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Bonkers for bamboo

This summer we’re bonkers for bamboo. While the material does make for great home furniture, it also takes centre stage in the fashion world – the reason being they’re extremely lightweight and compliment almost any outfit. You’ll definitely be the envy among your peers with this purchase.



Like most other bags, you can choose the style and shape to suit you. Some may prefer a clutch and others a shoulder strap.

Either way, it’s a wardrobe must-have – think of the ‘summer vibes’ it will bring to your collection of clothes. The bamboo bag or clutch provides a casual appearance without compromising on style.

A great thing about these bags is that you can find them at several different price points. From the high-end designers such as Yves Saint Laurent to the bustling Bali street markets for a bartered-down price – anyone can feel ‘bad and boujee’ as long as they wear it with confidence.

But if you’re sick of hearing about how you can wear must-have items this summer, you could always just prepare for winter by purchasing a bamboo bag in black and pairing it with a huge winter jacket.

They’re really such versatile bags!

Just make sure not to accidentally drop it into the panda enclosure at the zoo…you won’t be getting that back.


A spoonful of colour

If you’re finding yourself twiddling your thumbs this summer and wanting an excuse to start some D.I.Y projects, we have just the one for you.

Aside from looking cute and quirky, dipping your wooden spoons in paint can also be very practical.

Searching for anything in your utensils draw or pot can be a bit of a mission… all the items begin to look the same in a pool of silver or wood.

This will never be the case if you distinguish with paint and colour code accordingly. Why not assign a certain colour to every utensil?

Soon enough reaching into the draw for the blue handle of the salad server will become second nature.


Dream Weaver

Rattan is weaving its way into our homeware dreams – and with the wicker of a finger, the dream becomes a reality.



Now you can get the island resort feeling in your home year-round; rattan has returned to our Pinterest boards and our homes.

Most often, this type of furniture was confined to porches and outdoor areas and only enjoyed on warmer evenings. This was likely due to it being great weather-resistant furniture. But in order to get more bang for your buck and enjoy your rattan year-round, it may be time to let the outdoors in.

Rattan’s most desirable qualities are that it’s strong and lightweight, making it the perfect option for seating arrangements. This could be in the form of dining chairs, barstools or even a daybed tucked away in a nook. To channel that island-living feel, a hanging rattan chair is ideal.




Effortless Entertaining

The days are getting warmer and the BBQs are getting dusted off. We’re quickly heading into the season of entertaining, which means one thing: stress. In the next few months we have the big events like Christmas and New Year’s, not to mention the smaller dinner parties, barbeques and just general celebrating.




Not surprisingly, you want to be the ‘hostess with the mostest’. So rather than spending excessive amounts of your time scrolling through the internet to find quirky ways to arrange your cheese on a platter, we’ve pulled together some of our top tips to keep the guests out of your ear and the entertaining effortless.

Summer lovin’: we can’t change the weather, but we can try our best to plan around it. Although it seems like an obvious tip, make sure you’re prepared for four seasons in one day. There’s nothing worse than hosting an outdoor party and the weather turns. If you’re well prepared, executing plan B will be much less stressful than having to wing it on the day.

(Not so) fine china: while grandma’s china that has been passed down for generations usually makes an appearance at these sorts of events, it’s not the be all and end all of your gatherings. Paper plates and cutlery are a much cheaper and more practical option with zero dishes and they won’t break hearts if they’re accidentally dropped on floor; the same can’t be said about the china. Grandma will understand.

You’re in luck: just because you’re hosting the event doesn’t mean that you should do all of the heavy lifting. Having a potluck-style event allows for some of the work to be shared around. Not only that, but people who have food allergies or preferences could bring a dish that they’ll be able to both eat and enjoy.

Quality not quantity: decorations are a nice touch but it’s unnecessary to attempt to transport your guests into a new world. Something as simple as flowers or a mason jar filled with fairy lights are an easy way to make a space look like you’ve slaved over it for hours. Besides, isn’t it more about the company than the presentation?




The great divide

Room dividers have long been the coolest way to divide and conquer.



While they are simply folding screen panels that are used to create separation between zones in the home, there are so many other quirky ways to utilise this transformative homeware and we thought it would be rude not to share them with you.

Dividing curtains are a great way to make a room multipurpose or make your open-plan living a tiny bit less open. If you’re wanting to integrate a sleeping area into a multifunctional space without using solid walls, curtains are an elegant alternative to wall dividers.

If you’re wanting to take the illusion of a solid wall even further, hanging floating artwork is a perfect way to do so. Whether it’s accompanying a curtain or not is up to you. This can be done by attaching a wire from either side of the painting and suspending it from the roof.

While the folding screen panels are mainly used for dividing, they can also double as a makeshift wardrobe and changing area. We’ve seen it on almost every rom-com makeover montage; the characters hanging their clothes over the screen and disappearing behind it. So, why not feel like you’re in your own movie too?

A final inventive way the folding screens can be used around the house is by fastening them to a wall. While this does defeat the purpose of the homeware’s original use – dividing – it does make for a cool wall feature hung above your living room sofa. Why divide, when you can display?




Kind Beauty

Despite the saying, we don’t always have to be cruel to be kind. The idea that ‘beauty is pain’ shouldn’t have to refer to the testing processes on animals.



While not every makeup and skincare company uses this form of testing, it is more common than you think. Therefore, using products that are cruelty-free, vegan and contain naturally derived ingredients is not only trending but also helps out furry friends in need.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (P.E.T.A) provide a list online of 22 completely vegan beauty and body brands. We’ve looked over the list and provided you with a quick guide to shopping better.

Hand cream is an essential for the warmer weather as our hands tend to dry up and begin to feel stiff. Nature’s Gate hand cream comes in three different blends: Orchid, Rose, and Cherry Blossom. All of the company’s products are made from fruit and plant extracts, essential oils and herbs.

It’s sometimes easy to forget to take off your makeup but it’s a step you’ll look forward to with Pacifica’s Kale Detox Deep Cleansing Face Wash. It’s perfect for both removing makeup and cleansing the skin. Basically it’s a juice cleanse but for your face.

Finally, a fact for the fellas. Billy Jealousy is an icon in the men’s grooming industry. They offer beard oil, pomade, shaving products and more. With the added bonus of being cruelty-free, vegan friendly, PETA-approved and containing natural ingredients, what’s not to love?



Keeping it cool

We all love the idea of summer until it actually hits; that heat that you were wishing for can sometimes be too hot to handle. There are only so many layers we can take off until it’s no longer acceptable to go out in public. While Lana Del Rey sings about her summertime sadness, we’ve found a way for you to beat it. The answer is simple: white linen. This wardrobe essential will keep you both looking and feeling cool this summer.




It appears that the fashion trend cycle has done its rounds – once extremely popular in the 1990s, white linen attire has been bought back into style nearly 30 years later. This may have something to do with the fact that the fabric is very soft and breathable, making it the perfect outfit choice for the warmer seasons.

White linen shirts were most popular poolside, thrown over some swimwear, providing slightly more protection than sunscreen. It could be styled one of two ways, left loose and hanging or unbuttoned and tied at your midriff.

Nowadays you’ll find ‘linen anything’ – shirts, skirts, shorts, pants, dresses, jumpsuits, jackets and even scrunchies. It’s definitely the go-to fabric choice when you’re trying to keep it cool.






Dress for the party

In the words of Fergie ‘a little party never killed nobody’, so why not dress to impress at your next gathering? As we’re quickly heading into party season, we check out some of the hottest looks in party frocks.



  1. Jump around: jumpsuits will never go out of fashion; they’re somehow a perfect mix of elegant and practical and can be styled for any occasion. Whether you’re feeling a classic black or a fun floral pattern, anything works.
  2. Sexy in silk: midi silk skirts are definitely in. They’re popping up in most of our favourite stores. Breathable and soft on your skin, you won’t be complaining about comfort when you’re dancing around at your next event.

  3. Trending tassels: they’re hard to miss when they’re hanging off most earlobes these days. Your colour options are basically that of the colour wheel… endless. They’ll always add a bit of personality to any outfit. A fun way to incorporate them into your outfit is by matching them with the colour of your shoes.

  4. Can’t be tamed: Animal print is a trend that definitely ducks in and out of the fashion trend cycle, but it’s very much in style this season. A leopard print midi skirt is a staple item and if you want to listen to our advice even more, don’t forget those tassel earrings!



Tealey Beautiful

Teal is trending. The quirky colour is taking homewares by storm and bringing a much-needed breath of fresh air to Kiwi homes.




While it may not be your everyday primary colour, ironically it fits perfectly into your everyday home. In terms of where it fits into the colour wheel, it’s a medium blue-green colour, which can also be described as a darker variant of cyan.

Whether you introduce the harmonious hue to your house by adding a large teal-inspired feature wall or a simple vase – there will always be some appeal when using the colour teal. So, in the spirit of summer, we check out how to style this colour that is perfect for the warmer season.




It’s all in a name: They say it’s all in the name, so it makes sense to take some inspiration from where the colour originated from. Teal gets its name from the colouring that can be found around the eye of the common teal (a member of the duck family). In honour of that, a nice way to both liven up your garden and pay tribute to the birds would be to hang a teal birdhouse.




Great things come in small packages: Teal pops with white but also pairs well with cream, navy, gold and brown tones. That’s why using something as subtle as a teal cushion cover can really make a difference to a boring cushion or a barren couch.




The perfect chair: In the theme of chairs, a teal armchair is another stylish way to incorporate the colour into your home. It could even be placed in a sunny nook looking out onto that garden where you hung your wholesome birdhouse. If you were really feeling a new found love for teal, an ottoman supporting the same colour could even be paired with the armchair. It’s a true match made in heaven.






Basket Case

Baskets can be ideal for home décor or to help organise a space in an inexpensive way. Like most things, they come in every shape and size. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they’re also a lifetime member of the practicality party, offering a great storage space for home essentials. We check out the best ways to style this handy home accessory.




The obvious choice would be to use them as storage – whether that’s small, dainty baskets in the bathroom, under storage baskets in the bedroom or flat-back baskets in the kitchen, it’s up to you. Old bicycle baskets are even a quirky way to keep your spaces storage savvy and an excellent way of repurposing.

Woven baskets are great for using as pots for your house plants – they’re definitely a step up from dreary plastic containers that they originally come with.

A way of combining practicality and uniqueness is by hanging wicker baskets in your bathroom. They can double as both wall art and storage for your towels. In saying that, baskets don’t always have to be used for storage, they can be wall art too! So if you find something that you would like to display… then do it. Be bonkers for baskets!