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Making Faces

Brows vs Brows: Making Faces

We talk to leading brow specialist Pip McGregor about the most commonly asked question she gets in her Christchurch clinic Making Faces.


Making Faces
Pip McGregor


She explains, both methods are a form of cosmetic tattoo used to enhance the brows. Micropigmentation is done with a digital machine which deposits pigments into the dermis; and microblading is done with a series of needles that act like a blade. “While we offer both techniques at Making Faces, we advise people based on their skin type, pain tolerance and expected outcomes.”

Micropigmentation has been around 35 years and microblading has become popular more recently. New needle cartridges for digital micropigmentation machines now make creating realistic brows achievable. The digital machines at Making Faces are the latest technology available from Germany, and Pip says you really do get what you pay for.

“Cosmetic tattooing is not something you should try and find a bargain on – it’s a highly specialised treatment and it’s much better to shop for quality.” Hair strokes can be created with both blading and a machine, depending on the cartridge used.
The most important part of any brow enhancement is the operator that you choose. Widely known as an expert in the field, Pip is an advocate for constant upskilling. “It’s really important to get offshore and see what new skills and techniques are coming up. The industry is exciting and changes so quickly.”

Although exceptional eyebrows will always be the signature treatment at Making Faces, Pip is excited to be rolling out some dynamic new treatments this year – stay tuned!



Micropigmentation specialist Pip Mcgregor

Brow Queen takes salons by storm: how micropigmentation specialist Pip McGregor is now making waves in the cosmetics industry with her own brand Lauren & Louise

Micropigmentation specialist Pip Mcgregor is well known throughout the country for producing stunning eyebrows and now she’s set her sights on the New Zealand cosmetics industry. “Historically New Zealand salons have had it tough sourcing excellent product with healthy margins that clients love,” she says.

Micropigmentation specialist Pip Mcgregor
Micropigmentation specialist Pip Mcgregor

“It’s not enough to just sell a makeup anymore – makeup needs to be good for the skin, outperform pharmacy and retail brands for wear and pigment density and, really importantly, consumers are becoming far more socially responsible – makeup now needs to be cruelty free.”
Two years ago, frustrated by trying to find a brand to stock in her own successful Christchurch clinic Making Faces, Pip decided to create her own collection. The brand Lauren & Louise was titled over a glass of wine using Pip’s middle name – Lauren – and her collaborator and makeup artist Tammy’s middle name – Louise.
It took two years to finalise the collection, which is sourced predominantly from New York and Australia. “We tried hundreds of formulations from multiple high-end cosmetics manufacturers around the world and we couldn’t be happier with the final collection – our stockists’ feedback has been fantastic.”

Other than the manufacturing, Pip has been dedicated to sourcing New Zealand suppliers wherever possible. “I love that some of our suppliers are literally two minutes away. During the development stage I felt like I was seeing our packaging and branding experts every other day. The team at Pakworld did an amazing job, as did Spectrum Print and Riana Bennett from Ree Design, who also helped with our entire marketing image and print material. Another award-winning Christchurch business we worked with was Mint Design – they were integral in helping us with our online presence. We are asking New Zealand hair and beauty salons to support local, so it’s important we are walking the walk too.”
The new season’s 37 eyeshadow and pigment pots launching this month also tell a story and personalise the journey of the brand. To name a few there is Tawny Tammy, Samtastic Bronze (after Pip’s fantastic receptionist), Nelliata (after Pip’s best friend and Lauren & Louise National Sales and Marketing Manager Shanelle) and even a holographic fuschia named after Pip’s daughter’s colourful Nanny, Deborah. “Without these people Lauren & Louise wouldn’t exist so it’s just a small recognition of thanks and that they too are part of this awesome brand.”
For more information or to become a stockist, email

The Lauren and Louise range
The Lauren and Louise range