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A floral feast

A floral feast

A romantic richness has adorned the wedding day in boldly coloured bridal bouquets and reception floral arrangements.


A floral feast


Following on from the flowery feast we are enjoying in fashion, this vivacious trend will embellish weddings in 2019.  After the last few years of white and muted blooms, brides will be choosing pretty pinks through to deep-indigo hues. The wild, freshly picked look is perfect with this exciting trend.

A collage of colour, such as rich-scarlet garden roses, or large-petalled poppies, can really complement a bride’s ruby red lipstick – and look so photogenic against even the simplest white dress. Plush burgundy peonies will be magical for those getting married later in the year.

Greenery still graces the celebratory tables and the reception areas. However, those white stems now make way for more vibrant blooms amongst the leaves. Interesting structural foliage and loud flowers will enchant dresses and tablecloths. Even magenta bougainvillea is a flush of vibrancy to drape amidst the celebration.

In fact, vivid violet, and all renditions of the colour purple, is a hot palette trend that’s invited to the wedding. Hydrangeas, sweet peas, dahlias and purple daisies are set to bedazzle on the big day. Whereas the gentle meandering blooms such as larkspur, delphiniums and sweet peas add a romantic whimsy.

We will also see more colourful floral crowns, as a change from the tiara.



Via Sollertia

Bespoke treasure: Via Sollertia

There’s a slight organic shift happening in ring trends, so think Clare and Joel of New Regent Street’s Via Sollertia.


 Via Sollertia


They design and sell mouth-wateringly lovely engagement and wedding rings, amongst other jewellery. The current mood seems to point in the direction of very simple yet hand-crafted, faceted rings in which the uniqueness lies in a certain ‘unfinished, non-uniform quality.’

“People are requesting beautiful buttery textures in which the metal appears soft and fluid,” Clare says.  She’s able to design and bring any ring-profile desire to fruition. Every piece is created on-site, to any dreamy specifications. The finish created can be contemporary or traditional; raw, beaten, rough, or glossy.


Via Sollertia


Via Sollertia
11 New Regent Street
Ph 366 8001


Wild for Weddings

Wild for Weddings

Weddings and all customs related are completely addictive. It’s probably because they’re an excuse to indulge in an otherworldly, fabulous day and because planning the details is an excuse to obsess about the finer points of glamour, of etiquette, of, in fact, anything awe-inspiring and delicious, which prettily overrides the strict necessities of life.


Wild for Weddings


Maybe we’ve entered a new romantic period in history. Blame social media. But this is a good thing, right? People want their photos in noteworthy locations; on the tops of things, sometimes involving helicopters, or trailing in the tide, so that the dress will have to be sold online with a salt-encrusted warning attached.

Whatever; silence the nay-sayers and make a list of some cool ideas which might just be able to come to fruition. Maybe you want your photos somewhere gritty and dilapidated; somewhere characterful looking, like a film-backdrop. Ditto with the music (actually, the music is one very important facet of your day which might work heaps on the general atmosphere of the occasion, without involving too much extra depth of pocket. Unless you hire the actual musicians, which is an inspired idea too).


Bride-or-groom-zillas can, during the whole run up to the day, become overly worried about minor points of style. At some stage you’ll probably need to be aided to chill out. That’s where your attendants come in handy. What’s going to be important in ten years? This line of questioning might or might not go down a treat, but it’s a good thought-provoker nevertheless.


But, for what it’s worth, here are some planning-pointers to consider for your wedding:

1.In general, do you like to go elaborate/no expense spared, or would you be happy with stripped-back and sincere? Time of day could contribute to the type of occasion, too.

2.Shabby-chic, bohemian weddings are still a thing. After all, heritage-infused maximalism seems to be replacing minimalism in fashion shoots everywhere.

3.Do you like things ‘shockingly simple’ and if so, how does that translate to the catering?

4.If you want every guest to the ceremony to receive something immediately afterward, would you prefer that to be a glass of champagne, a mocktail, or an ice-cream?

5.Solemnity is still required for the ‘I take you..’ part of the ceremony. There isn’t much solemnity in daily life, so this bit is superlatively memorable. Think carefully about the wording of the vows.

6.Do whatever you can to make the day a personalised celebration where guests are comfortable and catered-to. But save a little energy for the honeymoon!



Bridal Makeup Magic

Bridal Makeup Magic

Cameras, kisses, champagne, sunshine and tears of happiness – bridal makeup must last through it all.


Bridal Makeup Magic


A bride’s beautiful face is by far the most unforgettable image of the big day. Weddings might have become a more casual affair for many, but makeup really needs to be perfectly faultless. With a pre-wedding ritual all of its own, it requires the calm creative touch of a professional, who will ensure stress lines don’t feature!

There is much to ponder before picking out colours and products. The weather, the venue, skin type, the dress and, most vital of all, your unique personality. Thankfully, it’s a fanciful era of everything goes for wedding beauty. Nude shimmery lips or matte rose-red pouts, cat’s eyes or doe eyes, sun-kissed skin or a pale porcelain complexion.


Choosing a makeup artist is like finding a bridesmaid, you’ll be on a personal journey together. A good consultant will ask you everything – as absolutely loving your look is number one. Browse Instagram, Pinterest and magazines until you spot that certain image you adore and aspire to.

This guarantees you’re both on the same page. An invaluable trial makeup session is now the thing to do. This ensures you’re feeling comfortable, have made the right choices, your skin won’t react, and you can test out how the products last on your skin. You can buy the lippy for touch ups on the day, or the consultant often has sample sizes.

Don’t do anything drastic or dramatic to your eyebrows near the time that you haven’t tried before. The makeup artist can create them with gels, pencils, or powder on the day. However, microblading is a refined process in stages, with a flattering outcome such as beautifully arched brows akin to Audrey Hepburn. The timelessly feminine winged flick on the eyelids is a photogenic look this lady also rocked so well.

Specialist makeup brands, such as hypo-allergenic Lauren & Louise Cosmetica, ensures luminous photo-worthy effects. Primers for complexion and eyelids are so important for a long-lasting coverage that won’t melt away. Mineral powder and cream blushes appear softer and it’s a bridal trend to highlight the cheekbones. Careful makeup to the décolletage will limit any high-colour flushing and ensure this skin area matches your complexion.

Shimmery shadows are so fine and delicate these days – any age can wear them. Pinky golds are a romantic choice, and the new emeralds and violets for shadows and liners emulate jewel-like fantasy. Gold is also staring, for all over goddess-like glamour.
High definition cameras mean an overall softer makeup effect is essential, as deeper tones can be too harshly accentuated. The wedding makeup artist will work their technical magic so you and your bridesmaids look picture perfect both on and off camera.



Bold Bridesmaids

Bold Bridesmaids

In 2019, brides are stepping back from the traditional and opting for a unique look for their bridal parties that will complement any body type and showcase individual personalities.


Bold Bridesmaids


Long gone are dusty pinks, sumptuous sequins and cold shoulder dress designs. Welcome in wrap dresses, two-piece beauties and mismatched ensembles. Instead of looking like a clone from every other wedding, today’s bridesmaids stand out in different colours and styles. The timeless one-shoulder will once again dominate bridal parties in 2019. With a classic and elegant look, the one-shoulder dress is more supportive than its strapless counterpart but still shows off the right amount of skin.

A two-piece bridesmaid dress may be an unusual choice, but can be the perfect option for a younger bridal party. Choose a mix-and-match lace and tulle number for a romantic vibe, or go for bold with a two-piece that shows a sliver of skin. As always, a sheer fabric dress is perfect for adding that ethereal, whimsical feel to your bridal party look. Comfort plays a major factor for designers so once again the trend of the relaxed bridesmaid continues with wrap dresses, ideal in elegant peach and pastel tones. And love it or hate it, velvet is back!

Once reserved exclusively for winter wedding celebrations, velvet has become 2019’s fabric of choice. Instead of lighter fabrics like chiffon, velvet is dramatic and the luxe fabric can also be worn in a variety of colours, so you can easily mix and match your bridesmaid dresses as well. Shoulders will get extra attention this year. Tied shoulders give 2019 bridesmaid dresses a flirty look that’s perfect for outdoor and casual ceremonies. The ties can also be adjusted, which lets bridesmaids play around with different lengths and bow styles.
A fun flutter-sleeve adds a vintage twist to your gown and is designed to flatter a number of body types. Opt for dresses in soft floral patterns or muted colours or to complement this romantic silhouette.

For a more formal look try cap sleeves which continue to hold their own. Cap sleeves are ideal for those wanting to cover the tops of their arms. Nostalgia rose slowly made its way onto the wedding scene this year, but has now secured its place as a preferred colour of choice for 2019. Essentially, this tone sees dusky pink lose its brown undertones and adopt lilac and light berry shades instead.
If you like indulgent, rich tones then you’ll find rich mustards, emerald greens and royal blues won’t be amiss either.



Via Sollertia

Crafting memories: Via Sollertia

Custom-creation jewellers, Via Sollertia of New Regent Street, can help take the pressure out of marriage proposals with a new bespoke ring making service, the Nu Proposal.


Via Sollertia


The family run boutique business takes pride on offering both bride and groom an experienced professional design and creation experience. Clients can visit Via Sollertia to choose a statement diamond or gemstone, which is then securely placed in a sustainable rimu ring box; setting the stage for a truly romantic proposal.


Via Sollertia

If the answer to the proposal is `yes’ couples can then select the materials and designing of the ring begins. A gorgeous range of displayed rings in heritage, whimsical, classic or modern styles pave the way for each aesthetic couple-decision.


The result? Something classy, personalised and utterly unforgettable.


Dream Dresses

Dream Dresses

Subtle colours and versatile designs, which are playful yet romantic, will appeal to brides this wedding season.


Dream Dresses


Brides of Merivale owner Lisa Dermott says this season’s wedding dresses will again be subtle in colour with metallic golds, silver and platinum featuring. Brides are also opting for adaptable dresses with detachable pieces like sleeves, trains, and overskirts, which can be worn during the day and night.

“They can be two very unique looks but save brides having to buy two dresses,” she says.
When it comes to styles, anything goes. For the modern bride, 90s silhouettes, jumpsuits, sheer fabrics, backless styles and separates will trend giving brides the opportunity to show off their personality. Chicly hidden pockets are becoming popular allowing brides to keep personal things close to them on their big day. Simple and sleek, slip wedding dresses are perfect for the minimalist bride and can look sophisticated with any neckline.

For the traditional church weddings, big skirts with elegant bodices and plenty of tulle will feature and luxurious lace isn’t disappearing anytime soon.

Whatever dress you decide on, remember it should suit your shape and ultimately be comfortable, allowing you to move through your special day with ease.



I do (still!): wedding vow renewal ceremony

For some married couples saying “I do” once is enough, but more and more people are choosing to celebrate their love with a wedding vow renewal ceremony.


wedding vow renewal ceremony


Over the years the vow renewal ceremony has grown in popularity, with couples opting to cement their bond and recommit to their partner. Whether a romantic gesture (or simply an excuse for a party), it’s a great way to mark an anniversary.

If you’re super-traditional, you might plan to revisit the place where you originally got married but then again, you might like to enjoy a holiday overseas and renew your vows on a tropical beach somewhere. Ceremonies can incorporate family and friends and planning can be a lot less stressful than the first time around as it’s usually more intimate and personalised.

The main thing to understand about your vow renewal ceremony is that, unlike your original wedding ceremony, there are no legalities or strict traditions involved. You can celebrate as you see fit and how you like! When it comes to the all-important vows, you have the option of re-reading your original marriage vows, or writing something entirely new.

Ceremonies often end with re-dedication rings and these can be entirely new rings or your existing marital rings with a new engraving on.


Love Me Tender

Andy and Donna White

For Andy and Donna White renewing their wedding vows was “a hell of a lot more fun” than their first wedding.

It was the best day ever,” Donna laughs.
Recently the couple celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary. “We talked about the fact that not many of our friends were still married, so we thought it was worth celebrating.” A four week trip to the United States provided the perfect opportunity with the couple booking a service at the famous Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas complete with an Elvis impersonator who walked the experienced bride down the aisle.

While Donna hadn’t prepared vows, Andy had – which brought her to tears.  “He wrote a poem, it was lovely.” He also surprised her with a diamond ring. The couple’s best friends also joined them in Las Vegas for the occasion – and took care of the groom’s attire. “I had a beautiful dress made from a friend of mine (who has cancer) but on the day [of the wedding] I sent Andy out to get a suit jacket. He came back dressed like Richard Gere from An Officer and A Gentleman.”

The couple’s first wedding in Timaru on August 6, 1988, was very traditional with Donna sporting a Princess Di-style ensemble. The couple have three sons who were delighted to hear their parents had renewed their wedding vows. “We will definitely do it again in another 30 years – if we’re still here.”


In a world where many marriages don’t last the distance, you don’t need much of an excuse to celebrate the fact that you are making it and making it together!


Via Sollertia

A new chapter: Via Sollertia

If someone special has bequeathed you jewellery that means so much, but just doesn’t suit, Via Sollertia has a brilliant solution – remodelling – to get the piece out of the drawer and onto you.


Via Sollertia


Jewellery designer Clare establishes the style of jewellery you like, be it classic, modern, art deco, or art nouveau. “Browse pieces in store and in the catalogue and see what jumps out,” she says. “We’ll work with what you’ve got, re-using the stones and metal on site to create something completely personal.” The design process often sees people add to the components and Clare draws the design for you to take away and keep. Wedding and engagement rings are being modernised and reworked too.
“Re-modelling is my favourite thing to do,” Clare says. “It’s so special, creating something with huge history that people will actually wear and love, bringing a new chapter to the life of the jewel.”



Via Sollertia


Via Sollertia
11 New Regent Street
Ph 366 8001


looks to love: Canterbury bride

Glancing at wedding dress trends for 2019, it’s clear that saying ‘yes to the dress’ doesn’t have to be a hunt for indiscernible white gowns. If you’re planning your big moment and wanting something unique and fashion forward, then look no further as we take you through five standout styles that have caught our eye for next’s year nuptials.


looks to love

The Markel effect

We’re already seeing Megan Markel’s effect on the fashion world and now it’s taken over the bridal world. The Royal wedding’s influence is apparent in many styles which showcase glittering tiaras, regal elegance, capes, high-neck gowns and oh-so simple cuts. Markle’s modern look has inspired many major bridal designers. Expect to see a lot of minimalistic gowns that mimic her effortlessness, like breaths of fresh air. For a simple cut dress, consider a tiara to complete that imperial look. They may have once been dubbed as dated, but thanks to Megan Markel and Kate Middleton, they have made a comeback. These women proved that tiaras can look beautiful if done in a delicate way.

Lavender to blue

Many bridal designers have ditched the traditional white dress by adding a little colour to their latest collections. We are seeing hints of lavenders and soft shades of baby-blues that are sweetly reminiscent of Cinderella. Princess ball gowns with pastel colours are incredibly popular for 2019 and many of them are adorned with beautiful floral appliqués, which will leave any bride feeling pretty.

Oversized bows

It’s a classically romantic motif that bridal designers turn to again and again. We’re talking about the bow, but now it’s back and bigger than ever as it has become a focal point rather than a finishing accessory. Oversized bows have also taken on a sculptural shape and take pride along necklines, low backs, or clinching in the waist to create a flattering point.

Suit up

Dare to be different? One of the latest trends is a tailored suit, or bridal jumpsuit. It may seem less extravagant, but a suit is no longer just for courthouse weddings as brides are opting for a modern and chic look. This trend also allows the bride to be more comfortable, allowing freedom to cut loose on the dance floor and celebrate her big day. So, if you’re simply more of a pants girl, a bridal suit might be just the thing for you, or even your bridesmaids.

Marvellous metallic

Glinting metallics and sparkling sequins are another trend ruling the runways. They make a bold statement for a bride who is all about glitz and glamour. Popular metallic hues include gold, copper, champagne and rose gold. However, silver seems to be the metallic of choice. Paired with romantic silhouettes, the silver fabric creates a glamorous feel that will make your guests swoon on your big day.