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Kombucha Kick

Kombucha: you either love it or you don’t – but if you do, you’ll be stoked to hear that this tingling tonic will continue to tickle taste-buds in 2019. We look at why the world is going crazy with kombucha cravings.



Clean eating is fast becoming fashionable, and consequently fermented foods and beverages are making their well-deserved appearance on our supermarket shelves. Even though its roots go back to two millenniums ago, kombucha began to gain tremendous traction in the world of food and beverage in 2017, seemingly yet another hipster fad seeking attention. But the tart, tangy drink has held its place as a well-liked magical elixir and this year we’re expecting to see several kombucha-infused products; kombucha coffee, cocktails, ice cream… even baked goods are getting a hit of kombucha.

Long story short, kombucha is made by introducing a ‘symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast’, commonly known as SCOBY or ‘mother’, into a solution of brewed black or green tea and sugar. Once the mix ferments, fruit, herbs and spices can then be added for a second fermentation to flavour the drink. It’s totally trendy to brew your own, but there are a ton of creative, tongue-tingling flavours popping up all over the shop.

Full to the brim with ‘live’ bacteria, kombucha is a probiotic-rich beverage praised for its health-promoting effects on the digestive and immune systems. It’s jam-packed with B vitamins, which are essential for energy and other bodily functions like cell growth and metabolism, and it’s relatively low in calories, so you can sit back and swill to your heart’s delight!


Bling it On

It’s not hard to be seduced by the latest and greatest when it comes to bling, and the winter season is the perfect time to update your jewellery collection. We look at the hottest trends and how to wear them.



1. Shell yeah! 
Unleash your inner beach babe this cold season by rocking some sweet little shells. Colourful renditions of these beauties hit the runway this season, as did shells set in plated gold. An array of necklaces, rings, earrings and hair accessories are featuring petite cowries, puka shells and gold sculptural pieces shaped like seashells. It’s enough to make even mermaids swoon!

2. Heavy metal
Both vintage and modern chains will forever remain a jewellery box staple. This year chunky, oversized chain-link necklaces are the hottest look, with bold and gold proving particularly popular, but chains of all shapes and sizes are making their well-deserved appearance on the runways of 2019. Feeling fancy? Layer it up with several chains of varying sizes and lengths.

3. Dripping crystals
The blinged-out ‘chandelier’ trend is getting both a modern makeover and a vintage revival this year, with glittering bracelets, earrings and necklaces everywhere from the runway to the red carpet. Elevate a polished updo with some cascading crystal earrings, and if you’re feeling bold, deck your neck with strands of bedazzling diamonds.

4. Mother of pearl
These precious stones ruled the accessory scene back in the 50s, and it appears they’re rising through the ranks once again. A cute set of pearl earrings is enough to complete any 9-to-5 outfit and speaks sleek sophistication. Delicate baby pearls or daring baubles – either way, you’ll steal the show.

5. Heads or tails? 
Coin necklaces were spotted swinging down the runway this year – some styles featured a single, thick chain, while others stacked up piles of chains featuring vintage pennies and antique-style medallions. Coin bracelets, rings and earrings are also in the spotlight this year, and are versatile pieces that add that extra statement to a more classic outfit.

The Runway Round Up

2019’s fashion forecast sees the both the reinvention of some of our most-loved trends and the introduction of some brand-new styles, as well as the return of some serious old-school favourites. From bold and bright to exquisitely demure, there’s something for everyone this year. Read on for our run-down of 2019’s top trends as seen on runways all over the globe.




1. Bleached is back
We know what you’re thinking: ‘bleached denim is so 2014’ – but trends oozing 80s nostalgia just keep coming and coming this year, and bleached denim has been spotted on models of fashion powerhouses Alberta Ferretti, Alexander Wang and Balmain, to name a few. Pair acid-wash jeans or a skirt with your favourite tee and sneakers for a casual everyday look – or be the trendsetter and dress it up with heels and a blazer.

2. Barrettes and bows
Change up your mane game this 2019 by adorning your locks with hair accessories – we’re talking bejewelled, statement barrettes and bobby pins, velvety headbands and scrunchies and big 80s style hairties and clips with bows. A silk neckerchief also doubles as a cute headscarf or ponytail accessory – voilà! Parisian-style perfection.

3. The extra elegant belt bag
The upgraded, elegant belt-bag (aka bum bag) is finally here thanks to a refined makeover courtesy of labels like Givenchy, Burberry and Chanel. We’re seeing streamlined renditions with thinner belts, smaller pouches, classic colours and finely tuned fixtures and fastenings. Styled with a classy and tailored look is best – these new kids on the block demand to go with sophisticated attire.

4. The python print
In the realm of animal prints, it appears snakeskin has staked its claim as the go-to pattern for all things fashion in 2019. The typical snake print colour palette is a mix of neutral tones and, although we’ll be seeing plenty of these shades, candy colours like banana yellow and hot pink are set to have their turn with the pattern.

5. Crochet craze
From tops and frilly dresses to bags and shoes, crochet is appearing on runways all over the globe as designers take this delicately detailed textile from beach cover-up to high fashion favourite. Not only reserved for that summery soirée, this woven material can be styled up or down; opt for the ultra-hippy look (think crochet crop and bell bottoms) or slip into a more luxe outfit (a crochet cardigan, midi skirt and heeled boots) – or better yet, go crochet crazy and don yourself in a crochet maxi, jumpsuit or knee length cardi.


Wrap Up

Hair accessories are picking up the pace as one of 2019’s biggest street-style trends; satin headbands, statement barrettes, velvet scrunchies… and now headwraps and headscarves are emerging as the hottest (and most versatile) hair accessory of the year – just ask Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Versace or Tom Ford – and it appears they’re delighting the inner bohemian babe in all of us.



But these head-cessories are arriving in a variety of designs, so much so that this trend aligns with a series of styles from Parisian glamour to carefree gypsy. Whatever look you’re rocking, there’s countless no-fuss ways to style these babies; we’ve done some research to get you started.

For that 9-to-5 look that’s also completely dinner date appropriate, twist hair into a loose bun and secure with bobby pins. Fold your headscarf into thirds and tie it around your updo, leaving the ends to hang loose at the nape of your neck. Polished perfection!

Gone are your worries of bad hair days; easily conceal those unruly strands with a funky headwrap or be the trendsetter and channel the vintage Brigitte Bardot look: drape a silky headscarf over the crown of your head and securely knot the two ends underneath your chin. Team with a deep red lippy for peak retro vibes.

Love a little boho? Take a skinny scarf, wrap it around your hairline and knot it in the centre above your forehead. Tuck the loose ends underneath and voilà!


Gear Up!

We’re all for looking good when working out and, as ‘athleisure’ becomes more and more trendy, activewear that’s both functional and fashionable is skyrocketing into the sartorial stratosphere. We’ve checked out the latest in luxe gym gear that’s sure to have you sweating in style.



Girly-girls rejoice as feminine florals take the front seat… Be the prettiest yogini in the studio thanks to the dusky pink, tropical green, baby blue and pretty white floral/faunal designs that are making their way into gym-gear trends. Tomboys never fear, monochrome flower patterns are also blooming and, with graphic and abstract prints among the styles, there’s something to suit all tastes.

Speaking of patterns, leopard print and snakeskin have also slithered their way into the activewear arena, as we see the familiar pattern leaping its way onto tank tops, short, sports bras and leggings. Matching sets are forever stylish – we’re certain a leopard print fit-out will have fashion-savvy gym-goers feeling extra fierce.

Pulled from the depths of the 80s, bike shorts are back in full force. This season’s modernised, longer styles are surprisingly super-duper flattering on the body, and a ton of patterns are out there vying for your attention.

As we become increasingly aware of fast-fashion’s environmental impact, sustainable sportswear is also on the rise. Brands using eco-conscious materials such as sustainably-sourced merino wool and recycled polyester made from plastic are proving to be on-trend in 2019.


Stepping Up: Canterbury Bride

Bridesmaids are stepping up the style this year! From bold colours to statement detailing, we’ve got the lowdown all the latest styles you can expect to see stepping into the spotlight in 2019.



  1. Sunny style
    Yellow is simply just magical isn’t it? This sunny colour appears to be trending everywhere in fashion as of late and it’s found its way into the world of weddings. Brighten up a dreary day or embrace warm weather with bright yellow dresses and complementing flowers and/or decorations. From pale buttercup yellow to deep golden mustard, there’s a shade for every maid.

  2. Wrapped up
    This simple, classic dress has been a staple of every woman’s wardrobe. Thanks to its comfort, class, functionality and ability to flatter a multitude of figures, wrap dresses are certainly having a moment in the bridal spotlight. Elegant peaches, pastel tones and neutral shades are proving particularly popular for this effortlessly chic look.

  3. At the halter
    Halternecks give off the ultimate sexy Grecian vibe, particularly in shades like sage green, silvery lavender, pale rose and powder blue. This style is coming in hot after Meghan Markle stepped out for her wedding reception last May in that stunning Stella McCartney number, setting the precedent for other brides and bridesmaids in 2019.

  4. Get it white
    White bridesmaid dresses?! Shock horror! White has been a no-go for bridesmaids since the beginning of time, but it appears this trend is picking up the pace. The trick is to find the right white bridesmaid dress that will complement but not outshine the bride’s own gown – white is a particularly great option for bridesmaids if the bride is going for a coloured dress. Looking for something a bit more cutting edge? White jumpsuits might just be the answer.

  5. All in the details
    Embroidered detailing was big news on the bridal catwalk in 2018, and this year it’s made its way to the maids themselves. Intricately embellished gowns are feminine and elegant, and are proving to be a big hit amongst the maximalist and boho brides. Full-blown glitzy or a dainty touch of detail – either way, it’s sure to turn heads.

  6. Statement sleeves
    Long gone are 2018’s fitted sleeves as 2019 brings us sleeves of sophistication. A dress with barely-there capped sleeves that grace the shoulders is a pretty alternative to a plain old strapless number (top tip: a lace bodice adds a cute vintage twist). Flutter and ruffled sleeves are the ultimate combination bohemian and luxe, and they’re particularly ideal for maids who want to cover the tops of their arms. If you’re on the hunt for something a bit different – look no further: while flared sleeves are a bold choice, they’ve got just the right dose of dramatic flair.


Sashaying into Style

As designers bring back the boho trend with its sun-kissed neutral shades, we’re seeing a healthy dose of fringing in the mix.



Fringing is one of the hottest new looks shimmying its way down the runway this year and it’s not hard to see why. This decorative trim came to fruition in a big way in 1920s; flapper dresses reigned supreme with the Charleston dress remembered as one of fashion’s most iconic milestones.

Fringing fell out of fashion briefly, only to return in the 1950s in full force – this time with a rebellious twist. The trend went strong through the 60s and 70s, taking a bit more of a traditional turn as designers became inspired by the original Native American fringe.

In 2019 it appears the trend of tassels is here to stay. While some of the fringe fashion trends of this year stay true to the western origins, many others are purely modern takes on the style – party dresses, jumpsuits, miniskirts and bags are all featuring the fringe in a multitude of colours and lengths. Gucci, Givenchy and Michael Kors are just three of fashion’s best who have had a play with this fun and funky detailing.

Keep a look out for this swinging material as it emerges on the shoulders of jackets, the hems of skirts and on bags, boots and even belts. Lift a look from casual to tastefully bohemian; the trick is to stick to one fringe piece and keep the rest of your ensemble neutral to avoid looking too cowgirl. Strutting your stuff will never be the same without the swing of fringe – a trend that’s made for twirling!



On the grapevine

Raise a glass! It’s time to toast the most popular wine trends of 2019. Is more rosé on the way or is riesling the next big thing? We’ve got a sneak peek – after all, we heard it on the grapevine!



  1. Pink power
    Drumroll please… rosé is here to stay! Not only reserved for summer, the pink drink has quickly become a firm favourite among Kiwis over recent years, with a ton of options just a supermarket shop away. Local brands from Northland down to Central Otago will continue to put their own delish twist on this punchy wine – cocktail creations are on the horizon! Bonus: its rose-tinted hues make for super Instagrammable pics!

  2. Conscious consumers
    Wine is another product that’s quickly joining the sustainability train due to skyrocketing demand for organic, biodynamic and vegan-friendly bubbles – shock alert: most wines are not vegan, and this might be news to those who’ve adopted the vegan lifestyle. In 2019 we can expect to see dozens more environmentally friendly options on the shelves of the organic, biodynamic and/or vegan variety. Head to for a comprehensive vegan wine list.

  3. Prosecco passion
    Prosecco? I’ll take two please! Good news: these once-haughty bubbles are no longer just reserved for the Christmas banquet. A golden, sophisticated Italian beauty, prosecco is generally a lot easier on both the pocket and the palate than its better-known sibling champagne. These sparkling suds will continue to grow in popularity this year in New Zealand following its fashionable ubiquity overseas in 2018.


Sunny Side Up

This season the citrus-y hues are in town and they demand your attention. The beautiful hue of marigold illuminated the runway at New York Fashion Week and we’re expecting this sunny yellow to light up our wardrobes come winter.




The prestigious event saw models of fashion heavyweights Balenciaga, Valentino, Brandon Maxwell, Carolina Herrera and Oscar De La Renta sport the cheerful shade, paving the way for a 2019 fashion trend. Close to home, our very own Trelise Cooper has brought this beautiful bright to her current collections. It appears marigold is the new mustard as we see the golden hue, alongside paler tones like lemon and buttermilk, beginning to grace every item of clothing from hats to shoes.

On the runway, yellow was presented both as an accent colour and as a head-to-toe look and has since been declared by many as the hottest colour of 2019. Marigold-coloured coats are trending in a ton of styles – faux fur, trench, cropped and puffer are coming in hot – and are the statement piece you’re looking for when it comes to black-on-black outfits.

For those whose wardrobes are 90 percent black, lemon-hued accessories or statement boots are the best way to inject a hint of sunshine into your look. Butter yellow makes for a dream pairing for both brights and more muted colourways, and if you want to turn heads, a suit in this shade is certainly a statement-maker. Stand out from the crowd this season by adding a handful of blazing yellow silhouettes to your winter capsule collection.


The impact of disaster

The impact of a disaster is often measured by a handful of factors; the number of fatalities/injuries, the number of homes and buildings destroyed, the cost of cleanup and repair, and the level of violence/destruction that took place, to name a few. Rarely does it account for the emotional wounds inflicted on those directly and indirectly affected; those left to pick up the pieces.




Over the years following Christchurch’s earthquakes of 2010 and 2011 and the consequent effects that the tragedies had on the mental health of many, a review was conducted by the University of Otago that assessed the psychological consequences of the Canterbury earthquakes on a range of affected individuals. The research was recently published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health and it established that there was, unsurprisingly, an increase in psychological distress amongst people who were exposed to the sequence of earthquakes in Christchurch.

In light of the recent tragic events of 15 March 2019, it is important to remember that profound sadness, grief and anxiety are completely normal reactions to an abnormal event, whether it is a natural or manmade disaster, and it is also important to acknowledge your feelings to help you recover. Clinical psychologist Ian de Terte who commented on the review, advises utilising one’s own adaptive coping strategies that they have used previously. Reach out to your loved ones and if you feel you require assistance and advice, seeking counselling is a positive option. Psychiatrists play important roles in disaster planning and preparedness, and in short and longer term responses.

God forbid should another disastrous event happen again, individually tailored approaches to limit our stress and keep ourselves safe will become indispensable during those times. In addition to this, our overall evolving understanding of the impacts that previous disasters have had on mental health, such as widespread distress and how we respond to it, is ultimately how we can prepare for any future disasters in our small but special city.

Those in the midst of any disaster are more than likely to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder following the events. First and foremost, it is important to understand how they are feeling. Talk to them and acknowledge their spoken feelings. Encourage treatment and positive treatment planning as this is paramount for recovery. Invite your loved one to accompany you for a walk or other peaceful activity. Above all, be patient.

The importance of reviews like this cannot be undermined. Dr Sarb Johal, a private consultant clinical psychologist who also commented on the review, says that without timely high-quality research we risk missing opportunities to reduce the impacts of disasters when they occur. “We must press on with strategic investments in high quality, New Zealand-based research to understand our hazardscape and its potential and actualised consequences for all of
New Zealand’s communities.”