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Lawrence Wong

A broad legal skillset: Lawrence Wong

Kannangara Thomson partner Lawrence Wong says that joining the firm has been a great move for him and his clients.


Lawrence Wong


After 40 years in the law mostly at one larger Christchurch firm, Lawrence finds the relaxed and friendly environment at Kannangara Thomson refreshing. Having spent a significant part of his working life as a lawyer in suburban offices, Lawrence is a lawyer with a broad knowledge base across a wide range of areas of law. He assists clients with all of the following – the sale and purchase of residential and commercial property, business sales and purchases, asset protection and estate planning involving the use of family trusts, wills and enduring powers of attorney, company law matters and commercial leasing.


Growing up as someone overtly Chinese but as Kiwi as anyone else born in New Zealand, life wasn’t always easy for Lawrence. Born in the 1950s to a New Zealand mother of Chinese descent and a father born in China, he experienced occasional prejudice. As a child in Christchurch, Lawrence attended St Michael’s School where, within the school grounds he was largely insulated from that prejudice which he says he experienced more outside of the school grounds.


He then attended Christchurch Boys’ High School before attending Canterbury University, graduating in 1978 with a law degree. His early years in practice coincided with a new wave of Chinese immigrants, many of whom did not speak much English. One of the benefits of growing up in a Chinese/Kiwi family was that Lawrence learned conversational Cantonese, something which his clients were extremely grateful of in the late 1970s and 1980s. To this day, Lawrence retains the ability to converse in Cantonese which is of value to his large Chinese client base. Being at Kannangara Thomson has bought Lawrence back to his ethnic and legal roots. The firm’s byline ‘We Speak Your Language’ signifies the fact that there are as many as nine different languages spoken in the firm, but also the fact that the lawyers at Kannangara Thomson cut through all the traditional legal jargon lawyers are renowned for and explain matters to clients in plain English.


Lawrence Wong


This is something which Lawrence finds refreshing and which, when added to the relaxed and congenial working environment, tells him that the move was a good one for him and his clients. Lawrence’s clients and former clients are invited to contact him on 03 377 4421 or email


Help is at Hand

Help is at Hand: Endometriosis

Endometriosis affects one in ten New Zealand women, many of whom first experience symptoms as teenagers. Obstetrician and gynaecologist Janene Brown from Oxford Women’s Health shares her thoughts on this often debilitating condition and the importance of seeking help early.


Help is at Hand


At what stage do women typically come to see you with endometriosis symptoms?
While greater awareness of the disease means we are seeing fewer new patients with advanced endometriosis, we still have patients who should have come to us much earlier. International studies show that it is often six or seven years before women finally receive specialist treatment.

If anyone thinks they may have endometriosis, they should ask their GP for a referral to a gynaecologist, as early as possible, or they can simply book to see one of our specialists at Oxford Women’s Health.


Why is it important to seek help early for endometriosis?
Endometriosis can seriously affect a woman’s quality of life, limiting what she does in her leisure time and sometimes preventing her from attending school or work. Treatments ranging from lifestyle changes to surgery will alleviate symptoms and may be needed to protect her fertility.


How is endometriosis diagnosed?
Endometriosis is a difficult disease to diagnose because you can’t see it on a scan and there is no blood test for it. We suspect it based on symptoms and family history but it can only be definitively diagnosed through laparoscopy (keyhole surgery).
There are many symptoms, but it is most common in women who have painful periods that last more than a couple of days. Women should also seek help if their pain worsens or continues through the month. Not all pelvic pain is endometriosis and you definitely need to find out what’s going on.


Where can I find out more about endometriosis?
The website has plenty of good information about endometriosis and services available for women with the disease. There is also information on the Oxford Women’s Health website and you can book an appointment with one of our specialists there too. Visit



More Mobility

Giving you ‘More Mobility’: More Mobility

More Mobility makes life comfortable and easier for those with injuries, disabilities, or for the elderly.


More Mobility


Nothing is more important than restful sleep and Sleep Systems i-Care beds offer life-enhancing benefits and a 10-year warranty. The Visco Elastic memory foam mattresses come in soft, medium or firm and respond to body temperature and pressure, or there’s a firm Latex alternative. “We encourage people to lie on our beds and try them out, and we’ll demonstrate how they work,” Sales Consultant Tracey Peterson says.

The IC3 electric-bed model has the standard back lift, but also bends comfortably into the crook of the knee. The IC33 also includes a head, feet and full body massage function, whereas the IC 333 offers a unique high/low and tilt adjustment. “We can also make a companion, with say a static and an electric bed fitting snuggly together.”


More Mobility


Box surrounds come in fabric choices and a range of accessories including a comfy 5cm-thick Visco elastic topper for existing beds.
The Pride armchairs are as good looking as they are functional. “As we age, we need more assistance getting out of a chair. The beauty is you can control the lift height function to your own comfort level and muscle tone.”

Single-motor chairs have a simple two-arrow remote, and the twin-motor adjusts the feet and head separately. There is a choice of materials and specific functions, such as elevating feet above heart level, or chairs designed for the higher-weight user, or the petite person.

More Mobility, 113 Blenheim road, has off-street parking. Visit, or phone 03-348 3460.


loudly and proudly

Loudly & Proudly

Leave loudly and proudly at the end of your work day is the message an increasing number of New Zealand workplaces are sending to parents who are juggling family commitments and work.

loudly and proudly

As we mark the 125th anniversary of women’s suffrage in September, workplaces are increasingly giving employees flexible working conditions. However, many of these employees feel the pressure to slip quietly out of the door at the end of their work day, so not to bring attention to themselves.

Recognising that encouraging flexible work requires more than just rewriting the rules, an increasing number of workplaces are encouraging staff to ‘leave loudly and proudly’.
The catchy concept has been gaining global traction in the past 12 months as employers seek to break down stigmas and uncomfortable feelings associated with other commitments, particularly families.

Last year, PepsiCo Australia and New Zealand Chief Executive Robbert Rietbroek got a tidal wave of support when he encouraged his executive team to ‘leave loudly’ when they head out of the office.Westpac is the latest major company encouraging a flexible working environment, putting a ‘leave loudly’ policy in place earlier this month.

According to the Employment New Zealand website, flexible working arrangements can help employee retention, lift morale and reduce absenteeism, by assisting staff to achieve work-life balance.

All employees in New Zealand have a right to request flexible work arrangements and employers have a duty to consider them however, they can decline to do so if there is a good business reason.

Lady Wigram Retirement Village

Retiring in Style: Lady Wigram Retirement Village

The only regret for most new residents of Lady Wigram Retirement Village, is they wish they had come here sooner!” says manager Olivia Cleave.

Lady Wigram Retirement Village,

The words ‘breathtaking’ and ‘retirement village’ don’t usually go together, but when entering the sumptuous foyer of its new Club House, this fine establishment seems no different to a hotel – boutique and sophisticated, yet cosy and homely.
Lady Wigram is part of the Golden Healthcare Group which has a number of facilities in Christchurch and been operating for more than 30 years.

The building was designed by the experienced team at Foley Architects and built by Grace Builders, which has demonstrated a real eye for detail. The contemporary décor was tastefully completed by Georgie Kirkcaldie Inglis.
In addition to the 101 independent villas, the next stage is underway, featuring 14 new apartments, swimming pool, spa and gym. Eventually Lady Wigram will include 73 apartments, a rest home, dementia facility and hospital.

Golden Healthcare

Each compact, but roomy apartment has a full kitchen. Apartments are serviced weekly and lunches, morning and afternoon teas are provided in the social lounge. Here also is where the entertainment happens, such as singalongs with popular local musicians.
The Hangar Bar is manned by volunteer residents who recently gained their Bar Manager licences from Ara. The many social activities include majong and tai chi. An upstairs retreat has a library and stately billiard room where residents can socialise

“It’s a lifestyle decision,” says Olivia. And it’s most certainly living life in style at Lady Wigram Retirement Village, 210 Kittyhawk Ave Wigram.

For enquires, phone Village Manager Sarah Jacobson 03-341 0545, email, or visit

Kannangara Thomson

Enduring Powers of Attorney: Kannangara Thomson

As we age, we must eventually turn our minds to what happens if because of accident, illness or just plain old age, we can no longer manage our own affairs.

Kannangara Thomson
One of the most important and valuable estate planning tools available


Enter the Protection of Personal and Property Rights Act 1988, which allows us to appoint people we trust to manage our affairs under documents known as Enduring Powers of Attorney. These documents come in two forms, one for personal care and welfare; a second for property matters.
In relation to personal care and welfare, you can only appoint one person at any given time, while in relation to property matters, you can appoint one or more attorneys and can specify whether they can only act jointly, or jointly and severally, meaning any one of them can act as your attorney on his or her own.
An Enduring Power of Attorney in relation to property can be created to also act as a general power of attorney which can be used by your attorney(s) while you have mental capacity. Alternatively, you can choose to set up the Enduring Power of Attorney for property so it only comes into effect if you lose mental capacity. However, an Enduring Power of Attorney in relation to personal care and welfare can only be activated if you have lost mental capacity. You are presumed to be competent unless an assessment by a registered medical practitioner shows otherwise.
Significant changes were made with the passing of the Protection of Personal and Property Rights Amendment Act 2007 and, in 2016, new standardised forms were introduced. The 2007 changes included:

• The ability to appoint a successor attorney, in the event the original attorney is unwilling or unable to act
• The capacity to authorise your attorney to act on certain specified matters or all matters
• The ability to require your attorney to consult with or provide information to specified persons
• The power to authorise your attorney to ask the court to make or amend your will.

If you wish to change your appointed attorney while you have mental capacity, you can revoke the attorney’s appointment at any time. If however, you have lost mental capacity and family or friends are concerned about an attorney’s actions, the only redress is through the courts.
Similarly, if you lose mental capacity and do not have Enduring Powers of Attorney in place, an application may be made to the Family Court for someone to be appointed as your welfare guardian and/or your property manager. This is more expensive, both in time and cost. Adding insult to injury, the process must be repeated after the first three years and every two years thereafter. It is much cheaper to put Enduring Powers of Attorney in place of your own choice while you still have the capacity.
Retirement villages insist on all residents having valid Enduring Powers of Attorney, so if you are contemplating this type of community, it is essential your Enduring Powers of Attorney are in place, up to date and meet your needs.
Enduring Powers of Attorney are one of the most important and valuable estate planning tools available that everyone should have in place, regardless of age, so in the event of an unforeseen loss of capacity, your affairs can be managed by someone you trust. Kannangara Thomson has a specialist senior law team. Contact Brent Selwyn on 03-377 4421 to discuss putting Enduring Powers of Attorney in place.

Hear Again

Something to hear about: Hear Again hearing checks are the first step on the path to getting back your hearing

Granny, Granny did you hear me?” Because most hearing loss occurs gradually, it’s not always apparent to you. Family and friends notice though, repeating themselves, waiting patiently as you talk over the top of them, looking confused as you try to guess the question they asked and then respond with a pretty random answer!

Hear Again

At Hear Again clinics you receive free initial hearing checks. The friendly and caring team understands that caring for your hearing is not just about running some tests and sending you away with hearing aids. If you do need hearing assistance, the team takes the time to listen to your needs and lifestyle, then works with you to provide the best and most comfortable solution.
Hear Again offers free demonstrations of the latest hearing technologies and they can fit a pair of high quality European hearing devices for as little as $495, providing you are eligible for a government subsidy for hearing aids.
Owner Steve Foster says, “We can assist with your claims to ACC or Veteran’s Affairs, and if you are a Southern Cross member, we can claim directly for you using their Easy-Claim portal. Hear Again can help with the full range of ear and hearing problems, from ear wax removal using micro-suction, to advice on tinnitus and hearing protection.”
Proudly 100 percent New Zealand owned and fully independent, Hear Again promises to offer the very best unbiased advice. To give you absolute peace of mind, they offer a six-week 100 percent money-back satisfaction guarantee on all hearing aids.
“If you already have a set of hearing aids that sit unused and unloved in a drawer, or you feel your current hearing aids are not doing the job they should, we’d love to see you,” Steve says. The company will service your devices and offer batteries and accessories.
With the simple goal of making hearing care as easy as possible, Hear Again has shopping mall-based clinics in Auckland and Christchurch where you can make appointments outside of office hours if needed. If you can’t make it to the clinic, the team can even arrange to come to you in your own home.
“We look forward to helping you re-join the conversation and ‘Hear Again’,” Steve says. Book a free hearing check with Hear Again, along with a free demonstration. Visit for details.

Kannangara Thomson

A law firm with a difference: Kannangara Thomson

Kannangara Thomson isn’t your average law firm. Formed only 10 years ago by founding partner, Stephen Kannangara, the firm has grown to be over 30 strong and occupies a modern premises at 575 Wairakei Road.

Kannangara Thomson

The firm enjoys a point of difference which the partners believe makes it unique among law firms in Christchurch. Rich in diverse cultures with staff from all corners of the globe, there are an astonishing ten languages spoken at the firm which, at least in part explains the firm’s by-line, ‘We speak your language’.
The by-line is also something of a play on words and intended to portray the fact that the lawyers and support staff at Kannangara Thomson break down the often complicated language of the law and explain your legal issues to you in plain English (or Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean and Afrikaans to name just a few of the other languages spoken at the firm).
As well as being culturally diverse, the firm provides a wide range of legal services to its divergent client base, with lawyers specialising in business sales and purchases, commercial property transactions, investment property, residential property sales and purchases, estates, asset protection and estate planning involving the use of family trusts, wills, company law, family law and much more beyond.
The partners at Kannangara Thomson have a good grounding in the law having all served their time at much bigger law firms. Part of the ethos of the firm is that it does not wish to replicate the typical law office environment of those larger firms and, with that in mind, staff and partners are not burdened with such mundane daily tasks as time recording in six minute units or fee budgets, as is the case at almost all larger law firms.
Another factor which sets the firm apart from its larger counterparts is that once a fee range is quoted, it will very rarely be departed from, thereby giving clients certainty.

Kannangara ThomsonThe staff at Kannangara Thomson is respected and well looked after, with occasional unexpected gifts from the partners in recognition of stellar performance, frequent morning teas, flexibility of work hours and arrangements and almost fortnightly lunches provided by the partnership. As a result, the team at Kannangara Thomson is a settled and happy one, able to function at its absolute best to provide excellent legal results for clients.
With ample off street parking available and a convenient location near the airport, the gateway to the south, the new western Belfast bypass and the motorway north, the Wairakei Road location has proven to be one which is very popular with the firm’s client base.
The team at Kannangara Thomson look forward to being part of the Canterbury legal landscape for many decades to come and assisting you with your legal needs.

Mix & Mingle

Mix & mingle: five activities that are perfect for those who don’t want a night on the town

Let’s face it, bar hopping and dance parties are so last year. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t still some wonderful opportunities to mix and mingle, and kick up your heels in a much more creative sense of the expression.

Mix & Mingle

We’ve collated a collection of some of the city’s more subdued selections when it comes to getting out and about; somewhere you can comfortably take the grandkids out to or head out for some R&R.

Magnificent music

Get back into the heart of the city at St Mary’s Pro-Cathedral, which offers a regular concert series on Wednesdays, beginning at 1:10pm with optional light lunch available at the Cathedral Café from 12:45pm.

St Mary’s Pro-Cathedral
373 Manchester Street
Every Wednesday, beginning at 1:10pm
Donation $10 & $5, proceeds to the CBS Building Fund

Denim, Diamonds and Dancing

Cholmondeley Children’s Centre is proud to announce its first annual fundraising evening of Denim, Diamonds and Dancing in support of The Little Gems Project. The evening will be presented by television host, Jason Gunn and includes live music, top-class entertainment, delicious canapés, dancing and a live auction.

Sixty6 on Peterborough
Saturday 26 May from 7:30pm
Tickets from $138 available online at

Christchurch chorals

Atlas Voices was established in 2013 and continues to push the boundaries and expectations of choral music by presenting a variety of styles at an exceptional standard under the expert leadership of American conductor, Ravil Atlas. Momentum will showcase the group’s broad range, technical vocal capabilities and superb musicality.

Knox Church
Sunday 27 May, 2:30pm
Tickets $30, available from


Why not try something completely unique and experience a traditional Chinese tea making process, while learning the tea culture, history and health benefits of fine tea? Taste the traditional Chinese tea dessert and get a guided tour of Wood Firing Ceramics Exhibition.

Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery,
2 Harakeke St, Riccarton
Two sessions per day on Sundays
Price $18 per person, bookings or 03-341 6276

Four-legged & furry friends

A family exhibition of the best products, services, and entertainment for all those who love pets and animals returns to Christchurch and is growing on its successful inaugural show! The Pet & Animal Expo is a celebration of pets and animals and the positive role they play in society.

Pioneer Leisure Centre,
75 Lyttelton Street, Somerfield
Saturday and Sunday 28-29 April 10am-4pm
Tickets from $4 available from or 0800 BUY TIX (289 849)

Lady Wigram Retirement Village

Unique model of retirement living: Lady Wigram Retirement Village

When it comes to sourcing retirement facilities for your loves ones, not surprisingly quality is front of your mind. As soon as you arrive at the Lady Wigram Retirement Village, it’s clear this is a unique model of retirement living and one that is all about lifestyle.

Lady Wigram Retirement Village

Owned by the Golden Healthcare Group, the concept for the $100 million retirement village was launched post-quake, with the first stage of 101 villas opening in 2015.
This year the development at 210 Kittyhawk Avenue has moved one step closer to completion, with the opening of 16 new apartments and a community centre dubbed The Club House, featuring a restaurant, bar,
billiard room, movie theatre and library.
The next stage of Lady Wigram is also now well underway, and will offer another 14 apartments, a swimming pool, spa and gym. When completed, there will be 73 apartments, a rest home, a dementia facility and a hospital.

Lady Wigram Retirement Village
Golden Healthcare Group purchased the 5.7ha Lady Wigram site in 2013 from Ngāi Tahu Property, the developer of The Landing – the $40 million central hub of the Wigram Skies subdivision, at the heart of which is an architecturally designed town square and a collection of restaurants, cafés, retail and mixed-use community space. Not only is Lady Wigram a short walk from The Landing, it is also just a short drive to Hornby Mall, the Hornby Working Men’s Club and the city.
Everything about the retirement village speaks of the quality and attention to detail this service provider brings to the table, with this resort-style living piquing the interest of a younger demographic.
“In our experience, a lot of people are choosing to move into retirement village life earlier because they recognise the benefits of the ease of living and it allows them greater freedom and more social interaction,” owner John Tooby says.
“This means that it’s really important for us to provide amenities that help residents to socialise and keep active. More and more, retirement villages are becoming communities within their own right.”
Golden Healthcare Group already provides dementia, aged care and mental health support at seven other facilities, employing 259 staff and cares for approximately 350 residents.