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The Autumn Aesthetic

The autumn aesthetic: goodbye summer hello luxurious autumn

As our wardrobe waves goodbye to summer, embrace the autumn aesthetic and all of its delicious offerings. It never plays by the rules.

The Autumn Aesthetic
As our wardrobe waves goodbye to summer, embrace the autumn aesthetic and all of its delicious offerings. It never plays by the rules.
embroidered velvet jacket
Step out in style with this embroidered velvet hip length jacket with luxurious red lining ROSE BOMBER, LOVINGLY MADE IN NZ BY REPERTOIRE.
metallic shoes
Metallic magic is paired with a romantic pattern in this sophisticated shoe. MINX DA VINCI. Wink Shore Store, 1027 Ferry Road.
Make a statement in the new SHIVER PRINT TOP FROM UNTOUCHED WORLD.
Set out for adventure in packable styles that don’t sacrifice comfort this autumn. ZOE SOJOURN LACE KNIT.
Pop with colour and class in this playful number. ELLIATT GRAPHIC PLAYSUIT. Wolf Pack, 483 Papanui Road.
Mustard dress
Keep things hot in mustard yellow this autumn with this feminine frock. SEED HERITAGE. To Be Continued, 48a Bryndwr Road.

The feature wall

The feature wall, also known as the ‘statement wall’ is the pièce de résistance in modern homes, and a welcome saviour for spaces missing that certain je ne se quois.


A concept that goes hand-in-hand with many pros – helping to divide a space, adding flair, giving the illusion of depth when there isn’t much – it’s hard to imagine that the feature wall could ever disappoint. Although, it can potentially have its downsides. Namely, looking out of place in an otherwise cohesive space if the wrong colour or pattern is chosen, adding chaos to an already overcrowded space, and dating a space when the chosen colour or concept loses its street cred.
Solution? Do your homework, engage a consultant, or play around with virtual reality tools online before you commit.

Conversation Starters

Conversation starters: making use of a statement piece

Is the traditional décor in your home all just a little too ordinary? While not every item in your home should make a statement, there’s certainly room to rock a few unique pieces to stop your visitors in their tracks.

Conversation Starters

Whether it’s a large-scale centrepiece like a cabinet or rug, or simply some dip your toes in the water statement accessories, conversation starters are all about creating unique focal points and bringing visual interest to your interior.
Travelling mementoes are a great option, as are unique one-off furniture items, but equally anything which catches the eye can make interior magic.
While too many statement pieces can end up creating competition, a standout centrepiece is an attention seeker in all the right ways.