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Tabak Business Sales

Time for a Change? Tabak Business Sales

If you’re a small business owner you’ll understand exactly where investor Mark Cuban is coming from in saying a successful business “is not in the dreaming, it’s in the doing”.


Tabak Business Sales


The business year is full of doing and doing, and doing some more; often a summer holiday is the only breather you get to sit back, pause and reflect on the bigger picture. Are you still passionate about your business? What do you want to be doing in two to five years? Is it time for a change?

Tabak Business Sales understands that being in business has to be about more than just the bottom line and considering where the market is: it’s about passion and engagement; about being excited to get up in the morning to go to work. If your appetite for your enterprise has dulled a little recently, Damien Fahey and Sam Cherry, brokers at Tabak, are the people to see about the sale of your cherished business to a new and enthusiastic owner.

Damien says their process is comprehensive. “We assess the value of your business, write up a clear and very inclusive Information Memorandum for potential buyers, take buyers into due diligence and make the sale, occasionally in just a matter of weeks – but more often it can take 2-3 months.”


Tabak have statistics going back 15 years comparing assessed valuation with actual sale price, and are extremely proud that on average the sale price fell is within 5 percent of the valued price. “We always justify our valuations to the business owner by way of market and other data, and we never waste time bringing unreasonably low offers to our owners,” Sam says.

The Information Memorandum tells the fullest story possible. It sets out the history of the business, then examines the future, the business plan going forward and, “more importantly, the future opportunities for the business,” Sam says. “We aim to produce the best Information Memorandum you’ve ever seen and we can answer potential buyers’ questions, often without going back to the owner. Their role is to keep the business running smoothly, not to be concerned about the sale.”


Discretion and confidentiality are key: potential buyers sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for each business, rather than relying on a blanket NDA over a period of years. “Eighty percent of the businesses we sell are through our database and we regard that as our intellectual property,” Sam says.

“We can sell a business before the whole world knows it is on the market, so privacy is protected for vendor and purchaser.” Sam and Damien will also meet off site and after hours to protect confidentiality. “It is part of what we do and who we are. We love helping people so we don’t mind it being a 24-hour service,” Damien says. “Our referrals come through satisfaction, our reputation is our hallmark, and we will only ever represent quality clients.”



Nick in the City

Nick in the City

I’m fortunate enough to be on the coal face of the development within the city and of course spent some time going over the new Town Hall.


Nick in the City


I can’t say that I’m not excited by what will be my first visit for a function. Tim Beveridge is bringing his acclaimed The Music is Bond to the Christchurch Town Hall on 16 March. The sexiness and fun of 50 years of James Bond comes to life in an exceptional show featuring the best in musical talent from Canterbury with a superb cast including Jackie Clarke, Ali Harper, Caitlin Smith and backed by the magnificent sound of the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra.

Tim says, “I am very excited to be returning to the Christchurch Town Hall. It’s probably going to be a bit emotional to be back there after having had so many wonderful experiences performing there with the CSO”. “I also first met my wife there!”

I stood amazed the last time I saw Tim belt out a stunning rendition of Tom Jones’ Thunder ball and every piece is stunningly crafted by the Christchurch symphony Orchestra to perfection. Yes, it’s true I’m a BIG James Bond fan but the music here is timeless.

With the talented performers debuting this music in Christchurch’s stunning new performance venue there’s no better excuse to come and check out what the new Town Hall has to offer.


Book early at and have a few martinis, shaken not stirred, before you go.


Serious Entertainment destination

Serious Entertainment destination

Peter Walker heads into the city to check out the new flagship cinema complex and all its delicious offerings.


Serious Entertainment destination


Hoyts has returned to the CBD. Since the demolition of the Moorhouse Avenue cinema building, the city has waited patiently for a replacement. The wait has been well rewarded. EntX, on the corner of Lichfield and Colombo Streets, is the entertainment company’s flagship cinema complex, certainly something unique and exciting in a city longing for, and demanding, serious entertainment.

The Calder Stewart design and build project broke ground in 2016, facing issues such as a tight, 100 percent coverage site with extremely limited access due to its central city location. What they have delivered is a contemporary movie theatre complex, with seven screens, recliners and state of the art Dolby sound systems. There are two Extremescreens – biggest and best screens and sounds available – and for the ultimate movie experience, two LUX theatres. As the name suggests, LUX is a premium dine-in cinema experience. “Optimised for luxury over capacity,” it means you get to combine fine wine, premium food and comfort while enjoying the latest blockbusters from the guaranteed best seat in the house.


Serious Entertainment destination

From the top of the escalators you enter two floors of an almost futuristic other-world. Self-serve ticketing terminals, bathed in the flicker of a huge screen showing movie shorts, give way to Treat City, an open plan treat centre. Self-serve popcorn, drinks, frozen drinks, novelty cups, sweets and popcorn buckets, and movie merchandise such as hats, soft toys, mugs, Pop! Vinyl figures and more – all on display for purchase. “We’re all about customer interaction, and them having the time to browse and make selections before the movie,” says Location Manager Michelle McConaghty.

Arties Bar and Café serves hot and cold food that can be taken into the theatres to make for a unique experience in Christchurch. And if all that isn’t already the makings of a funtastic entertainment experience, on the ground floor is an incredible line up of some of the best casual dining in the city. That accounts for the amazing smells as you enter a large atrium with stylised seating areas, including comfy leather lounge seats in front of a fireplace, bar leaners, benches, and tables and chairs.


Serious Entertainment destination

Each of the eateries has its own seating area, too. Cleaver & Co and Joe’s Garage offer all the gastro-pub and breakfast favourites while Two Fat Indians, Nando’s, Ottoman Turkish Kebabs, Roll and Bowl, Hanoi Old Quarter, and Pad Thai Pan make all the ethnic delights you would expect in such a culinary festival. Infinito, Leemo, Nourish Pod, and Habitual Fix also offer quality favourites such a pizza, sandwiches, wraps, desserts, juices and smoothies, and teas. More food outlets are coming.

Whether checking out the latest Oscar hopefuls or meeting friends for a night on the town – the Bus Interchange is just across the road and there are parking buildings close by, making this central city hotspot easily accessible – EntX is the perfect starting point.



The Heart of the City

The Heart of the City

Home is and always will be so much more than where the heart is, particularly as it relates to the Garden City. It is this strong sense of patriotism that is propelling Christchurch clothing company DUAL into the sartorial spotlight.


The Heart of the City


Described by its owners as “the last man standing of New Zealand manufacturing”, Dual operates from a factory in Lichfield Street. Owners Stuart Montgomery and Phillip Sunderland are dedicated ambassadors for the quality denim brand and strong advocates for locally made products. A tagline, ‘Always Aotearoa’ perfectly captures the sentiment bestowed at the very heart of the business.
“We are in the unique position of being New Zealand’s only denim brand made right here in Christchurch,” Phillip says. “We don’t outsource to a third-world country. Everything is made here (has always been) and will continue to be made locally.”

The duo is supported by 90 staff, each with industry-related skills. “There are lots of designers who want to design but very few are willing to sit at a machine and learn the process. Designing a garment and knowing how it’s constructed are two different things.”
The pair is well versed in hard work. “Making it in the New Zealand fashion industry is hard work and we are all on the boat trying to stay afloat. We believe in our vision and keeping our industry alive but people need to buy New Zealand made – if they don’t, we all go out of business.”


The Heart of the City

Like the edgy, robust structured denim products they produce, Dual has stood the test of time and now is located at 5/181 High Street, in the Little High Lanes. At the industrial looking store, which shares a roof with Not Without You wine bar, there are a range of products, including the popular trench coats, jeans, skirts, overalls and soon to be released summer shorts. The next year promises to be a busy one for Phillip and Stuart who plan to ‘flesh-out’ their story further by taking their apparel to a larger market outside of Canterbury and New Zealand. “The most difficult part for us is finding stores that suit our brand values. We will be hitting the road to get our name (and story) out there.”

While Dual’s products are popular with all ages, Phillip says its biggest supporters are those who are not interested in mass-produced items and wish to support New Zealand made products. Nobody knows that more than Dual Designer Gina Lee. “Everyone here is like a family. We help each other out and I love working alongside the staff in the factory. “Producing a pair of jeans takes team work and takes time. Each garment that leaves here has had many people working on it, helping construct it.”Even though the margins are small, according to Phillip, Dual won’t compromise on quality or its ethos. “If people actually saw where some of New Zealand’s top designers have their brands made, they wouldn’t buy them.


The Heart of the City


“Ours is a story that is local – an authentic New Zealand story.”
For further information, email, phone 03 925 9786 or pop into the retail shop next to Little High Eatery.


Wonderful Wigram

Wonderful Wigram

Wigram is an increasingly popular place to live, work and play. Peter Walker looks at the history of this happening place.


Wonderful Wigram


Ninety years ago, Wigram captured international news headlines when Charles Kingsford Smith landed the first successful trans-Tasman flight at Wigram Aerodrome on the morning of September 3, 1928. The flight from Sydney to Christchurch took more than 14 hours and thirty thousand people gathered to witness history being made. Named after English-born Christchurch businessman, Mayor and aviation enthusiast, Henry Wigram, the Aerodrome already had a substantial local history. ‘Sockburn Airport’, as it was previously known, served as a pilot training facility, sending pilots to the British Royal Flying Corps during WWI, helped establish regular mail services, and pioneered commercial aviation in the region.


Wonderful Wigram

In the late 1800s, the area was called Plumpton Park. It was a popular horse racing track and regular hare hunting venue. For centuries before that, the wider area was home to and hunting grounds for local Ngāi Tahu. After nearly a hundred years of operation, the airfield was closed to all aviation traffic, finally, in 2009. The full history is spectacularly displayed at the Air Force Museum of New Zealand, situated on Harvard Avenue. In 1997 Ngāi Tahu Property purchased the site with a vision. According to a promotional video, “the vision was to create a new suburb. It had a scale to it where it needed a master plan, it needed more than just a residential subdivision, it needed a sense of community. So the vision was to produce that, with some social infrastructure including town centre, sports fields, education, all those things that make up a vibrant community.”

Wigram Skies is that vibrant community. It is a community rich in aviation history, reflected in its landmarks, buildings and street names – Kittyhawk, Corsair, Skyhawk and The Runway. Wide open boulevards give way to intimate neighbourhoods and cul-de-sacs tucked into vast green spaces which include walkways, playgrounds, public transport hubs and rest areas. At the centre of Wigram Skies is The Landing, “a shopping, dining and work destination”. This modern town square is home to office space, community services, and an array of retailers and eateries. From fast-food and cafés to gastropubs, breakfast specialists and ethnic delights, there is something for every culinary desire. With a supermarket, childcare facilities, a large, multi-disciplinary medical centre, retirement homes, and a veterinary service opening soon, Wigram Skies is an ideal living environment for all.


Wonderful Wigram


Wigram Primary School, Te Piki Kahu, will move to a new campus on The Runway in 2019. Wigram Skies is a diverse and inclusive community. Resident-led initiatives abound – walking groups, yoga sessions, a local newsletter, ESOL classes and language groups. The local Lions Club assists with regular fundraising projects. From the grand landscapes to the smallest details, such as the meaning of the raukura (feather) in the logo and the references to aviation throughout the community, it is obvious a lot of careful thought has gone into making Wigram a wonderful place to live.



Bread & Circus

The circus comes to town: In the city with Nick

Having been involved in media for the last thirty years, I’m aware this time of the year is a brilliant time to get into Christchurch and soak up the juice that is events in the city.


Bread & Circus


The Buskers Festival has always been a top favourite of mine and the re-invention, Bread and Circus, promises more excitement than ever.

Bread & Circus will run from 10 January to 3 February 2019. The festival kicks off with an intensive 10-day programme full of exciting free events, exceptional ticketed shows, a large-scale spectacle and world-famous busking pitches. The ticketed programme and festival hub will then extend into February.

With more than 50 talented performers from around the world, including 22 of New Zealand’s finest, it’s hard to pick favourites.
Mayor of Christchurch, Lianne Dalziel says she’s delighted that Strut & Fret are bringing their 20 years plus experience to breathe new life into Christchurch’s beloved World Buskers Festival, bringing Bread & Circus, a festival of world-class performances, to the heart of the city.

“The team at Strut & Fret have promised me that Bread & Circus World Buskers Festival will integrate the old and the new, with elements that everyone knows and loves, and a new range of phenomenal features to elevate the festival to a whole new level.”
This summer’s festival is bigger and bolder than ever before, with 527 performances and 90 hours of roving performers, an increase from 344 performances earlier this year. The number of buskers doing free street performances will double from 14 in 2018 to 29, with talent from New Zealand and around the world.


Nicholas Henare
Nicholas Henare








New Vibes

New Vibes

As I glanced down the table I got the feeling that I was at some sort of Godfather meeting. The Doms of all the families had gathered at Fiddlesticks for a very special lunch with Pierre Samuel Reyne from Pol Roger Champagne.


New Vibes


The 2009 Vintage was being accompanied by a long lunch and conversation about the hospitality industry flowed amongst those lucky enough to be invited by David Kininmonth from Hancocks Wines and Spirits.  Conversation turned to new developments, new operators. Each person at the table represented a good slice of hospitality within the four avenues and having been involved with a lot of them for years the thought struck me that town is an ever-evolving beast; that moving forward in post-quake Christchurch is going to be an exciting journey and we should make sure we are aware of what’s going on. So welcome to my endeavour to enlighten you on things that are happening within our beautiful garden city.

The weekend past saw me at the Welles Street, Octoberfest. How wonderful to see a well organised, thoroughly enjoyable event. The environment totally lent itself to a great evening. Divided into two events on the Saturday and one on the Sunday, it gave you the chance to get dressed up in “traditional” German beer drinking apparel, let your hair down and dance, sing, eat and of course, drink great quality beer.

It was the type of event we want to see much more of and Tom and Daniel from Welles Street look likely to provide much more of the same. If you haven’t checked out the venue, do. I went to the opening of Christchurch’s brand-new entertainment hub, EntX, and of course the wonderful new HOYTS seven screen flagship cinema complex and the first large scale cinema complex to return to the central city.
Partnering with a local developer and employing over 60 locals, HOYTS EntX is offering Cantabrians the ultimate movie going experience. Guests will be able to enjoy a range of offerings including HOYTS LUX, a premium in-cinema experience alongside the open candy-bar Treat City and Arties Bar and Café serving delicious hot and cold food.

The Cinema is rich and lush and obviously the next step in entertainment. Such a pleasure to see something like this opening in the inner city to bring life and vibrancy back. “We are extremely proud to be among the first companies to help rebuild entertainment experiences in the heart of Christchurch,” says HOYTS General Manager of Operations NZ, Paul Wood.  “For a city that has experienced so many trials and tribulations, we are certain our investment will bring excitement and fun to audiences in the area.”

“For a city that has experienced so many trials and tribulations, we are certain our investment will bring excitement and fun to audiences in the area.”

EntX is the first HOYTS site in the South Island to offer the premium HOYTS LUX offering. A unique and exclusive cinema offering, HOYTS LUX offers customers a sophisticated bar, in-cinema service at the touch of a button and an extensive wine list as well as a bespoke and exclusive menu designed by celebrity chef and judge on TVNZ 2’s My Kitchen Rules, Manu Feildel.  I will be catching up with Manu for an indepth look at not only how he constructed the menu but also to get a look at what’s happening in his world as a celebrity chef.
Keep an eye out for the interview in an upcoming Metropol.

Catching up with Andrew Trevelyan from Ōtākaro, the company in charge of the anchor projects for the “New” Christchurch, I was greatly enthused with the prospect of what’s coming in the next ten years. With five goals; a green city, compact central core, accessible, stronger built identity and a place to live, work, play, learn and visit, I was surprised by how much I didn’t know about where we are going. This knowledge is easily accessible, but it took an hour chat by Andrew to really get to know how exciting this will all be.

From greenspace engagement, to the CTV site, to the new stadium and library, there is so much to take in. Every Cantabrian should check out the website,, to get just the tip of the iceberg on what to expect. Exciting times! As I’m going to make this a regular column, I invite you to let me know of any exciting things happening in our wonderful new central city.


Nicholas Henare
Nicholas Henare Contact me on







The Pedal Pusher

Frolic Gastronomic: The Pedal Pusher

There’s nothing like celebrating warmer, balmier days than to wave bye-bye to winter foods, as they head off to their well-deserved hibernation period, and welcome in the lighter, fresh ’n’ flavoursome fare of a spring/summer season.


The Pedal Pusher


Over at The Pedal Pusher, Addington, they’re very excited to present to customers their hot-off-the press spring menu. It’s a taste-bud treat; a veritable springtime, gastronomic frolic of superb Kiwi cuisine. Chef Bevan Ward says the focus of their menu has very much shifted to supporting local people. “For example, most of our meat is sourced locally, from excellent suppliers, such as Ellesmere Butchery.”

A recent introduction to the menu is fat enriched, low carbohydrate dishes, for customers following a Keto diet. “And because we believe that a great restaurant should cater to all dietary requirements, we have six vegan/gluten free dishes on our spring menu,” says owner Rana. Whether catching up with friends for cake and coffee, following the footy with a juicy steak and craft beer, or lingering over a fabulous full-course feast, this is the place to be.

Because of the great location, it’s a doddle to perambulate, or pedal, to nearby entertainment venues, such as The Horncastle Arena, the Addington Raceway, or The Court Theatre. So, pull on over, park up your penny-farthing and pop in to the most pedal pumpin’ pub in town!



The Pedal Pusher 286 Lincoln Road, for brunch, lunch and dinner, open 9am to late. Phone 03 335 0095, email or visit


Talk of the Town

Talk of the town: Entertainment Central

There is no question the Canterbury quakes were a game-changer. They took from Christchurch an iconic identity, one it had been building and nurturing since the Canterbury Association settled the surrounding province of Canterbury and gave the city its name in 1848.


Talk of the Town


With the brunt of Mother’s Nature’s force concentrated in our central business district, it was our city’s commercial heart which took the biggest hit. For many of the businesses that had made their commercial homes within the cleverly confined quadrant of Christchurch’s central city, it became survival of the fittest; a test of our innate fight or flight responses. Thankfully, for a select group of developers, that response was to fight, in a commercial capacity that is. Richard Peebles, Antony Gough, Phillip Carter, Max Bremner, Tim Glasson and Nick Hunt are just some of the city’s brave legacy leaders. Daring to dream big, they have delivered handsomely. And, on the back of their dogged determination, the central city has got its groove back.

This is perhaps best exemplified by the opening of a world-class venture by Calder Stewart that welcomed a very unique entertainment and dining experience into the CBD when it opened earlier this month. Entertainment Central (EntX) is Calder Stewart’s latest central city development and it’s one that is the talk of the town. With three levels of entertainment, we’ll get to enjoy seven cinemas and 18 eateries in the heart of the CBD. Those confirmed are Cleaver and Co, Joe’s Garage, Two Fat Indians, Infinito, Habitual Fix, Hanoi Old Quarter, Leemo, Nando’s, Nourish Pod, Ottoman Turkish Kebabs, Shanghai Dumplings, Roll and Bowl, and Pad Thai Pan.

Under construction for a year and a half between Colombo, Lichfield and Tuam Streets, the $50 million new Hoyts EntX multiplex replaces the eight-screen Moorhouse Ave complex which the cinema chain lost in the earthquakes. A first for New Zealand, the development incorporates more than 900 electric reclining seats across seven luxury cinemas – two extreme screens with Dolby surround take cinema to an exhilarating new level.

It will be the company’s third multiplex in Christchurch and 11th in New Zealand, and the second in the country with large “xtremescreens”, recliner seats and in-cinema dining.
The opening will bring the number of movie screens in the city to 39. Since the earthquakes the only central city cinema has been the boutique two-screen Alice Cinematique with 74 seats. The Arts Centre plans to open a double-screen arthouse cinema next year.

The development is expected to play an important role in the central city’s reinvigoration. The population of the central city is currently a third lower than before the earthquakes, with the New Zealand Property Council calling the council’s target of 20,000 residents by 2024 unrealistic in a recent report. However, a Christchurch City Council committee is considering a newly announced three-year plan aimed at accelerating the repopulation of the space.

Labelled ‘Project 8011’ after the central city postcode and the estimated number of homes needed to house the 20,000 people, it recommends boosting resident numbers through more housing options, through development incentives including low equity loans, rebates on development contributions and investment from the NZ Super Fund.
But in the meantime, developments such as EntX are heading in the right direction to draw the people in.



Made in the Shade

Beckenham’s fashion central: Made in the Shade

Welcome to the new revamp at Made in the Shade – here it’s impossible not to find the perfect outfit, with new stock of the best labels arriving daily. It has become a busy little shop – Beckenham’s fashion central!

Made in the Shade


“Optimum Knitwear has been our great success,” Ali says. It has pride of place in the entranceway. It’s 100 percent non-pilling cotton and I can order any style in any size or colour.”

A large rack is dedicated to the sumptuous Simply Linen range. Made in Italy, it’s non-creasing, no-iron, wash and wear luxury. Pants are wide and floaty or fitting this season, she says. The latest stripes look great with high waists. Canadian-made quality Lisette L pants are so feminine, and perfect-fit NYDJ jeans can also be ordered to size.

“Whether you’re out for a coffee or at a wedding, Anne Mardell’s dresses, tops and pants always look beautiful, especially teamed with a little jacket.”
Bittermoon dresses are of soft, draping fabric, with great sleeves and a flattering empire line. And Black Stone is another well-loved label.


Made in the Shade


“Sharon, Marion and myself know what will suit everyone that walks through the door. A regular customer recently said: Oh, you are naughty Ali, I only came in for one thing!

Nevertheless, she left very happy with a beautiful new wardrobe. It’s creating a story, where everything co-ordinates.”

Made in the Shade always has sale items and a 70 percent-off sale rack, while the Zsiska handmade jewellery adds that eye-catching finishing touch.

Browse amongst the brights, prints, plains and florals at 151 Colombo Street, or

Phone 03-332 1238.