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Accessorising for the big day

Bridal accessories may just be the icing on the wedding cake when it comes to the big day – and this year beholds beautiful pieces aplenty. We’re pleased to present the best bridal accessories we can expect to see heading down the aisle this year.


Vogue veils

Veils are the icing on the cake when it comes to bridal attire, offering brides the chance to showcase their own signature style, whether that’s dainty and demure or bold and beautiful.

This year we’re expecting to see a shift from plain and simple veils toward more unique, modern designs.

Embroidered and lace-edged styles are sure to remain steadily popular, while unconventional coloured designs are expected to have their moment.

But veils covered in pearls, crystals or flowers are what true wedding dreams are made of – and they’re definitely a bridal fashion favourite for 2020.

Heavenly headpieces

Whether you embrace a big, bold band or take the minimalist approach with a more delicate piece, headbands make for eye-catching additions to more simple wedding attire, as do crowns, hair vines, barrettes and pins.

This year, these ladylike headpieces feature pearl embellishments, shiny diamantes and funky 3D florals that will elevate your wedding hairstyle into something unforgettable.

A thick, jewelled headband can be attached to a veil for fuss-free functionality, while those opting for no veil can consider flower crowns or hair vines featuring metal flowers and diamantes.

For the minimalists, why not adorn your tresses with the natural, whimsical beauty of dainty pins featuring sparkling crystals, opalescent pearls or romantic florals?

High-fashion hats

Calling all high-fashion brides-to-be!

This wedding veil alternative is the perfect crowning glory to your big-day look. Perhaps the most unexpected yet practical wedding accessory of all, hats are proving themselves to be a popular bridal accessory for the fashion-forward among us.

While it is, of course, important to consider the setting of your wedding when selecting a statement hat, the possibilities are endless – how about a straw hat for that French-countryside feel?

A Provencal-style one with ribbons for 20th century appeal? Or a floppy black hat for indie boho-inspired nupitals?

Statement sleeves

These arm adornments are hot topic in the street fashion sphere, so it’s not surprising they’ve made their way into the bridal world too.

From delicately embellished sleeves to big, bold, balloon sleeves, these over-the-top statement-makers reigned supreme on the bridal runways of 2020 – the poofier, the better!

Offset a simpler silhouette with long, voluminous sleeves for that much-needed sartorial edge, or try puffy, shorter mesh sleeves for a sweet, feminine feel. Love the long-sleeve look but want to keep things sexy?

Consider opting for an off-the-shoulder style or one with a plunging neckline.


Get your gardening on

What’s flourishing in the gardening world in 2020? From supersized houseplants to 80s flower inspiration, we give you the rundown on some of the coolest gardening developments expected to blossom over the coming year.

Super-sized species

2020 – the year of the houseplant? It’s no surprise that these indoor beauties are top of the list, but this year sees super-sized greenery take centre stage in many homes.

Forget the small decorative plants and modest, lonely aloe vera – it’s all about bigger, bolder species. Increase the health benefits of greenery by making a statement with showstopping varieties like the giant-leafed alocasia, the deep green monstera and the fiddle-leaf fig.

Don’t totally discount your miniature favourites, though – horticulturists predict 6-9cm plants will remain popular.


Your garden should always be a place of peace and purpose.

With environmental welfare at the forefront of many minds, what better way to take advantage of your outdoor space than sustainably sourcing your own fruit and veges?

Herbs, beans and peas are still high on the agenda this year, alongside highly nutritious microgreens, chillies, legumes and soybeans.

Sit back and reap the rich rewards of a fruitful vege garden; like fresh organic food and a reduced weekly grocery spend – not to mention the satisfaction that comes with it.

Add a creative touch to your food with edible flowers, flavour a cocktail with homegrown herbs or berries, or whip up a fresh vegetable salad, all with the fruits (literally!) of your labour.

Bug-friendly backyards

The new decade is all about being kind to wildlife thanks to growing concern over the catastrophic decline in insects and the overall impact of this on the environment.

In 2020, overgrown gardens teeming with wildlife take the top spot over neatly manicured lawns, as gardeners ditch pesticides and promote pollination.

Dubbed ‘rewilding’, the trend has sparked interest in outdoor spaces with a more natural aesthetic, which incorporate eco-friendly gardening concepts such as bee hotels, wildlife ponds, log piles, pollen-rich plants and compost heaps.

Plastic-free gardening is also a hot topic; consider using compostable plant pots made from rice husk and sustainable wood and bamboo fibres over wasteful black plastic ones.

80s flower power

The wild and beautiful blooms of the 80s are having a well-deserved revival with nemesias and diascias front of the line.

Not only do these pretty flowers offer a compact size, long flowering period and sweet scent that attracts bees and butterflies, they’re also incredibly flexible supporting plants that can be grown at the edge of any basket, bed or pot.

Expect to see a wider range of these beauties as new breeding programmes produce sensational colour schemes such as ‘berries and cream’.


Pastel Passion

This fashion season calls for a muted, pretty palette of pastel hues; colours reminiscent of macarons and cotton candy. So, what shades will be hanging in your wardrobe this year?



  1. Whether you’re a girly girl or not, there’s no denying that the precious pastel pinks of 2020 – think sugary sweet peach and gentle rose shades fit for a princess – will freshen up any wardrobe. While ‘millennial pink’ still stands strong, a rival is in town; introducing ‘perracotta’, a trendy mashup of pink and terracotta that packs a serious pastel punch.
  2. Wave goodbye to 2019’s neo-mint and say hello to pistachio green! Our new favourite neutral, pistachio has been rising through the ranks over the last few seasons and it has well and truly staked its claim as the ‘it’ colour for 2020. This light and fresh hue works wonderfully well with stark white, denim and other pastel shades. Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for other delicate shades of green like mint and lime!
  3. Calling all minimalists! If you really do want a mellow yellow, then ‘sunlight’ is the shade you’ve been looking for. Sunlight yellow is an ethereal, romantic pastel shade that’s hot topic right now – namely because of its versatility. Keep things sweet and simple by pairing an investment piece – like a chic blazer, linen wide-legged trousers or a silk blouse – with off-white or pale denim.

Fringe Festival

A retro revival like no other, there’s a mid-century trend bringing refined glamour and a flirty edge to 2020 abodes.



We’re seeing a healthy dose of frisky trimmings like tassels and fringing spicing things up amongst interior accessories, as designers turn away from the traditional minimalism of yesteryear and embrace rich textures and opulent accessories.

While it’s best to allocate several fringed items to one interior space for continuity, you can keep things simple by swapping existing accessories such as throws, rugs and cushions for funky fringed designs.

Feeling brave?

Fringed furniture like couches, chairs and ottomans make a luxurious statement.

You’re free to use your imagination when it comes to the colour palette, but we recommend deep reds, golds, greens and blues for ultimate elegance.

Jazz up your boudoir with fringed bedspreads, wall hangings and curtains – even mirrors are getting a makeover.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match fabrics like satin, velvet and crushed silk for an old-world feel.

Forget crystal chandeliers, tasteful tassels are where it’s at when it comes to luxurious lighting.

From floor lamps to wall lights to hanging shades, creative lighting is one of the easiest ways to quickly transform the feel of a room.

Create flow through your home by utilising luxe lampshades with fringe detailing.

Inspired? Give your home pizazz and its own individual style with the fun fringe factor!


Pitcher Perfect

Funky jugs and pitchers are as cool as a glass of chilled water (or wine)! Better yet, they don’t just bring style factor to table – why not make the most of their beauty and use them in creative ways too?



Whether it’s to pour punch at a party on a balmy summer’s evening or orange juice at a breakfast buffet, the traditional jug supposedly has one single purpose – to hold liquid.

But when they’re not being used they hang out in the cupboard collecting dust, only to be pulled out for special occasions. What a waste!

Perhaps it’s time to start making a feature of these useful utensils.

While pitchers and carafes work wonderfully well as receptacles for wine and water, they’re also ideal for holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers on your dining table, or making a spectacle out of your boring wooden kitchen implements.

Add a pinch of pizzaz to your kitchen by adorning open shelves with a colourful collection of jugs in different shapes and sizes – you’re bound to stumble across some pretty pitchers when sifting through your local charity shops.

If you want to give your old jugs a new lease of life, consider making them into decorative features by filling simple, clear jugs with marbles, colourful stones or a thin string of fairy lights – or make them into pots for your favourite indoor flowers, herbs, cacti or other greenery!


Bold Moves

The new decade is well and truly here, and it’s time to dial up the boldness with colours that are loud and proud. We’ve sought out the top three most glorious colours trends reigning supreme in 2020.




Classic Blue
Meet Pantone’s Colour of 2020 – Classic Blue.

A solid, dependable hue, classic blue needs no introduction other than to say it’s a welcome shade to start the new decade off nicely.

So, how to wear?

Well, those new to blue should start by incorporating the shade via pops of colour – a neckerchief, sunglasses and handbag, perhaps – or try a monochrome moment by pairing with their existing white or black closet staples.

Biking Red
Forever a fiery hue that exudes confidence and powerful feminine energy, red shines bright against any skin tone.

This year the fashion world will enjoy ‘biking red’, a deep, warm ruby shade with hints of purple and brown – the perfect addition to your existing autumn colour palette.

Workwear inspiration: how about high-waisted trousers cinched with a belt and paired with a creamy blouse and heels…

Saffron Yellow
Always a reliable spring shade, yellow manages to hold its place on the catwalks for another year (we’re certainly not complaining!)

Elevate any otherwise plain ensemble (and your mood!) with accessories in this sunshine shade, or go all out by wearing saffron yellow from head-to-toe – a jumpsuit or midi dress might just be your answer.

As always, if you’re stuck for inspiration… let the runways be your guide.


You glow girl!

This year ‘luminous’ is the hottest buzzword in the beauty world and we’re all about getting our glow on. Check out four ways to get your glow on.

  1. Healthy, luminous skin is more than just, well, skin deep. You’ve heard it before and it cannot be over-emphasised – water is your skin’s best friend… but plastic is not, so ditch the traditional water bottle and opt for glass or BPA-free plastic, at the very least.
  2. Maintaining a good skincare regime is key to fresh, glowing skin. Skincare experts recommend double cleansing before bed to ensure all makeup and dirt is removed. Don’t forget to tone, moisturise (AM and PM) and exfoliate too! Exfoliating two to three times per week helps to get rid of blackheads, dead skin cells and other skin impurities.
  3. Investing in a quality retinol serum will help banish breakouts, reduce wrinkles, stimulate collagen and promote cellular turnover – all the tricks in the book to get the glow of your dreams! Just remember to apply sunscreen daily (though you should do anyway) as retinoids increase your skin’s sensitivity to sunlight.
  4. Ahh, the trusty makeup product invented solely for glowing skin – highlighter! Liquid highlighters are picking up the pace in 2020 and it’s no longer just about the cheekbones… now highlighting begins with the base. Radiance drops and tinted moisturisers with a glowing finish are two such products that can be applied before makeup to give you the glow you’re lusting after.


On the out

In the warmer months it seems we spend as much time outdoors as we do in. So why not open up those patio doors and make the most of outside life by creating a haven for alfresco living?



First things first – it’s important to prioritise investing in quality outdoor furniture and accessories; think of your outdoor area as an extension of your living space and style accordingly.

And remember, comfort and function are two of the most important attributes conducive to relaxation and entertaining, and should be at the forefront of your furniture decisions.

When it comes to seating, hanging furniture is bigger than ever in 2020 – this year’s trends look to modular and dynamic styles such as swinging day beds/sofas and classy hammocks.

Opt for weather resistant and anti-fade fabrics for all outdoor seating, and ensure there are enough side tables to accommodate for drinks and nibbles.

Premium umbrellas – particularly cantilever ones – are perfect for maximising your outdoor space and providing that much-needed shade from New Zealand’s searing sunshine.

For 2020, large swathes of singular materials are out and mixed materials are in.

Don’t be afraid of experimenting with multiple metals – copper, brass, aluminium and chrome are the types you’ll want to take advantage of.

Choose natural materials in earthy, neutral tones to complement surroundings – cane, bamboo and wicker pieces are expected to gain further momentum in 2020 for this very reason.

Living features such as vertical walls of plants and hanging herb gardens give you plenty of extra space for growing your favorite plants while also serving as an attractive addition to your landscape.

Succulents are back on trend and are a low-maintenance option either potted or arranged in hanging planters.

Don’t forget – kitchens are no longer restricted to the interior of your abode.

Modern alfresco dining calls for more than just a solo BBQ and a dining table; hot plates set into a stone island make cooking – and entertaining – easier than ever, while a traditional pizza oven is an asset that can be used all year round.


Indian Inspiration

Does the new decade call for a revamped interior? In 2020 it seems we’re yearning for that new, fresh feeling – so it’s not surprising Indian-inspired interiors are reigning supreme in the world of home trends.

The colour schemes and decor of other countries and cultures have influenced interior design trends for some time now – take Scandi-chic for example, or the intricacies of Middle Eastern decor.

This year one such trend welcomes the eclecticism of Indian interior design – Pinterest searches for ‘Indian living rooms’ have skyrocketed more than 2000 percent as people begin to move away from the crisp and clean Nordic styles towards vibrant and festive interiors.

Interior experts recommend beginning with a neutral shade as a base – think the palest yellow, beige or washed out brown – and opting for rich, earthy colours like terracottas, ochres and spiced reds for your focal elements; you can’t go wrong by using the spices India is renowned for as inspiration.

Decorative accents like sculptures, rustic earthenware, poufs and finely woven rugs all draw on the raw beauty of Indian interiors.

Choose tarnished metals like brass, copper and gold, add cultural richness with dark, exotic woods like ebony and rosewood – particularly those engraved with authentic Indian patterns and floral designs – and swap out your simple white linen and block colour cushions for brightly coloured, intricately patterned fabrics – it’s all in the details.


Feeding the Soul

Early human civilisations viewed food as medicine. Today, taste and convenience trump nutritional objectives when it comes to our food. Yet as more of us are seeking healthier lifestyles, there’s a growing interest in nutrition. We check out a few of the most nutrient-dense foods and how to incorporate them into our diets.


  1. Kale

    Of all the dark leafy greens, kale takes the top spot.

    Without a doubt one of the most super superfoods, kale is brimming with vitamins C, A, K1 and B6, plus large amounts of potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper and manganese.

    It also has a good balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

    Kale also packs a powerful punch of antioxidants such as quercetin (an anti-viral that can combat the common cold) and carotenoids for good eyesight.

    Kale can be eaten raw or cooked – add it to pasta sauce, soups, curries, smoothies and salad!

    And why not switch out your potato chips for a healthier alternative?

    Line a tray with washed kale leaves, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt. Bake until the edges are brown (10 to 15 mins) and voilà – kale chips!

  2. Quinoa

    Perhaps the most nutritious grain of all, quinoa is a one of the few plant goods considered a complete protein, offering all the essential amino acids in sufficient amounts.

    This complex carbohydrate is a fantastic energy source that will keep you fuller for longer and is not only high in protein and fibre – it’s also packing several B vitamins, magnesium, iron, potassium and phosphorus.

    Good news for coeliacs and gluten-free folk: this whole grain is naturally free from gluten!

    Quinoa can replace pasta or rice as the primary source of carbs in a meal.

    It can also be used as a substitute for your morning porridge!

    For dinner, why not stuff capsicums or heirloom tomatoes with a seasoned quinoa mix for a hearty plant-based and gluten-free meal?

  3. Garlic

    These amazing little cloves are in a league of their own!

    Not only does garlic make almost every savoury dish much tastier, it’s also loaded with vital nutrients such as calcium, potassium, copper, manganese and selenium.

    Allicin, garlic’s active ingredient that gives it its unique odour, is an incredibly important nutrient that reduces inflammation and offers antioxidant benefits.

    Garlic has also been shown to fight off the common cold, and lower blood pressure and ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol.

    Garlic can be incorporated into most savoury foods like pasta, salad, pesto, soups/stews, stir-fries and more.

    Not a fan of the garlic taste? Dried garlic capsules are available from most health food stores and vitamin retailers.

  4. Seaweed

    Seaweed/kelp deserves more recognition than it currently gets – it’s not just for fish!

    Seaweed has been found to be even more nutritious than land vegetables in many cases; it’s particularly high in minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese – and iodine!

    Iodine is vital for optimal thyroid function, and because New Zealand soils are relatively low in iodine, many Kiwis are lacking this nutrient in their diet.

    Eating kelp or consuming kelp supplements once a week can give your body all the iodine it needs.

    Try adding a sheet of nori to a wrap or sandwich, make your own sushi rolls, or incorporate small pieces of nori into your salads or stir-fries.

    Seaweed snacks are also available from most supermarkets and Asian food stores, as are kelp noodles.