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Author: Ashleigh Cocker

Natural Instinct

In Christchurch, one of the best spots to go to escape the hustle and bustle of city life is the Botanic Gardens or Hagley Park. These two places are so popular for escaping because of the plants that surround us with their calming energy. So why not bring that same energy and vibe into your own home?




Some of our favourite homeware stores are catching on to the concept of bringing the outside in because, although florals have long been a popular addition when it comes to our décor, now it seems greenery has followed suit.

Incorporating the beauty of nature into your home through your furnishings is a low maintenance way to bring the relaxing beauty of nature into your everyday life. Duvets, wall prints and even fake plants make your internal spaces feel more light and relaxed.

Fresh and inviting, they offer an easy way to inject life and colour to your internal spaces, and they work particularly well with the clean, minimalist interiors and natural beauty of timber that we’re currently craving in the home.

So let your natural instinct go wild this season because sometimes you just have to fake it ‘til you make it.



Time to In-Vest

If you were caught in a vest pre-2015, one might think you were trapped in a time warp. But walk down the street today and they’re everywhere, and it’s not hard to see why.



Not only has this 80s trend worked its way back into our lives, but it’s been given a breath of fresh air, with many of the biggest names in fashion, from Louis Vuitton to Gucci, putting their own spin on this wardrobe essential. From a bright fiery red to an earthy khaki green or a classic black, we’re seeing vests in every shape and colour, adding an extra dimension to any outfit.

They are the type of street staple everyone needs in their wardrobes these days, especially in Christchurch where you’ll find all four seasons in one day. Whether it is something to chuck on in summer for a night out with the girls, an extra layer of warmth for a leisurely stroll around Hagley Park in autumn, or perhaps you just need a bumblebee yellow vest to help you beat the winter blues.

When you want something to transform your outfit instantly, this is one trend worth in-vesting in!



Statement Splashbacks

Imagine walking into your home after a long stressful day at work, it’s raining and dark outside; you turn on the lights in your kitchen and bam! A bright lime green splashback brightens the room and your mood instantly.



Splashbacks are seen in nearly every contemporary abode, such is the power of their practicality. But in 2019 kitchens, form is combining with function and splashbacks are making a style statement all of their own. They change the energy and vibe of the space instantly, allowing you to quickly and easily update the overall look and feel, or pull a colour scheme throughout the house.

Whether it is a bright colour, your favourite floral arrangement or even black and white family snaps, the popularity of statement splashbacks is only set to increase in the latter of 2019.  While bold colours and geometric designs may be the winners, chalkboard splashbacks can add practicality to their list of charms and a mirrored splashback can add much needed space to a room that’s on the small side.

Whether you’re a passionate foodie who loves the challenge of a new recipe, or you simply love to embrace creativity in design, the kitchen may just be the creative canvas you need. The beauty here is that change is only a few tiles away, so choosing wisely is no longer a prerequisite.