique part of town.



Above Your Space, at the heart of this redevelopment, has an evolving portfolio of boutique office spaces from 10-100sqm. “This was always known as the edgier part town – and it’s now getting legs,” Director Shaun Stockman says. “Rents are still lower here and the offerings are more interesting. You’re right among the hip restaurants, bars and shops.”

Shaun ensured Stockman Group’s sympathetic rebuild of these historic spaces by investing in the highest standard design. “It’s so we can still go ‘wow’ in 20 years’ time.” The backlit stencilled steel staircase and American 1930s chandeliers are such examples in the Billens building. He reminds us, as construction costs soar, these priceless city spaces are finite.

Currently, space is available at Bonnington, 225 High Street, with its original façade of grand arched windows. Common rooms are decked out with contemporary creature comforts, with a kitchen and boardroom on each level. Polished floors, high-stud ceilings, original artwork by Andrew Evans, designer lighting and the authentic rawness of concrete and steel create the vibe.

The redeveloped spaces of WL Brown and Duncans 135 also have limited space, and Ruby Black, with its gracious façade, is on track for February. Once a tenant of Above Your Space, there’s flexibility of a seamless side move to new offices within the group. “Cantabrians may forget the city took 150 years to build – in comparison, it’s shaping up quickly to be a very modern city.”

Visit or phone Anna Morawiec on 022 059 7620.



Forcing your hand

Innovative Christchurch tech company Swiftpoint has recently released its latest ergonomic mouse, appealing to users who are used to assigning tasks to multiple buttons.



The ProPoint mouse keeps the same RSI-beating design as its predecessors, forcing the user’s right hand (sorry lefties, no love for you here) into a pen-grip position rather than the usual claw-shape of regular mice. I reviewed the original Swiftpoint mouse many years ago and have been a regular user on my laptop ever since, so I am well used to the very different hand position the ProPoint requires. But I do remember the initial steep learning curve and just how plain weird using a pen-grip mouse feels. Persistence pays off though and once you get used to the new position, making that gnarled claw shape on regular mice makes you realise how bad it is for you.

The Propoint talks to a small USB dongle that also doubles as a charging station for the little mouse, but it can also connect via Bluetooth. I couldn’t get my MacBook Pro to recognise the ProPoint, but I had no issues pairing my iMac and iPad. The mouse supports more than one simultaneous Bluetooth connections, so hot-swapping between devices is easy.


Just like the original Swiftpoint, the technology behind the rechargable battery is astonishing. A full charge will see days of regular use, or weeks of intermittent usage, while a quick one-minute charge will have you working for hours.
Pairing the ProPoint with an iPad doesn’t allow you to use it as a mouse or stylus, but it does allow you full control over Word and Excel via remote desktop apps such as VMWare and TeamViewer for example.

The ProPoint also comes with gyroscopic technology and, with the flick of a switch, the mouse becomes a presenting device for Microsoft PowerPoint, letting you navigate and draw on slides or use it as a virtual laser pointer. The gyroscope also facilitates the ‘tilt’ functionality that you can programme (through the downloadable control panel) to do a range of tasks, my favourite being flicking between tabs in the browser. With three buttons and a scroll wheel to customise, the ProPoint is more than enough mouse to satisfy any non-gaming computer usage.

ProPoint: $319



Retire in style: Alpine View

The events diary at Alpine View is overflowing with engaging, entertaining and interesting activities for residents to enjoy. From educational speakers to travel clubs and top quality entertainment, there is really something on offer for everyone.



Alpine View is a new generation retirement complex, located at 448 Prestons Road, offering resthome and hospital care, independent houses, and serviced houses and apartments. Lucky residents are also treated to a clubhouse, restaurant, theatre, indoor swimming pool, café, and gymnasium, but that’s not the limit of events and activities on offer.

The monthly activities schedule is full to the brim with guest speakers (recent attendees include Nigel Latta and Sir Ray Avery) and exercise classes, including aquacise, yoga, croquet and indoor bowls. Most days, two Alpine Adventure tour buses take groups on trips to local gardens, concerts and fetes, and the Alpine Travel Club organises trips all over New Zealand. Alpine View has also developed TRILife, a voluntary and personalised wellness programme for residents, designed to enhance nutrition, exercise and state of mind.

To add to the fun, twice a year they host a cabaret evening that features a meal, drinks and performance. Past events have included shows by circus act Circotica, Ali Harper and, most recently in June, Strangers in the Night featuring the Starlets, which delighted with a rendition of The Andrews Sisters and other classics.

With fulltime activities staff working onsite, there’s always something on offer to help residents stay social, active and entertained, so book your tour today to learn more!



Restoring Hope: Wellpower

Just hearing the word ‘Cancer’ is often enough to fill most people with fear. Tracy Power is a Holistic Health Practitioner and Cancer Coach who’s determined to help people conquer their fear through support, education and hope.



“I assist them through their cancer journey which can be an inwardly deep, reflective process; however, once fear is removed, we can discover many rewarding moments – hope is restored and plans of self-recovery are made,” Tracy says.

With a Bachelor in Holistic Health Science, a Masters of Natural Medicine and currently completing her Doctorate of Natural Medicine, Tracy says that while conventional cancer treatments manage the symptoms, they don’t always address the underlying root of the diagnosis.

“It’s essential to undertake a holistic journey, even alongside conventional treatment, to support your body through treatments, and also to discover and eradicate the root cause, thereby helping prevent its return – a very empowering process.”

To support your journey back to health, Tracy offers a free 45 minute initial consultation, followed by an extensive health investigation with functional medicine testing when required, recommendations and an achievable coaching programme.

“We all enter this life with gifts and a purpose, but for whatever reason, life gets in the way and dreams get lost. I see a cancer diagnosis as a divine tap on the shoulder to return to who we are meant to be – to thrive and live the life designed for us.”

Wellpower is at Suite 10 225 High Street, Christchurch. Phone 022 087 8448 or email