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Suit Up

Suit Up: Cup Week Fashion

As we look towards the latest looks we can expect to see at this year’s Cup and Show Week, it seems suits are stepping out of the boardroom and onto the green this year.


Suit Up


Women are increasingly stepping out in suits in a variety of fabrics, from linen to tweed and everything in between and not just for Cup and Show Week – we’re seeing the tailored perfection of the suit making an entrance in weddings and other events where occasional-wear is the name of the game. It’s not just structured suits, but pantsuits are also hot property for the most stylish.


Suit Up

Once you’ve made the decision to suit up, the options are endless – jacket length, shoulder width, lapel size, waisted vs boxy, shrunken vs oversize. The good news is there’s no prevailing silhouette the powers to be are suggesting we adhere to – at least not this season. However, crucially, the wrong combination of proportions can result in a fashionable faux pas. So why not suit up, because gowns aren’t the only ladies look on the table and what other item of clothing can make you feel as powerful and in control?


Suit UpSuit Up



Evolution School of Dance

Evolution of a dream: Evolution School of Dance

For Nicky Falloon, Evolution School of Dance was the realisation of a dream and the blossoming of a life-long love affair with dance, which continues today.


Evolution School of Dance


Evolution School of Dance was created by Nicky to give children and young adults throughout Christchurch and beyond a unique chance to realise their dreams of learning and performing ballet, jazz and contemporary dance, and above all, having fun. The company runs a wide range of ballet, jazz and contemporary classes to suit all levels, from beginners to experienced, out of locations in Cashmere and Papanui. Nicky and fellow teachers Azariah Heswall and part-time teacher Angie Longman, have been trained by The Royal Academy of Dance, one of the most prestigious ballet organisations in the world. The level of experience shared between them results in a very professional teaching environment.


It is through this combination of knowledge and experience that thousands of students have passed through Evolution over the years; many have gone on to perform with some of the world’s leading ballet and dance companies. “Many of our students have grown up through the school, starting as young as four or five and emerging as young adults,” Nicky says. “They are able to learn and grow their love of dance, something they can take with them throughout their lives.” Every year, students also have the unique opportunity to showcase what they have learned in Evolution’s Annual Dance Show. “The show takes place at the Aurora Centre of Performing Arts in Burnside at the end of the term two school holidays. Students love it because it gives them the rare chance to perform on stage in front of family and friends, making the highlight of their year,” Nicky says.


Therefore, if you, or your child has the burning desire to learn, or perfect the elegance and grace of ballet, the swing and frivolity of jazz, or the modern and upbeat style of contemporary dancing, Nicky, Azariah and Angie invite all new comers to join in, make new friends, have fun and shine as an integral part of the legacy of Evolution School of Dance.


For more information, find Evolution School of Dance Christchurch on Facebook or call Nicky on 021 244 4131.


Fitzroy of Merivale

Putting the fun in retirement: Fitzroy of Merivale

This Cup Day, folk at Fitzroy of Merivale will dress up, get together for drinks and nibbles in their graceful lounge, and have a sweepstake on the races.


Fitzroy of Merivale


“We make it like home and the focus is on fun,” says co-owner and nurse Vanessa Pirie. The affordable luxury retirement accommodation is unique, with only 29 units. “Because we’re so small, everyone gets to know each other.” Vanessa and husband Daryn have run the McDougall Avenue rest home since early 2016. Daryn sees to the marketing, but on Friday he presents the news, sparking jovial debate and banter – and if time permits, an afternoon outing. Jana, a diversional therapist, coordinates the activities and was recently trained to teach Chair Chi – that’s tai chi for seniors. There is never a dull moment.

Residents can rent a room, purchase under occupational rights agreement, or come for respite care and see how they love it. All charming units have private ensuites leading to the peaceful award-winning gardens and fish pond. The ambience is of yesteryear, evident from the Cecil Wood-designed architecture to the grand piano in the dining room – where the blackboard menu offers two deserts a day. Within walking distance to Merivale Mall, it’s convenient to shop with new-found friends.
Two residents are a spritely 101 and staff stay a long time. And there’s Kizzy, the resident 16-year-old tabby who has her own medication chart.
Wi-Fi is throughout the facility, and families from all over the world can check in and follow on Facebook.


Visit or phone Vanessa on 03 355 5888.


Village Lake Apartments

The ultimate in luxury: Village Lake Apartments

For the ultimate luxurious getaway, set in the heart of beautiful Hanmer Springs, head to the Village Lake Apartments where exceptional hospitality awaits.


Village Lake Apartments


With spectacular alpine views and premium 5-star accommodation, the Village Lake Apartments are within walking distance to the town’s thermal pools and a myriad of leisure activities. With three and two bedroom apartments, the accommodation is second to none with modern facilities and spacious rooms each comprising of a fully self-contained kitchen, washing machine and dryer, spa bath and gas fire. Each apartment has its own balcony, or patio, and a picture perfect mountain-view backdrop.
The stylish décor oozes opulence and the furniture is designed with comfort in mind. With soft featherbed underlays and pillows, exquisite handcrafted toiletries by Jeymar and original artworks by Christchurch artist Liz Jenkins, the Village Lake Apartments have a true `home away from home’ vibe.

When it’s time to explore, take a short stroll to Hanmer’s idyllic main street for a spot of shopping, or enjoy a meal out and beverage at one of many well-regarded eateries or cafés.  It’s the perfect place for a romantic getaway, birthday, anniversary celebration or business retreat and has the Qualmark five-star gold rating. Owners Stuart and Jill Ware will ensure your stay is memorable.


The Village Lake Apartments are giving away two nights’ accommodation for two adults (blackout dates apply).

To enter, head to and put in your details. Entries close on Thursday 25 October and winners will be notified on Friday 26 October


Priority Communications

Perfecting your PR Plan: Priority Communications

Priority Communications Director Michele Hider encourages Kiwi business owners to plan now for a strong start to 2019.


Priority Communications


We see it every year – the long, slow return to business after the summer holidays and many companies stalling in the interim. From mid-December until late-January, much of New Zealand is partying or at the beach. Decisions about important issues such as marketing communications strategies, new websites, social media, branding… often don’t land on the boardroom table until February, with actions regularly delayed until March. Add it all up and that’s a quarter of the year that has drifted by without any action on key issues to drive business.

Priority Communications rarely promises it can deliver a new website or launch a communications campaign in the last few weeks before Christmas, rather it encourages clients to start conversations early and get decisions signed off at board level before mid-December. That way, you can start the New Year fresh and focused with some of your essential work already underway or in the pipeline. If you are wondering whether your company is at the right stage to boost its marketing and communications, there are a few things to consider and the company is always very upfront with clients about them. If you’re too busy and using all of your resources, you may not have capacity to add more work. Conversely, if you are on the verge of shutting up shop, marketing communications are unlikely to pull you through, even if you have a brilliant strategy.

The very best time to book an appointment with Priority Communications is when you have a strong workflow but there is room to service new clients. The planning process alone for a marketing communications strategy is useful as it makes you take a fresh look at who you are; what you have to offer; who you are trying to attract to your business; and the pros and cons of various communication tools. Recently, the company took some of its own advice and has been marketing to some new people in new places to help grow the business. Aside from attracting some wonderful new clients, it has opened their eyes to a world of fresh opportunities.



Eat My Lunch

Nourishing young tummies: Eat My Lunch

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch and yet free nutritious lunches for local children in need are the basis of a social enterprise that is helping to nourish young tummies and minds.


Eat My Lunch


The concept is simple – get online, buy a lunch, which is delivered to your workplace and in return a nutritious lunch is delivered to a Christchurch child in need. Eat My Lunch, a national social enterprise opened its doors in the city recently, launching its buy-one, give-one model in the South Island for the first time. What might be the simple and affordable purchase of a lunch for your team, could alleviate the hunger of child at one of the nine local schools.


Currently in Christchurch, Eat My Lunch is making 270 lunches each Monday and Thursday. The enterprise hopes to increase the number of days it operates, but this will be driven by demand for purchased lunches from the Canterbury community. Before the arrival of the national business, this gap was serviced by Fill Their Lunchbox. Due to financial pressure, it closed, providing the opportunity for Eat My Lunch to step in and continue with the high demand social service. It approached Foodstuffs South Island, which agreed to help it transition into the Canterbury area. Foodstuffs South Island Chief Executive Steve Anderson firmly believes it takes a village to raise a child and when large enterprise gets the opportunity to step up and show leadership, it should. Statistics tell us that when kitchen cupboards at home are empty, so too are the classrooms.


Eat My Lunch launched its buy-one, give-one model in the South Island



“Our mission at Foodstuffs is to feed the South Island, and anything we can do to help another enterprise also committed to doing this deserves our support – and yours.” Steve invites businesses big and small across the city to join them in supporting this organisation to feed our hungry children. Foodstuffs, the company that owns the PAK’nSAVE, New World and Four Square brands provides its test kitchen free of charge as a base for Eat My Lunch. It has purchased lunches for staff and has encouraged its people to volunteer time in the mornings to help prepare the lunches. “We were overwhelmed at the number of people that passionately want to be involved.”


Each day, across New Zealand, 91 schools are given lunches to distribute to 2,700 kids. Eat My Lunch is close to giving one million lunches. In just three years of operation, this is a business that is making a difference, however it’s your business that will enable it to continue to do good.




Dean Harrison

Stroke of luck: Dean Harrison

Dean Harrison is one of the luckiest people in Christchurch, perhaps even the country. But he doesn’t see it that way. In fact, he sees all his success as a direct result of ‘applied optimism’.


Dean Harrison


A life philosophy centred around the concept of the glass being half full, Dean is all about visualising the positive outcomes he wants to invite into his life. Whether that’s carparks becoming available upon his arrival, or finding wallets during the course of his day – he’s found 63 now, though assures he has returned every single one – his sales statistics, his fishing fortune and, more recently, his weight loss. But perhaps even more powerful is the fact that he has even taken out the more than $2m jackpot in the Lotto… and predicted it would happen.

Dean had done 36 different jobs before he “fell” into his current role, which he has been in for 22 years now. The Mediaworks consultant was recognised recently for selling $10m of advertising within his current role (and has sold close to $15m in total throughout his career). “My natural inclination is ‘the glass is half empty’, but through mindfulness, I remind myself to be positive,” Dean says.


“A quiet mantra of mine for years has been the Jim Rohn quote, ‘For things to change, you have to change’. Working on myself is a constant ongoing process.” Belief, he says, sets the scene of your life. “What we believe to be true, will be true. I believed I was overweight and unhealthy so to change that, I had to believe it. The same principle applies to income and business; what we truly believe and expect to get, we get!”


He has lost more than 20kg in just three months. “A good friend said to me, ‘you can be an example or you can be a warning’ and I chose to be an example,” Dean says. “I have been totally focused, with only a little cheating to get those results,” he laughs. “I had high blood pressure and was on Losec for a long time; now my health is the best it has been in years and I’ve got so much energy,” (these results are not typical and individual results will vary). “For me, managing weight is not about the perfect body mass index (BMI). It’s about being able to stand in front of the mirror naked and feel good about the image that looks back at you.”


It’s the products from global nutrition company Herbalife Nutrition that he attributes his weight loss success to. So much so, that he’s now selling their products. In fact, he’s making himself a Herbalife Nutrition shake when I catch up with him. But it’s not about selling products, it’s about sharing good nutrition, he says. “Herbalife is about nutrition, not dieting. It’s more an evolution than a revolution. In New Zealand, the statistics are at an all-time high – over 70 percent of us are overweight or obese. This is an opportunity for people to take control of their health in a positive way for their future.”


Dean has also played an important role in fundraising within the community, starting a Child Cancer fundraiser with his ex-wife which raised more than $2m before he was introduced to Koru Care, helping to raise a similar amount for that charity. “I’m in a privileged position to be able to give back and it would feel almost dishonest to not do that, so I’m currently looking into what I can do in that direction in the future.”



Metropol Editor Melinda Collins

Editor’s Perspective: October 11th Issue

“Keep your heels, head and standards high,” Coco Chanel


Metropol Editor Melinda Collins
Metropol Editor Melinda Collins


For almost as far back as human memory can recall, horse racing has had a strong connection with fashion. A sport of nobility, it is believed to date back to the 1500s, when British aristocracy wanted an excuse to mix and mingle in high society. A strict dress code ensured the royal tone of the event was maintained and today, the fashion stakes remain just as high.


While refining a race day look brings with it the opportunity to honour a much more traditional aesthetic when it comes to your attire there’s still plenty of room to have some sartorial fun. Like the colourful jockeys’ silks, it’s about being the centre of attention, but for all the right reasons.


Because, although we’re working to a dress code here, the key to feeling flawless on the day is to ensure you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing – both physically and aesthetically. Style is, after all, a way to say who you are without having to speak.
Whether it’s the thrill of watching the equine élites compete for glory – even if they were chosen for the cool cred of their name, rather than their talent on the track – or you’re pinning your chances of success on the fashionable field, Addington is the place to be this year. And we’ve got all the stylish secrets ahead to get you there.






Amy Carter

Promoting Philanthropy: Q&A with Amy Carter

Communities, charities and projects are the benefactors of the new Christchurch City Foundation, set up a year ago to positively impact the city. We catch up with Head of the Christchurch Foundation Amy Carter to discuss the philanthropy driving this positive outcome.


Amy Carter


How did the Christchurch Foundation story begin?

The initial concept came as a legacy of the 2010/11 earthquakes. There were so many generous people living overseas or in other parts of New Zealand who gave to the Prime Minister’s and the Mayor’s funds. It showed us that even though people no longer live in Christchurch, their hearts often still do. This means that they probably have dreams for the city and the causes within it, so we’ve built something to help them achieve these dreams.


What is the key mission and how does it do this?

Our core focus is to make it easier for people to give to the causes within Christchurch that they care about. We are a donor-led organisation rather than cause-led. That means that we act on behalf of the generous person or business who wants to give, matching them to causes that share their ethics, values and desired outcomes. You don’t give to The Christchurch Foundation itself.
We make it easy by offering a range of ways through which to give. This could mean a gift through a will/bequest, payroll giving or a mixture of cash lump sums, goods and services. The Christchurch Foundation undertakes the due diligence on the cause so that donors can have confidence the money given will end up being invested in the way in which they want.
We are also in the process of becoming a registered charity in locations where our generous people and businesses pay tax. There is a significant focus on helping people overseas to give here. A cause can be a charity, social enterprise, a community event or asset. This is decided by the person or business giving.
From time to time, the foundation will also invest in programmes or projects identified in the city as important. For example, we recently announced that we are establishing a women’s fund. Christchurch has a proud history of women and girls making change both here and globally. We thought that it was part of our city that needed to be celebrated and we have set up the fund to continue to support women and girls making change at a grassroots level within the city.
We have also recently hosted our inaugural Thinker in Residence. KPMG partnered with us to bring a global leader, Hila Oren, to our city. This is an annual programme and we are already working to select the 2019 Thinker.


Why are you so passionate about the work of the foundation?

It is really exciting to be hands on developing an entity that will have a sustained positive impact on Christchurch. I have big aspirations for our city, as do many others. In this role, I get to help make those dreams come true.




Kittens for kittens: Ourvets

Little Luna was barely more than a kitten when she became pregnant.




Luna was 11 months old and around two months pregnant, with a very large belly. Her owner brought her to see Ourvets Veterinarian Alice Finch because she was worried the babies might not be alive. She waddled across the exam table and flopped down behind the computer. “All of her energy was feeding the growing kittens, and not her own growth,” says Alice. “Pregnancy takes a major toll on the body – especially when the mother is very young.”

Cats (and dogs) can become pregnant from as young as six months old, so at Ourvets they recommend de-sexing around five to six months of age. The process is straightforward – pets will stay in at the clinic for the day; the vet will examine them and make sure they are fit for surgery; then the procedure is performed under general anaesthesia. “Clients will often report they are ‘back to normal’ by the following day but it is very important to keep pets quiet and limit exercise after the procedure to allow for healing,” Alice says.

Entire males and females are at higher risk of many cancers developing as they age. Females are also at risk of pyometra (infection of the uterus). This can be life threatening and very costly to treat. Entire males have a higher risk of prostate issues associated with high levels of hormones. Desexing eliminates many behavioural problems – often linked with aggression (which can play a part) but problems are often related to roaming and inappropriate marking. If you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s health, don’t hesitate to give your vet a call.

Luna was put onto a high energy diet and received regular checkups to make sure she made it through her pregnancy safely. Luna will be spayed once the kittens are weaned and the kittens will only go to homes that are aware of the benefits of desexing. Both Luna and the kittens are doing very well!


To find out more about Ourvets, visit