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Say Hello to Yellow

Say Hello to Yellow

It’s the divisive hue of the colour wheel; in nature, when paired with black, yellow means danger; in Japan it represents courage; in Russia, a psychiatric hospital is known as a ‘yellow house’; it is also the colour of sunshine, happiness and sunflowers.


Say Hello to Yellow


Yet it seems this happy hue has knocked millennial pink of its popularity perch and this bright and punchy new player is vying for power. Gen Z Yellow is the latest buzz word in home décor circles. While yellow can be a polarising colour to wear, anything on the spectrum from lemon to mustard—which is where Gen Z Yellow lies—tends to be pretty easy to work with when it comes to design. After all, you don’t have immovable facets such as complexions to work with when it comes to our living spaces.

As such, it’s now embraced as energetic but equally relaxing; an ally to homes that want to generate an authentic aura of warmth. Tread carefully, for risk of it dominating and overwhelming the space. Start with the accents – curtains, lighting, cushions, throws and even rugs are great places to start. Say hello to yellow, the hottest colour of the summer, by welcoming a splash of sunshine into your home.


Say Hello to Yellow
Say Hello to Yellow
Say Hello to Yellow
Say Hello to Yellow



Sweet Seats

Sweet Seats

Few design trends are as useful as they are beautiful, but seats are increasingly blurring the lines between form and function, with our living spaces reaping the beautiful rewards.


Sweet Seats


With their purposeful role in our homes, they are in the prime position to make a design statement. So whether you’re in store for a comfy couch or some bentwood beauties, we’ve got the low-down on the sweetest seats around.  Although a lifelong member of the practicality party, dining chairs are getting a cool 2019 makeover. We’re increasingly seeing more creativity injected into their design, like the beautiful Venus Chairs by Pillow Talk, pictured.  When it comes to couches, it seems bigger is better, with plump silhouettes and over-sized chaise sectionals all the rage right now, which is a plus when it comes to comfort.

Curvy, rounded edges are having a serious moment in 2018. Traditional ’70s colours such as mustard, sage and deep jewel tones lend a healthy dose of vintage flair, or keep your finger on the contemporary pulse with of-the-moment shades like cobalt blue or millennial pink. Luxe materials such as velvet are making their luxurious mark.  If it’s the mid-century aesthetic you’re after, fear not – this art deco-inspired trend isn’t going anywhere soon. This look is all about opulence and glamour, so look for tuxedo or cabriole-style sofas.

Its modern incarnation incorporates many of the same design motifs as when it first hit the style scene in the 20s. Expect glossy blacks, shiny chrome, deep, tonal hues of purples and reds, bold geometric shapes, funky animal skins and ornate detailing.



Dream Doors Christchurch

New look kitchens: Dream Doors Christchurch

Dream Doors Christchurch can transform the hub of your home, providing a new look without the new kitchen price.


Dream Doors Christchurch


Owner Adrian Kay leads a dedicated team of four skilled tradesmen, specialising in kitchen renovation/remodelling. “Our kitchen facelifts are what sets us apart,” he says. “We retain the bones of the kitchen and replace the doors, drawer fronts and benchtops for a completely new look.”

The service will not only breathe new life into your kitchen and provide a stunning result with the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, but it also saves homeowners thousands of dollars. Using locally sourced materials, it’s also a more eco-friendly option, with as much of the existing kitchen re-used as possible.  Adrian established Dream Doors Christchurch six years ago. “I wanted to get involved in the rebuild, to help people get back on their feet and this was a small way to give back.”

The business offers a complete package and a bespoke service, guiding the customer through each stage of the process, from design to installation. Everything is taken care of – from arranging the electrician and plumber, to splashbacks and appliances.
A free upgrade to the latest melamine door technology – laser edging – is currently available, so now is a good time to create your dream kitchen. “Laser edging gives a much cleaner, crisper look. We have a full range of door styles and patterns, and benchtops for any budget and look you’re trying to achieve.”


Located in Wigram, phone 03 338 1081 or email for a free consultation


Angelique Armstrong

Interior Inspiration: Q&A with Angelique Armstrong

Metropol caught up with award-winning interior designer Angelique Armstrong from Armstrong Interiors to get a sneak peek at the latest trends to hit the home.


Angelique Armstrong


What trends do you see emerging this spring?

Whether you are intending on a moody dark room or a fresh white palette, all our fabric companies around the world are suggesting more colour. We have pineapples, flowers and large prints coming through, for outside and inside use. We need more people in Christchurch that want to be different and go for an individual look that suits them.

What is your favourite thing to include in your designs right now?

Steel and timber combined in pieces of furniture. We tend to be moving away from built units and cabinetry. Freestanding pieces of bespoke furniture or individually purchased pieces are making a comeback. There are some beautiful pieces available for the look you want. Open and boxed shelving for indoor plants to sit on seem to be popular this spring.

What advice would you give to someone looking to renovate or build?

Engage a designer to help with the large decisions at an early stage. Spending a little bit of money for some good design advice can save you a lot of time, money and mistakes later on. Set a budget and stick to it. Someone who knows what they are doing can help you achieve the look you want by comprising what I call ‘highs and lows’. This means higher priced items and low priced can sit in the same room side by side to achieve the look you want.

What makes a successful interior for you?

When I walk into a room and feel inspired, it is due to the combination of colour, layout, accessories and fabrics used. This can be achieved through colours sitting well together, new products on the market and seeing the enjoyment on my clients’ faces when they see and feel what they are getting. From design choices made early on to the beautiful and homely final touches.

What are you currently inspired by?

I love many different interior design looks, renovated villas, to very modern, minimalist new builds. At present I am working on a range of jobs from a heavy industrial-feel project with elegance in Auckland, to a modern rustic project in Queenstown. I am inspired when I get immersed into each job and creating beautiful interiors.



Lighting Strikes

Lighting Strikes

Eclectic, colourful, one-of-a-kind; they’re all great descriptors for the light of your life. We’re not talking about your Romeo or Juliet here, but rather the literal light of your life.


Lighting Strikes


A fundamental part of our everyday living, the benefits of modern lighting have evolved well beyond their core functionality and now form too is one of their key roles. So we’re shining the spotlight on some of the brightest trends in lighting design.


Industrial edge:

One of the most dynamic lighting trends in 2019 are industrial-style lamps. A little bit hipster with an edge of refinement is how to make this trend work in just about any space.


Vintage vibes:

Vintage bulbs hanging on lengthy cables add personality to your abode and can work for everything, from contemporary to rustic spaces.


Malleable metals:

Metallics have remained on centre stage for the longest of times, but now designer lighting fixtures that can be shaped to your own tastes is becoming hot property.


Gorgeous geometry:

Geometric shapes are the other lighting trend 2019 not to be missed, with this bright trend blending well with a range of styles, from vintage, to Scandinavian style, or even art deco.


Super-size me:

Big is better when it comes to the current crop of shades and fittings. No need to be shy! Take a walk on the super-sized side.


Intelligent inspiration:

Meanwhile, intelligent lighting controls are revolutionising the way we see our environments – quite literally.




The Gold Treatment

The Gold Treatment

Many of us know the story about King Midas, who is remembered in Greek mythology for his ability to turn everything he touched into gold. As the story goes, Midas got a little carried away and soon came to realise the concept that maybe ‘less is more’.


The Gold Treatment


Flash forward four thousand years and Midas could have taken a leaf out of the golden touch trend which is increasingly making its way into people’s homes. From faucets to frames, gold accents can add touches of elegance into your decor and can really help liven up a simple interior design.

Gold is a colour that gives a luxurious feel to any area where it is being added. For instance, take the bathroom. It’s a great hue to create a rich feel in a compact space. Rather than playing it safe, we are seeing a surge for gold taps, and simply washing our hands of the traditional chrome taps. We are also seeing brass, rose gold and matte black fittings, as people are daring to be brave by giving bathrooms a touch of personality.

Sinks and even bath tubs are also going for gold in today’s modern bathrooms, which is ideal for making a bold statement. Gold accents can also be added to light fittings, draw handles, tiles, or simply a gold frame on a mirror can bestow the luxe look in the bathroom.


The Gold Treatment
The Gold Treatment



Colour me calm

Colour me calm

It was Australian writer/organiser Peter Walsh that once said, “Your home should be the antidote to stress, not the cause of it”. And never a truer word has been said.


Colour me calm


While we continually seek to de-stress outside of the home – taking a walk, heading to the gym or joining a yoga class – leaving the house is not actually integral to feeling happier and lighter. Why not make a sanctuary of calm right at home?
The Dulux Colour Forecast has just been released for 2019 offering tonal, saturated and contrasting palettes to nurture, recharge and empower. In recognition of colour’s powerful ability to dramatically transform a space and help create a specific vibe, we’ve taken the opportunity to look at the most calming options on the colour wheel.

When it comes to relaxing colours, blue has the power to calm your mind, slow down your heart rate, lower your blood pressure and reduce anxiety.
Symbolising nature, green is one of the most restful and quiet colours, helping you stay calm and refreshed. Pink is another colour that promotes tranquillity and peace, with the rules of Feng Shui deeming this talented tone as capable of soothing competing energies within a space.

White symbolises tranquility and freshness, giving clarity of thought in times of stress. With the capacity to bring balance and inner peace, violet signifies peace and wisdom. While at face value, grey can be considered dull, it’s actually very soothing, making the perfect partnership with blue tones.



To learn more about Dulux’s 2019 Colour Forecast visit


Innovate Renovate

The reno duo: Innovate Renovate

Naturally if you intend to renovate your home or just need that back door fixed, you need a company you can rely on. Which is why, for the past five years, families and homeowners throughout Christchurch have been requesting the services of Ron and Adrian Bradley, the father and son team behind Innovate Renovate.


Innovate Renovate


“We do anything house related,” Adrian says.
“From something small like fixing a leaking tap, to building a new house.”
With father Ron starting his trade back in the sixties and son Adrian able to tackle jobs of any kind, you won’t find a better partnership in Christchurch. “After the earthquake we started to undertake household repairs for people and the business grew from there,” Adrian says.


We do anything house related


With Ron and Adrian, there is no middle man. They also offer a free no obligation quote and will guide you every step of the way to achieve exactly what you imagine your home to be.
From installing smoke alarms, to revamping your bathroom, or installing a new deck, Innovate Renovate is rapidly becoming everyone’s definitive go-to for home renovation and repairs, so why not make it yours?


For more information, visit or phone Adrian on 027 292 5999.


Officine Voluptas

Window Treatment Overhaul: Officine Voluptas

“Twilight drops her curtain down and pins it with a star,” Lucy Maud Montgomery once said. If you are pulling your curtains at twilight and they fall off the rail, then a swift visit to Officine Voluptas, is written in your stars this spring.


Officine Voluptas


You’ll find everything you need to start from the beginning in your window treatment overhaul and it’s on special too: with every new curtain order, Assistant Manager Chelsea Zhang is offering free aluminium tracking, free blackout-weight lining and, to clients in Christchurch and its surrounds, there is also free hanging and, of course, free measure and quote.
As if that wasn’t enticement enough, a further offer celebrates the opening of the gorgeous new showroom at 35 Riccarton Road – simply mention that you have read about Officine Voluptas in Metropol Magazine to receive a further 20 percent discount on all new orders, which applies to everything in store!


“You can achieve your dream home with our curtains and blinds,” Chelsea says. The showroom is vibrant with curtain options in every colour, weight and texture, with fabrics varying from velvet, to silk, to sheer, and each room in your home is catered for. Chelsea is excited to present new fabrics to add to the already extensive range from New Zealand, Australia and China.
There is a very popular checked chenille, so soft and warm and it comes in three stylish colourways: navy and cream, pale brown and cream and cream with yellow. A gorgeous new Coated Linen is already blackout weight – there’s no need to line it – and you can choose from dove grey or soft brown.
Most of the fabrics in the showroom are presented in full drop, rather than as tiny fabric samples so you get a graceful preview of the finished effect of the curtain. You can also appreciate the quality, weight and texture of every fabric while you are making decisions.


“We love to help people enhance the value of their home,” Chelsea says. “Our clients receive high quality curtains and at a very reasonable price.”
The curtains, blinds, and sunscreens are all created in the company’s own factory in Auckland, ensuring clients receive a very competitive price. Most fabrics are always in stock, but should you choose something that isn’t, it will be air freighted in immediately. Where fabric is in stock, your new curtains and blinds can be hanging at your windows in under three weeks.
Officine Voluptas offers a two-year warranty on all its fabrics and installation.


The team would love to see Christchurch people in their new showroom and for out of town clients to phone 03-349 4888, or email


Armstrong Interiors

In its interior element: Armstrong Interiors

Design has no limits and neither does Armstrong Interiors. The team behind this local firm is passionate about all things interiors designing your dream kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces, both large and small.


Armstrong Interiors



Working across new builds and renovations, incorporating the right mix of trends, textures, materials and colour is a large part of the scope. The talented team is completely comfortable working across a full range of projects, from the smallest to the largest design scheme and has earned some key awards throughout New Zealand for bathroom and living room designs.
Armstrong Interiors can provide a full design service, covering everything from a colour scheme and styling, through to suggested furniture options and placement. This covers all things window related, including blinds, shutters, rollers, drapes and voile, dependant on the look you are trying to create.


The company has a strong presence throughout New Zealand, with the ability to work with suppliers and manufactures with a high level of professionalism. A member of the New Zealand Kitchen and Bathroom Association (NKBA) for six years, it prides itself on education and understanding of the New Zealand design industry.
This year was Milan’s EuroCucina. Dedicated to the latest in European design, the biennial event exhibits all the highlights and latest news in appliances and kitchen design. Armstrong Interiors was delighted to be personally invited to visit and meet the top Italian designers of today.


Running a successful interior design team is personally satisfying for the team and happiness is seeing projects completed, with clients proud of the homes and spaces they can enjoy every day.
Dedicated to providing you with industry-leading service and design, the company has a vast knowledge and range of qualifications and specialist skills it can call on in house.
The company’s services vary, so you can schedule a consultation to meet, discuss and decide on your wants and needs for your interiors. The target market is anyone wanting assistance to create a lovely home created with practicality for the whole family to enjoy.


Visit the beautiful studio and feel the instant buzz of creation unfolding, where Armstrong Interiors can meet, design, measure, create, inspire, shop and shop some more, pulling together a total a vision for your space.