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Murray Hewitt Joinery

Architectural Mystery: Murray Hewitt Joinery

There are few architectural details that can give a home a sense of mystery and wonder like a secret door leading to a hidden room.


Murray Hewitt Joinery


If you’ve ever wanted a private hideaway, extra secure storage for valuables, or an almost magical escape to another world, a hidden room is sure to amaze and inspire. One local Christchurch builder renovating his home had just such a whim for a hidden room – actually a hidden office/workroom. The most common mechanism for accessing a hidden room is via a bookcase that conceals a secret door. That’s where Murray Hewitt Joinery came into the story.

“The client supplied us with a whole lot of recycled rimu and asked us to turn a picture of a bookcase cum door from the Internet into practical reality,” Murray Hewitt says. “Creative engineering certainly came into play as we scratched our heads about how to create the required pivot in the bookcase so it would open as a door, but when shut would look like a single unit. It was a fascinating challenge – something different and out of the ordinary.”

The team at Murray Hewitt Joinery really enjoys the ‘out of the ordinary’. “They had fun working out the complex design then cleaning up any defects in the recycled timber, laminating it and adding details such as architraves to the bookcase itself to fit in with the style of the home. We definitely can turn our hands to anything and everything.”



Located at 25A Lunns Road, phone 03 343 0360 or email See the extensive joinery portfolio on


Lighting Strikes

Lighting Strikes

Eclectic, colourful, one-of-a-kind; they’re all great descriptors for the light of your life. We’re not talking about your Romeo or Juliet here, but rather the literal light of your life.


Lighting Strikes


A fundamental part of our everyday living, the benefits of modern lighting have evolved well beyond their core functionality and now form too is one of their key roles. So we’re shining the spotlight on some of the brightest trends in lighting design.


Industrial edge:

One of the most dynamic lighting trends in 2019 are industrial-style lamps. A little bit hipster with an edge of refinement is how to make this trend work in just about any space.


Vintage vibes:

Vintage bulbs hanging on lengthy cables add personality to your abode and can work for everything, from contemporary to rustic spaces.


Malleable metals:

Metallics have remained on centre stage for the longest of times, but now designer lighting fixtures that can be shaped to your own tastes is becoming hot property.


Gorgeous geometry:

Geometric shapes are the other lighting trend 2019 not to be missed, with this bright trend blending well with a range of styles, from vintage, to Scandinavian style, or even art deco.


Super-size me:

Big is better when it comes to the current crop of shades and fittings. No need to be shy! Take a walk on the super-sized side.


Intelligent inspiration:

Meanwhile, intelligent lighting controls are revolutionising the way we see our environments – quite literally.




Artworks Landscape

Covetable outdoor spaces: Artworks Landscape

When thinking about landscaping specialists, the team at Artworks Landscape Ltd should spring to mind. They have been creating in Canterbury for more than 30 years – the team knows their business, and they love what they do.


Artworks Landscape


“Being resourceful and adaptable is the key,” says Ross Marriott, who started the company. “Our clients’ needs all differ – and we work on small courtyard projects, that require intimacy and privacy, right through to the grand projects incorporating swimming pools, outside kitchens, lounging areas, large paved areas and technical planted areas.”
The outside of a home is an extension of who the homeowner is, and what they like to see and do. “The first and most important ingredient is good design; one that fits and functions well with your lifestyle, creates spaces that look amazing when you are in them and can be appreciated from inside the home as well.”

There are so many influences on today’s new designs, and people are investing in what complements their home and allows them to enjoy their outdoor space throughout the entire year. Artworks Landscapes’ lead designer, Luke Robertson, is a seasoned professional with extensive horticultural knowledge. He enjoys the challenge of creating small, intimate areas, through to the thrill of seeing a grand masterpiece come to fruition.


“We invite clients to come and visit our award winning show garden in Prestons Road during weekdays, or to check out and enquire about us working with you via our website,,” Ross says.
Artworks Landscape Ltd is Canterbury’s design and build landscaping expert.


The Gold Treatment

The Gold Treatment

Many of us know the story about King Midas, who is remembered in Greek mythology for his ability to turn everything he touched into gold. As the story goes, Midas got a little carried away and soon came to realise the concept that maybe ‘less is more’.


The Gold Treatment


Flash forward four thousand years and Midas could have taken a leaf out of the golden touch trend which is increasingly making its way into people’s homes. From faucets to frames, gold accents can add touches of elegance into your decor and can really help liven up a simple interior design.

Gold is a colour that gives a luxurious feel to any area where it is being added. For instance, take the bathroom. It’s a great hue to create a rich feel in a compact space. Rather than playing it safe, we are seeing a surge for gold taps, and simply washing our hands of the traditional chrome taps. We are also seeing brass, rose gold and matte black fittings, as people are daring to be brave by giving bathrooms a touch of personality.

Sinks and even bath tubs are also going for gold in today’s modern bathrooms, which is ideal for making a bold statement. Gold accents can also be added to light fittings, draw handles, tiles, or simply a gold frame on a mirror can bestow the luxe look in the bathroom.


The Gold Treatment
The Gold Treatment



Colour me calm

Colour me calm

It was Australian writer/organiser Peter Walsh that once said, “Your home should be the antidote to stress, not the cause of it”. And never a truer word has been said.


Colour me calm


While we continually seek to de-stress outside of the home – taking a walk, heading to the gym or joining a yoga class – leaving the house is not actually integral to feeling happier and lighter. Why not make a sanctuary of calm right at home?
The Dulux Colour Forecast has just been released for 2019 offering tonal, saturated and contrasting palettes to nurture, recharge and empower. In recognition of colour’s powerful ability to dramatically transform a space and help create a specific vibe, we’ve taken the opportunity to look at the most calming options on the colour wheel.

When it comes to relaxing colours, blue has the power to calm your mind, slow down your heart rate, lower your blood pressure and reduce anxiety.
Symbolising nature, green is one of the most restful and quiet colours, helping you stay calm and refreshed. Pink is another colour that promotes tranquillity and peace, with the rules of Feng Shui deeming this talented tone as capable of soothing competing energies within a space.

White symbolises tranquility and freshness, giving clarity of thought in times of stress. With the capacity to bring balance and inner peace, violet signifies peace and wisdom. While at face value, grey can be considered dull, it’s actually very soothing, making the perfect partnership with blue tones.



To learn more about Dulux’s 2019 Colour Forecast visit


Home Trends Builders

Top quality trending: Home Trends Builders

It takes a tight-knit, experienced team to consistently bring home Registered Master Builder awards, year on year. It’s something that Home Trends Builders Ltd (HTB) repeatedly achieves.


Home Trends Builders


The company recently garnered three gold medals and two silvers from its five entries. Home Trends Builders is accustomed to such success, despite the fact that the number of entries keeps increasing. After thirty years of industry experience, HTB Company Director Peter de Gouw says he’s able to maintain lofty standards because of his skillful, loyal staff teams. Every foreman and builder takes pride in their workmanship. Add to that certain rules, such as edgy yet practical architectural design, a variety of highly resolved finishes, plus blue-chip locations, and the recipe for quality is complete.


“Our homes definitely take cues from their sites, which is incredibly important at the concept-design stage,” Peter says.
And because landscaping is all part of the turn-key package, Home Trends Builders is able to fulfil the design element many are seeking; that wow-factor entertaining space. “We’re finding that many buyers want luxurious living environments. Demand’s there for quality exterior tiling, high-end claddings, designer wardrobes and bespoke bathrooms for every bedroom.”


With recent homes measuring between 220 and 280m2 in floor area, Home Trends Builders is currently working on an even larger river-frontage project, along with a stream of contract builds and re-builds. For every single project, the highest construction standards remain paramount.




Armstrong Interiors

In its interior element: Armstrong Interiors

Design has no limits and neither does Armstrong Interiors. The team behind this local firm is passionate about all things interiors designing your dream kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces, both large and small.


Armstrong Interiors



Working across new builds and renovations, incorporating the right mix of trends, textures, materials and colour is a large part of the scope. The talented team is completely comfortable working across a full range of projects, from the smallest to the largest design scheme and has earned some key awards throughout New Zealand for bathroom and living room designs.
Armstrong Interiors can provide a full design service, covering everything from a colour scheme and styling, through to suggested furniture options and placement. This covers all things window related, including blinds, shutters, rollers, drapes and voile, dependant on the look you are trying to create.


The company has a strong presence throughout New Zealand, with the ability to work with suppliers and manufactures with a high level of professionalism. A member of the New Zealand Kitchen and Bathroom Association (NKBA) for six years, it prides itself on education and understanding of the New Zealand design industry.
This year was Milan’s EuroCucina. Dedicated to the latest in European design, the biennial event exhibits all the highlights and latest news in appliances and kitchen design. Armstrong Interiors was delighted to be personally invited to visit and meet the top Italian designers of today.


Running a successful interior design team is personally satisfying for the team and happiness is seeing projects completed, with clients proud of the homes and spaces they can enjoy every day.
Dedicated to providing you with industry-leading service and design, the company has a vast knowledge and range of qualifications and specialist skills it can call on in house.
The company’s services vary, so you can schedule a consultation to meet, discuss and decide on your wants and needs for your interiors. The target market is anyone wanting assistance to create a lovely home created with practicality for the whole family to enjoy.


Visit the beautiful studio and feel the instant buzz of creation unfolding, where Armstrong Interiors can meet, design, measure, create, inspire, shop and shop some more, pulling together a total a vision for your space.


Geometric Vibes

Geometric Vibes

This is a recipe for cool vibes at home: a blast of geometric wallpaper. ‘Blast’ is a technical term for one wall, but don’t hold back if you don’t want to. Go ahead and wallpaper the whole room.


Geometric Vibes



It may sound scary, but the reality of wallpaper these days is exciting and energising. If you’re timid about giving pattern a go, ask yourself what’s the worst that can happen? Maybe a badly applied paper, but you can engineer-out that possibility by hiring a pro.

Don’t hold back if you don’t want to


Interior design shops are a great place to start. How big a pattern do you want to live with? Check out papers and room schemes online, and notice something? Geometric papers are actually easy on the eye, particularly in pale incarnations. Papering one wall can define a part of the room in a vertical way that nothing else can. Rugs do the same horizontally, delineating floor spaces.
Pattern can work for you in unexpected ways. It’s helpful to drop all of your stylistic preconceptions, and let your eye be the judge. You see, large (and therefore sparse) geometric prints can work wonders in small rooms. It might feel safer to use a small repeating print, but the sum total is actually a busier, more cluttered feel.

But even clutter can sometimes be wonderful. There really are no rules. For instance, a tiny-print wall can be ‘decluttered’ visually by the addition of a large mirror. If at first you’re not content, add



Beautiful Buffets

Beautiful Buffets: Add instant storage

They’ve been the after-thought of the interiors world for the longest of times, but buffets are increasingly playing a starring role in the home, with their ability to add instant storage.


Beautiful Buffets


Falling smack bang between function and form, there’s a buffet to suit almost every space. No matter what your style you’ll be able to find a piece to suit. Just be sure to get something that will fulfil your needs, whether it’s aesthetic, storage space, or something else.

Taking centre stage in the dining room, a buffet can offer space for special occasion tableware, and double as a serving space for drinks or desserts. In the lounge it can be the pedestal for a statement lamp or make the perfect partnership with a bold piece of art.

But it may just be the hallway where the sideboard comes into its own, adding a powerful punch to this long, lean laneway of the home.


Kit and Caboodle

Exceptional Sydenham Space: Kit and Caboodle

It would be hard not to feel uplifted and inspired when you walk into the store at 7 Elgin Street in Sydenham.


Kit and Caboodle


The sights, scents and overall vibe of this central city space are warm and inviting, but then that’s not surprising of the destination store which has, at its heart, a philosophy to “create timeless, evolving interiors that give enduring pleasure”.

Kit and Caboodle is filled with an exceptional range of old and new furniture, accessories, lighting, soft furnishings and beautiful wallpapers. There are antiques sourced from throughout New Zealand, set against beautiful new pieces imported from around the world.
But this exceptional Sydenham space is just the beginning of the Kit and Caboodle journey, because this store is so much more than just a store.

Predominantly an interior design consultancy, Owner and Interior Design Consultant, Alex Marie and Interior Design Consultant Andrea Tudehope can provide advice, alongside the beautiful range of furnishings.

The design duo can take care of as little or as much as you would like, from decorating plans through to procurement and from whole-room or house concepts, through to just adding some finishing touches to pull your look together.

Accessorising for example, can make the difference between a house and a home, Alex says. “We can help people stage their bookcases and objects to make them stand out for people. It’s not necessarily about new things, but how things are grouped and styled that can make all the difference.”


Kit and Caboodle


Together they carry out a lot of hand-painting and finishing, which enables them to be able to tailor items to customers’ needs. “This enables you to get a one-off piece and ensures your decorating isn’t a paint by numbers affair,” she explains. “We can individualise items and make them completely unique to you. We really enjoy that side of what we do.”

This season there are plenty of rich colours, from emerald greens through to mustards and golds, There’s beautiful gold framed furniture in the Hollywood regency style and monochromatic themes are fading away as we increasingly crave colour and pattern in the home. Meanwhile, natural fibres are ever-popular and wallpapers are an inexpensive way of making big impact in small spaces, bringing life and colour to your home.

Although trends are new and fun to play with, what is more important than jumping on the trend bandwagon is that you love something. “Things date and that can make furnishing expensive,” she says. “If you invest wisely in things you love, you’re less likely to be disappointed and you will find you love your home much more longer term.”


Find Kit and Caboodle at 7 Elgin Street, Sydenham,
visit the new website at
or phone 03-379 6575.