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Coffee Worx

Business Excellence Recognised

Coffee Worx recently won the North Canterbury Business Excellence Award for Hospitality and Tourism. Owners Deb and Ian Riach were thrilled to have their hard work, and that of their team, recognised with the judges describing their “good food, good coffee and a great business strategy” as impressive.


Coffee Worx


The Canterbury-based coffee roastery produces premium blends, which have also won several coffee awards, for distribution and supply around the South Island. It partners with many businesses to help them make their coffee stand out from the crowd in the competitive hospitality industry. Deb and Ian are veterans in the dynamic coffee industry, and pride themselves on their long-term commitment to the Canterbury hospitality scene over the past 22 years.

Their funky, retro industrial Coffee Worx Roastery Café in Rangiora is a very popular destination, and their stylish industrial espresso bar in Hayton Road serves top notch espresso and cabinet food weekdays. Deb and Ian have made it their mission to offer freshly roasted premium coffee and high quality made-on-site food, including their exclusive freshly baked, authentic bagels.

They also sell their award-winning coffee in retail bags at both of their cafés, with the ability to fill your own containers and have coffee freshly ground to order, and will be adding coffee pods to their range by Christmas.

If you have a coffee lover on your Christmas present list, then check them out, as they also have a range of coffee equipment for home use and gift vouchers.




Pasta Vera

How to have a happy holiday: Pasta Vera

With the arrival of guests – expected and unexpected – at Christmas, and kids home from uni or overseas who always seem to be on the prowl for food, suddenly there’s no time for relaxation, because you’re too busy fretting about what to conjure up for the next meal.


Pasta Vera


Pasta Vera at Unit 1, 2 Musgrove Place removes all that anxiety. Pop into the factory shop to stock up your fridge and freezer with fresh pasta, homestyle lasagne, and mouth-watering calzone and gnocchi. For barbecues their selection of pesto, sauces and hummus are delicious accompaniments.

So now you’ve got the long-term sorted, what are you going to do about the scary immediate and the fact your unpredictable teenagers have invited all their friends over for tea tonight? Not a problem, grab a tray of Baked Lasagne, a tray of Macaroni Cheese, and just to be on the safe side, add in some Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni (available in 10 x 140g servings) and those kids are fed. And because you’ll only have enough energy left to open a bottle of wine, the re-heat and serve Chili Con Carne has your name on it.

For those with special dietary requirements there is a delectable range of gluten free lasagne and gnocchi; and for vegetarians, the vegan lasagne is scrumptious. With ample parking outside the factory shop, the holiday season is starting to look pretty good!


Visit, follow Pasta Vera on Facebook or for updates and shop specials.


Wonderful Wigram

Wonderful Wigram

Wigram is an increasingly popular place to live, work and play. Peter Walker looks at the history of this happening place.


Wonderful Wigram


Ninety years ago, Wigram captured international news headlines when Charles Kingsford Smith landed the first successful trans-Tasman flight at Wigram Aerodrome on the morning of September 3, 1928. The flight from Sydney to Christchurch took more than 14 hours and thirty thousand people gathered to witness history being made. Named after English-born Christchurch businessman, Mayor and aviation enthusiast, Henry Wigram, the Aerodrome already had a substantial local history. ‘Sockburn Airport’, as it was previously known, served as a pilot training facility, sending pilots to the British Royal Flying Corps during WWI, helped establish regular mail services, and pioneered commercial aviation in the region.


Wonderful Wigram

In the late 1800s, the area was called Plumpton Park. It was a popular horse racing track and regular hare hunting venue. For centuries before that, the wider area was home to and hunting grounds for local Ngāi Tahu. After nearly a hundred years of operation, the airfield was closed to all aviation traffic, finally, in 2009. The full history is spectacularly displayed at the Air Force Museum of New Zealand, situated on Harvard Avenue. In 1997 Ngāi Tahu Property purchased the site with a vision. According to a promotional video, “the vision was to create a new suburb. It had a scale to it where it needed a master plan, it needed more than just a residential subdivision, it needed a sense of community. So the vision was to produce that, with some social infrastructure including town centre, sports fields, education, all those things that make up a vibrant community.”

Wigram Skies is that vibrant community. It is a community rich in aviation history, reflected in its landmarks, buildings and street names – Kittyhawk, Corsair, Skyhawk and The Runway. Wide open boulevards give way to intimate neighbourhoods and cul-de-sacs tucked into vast green spaces which include walkways, playgrounds, public transport hubs and rest areas. At the centre of Wigram Skies is The Landing, “a shopping, dining and work destination”. This modern town square is home to office space, community services, and an array of retailers and eateries. From fast-food and cafés to gastropubs, breakfast specialists and ethnic delights, there is something for every culinary desire. With a supermarket, childcare facilities, a large, multi-disciplinary medical centre, retirement homes, and a veterinary service opening soon, Wigram Skies is an ideal living environment for all.


Wonderful Wigram


Wigram Primary School, Te Piki Kahu, will move to a new campus on The Runway in 2019. Wigram Skies is a diverse and inclusive community. Resident-led initiatives abound – walking groups, yoga sessions, a local newsletter, ESOL classes and language groups. The local Lions Club assists with regular fundraising projects. From the grand landscapes to the smallest details, such as the meaning of the raukura (feather) in the logo and the references to aviation throughout the community, it is obvious a lot of careful thought has gone into making Wigram a wonderful place to live.



Richards Real Kitchen

Dinner made easy: Richards Real Kitchen

Ever had those nights when you get home from work and the last thing you want do is prepare dinner? What if you were able to simply heat and eat beautifully prepared meals any of those nights? Well you can, thanks to Richard Till and the team at Richards Real Kitchen.


Richards Real Kitchen


With 22 years behind him in the food and hospitality industry, Richard’s attention to detail and love of food means you can experience a great choice of quality and delicious dishes at affordable prices. With Richard and his small team, only good quality ingredients are used. Every dish is prepared with a great deal of care and attention, just for you.

The fresh meals menu changes every week, along with nine classic frozen meals that are always available, and a changing array of frozen specials give you a choice of about 18 different meals at any given moment. Also on offer is wide range of delicious puddings, soups and, of course, Richard’s famously friendly customer service.

“Always happy to have a chat about any queries and customers can either pick-up or we can deliver for only $8,” Richard says.


To view the online menu, visit download the Richards Real Kitchen App, available on the Apple and Google App store or call Richard on 021 813 235.


Artisan Bakehouse

Loaves made with love: Artisan Bakehouse

There’s nothing quite like the smell and buttery taste of a loaf of delectable warm garlic bread.


Artisan Bakehouse


For Jason Scott, this taste has become a love affair and he and his team at Artisan Bakehouse Ltd are proud to be providing New Zealanders with the yummiest blend of garlic bread and butter around. “We have come a long way since we started 12 years ago,” Jason says. He and his tightly knit team have given their all over a decade to give customers delicious garlic bread, garlic rolls, garlic butter, sweet chilli rolls and sweet chilli butter. “We make thousands of loaves a day, exporting them around the country to supermarkets and consumers,” Jason says.

Every loaf and roll is made with love and passion. Artisan Bakehouse is also doing its bit for the environment by getting rid of all tin foil packaging. Simply pop them on a baking tray and heat to perfection. As an added bonus, Artisan Bakehouse works with Three Boys Brewery every Friday to give you its famous Beer Bread Friday. Yes, you read that right; Beer Bread Friday gives you the rare chance to sample beer flavoured garlic bread. Fans of a good pale ale or pilsner queue here.



Like what you see? Visit the factory store at 45 Sonter Road, Wigram, check out the Facebook page or call
03 341 6757.


‘Fush’ & Chips: FUSH

It doesn’t get any more Kiwi than a plate of fish and chips, unless of course, you’re throwing in a side of Māori language lessons.




The popular casual eatery and seafood restaurant in the heart of Wigram Skies has introduced free te reo Māori classes and the first event earlier this year attracted more than 600 people. “I was brought up speaking te reo Māori at home and primary school but it wasn’t until I got to high school that I realised how unusual I was,” Fush owner-operator Anton Matthews says. “It’s one of Aotearoa’s three official languages and the preservation and normalisation of it is very dear to my heart. I only speak to my children in te reo Māori and we’ve always made it a part of the Fush culture too. Now, I want to give our community a chance to learn the basics for free.

“The feedback has been overwhelming,” Matthews says. “We might well have created a bit of a beast! But isn’t that so cool?” The team at FUSH had to find a bigger venue, so they booked out a local auditorium and couldn’t believe the turnout. “We had our first lesson and we were just so stoked, people are coming back for more which is just so awesome.” “We expected probably a dozen or so people to turn up, but when we put it online the feedback and demand for the lessons was overwhelming.”


FUSH is a whānau (family) owned business that opened in 2016 with the goal to sell the perfect fish and chips. Manaakitanga (the way in which you show hospitality towards your guests) is important to Anton and the team so everyone is welcomed like one of the family. The restaurant features a menu in both English and te reo Māori and table talkers with basic Māori words to encourage diners to speak Māori to each other while they wait for food.

Te reo Māori in New Zealand is experiencing a renaissance with free classes across the country becoming popular with young and old people looking to reconnect with their culture or learn more about the indigenous Māori culture. Ngahiwi Apanui, the Chief Executive of Te Taura Whiri i te reo Māori (Māori Language Commission), says children are again using their language at home, in places where a 1970’s study had shown effectively no intergenerational transmission of te reo Māori was occurring.
“It’s like seeing green shoots appear in a burnt-off landscape. Māori language is alive and is bursting through into new domains,” Ngahiwi says.



Pasta Vera

Pasta passion: Pasta Vera

Italian film director Federico Fellini once said, “Life is a combination of magic and pasta”. It’s an observation that gourmet pasta wholesale and retail business Pasta Vera would heartily agree with; after all, this company has been a top pasta producer for the past 17 years.


 Pasta Vera


“Our pasta is fresh and Canterbury made, and we are the preferred supplier to restaurants and hotels around New Zealand,” says owner operator Phil Bennett, who works with leading chefs around the country to create specialised pasta for their restaurants.
Attached to Pasta Vera’s new custom-built factory is the factory shop. “People from all over Canterbury come here, including busy mums, sports people, singles, retired couples wanting tasty meals in the freezer, fund-raising organisers looking for a healthy fundraising opportunity… and of course, our passionate pasta people!”

Most popular is the baked lasagne range, available as a single serve meal, or as a 3kg catering tray. Other products include delicious pestos, fresh egg pasta and gourmet ravioli filled with traditional spinach and fresh ricotta, to more exotic fillings such as pear and gorgonzola, prawn and crab, or leek and walnut. A recent addition is the new vegan lasagne and vegan/nut-free basil pesto.
Located on the corner of Wigram Road and Musgrove Close with easy off-street parking, why not magic up your life with a tasty bit of Italian? Keep up with weekly factory shop specials and recipe ideas on their Facebook page.


Winter hours weekdays 8am to 5pm, Saturdays 10am to 2pm. Visit


Coffee Worx Espresso Bar

Coffee Connoisseurs: Coffee Worx

Coffee Worx Espresso Bar is situated at 60 Hayton Road in the heart of Wigram’s busy industrial area.

This funky little industrial espresso stop is the perfect filling station for the discerning coffee lover; either to get a takeaway coffee, delicious freshly made cabinet food including the famous bagels, or to buy freshly roasted coffee for home use.

Coffee Worx Espresso Bar
Coffee Worx has had a long history of roasting and serving premium quality coffee blends for the Christchurch market and has now created the perfect marriage, combining its coffee distribution centre and a fast service coffee bar.

The company has been distributing coffee to its many customers around the South Island from Wigram for the past 10 years, but until recently was housed in a cul-de-sac without a street frontage.

However, many people would call into its industrial building asking if they could get coffee to go, which wasn’t possible in that situation. So, when the owners Deb and Ian Riach saw a building come available on Hayton Road, they jumped at the opportunity to open a small café at the front, making it possible to make their sought-after coffee available to the public.

This has worked very well and they now have a regular and growing market of coffee connoisseurs getting their daily coffee fix and fresh roasted, award winning coffee beans from Wigram. They have several blends available in 1kg and 200gm bags, but they are happy to grind and pack to order.

Gordon's Picklery

Tickling Taste-Buds: Gordon’s Picklery

With two decades of experience and expertise supplying gherkins and pickled onions to many of New Zealand’s largest and most recognisable food service customers, Gordon’s Pickles has now launched an impressive range of ‘ready to serve’ quality products available to you, direct from the factory door.

Gordon's Picklery

Owner and Manager Janice Burnett knows her onions when it comes to tickling taste-buds; she’s passionate about producing the best food for customers. “Our pickles are like a vintage wine; they get better with age.”
Production Manager Dean Thomas has a focus on quality. Long slice, cross slice, crinkle cut and whole gherkins are available, plus the old favourites – chilli and honey, old school and posh party pickled onions for that special platter. Enjoy the tangy flavour of mum’s favourite gherkin relish.
If you want to create your own favourite recipe then ‘Pickle Your Own’ peeled pickling onions and whole gherkins are also available for purchase.

Browse the shop and chat to ‘Pickle Personality’, Michelle Kittelty, to discover Gordon’s products for sampling, platter ideas and free recipes. Michelle has gourmet-gorgeous gift packs ready-to-go for that last-minute gift. Speaking of gourmet-gorgeous, check out their Hororata Foods Hot & Cold smoked salmon… they sure are smokin’!
There’s fabulous off-street parking and easy access, so customers experience a truly stress-fee, mouth-watering, experience. Yum!

The Picklery retail shop is open weekdays 9am to 3pm at 1 Timothy Place, Wigram. Phone 03-3480 223, email gordonspickles or visit

Wigram Brewing Co

A winters’s ale feast: Wigram Brewery Co

Flavour sings over winter at Wigram – whether it’s cooking with a stout or porter or pairing them with your favourite cheese board, the winter fare is accentuated by the stunning range of hearty beers at Wigram Brewery.



Wigram Brewing CoWigram Brewing CoWigram Brewing CoWigram Brewing CoWigram Brewing Co

With sumptuous darks and their rich, malty, earthy flavours that add such depth to stews, BBQ marinades and even chocolate cakes and puddings.
Chocolate notes, brought out by the complex dark beers, balancing sweetness with malty, nutty flavours, dark ales pair well with cheeses. Yes, even baby cheeses love beer.
Drop in to see head Brewer, Andy. Have a tour of their brewing facilities and really immerse yourself in what Wigram Brewery is all about. With 15 great beers available at the brewery and the team there to explain each one, why wouldn’t you drop in on Monday to Saturday? It’s the best way to get to know this local brewery.

If you can’t pick up your favourite winter supplies from your local New World Supermarket. If it’s too cold and the snow drifts are keeping from leaving the warm fire, then if you’re in the Christchurch Metropolitan area, email them at or phone 03-343 4493 for a local courier to deliver to your door.
I’m sure when you’re cooking with beer this good, you’re in for some great meals but I’m pretty sure if you put aside a pint or six to drink with your scrumptious meal, that will be great too!