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CREDIT FOR IMAGE: Zenhusen, by Mads Mandrup Hansen of C.F. Møller Architects

The missing middle: medium density housing and its ever growing need

In an age where sustainability is front of mind, and the Bank of Mum and Dad are becoming one of the country’s biggest lenders, medium density housing might just be the answer.

CREDIT FOR IMAGE: Zenhusen, by Mads Mandrup Hansen of C.F. Møller Architects
CREDIT FOR IMAGE: Zenhusen, by Mads Mandrup Hansen of C.F. Møller Architects

Affordable, sophisticated living with a strong focus on community and proximity to amenities, this architectural typology is definitely not short of fans offshore and is establishing itself as a smart living solution on home soil. Dubbed ‘the missing middle’, medium density is classified by the Ministry for Education as comprehensive developments including four or more dwellings with an average density of less than 350 m2 per unit.
In plain speak this translates to a new generation of housing that ticks all the boxes, something that is summarised best by Architectural Designers of New Zealand CEO Astrid Andersen. “When done well, medium density can benefit the whole of New Zealand; we see improved health outcomes, less car usage and less power usage. (It) meets the requirements of a diverse community with mixed housing options; creates communities; keeps New Zealand arable land for arable use and fulfils key sustainability principles.”
Explore Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration if you’re in the market for a new abode. You may have found your dream home with the missing middle.

Linen House Drift Denim

Dreamy denim decor: get inspo for your home from this fashion classic

The sartorial centrepiece of so many memorable outfits, from James Dean’s rebellious revolution to Britney and Justin’s infamous denim double-up, there’s nothing more iconic than denim.

Linen House Drift Denim
Kas Australia Denim
Holiday Aurora Denim Stool
Adairs Malmo Cushion Denim
Tallet Denim Throw

Decade after decade this style staple maintains its place on the ‘latest looks’ lists. Beloved for its timeless appeal and ‘dress up dress down’ versatility, it’s always on trend.
But this shape-shifting chameleon has sidled its way into the home and according to the powers that be, adding a dash of denim is a sure-fire way to bring enduring style to any space.
Much like its performance as a fashionable powerhouse, when it comes to homewares, denim offers a not-quite-neutral alternative to all of those whites and greys, can play to a variety of aesthetics, and provides a sought-after splash of textural interest.
With options in dark-wash, chambray, faded and even the well-worn look available, there is something to suit every style.
So shop our inspirational look, or raid the wardrobe or thrift store to craft some clever creations all of your own.

Louvre Solutions

Year-round outdoor spaces: Louvre Solutions wants to help you get that indoor outdoor flow for all seasons

Sleek, stylish and contemporary – louvre roofs not only look great but transform your space for year-round outdoor living.

Louvre Solutions

Louvre Solutions’ product range includes motorised opening louvre roofs, elliptical sun louvres, privacy and security screens, gates, fences, chimney cowls, and bracket fixed/end fixed louvres.
Providing shelter and privacy, while allowing for light, shade and airflow control, a constantly evolving selection of added value products ensures function, comfort and efficiency – whatever the season. From integrated heating and side screens to enclose the area, to vertical sun shades, side curtains and LED lights, the company has a commitment to ongoing product development.
“Now is an ideal time to get your louvre roof installed, before winter arrives,” says owner Craig Rogers, who has significant experience in the architectural louvre industry. The custom-made louvre roof product, with bespoke features like powder coated colouring tailored to the client’s needs, is manufactured at the business’ own local factory.
Proudly based in Canterbury, the company has agents around the South Island, including representatives based in Nelson, Marlborough, South Canterbury, Wanaka, and Queenstown. “I work with our clients throughout the entire process for every project, from design to manufacturing and installation – this relationship is very important to us. I know what works and what doesn’t, both from a practical and aesthetic perspective.”
A customised, automated louvre roof over a patio, spa pool, or deck, or as a freestanding feature anywhere on a property, provides a space sheltered from the elements. The product is a brilliant addition to homes and can be proactively planned as part of the design and build process, or retrofitted post-construction.
With more than 10 years in the industry, the business’ reputation has been built on a solid foundation. Craig and his team pride themselves on their impressive portfolio of repeat and referred business, generated through word of mouth and a robust network of contacts, including independent builders, building companies, architects and landscape architects – all of whom recommend the company to potential clients.
All products come with a 10-year warranty and attending to any adjustment needs that may follow is all part of the service, Craig says. “It’s about building a product that has not only been engineered correctly but also installed correctly. And it’s imperative for our clients to know they are dealing with an established and reputable company, for peace of mind and a stress-free experience.”
Visit for more information, or phone 0275 356 286.


Into the wild: home decor goes exotic

With a hiss and a roar, wildlife has burst onto the style scene and our love for this beautiful decor cannot be tamed. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!


The output of this preoccupation with some of our greatest outdoor species is, thank goodness, a big step away from anything taxidermy related – and rather focuses on beautiful sketches, Scandinavian styled stag antlers, black and white photography, and quirky decals. Pillows, bookends, crockery, and busts have also made the cut.
The wild at heart will be pleased to know that this concept has shredded its ‘kitsch’ reputation and has been given a glowing green light endorsement from the powers that be.


The feature wall

The feature wall, also known as the ‘statement wall’ is the pièce de résistance in modern homes, and a welcome saviour for spaces missing that certain je ne se quois.


A concept that goes hand-in-hand with many pros – helping to divide a space, adding flair, giving the illusion of depth when there isn’t much – it’s hard to imagine that the feature wall could ever disappoint. Although, it can potentially have its downsides. Namely, looking out of place in an otherwise cohesive space if the wrong colour or pattern is chosen, adding chaos to an already overcrowded space, and dating a space when the chosen colour or concept loses its street cred.
Solution? Do your homework, engage a consultant, or play around with virtual reality tools online before you commit.


Lovely lavender: colour of the moment

It’s been touted as ‘the new millennial pink’. We’re not sure if it’s going to be able to knock this ruling hue right off its perch, but lavender is certainly not shy about what it has to offer our abodes this season.


It may not have been in the running to steal the Pantone Colour of the Year crown of glory, but a quick meander around the digital atmosphere tells us that lavender is having more than just a moment – it’s winning affections for its serene and versatile nature.
Every variation looks crisp and compelling with white, and brighter lavender is a match made in heaven when paired with lime green and orange. If you opt for a softer shade, then beige, magenta and yellows will make a striking partner.

Officine Voluptas

A winning window combination: Officine Voluptas has you covered

The right window dressing can change the look of even the simplest of homes, making it beautiful and sophisticated. Textured materials, fabric coverings and blinds come in a myriad of different styles and colours, giving you the opportunity to choose those that match your home’s theme.

Officine Voluptas
An Aladdin’s cave of colour, design and texture

A relative newcomer on the Christchurch curtain and blind manufacturing scene, though well-known in Auckland since 2001, is Officine Voluptas, where modern design meets cosy comfort. Over the years, the company has built a solid reputation for high-quality curtains, very competitive pricing and excellent service. Now Christchurch customers can experience that winning combination.

Officine Voluptas

Located in a character house in Riccarton that is ideal for displaying full drops of curtain fabric, Officine Voluptas’ showroom is like an Aladdin’s cave of colour, design and texture. There is everything from sensual velvet and shimmering silk, to the warmth and practicality of wool, as well as easy care cotton and polyester. The designs are as varied as one’s imagination. A little girl would adore curtains in her bedroom with characters from Frozen, while sheers with a subtly elegant leaf or magnolia design could grace any lounge window while protecting precious furniture from UV glare.

Officine Voluptas

There are so many window dressing possibilities – not only drapes, but also the patterns and textiles of roller, vertical or Roman blinds. Officine Voluptas can manufacture them all. “We offer a full package for customers in Christchurch and out to areas such as Rolleston and Lincoln – free measure and quote and free installation,” says Kris Yang, who set up the Christchurch branch.
“We want the whole process to be easy and enjoyable. Choosing window dressings should be a really delightful, pleasurable experience – that’s the meaning of the ‘Voluptas’ part of our name, while ‘Officine’ is Italian for workshop – and we certainly make every effort to help and advise customers on the right fabric for the rooms they want to dress, as well as on the type of track, rod or tie-back that will set the drapes off to perfection.”

Officine Voluptas Once measurements are taken and the fabrics chosen, the window dressings are manufactured in the company’s Auckland factory. “It normally takes only two weeks for the curtains or blinds to be produced. As soon as they are ready, we will contact the customer to arrange a convenient time to install. We are very pleased to offer a two year warranty on both our fabrics and our installation. We would love to see Christchurch people at our showroom as we have some very good price offers for our new branch.”
Officine Voluptas is located at 25 Picton Avenue, Riccarton. Phone 03-349 4888 or 021 079 7069. Email

Landmark Homes

Hill work’s hot demand: Landmark Homes steps up to meet Canterbury’s needs

Landmark Homes Canterbury’s specialist hill building team has been in strong demand for the past three years. From Moncks Spur to Westmorland, it has worked on many projects, from bare land sites to ‘remove and rebuild’ projects.


Landmark Homes

“It takes a certain level of experience to get hill builds right, there are more complications on a hill site and it needs to be done correctly,” says Landmark Homes Canterbury Commercial Manager Coralie Pollard. “We have a full team working on smaller homes, apartments and townhouses to lifestyle homes and hill sites.
“’Stay in your neighbourhood’ is the new catch phrase for us at Landmark. For people who want to stay in their local areas (if they have children at local schools or enjoy the facilities around them) we offer a full remove and rebuild service; a step-by step process that allows you to live in the suburb of your choice, in the house of your choice,” Coralie explains.
Landmark Homes can take clients through the full design and build process, and work with a team of consultants which specialises in elevated sites. You can visit the new Landmark Homes ‘Leigh Design’ show home in Burwood, located at 31 Prestons Park Drive, Wednesday to Sunday 12pm to 4pm. Visitors are swept away by the clever design and layout, the spec and finishing, as well as the thoughtful interior design that makes it a dream home.


Colour me cosy: making your home hygge for autumn

With a chill in the air and the long nights settling in, there’s no better time to up the cosiness factor in your home. So why not make your home a haven with a harmonious blend of autumn’s hallmarks.


This season, sophisticated earthy shades partnered with light neutrals will dominate, alongside tribal-inspired textured furnishings – perfect for creating the nurturing space we crave for when the temperatures start their downward descent.
A collection of rich hues inspired by traditional cultures and folklore, the Dulux Kinship Palette is one of four key themes identified in the Dulux 2018 Colour Trends.
Featuring warm terracotta, russet, soft grey-greens, cosy neutrals and pops of vibrant red that hint at an Eastern influence, the range pairs beautifully with the natural materials that are so popular right now – warm timbers, stone and linens.
Whether you choose to go all-out with these deeper shades or dip your toe in the water with a few touches, the key is to pair them with a complementary white or neutral boasting similar undertones, creating balance and allowing the bold hues to enhance rather than overwhelm a space.
A warm white, Dulux’s Cardrona sits beautifully alongside the pinkish and heathery hues of Maiko and Glen Murray, while its cooler sibling Hakataramea ensures deeper shades such as Very Terracotta, pop. So why not colour yourself cosy this autumn.

Total Food Equipment

Culinary mastery: the experts at Total Food Equipment keep us current in the kitchen

You can always count on Total Food Equipment (aka tfe) to be at the forefront of changes in thinking about homewares, cooking and kitchen accessories.

Total Food Equipment

Total Food Equipment
New and efficient equipment to help create culinary masterpieces

We have been hearing a great deal about the amount of plastic that is finding its way into our planet’s oceans and about how we should reduce our use of the material. Total Food Equipment is definitely fighting the good fight on this environmental
issue. The store stocks multi-
coloured stainless eco-friendly
water bottles for hydration, along with stainless straws and reusable eco coffee cups. Look on another shelf and you will find bio-degradable storage bags, paper snack and sandwich bags and reusable paper towels. One roll of these replaces 18 rolls of conventional paper towels! No cling wrap or plastic bags in sight here. Tfe also has compact under-bench composting bins for saving food scraps and eliminating wastage.
But tfe is forward thinking in other ways as well, constantly searching suppliers and manufacturers for new and more
efficient equipment to help cooks create their culinary
masterpieces. Recently arrived in store is the MasterPro Sous Vide Precision Cooker. ‘Sous vide’ is French for ‘under vacuum’ and the method uses sealed pouches to cook vegetables, fish, poultry, red meat and more in a water bath, achieving succulent, nutritious and flavorsome results. The technique has been used by chefs for decades to lock in natural juices creating food that is evenly cooked from edge to edge. With the MasterPro Sous Vide Cooker we can all achieve chef level perfection.
Another new arrival at tfe is the MasterPro 12 in 1 stainless steel multi-cooker pressure cooker. This clever machine can take over all your cooking tasks and certainly help you to declutter your cupboards of pots and pans. The multi- cooker features six cooking functions (slow cook, sous vide, sauté, steam, yoghurt, pasta) and six pressure (rice, meat/poultry, bean/chilli, soup/porridge, canning,
potato) . There is also a ‘keep warm’ setting and a countdown timer so food is ready when you need it and an easy lock function keeps your pressure cooking safe. The MasterPro Multi Cooker makes
creating a wide range of hearty meals easier than ever.
Total Food Equipment is situated at 218 Moorhouse Avenue in the Mid-Way Moorhouse complex. The store is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturday to Sunday 10am to 4pm and there is easy access with plenty of parking. Don’t forget the store’s wedding register programme while the wedding season is still with us.