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Total Food Equipment

Total Christmas Experience: Total Food Equipment

Christmas is bliss at Total Food Equipment, where even the grumpiest Grinch will find their heart melted by the beautiful, the subtle, the stunning and, of course, the practical at this gorgeous store.


Total Food Equipment


The gift-hunting end of the rainbow, it is also the saviour of feet sore from searching for the flawless cooking and serving items for the picture-perfect day. With parking at the door and seven-day opening, this treasure house lays the best of Christmas joy before you and is firmly established as a seasonal ‘must-visit’. Items at Total Food Equipment are selected for longevity and made to last the distance. You’ll find the pieces achieve heirloom status and become old friends, and that family will compete to position them in their special spot year after year.

Firstly, set the scent scene at home with New Zealand’s own Surmanti hand-crafted, long burning eco candles in organic coconut wax, in iconic Christmas Lilly, or Peonies, Peppers and Tuberose, and complement with the Our Beautiful Obsession diffusers. Hand and nail treatment cream with SPF15 comes in the dazzling scents of Sandlewood and Patchouli, Lime and Coconut, Roman Camomile and Cassis Royal.  Drink in the visual with the stunning array of stylish decorations that will complement any scheme, but you can transport yourself back to where decorating officially began, when Prince Albert first carried a fir tree into an English Palace, with afternoon tea served on historic Burleigh china. Established in 1851, Burleigh is celebrating 50 years of its stunning Calico pattern with limited edition mugs in green, red, teal, and orange in addition to the traditional navy. You’ll find the complete set here: cake stand, milk jug and creamer, sugar bowl and serving plates.


The Scanpan Axis cookware range is frankly more-ish. The impossibly shiny stainless steel is complemented with a copper Plimsoll line around the outside. For use on gas, induction and traditional cooktops there is the dutch oven, the stock pot, saute and fry pan, and a selection of pot sizes. Staggeringly pretty to look at, it seems a shame to clutter the pieces up with food! Cooking becomes performance art with the Master Pro Portable Infusion Smoker. This bijou device will entertain your friends and dazzle their taste buds as you produce table-top smoked oysters and seafood cocktails, vegetables and cheeses, flavoured by apple or hickory woodchips.

Intriguing gifts are everywhere: the animal lover in your life will delight in the cat and dog celebration Christmas crackers, while the hedonist will be thrilled with the Soam shea butter Merry Christmas soaps. All budgets are catered for, and you can create a Christmas that is bespoke to you with the range of napkins, candles and table decorations. Like the man said, “I’ll be back”.


Find it at 218 Moorhouse Avenue. Phone 03 366 6912


Total Food Equipment

Totally Fabulous Existence: Total Food Equipment

All that you ever really need and want for your kitchen and cooking is likely to be at Total Food Equipment (TFE).


Total Food Equipment


It’s a mouthwatering destination. Sandra McLay of the Moorhouse Avenue store says the shop has long had a reputation for very high quality cookware and tableware, decorative items included. Because of this, it’s the store to frequent for those serious about cooking and meal quality. Using the right tools; cast iron, enamelware, or clayware makes meals deliciously successful. Many home cooks may not realise the tender effects that flow from long slow cooking in a perfectly evenly heated vessel, for instance. Or the fact that top-quality knives make their users less prone to injuries, rather than the reverse.

The team at TFE is trained in all of the technical aspects of their globally-sourced cookware, coffee-makers and appliances. They might even tell customers the temperature at which to cook certain dishes on their barbeques. Some of the pots and pans here are relative rarities, such as steamers with several tiers like multi-storey buildings.  Sandra says she personally doesn’t boil anything except potatoes; she prefers to steam her vegetables, thereby retaining texture and nutrition. So the denser vegetables go into the lowest steamer, and the more watery, thinner veges into the top tier. Cooking like this is also elegantly simple… it’s literally a vertical stack, freeing up kitchen and element space.

All of those items which make meal preparation simple and ergonomic are bound to be somewhere in the Moorhouse TFE.  Sandra says she supports local suppliers wherever possible. She points to a range of bread-or-cheese-board-looking ‘lynchboards.’ These are beautifully finished, silken-looking chopping or presentation-boards made here in Canterbury. They’re produced from recycled native beech and rimu, in thicknesses you’d struggle to find anywhere – even in currently produced high-end furniture. For those people keener on collating food, or in producing maximum-impact, minimum-effort meals, a visit to TFE will truly pay dividends. Not only is there gorgeous serve-ware and indie platters, there’s also the sauces, preserves, and grinds. In other words, here are the finishing touches in which the interesting and the tangy collide. These are the perfect items to ‘salt away’ for presents, no pun intended. This is the place to find marmalade containing whisky, jam made with riesling and lemon thyme, or salt for fajitas with the perfect ‘kick’ to make a meal memorable.

Later on in the calendar, when it’s becoming ok to talk about impending Christmas, this is the shop to put all gift dilemmas to bed. There’s gold-coloured cutlery, silicone casserole carriers; children’s bake-ware and cookie-cutter sets, not to mention candlesticks, cake stands, serviettes; even old-school pottery biscuit-jars. People who preserve lemons or any other fruit will find super-cool glass jars with different seal options here. Maybe TFE staff will even share their best-ever recipe into the bargain. TFE is at 218 Moorhouse Ave and has ample customer parking.

Visit, or phone 03 366 6912.


Total Food Equipment

The craft of cookware: local culinary experts Total Food Equipment share their passions

The season for hygge is well and truly here and, if you’re a foodie, or just someone who likes to get cosy with the family and a bowl of homemade soup, then a visit Total Food Equipment is a must-do before you hunker down.

Total Food Equipment

The store is a gorgeous trove of all things cooking and baking. From oyster forks to cinnamon oyster tins, whatever is on your wish list, you will find it here and more besides. The baking section alone is extensive – a home baker’s heaven of tins and moulds to dream of, including friand, mini madeleines and, of the moment, donut tins.
A range of cast iron cookware made in France by Staub comes in red, orange, black, grey, and blue. It’s a lifetime gift to yourself or a friend and its strength and beauty goes from stove to table. You can braise, roast, cook, stew or fry with the range, in-oven or on the stove top with the frying pans, rib grills and mussel pots. The cocottes are round and oval, and the divine pumpkin and tomato shaped casseroles will redefine your batterie de cuisine goals forever.
Are you picturing a warm candlelit scene, the table alive with family and friends, good conversation and wine set off with a tasty display of tapas and sharing plates? At Total Food Equipment, the ranges available mean you’ll find a set to match your flair and flavours.

Total Food EquipmentThere is the versatile and ever-stylish cast iron option: small dishes in different sizes and in round and oval. Or bring colourful artisan élan to your table with the Regas range, made in Spain since 1821 from high quality fire proof terracotta clay. The cazuela is one of the oldest cooking vessels, used since pre-Roman times and still in use today in every Spanish kitchen.
It is used as a frying pan over direct heat on the hob, an open fire or barbeque. It is also oven-proof and makes a great baker and roasting dish for sweet or savoury. The organic nature of terracotta adds flavour to the food and the dishes go from oven to table. Choose from round, oval, rectangle, bowls and handled bowls, there is a choice of exterior colours too.
If the lashing rain and wind outside means mulled wine to you, take yours to the next level with The Herb and Spice Mill sachets of all-natural ingredients. The range of food safe presentation dishes of all types is huge at Total Food Equipment, so make it your first stop for themed parties or catering this winter too. Total Food Equipment is at 218 Moorhouse Avenue, with parking outside the door.

Total Food Equipment

Culinary mastery: the experts at Total Food Equipment keep us current in the kitchen

You can always count on Total Food Equipment (aka tfe) to be at the forefront of changes in thinking about homewares, cooking and kitchen accessories.

Total Food Equipment

Total Food Equipment
New and efficient equipment to help create culinary masterpieces

We have been hearing a great deal about the amount of plastic that is finding its way into our planet’s oceans and about how we should reduce our use of the material. Total Food Equipment is definitely fighting the good fight on this environmental
issue. The store stocks multi-
coloured stainless eco-friendly
water bottles for hydration, along with stainless straws and reusable eco coffee cups. Look on another shelf and you will find bio-degradable storage bags, paper snack and sandwich bags and reusable paper towels. One roll of these replaces 18 rolls of conventional paper towels! No cling wrap or plastic bags in sight here. Tfe also has compact under-bench composting bins for saving food scraps and eliminating wastage.
But tfe is forward thinking in other ways as well, constantly searching suppliers and manufacturers for new and more
efficient equipment to help cooks create their culinary
masterpieces. Recently arrived in store is the MasterPro Sous Vide Precision Cooker. ‘Sous vide’ is French for ‘under vacuum’ and the method uses sealed pouches to cook vegetables, fish, poultry, red meat and more in a water bath, achieving succulent, nutritious and flavorsome results. The technique has been used by chefs for decades to lock in natural juices creating food that is evenly cooked from edge to edge. With the MasterPro Sous Vide Cooker we can all achieve chef level perfection.
Another new arrival at tfe is the MasterPro 12 in 1 stainless steel multi-cooker pressure cooker. This clever machine can take over all your cooking tasks and certainly help you to declutter your cupboards of pots and pans. The multi- cooker features six cooking functions (slow cook, sous vide, sauté, steam, yoghurt, pasta) and six pressure (rice, meat/poultry, bean/chilli, soup/porridge, canning,
potato) . There is also a ‘keep warm’ setting and a countdown timer so food is ready when you need it and an easy lock function keeps your pressure cooking safe. The MasterPro Multi Cooker makes
creating a wide range of hearty meals easier than ever.
Total Food Equipment is situated at 218 Moorhouse Avenue in the Mid-Way Moorhouse complex. The store is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturday to Sunday 10am to 4pm and there is easy access with plenty of parking. Don’t forget the store’s wedding register programme while the wedding season is still with us.