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Say Hello to Yellow

Say Hello to Yellow

It’s the divisive hue of the colour wheel; in nature, when paired with black, yellow means danger; in Japan it represents courage; in Russia, a psychiatric hospital is known as a ‘yellow house’; it is also the colour of sunshine, happiness and sunflowers.


Say Hello to Yellow


Yet it seems this happy hue has knocked millennial pink of its popularity perch and this bright and punchy new player is vying for power. Gen Z Yellow is the latest buzz word in home décor circles. While yellow can be a polarising colour to wear, anything on the spectrum from lemon to mustard—which is where Gen Z Yellow lies—tends to be pretty easy to work with when it comes to design. After all, you don’t have immovable facets such as complexions to work with when it comes to our living spaces.

As such, it’s now embraced as energetic but equally relaxing; an ally to homes that want to generate an authentic aura of warmth. Tread carefully, for risk of it dominating and overwhelming the space. Start with the accents – curtains, lighting, cushions, throws and even rugs are great places to start. Say hello to yellow, the hottest colour of the summer, by welcoming a splash of sunshine into your home.


Say Hello to Yellow
Say Hello to Yellow
Say Hello to Yellow
Say Hello to Yellow



Murray Hewitt Joinery

Architectural Mystery: Murray Hewitt Joinery

There are few architectural details that can give a home a sense of mystery and wonder like a secret door leading to a hidden room.


Murray Hewitt Joinery


If you’ve ever wanted a private hideaway, extra secure storage for valuables, or an almost magical escape to another world, a hidden room is sure to amaze and inspire. One local Christchurch builder renovating his home had just such a whim for a hidden room – actually a hidden office/workroom. The most common mechanism for accessing a hidden room is via a bookcase that conceals a secret door. That’s where Murray Hewitt Joinery came into the story.

“The client supplied us with a whole lot of recycled rimu and asked us to turn a picture of a bookcase cum door from the Internet into practical reality,” Murray Hewitt says. “Creative engineering certainly came into play as we scratched our heads about how to create the required pivot in the bookcase so it would open as a door, but when shut would look like a single unit. It was a fascinating challenge – something different and out of the ordinary.”

The team at Murray Hewitt Joinery really enjoys the ‘out of the ordinary’. “They had fun working out the complex design then cleaning up any defects in the recycled timber, laminating it and adding details such as architraves to the bookcase itself to fit in with the style of the home. We definitely can turn our hands to anything and everything.”



Located at 25A Lunns Road, phone 03 343 0360 or email See the extensive joinery portfolio on


Dream Doors Christchurch

New look kitchens: Dream Doors Christchurch

Dream Doors Christchurch can transform the hub of your home, providing a new look without the new kitchen price.


Dream Doors Christchurch


Owner Adrian Kay leads a dedicated team of four skilled tradesmen, specialising in kitchen renovation/remodelling. “Our kitchen facelifts are what sets us apart,” he says. “We retain the bones of the kitchen and replace the doors, drawer fronts and benchtops for a completely new look.”

The service will not only breathe new life into your kitchen and provide a stunning result with the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, but it also saves homeowners thousands of dollars. Using locally sourced materials, it’s also a more eco-friendly option, with as much of the existing kitchen re-used as possible.  Adrian established Dream Doors Christchurch six years ago. “I wanted to get involved in the rebuild, to help people get back on their feet and this was a small way to give back.”

The business offers a complete package and a bespoke service, guiding the customer through each stage of the process, from design to installation. Everything is taken care of – from arranging the electrician and plumber, to splashbacks and appliances.
A free upgrade to the latest melamine door technology – laser edging – is currently available, so now is a good time to create your dream kitchen. “Laser edging gives a much cleaner, crisper look. We have a full range of door styles and patterns, and benchtops for any budget and look you’re trying to achieve.”


Located in Wigram, phone 03 338 1081 or email for a free consultation


Lighting Strikes

Lighting Strikes

Eclectic, colourful, one-of-a-kind; they’re all great descriptors for the light of your life. We’re not talking about your Romeo or Juliet here, but rather the literal light of your life.


Lighting Strikes


A fundamental part of our everyday living, the benefits of modern lighting have evolved well beyond their core functionality and now form too is one of their key roles. So we’re shining the spotlight on some of the brightest trends in lighting design.


Industrial edge:

One of the most dynamic lighting trends in 2019 are industrial-style lamps. A little bit hipster with an edge of refinement is how to make this trend work in just about any space.


Vintage vibes:

Vintage bulbs hanging on lengthy cables add personality to your abode and can work for everything, from contemporary to rustic spaces.


Malleable metals:

Metallics have remained on centre stage for the longest of times, but now designer lighting fixtures that can be shaped to your own tastes is becoming hot property.


Gorgeous geometry:

Geometric shapes are the other lighting trend 2019 not to be missed, with this bright trend blending well with a range of styles, from vintage, to Scandinavian style, or even art deco.


Super-size me:

Big is better when it comes to the current crop of shades and fittings. No need to be shy! Take a walk on the super-sized side.


Intelligent inspiration:

Meanwhile, intelligent lighting controls are revolutionising the way we see our environments – quite literally.




Lake Hood

Unique aquatic playground: Lake Hood

A stunning man-made lake, recreational facility and residential community the size of North Hagley Park is the largest man made recreational lake in New Zealand. Imagine your own waterfront property with a private jetty at the bottom of your garden.


Lake Hood


Lake Hood is in excess of 90 hectares in area and continuously expanding. The recreational and residential development provides an incredible range of amenities established around the unique aquatic playground – combining affordable lakeside living with unbeatable lifestyle. There are currently 180 homes owned by a genuine cross section of the community, from young families to retirees and thanks to the current extensions there are new premium waterfront sections for sale. The latest extensions will double the size of the lake to rival the entire size of Hagley Park, introducing a further 350 living options and increasing the residential waterfront to more than 7km.

Residents of the stunning homes with lakeside living panorama and manicured canals enjoy the majestic snow-capped Southern Alps, creating a breath-taking backdrop to the lake waters fed by natural spring water bubbling up from the earth and waters flowing from the surrounding alpine environment Lake Hood is situated 6km south east of Ashburton and free for all to enjoy. The lake comprises an eight lane international rowing course, a separate water skiing area, as well as a separate jet skiing area, plus sailing and kayaking, which can be enjoyed on or around the lake simultaneously.

There are now over 200,000 recreational visitors per year. With 155,000 visitors for the six months ended 31 March, 2018, current projections for 2019 exceed 300,000. There are more than 1,800 motorised boats from throughout Canterbury registered to use the lake and boat owners enjoy a number of annual classic boat events and regular multisport events. However, you don’t need to own a boat to enjoy this wonderful playground. There is a huge amount of regular family use of both the park and the lake. Picnic tables are dotted around the park and swimmers enjoy the safe environment for a splash or canoe ride.

Rowing teams of International Excellence use the amazing facility and a world class coach is available. The lake also boasts outstanding international water-skiing achievements plus a wide range of sailing accolades. Ashburton College has an exceptional rowing team and, with the international standard rowing course right on their back door step, students enjoy the great conditions without too much travel.

There is a lakeside restaurant providing an elegant dining facility which is the perfect stop for a quiet wine or coffee, or a meal on our large deck sitting over the lake or inside our cosy warm dining room on cooler days. In the summer you can pull up to our boardwalk and get some refreshments like some takeaway fish n chips or an ice cream, or just drop in for coffee. It has also become a popular destination for functions and weddings. A cycle ride from Lake Hood to Ashburton provides pleasant off-road experience.

Embracing our accessible city

Embracing our accessible city

Architect Craig South takes a look at how Christchurch’s growing cycle and pedestrian infrastructure is poised to transform the city’s future.


Embracing our accessible city


Part of the vision for the Christchurch rebuild was to create a city that would be safer, cleaner and easier to access. Most Cantabrians agree with that in principle, while still commuting to work every day in private motor vehicles that pollute the environment and clog up roads. Maybe it’s time to rethink how we travel in and out of the city. I’m optimistic this will happen as people begin to explore the city’s changing travel network. Christchurch already has many new dedicated cycle lanes and pedestrian walkways linking up different parts of the CBD and connecting with similar developments in the wider city and outlying districts. We may not yet be up there with Copenhagen – the world’s first ‘Bike City’ – but this shift towards sharing our streets more evenly between motorists, cyclists and pedestrians is starting to create a more positive feel for the whole urban environment.

While some of the city’s new cycle ways are still somewhat under-used, they are a resource waiting to be tapped into. All that’s required is a shift in thinking and a willingness to give it a go. Over time, they will grow to be recognised as a real asset for the city not least because fewer cars on the roads will ultimately mean less traffic congestion. Imagine the Riverside farmers’ market once it’s up and running. With most people walking or cycling there on a Saturday rather than driving, it will be an amazing evolution for the central city.

Within our own architectural practice, we are witnessing an interesting shift in commuting habits. Some people have completely switched over to cycling, while others are choosing to drive part way before completing their commute on a bike. Most are thinking about how they travel to and from work and whether it’s time to make some changes. Personally, I’ve been warming to the idea of cycling to work more often.

My cycle route is through Hagley Park and I find that so much more relaxing than the drive. For starters, I have the freedom to think about other things than morning traffic. It takes me 15 minutes to bike to work, compared to 10 minutes by car. When you factor in how long it can take to find a car park, cycling does not add significantly to travel time. Plus, cycling bestows fitness and petrol saving advantages. It’s such an easy, stress free way to build physical activity into the day.

Commuting by bike, bus or foot is definitely more ecologically sustainable than taking the car, unless you happen to own an electric vehicle, of course. Some of our larger civic and commercial organisations are leading the way in supporting all the various green transport alternatives through providing electric car charging stations, secure bike parking and associated shower and locker facilities.


For those who haven’t been on a bike for a while, give it a try one weekend and find out just how easy it is to get around on two-wheels. It really is a fun way to explore the city!


National Kitchen and Bathroom Associations

Stopped in their Tracks: National Kitchen and Bathroom Associations

Canterbury’s own Ingrid Geldof has made the province proud again by bringing home nine awards from the National Kitchen and Bathroom Associations (NKBA) awards presentation. Ever modest about her achievements, Ingrid quietly admits it is the highest number of awards ever won by a designer in a year.


National Kitchen and Bathroom Associations


You can see how her design for the ‘Georgian Bathroom’ stopped the judges in their tracks. The bath forms a focal point sited beneath two mullioned windows. It is approached via an avenue lined with twin vanities set against partition walls, which screen the shower on one side and the toilet on the other.

The bathroom is flooded with light, enhanced by the glossy large format marble-look porcelain tiles. The twin vanities are in dark stained solid oak, with Caesarstone bench tops. In the kitchen, the marble-look tiles cover the floor, while lighting is classic spotlights, under bench, and lit glass-fronted and shelved cupboards. The empire crystal chandelier is a dramatic focal point over the convivial dining space at the end of the 6.5m island.

Ingrid worked closely with co-designer Rachel Barnes on the intricate details, while Bridget Sullivan of Room Interiors worked with Ingrid on the home’s colour choices and drapes.
Advanced Joinery manufactured the joinery. They have worked with Ingrid for a number of years and, with Ingrid, achieved the NZ Manufacturer Craftsman Award. Director Greg Ayers says, “It is a pleasure to work with Ingrid, her plans are detailed and easy to use”.


National Kitchen and Bathroom Associations


Ingrid says Advanced Joinery has been amazing with the detailing required. “You can see the workmanship that has gone in and the award is well deserved.”
Greg says, “it’s a thrill for the team to receive this award for the detailed work they did”. Advanced Joinery has also won the Canterbury Region 2018 NZ Master Builders Heart of the Home Kitchen Award for another project with Ingrid.

The Georgian kitchen and bathroom brought home six awards plus the new award: NKBA Designer of the Year, earned for the two kitchens Ingrid entered; Canterbury Bathroom of the Year sponsored by Artisan Stone, Certified Designer Bathroom of the Year sponsored by The Kitchen Hub, Overall NKBA Bathroom of the Year, sponsored by St Michel, Classic Kitchen of the Year, sponsored by Schneider, Kitchen $80,000-$100,000 sponsored by Gaggenau, and the Manufacturer Craftmanship Award, sponsored by Burns and Ferrall, which Ingrid is proud to share with Advanced Joinery.



G.I. Builders

Retaining Character: G.I. Builders

Transforming character homes into homes suitable for 21st century lifestyles takes both building expertise and empathy for the features of the original house.


G.I. Builders


“It actually takes what I call a building brain,” says Grant Irving of G.I. Builders Ltd. “That’s something you develop over years of experience in doing a variety of work from building different types of new homes to renovating older ones.” Grant and his wife Kelly used their combined building brain to totally renovate their own character home in St Albans. “It was a small weatherboard house that was built back to front and not orientated for the sun. We stripped the whole place back to the framing, added extra rooms for our business and created open plan living out of a series of previously poky rooms.

“Now we have a wonderfully warm and functional house that still retains the character we loved about it when we first purchased it, but which has been brought right-up to date with all the facilities and technology we all expect in a home of today.”
Grant and Kelly emphasise that for a character home renovation project it is vitally important to engage the service of an architect who really understands character homes and what is required to modernise them successfully. “The project then becomes a collaborative effort between the builder and the architect to achieve the very best result.” It is well known that many older houses in New Zealand lack insulation and can be cold and dark. “That was a fundamental aspect we addressed in our renovation with insulation in the floor, ceilings and internal walls, as well as double glazing and giving the house good indoor/outdoor flow with massive French doors off the living area out to a large kwila deck. Modern living is all about warmth and spacial flow and that is what we have created.”

Keeping what is unique and distinctive about a character home requires an eye for detail and that is an attribute that G. I Builders prides itself on. “You tend to use a lot more solid wood in a character home renovation. You also need to think about the style of skirtings, feature fireplaces and staircases. You do not want to end up with a bland modern house that has no distinguishing elements.”
To this end Kelly brought her interior design expertise to the project using anaglypta-style wallpapers to enhance the heritage retro look as well as metal and stainless steel for the staircase and kitchen bench tops. “We spent a good deal of time on finishes and giving the house a real point of difference and personality.”


Grant and Kelly’s beautifully renovated house is now for sale. “We don’t want to move. We have our dream home now and the area is quiet and attractive. But we need to be in the right zone for our children’s secondary education.”
Should you wish to view the house you can contact Fiona Nankivell, Harcourts Holmwood – 0272 282 706.


Louvre Solutions

The height of sophistication: Louvre Solutions

Indulge in the height of sophistication, the freedom of outdoor entertaining and relaxing in style to your own schedule.


Louvre Solutions


Spring is upon us and with the promise of long summer evenings on the horizon, now is the perfect time to plan on creating an exterior space that will enhance your outdoor festivities. A louvered roof is an innovative patio/deck cover that, with just the touch of a button, transforms your environment and lets you extend your living space into the great outdoors.  Entertaining at home has never been easier and Canterbury-based Louvre Solutions, owned and operated by Craig Rogers, knows how to create the perfect outdoor space. Whether entertaining or relaxing, they complete your outdoor environment. The louvres move at your command to allow full sunshine, to filter shade or to provide solid rain protection.

Louvre Solutions’ louvre systems are manufactured with quality elements, precision engineering and aesthetic options to realise your vision of the ultimate outdoor space. The patio louvre system is strong and conforms to nearly all wind and snow load requirements. The louvres integrate flawlessly into any architectural style. Louvre Solutions manufactures its louvres from extruded aluminium which offers greater durability than traditional patio covers. Unlike plastic or fabric, these components will outperform in heat and rain.


“When we started out, these premium products were prohibitively expensive, reserved for the elite. While the quality of the products has never faltered, we have been able to make them accessible to a wider market and work with a number of clients ranging from entry level properties through to very high-spec homes,” Craig explains. The benefits of a louvre roof are many, ranging from aesthetic to practical. They are a brilliant addition to homes and can be proactively planned as part of the design/build process or can be retrofitted once the need is identified post construction.  “Following the earthquakes, there has been a significant shift to subdivisions where there is generally no established exterior cover. Houses are exposed and owners try to manage environmental conditions and the impact they have on their homes through other means, with often poor results. We collaborated with engineers to come up with the ideal system to mitigate these challenges and a louvre roof proved to be the ultimate solution.”

With more than ten years in the industry, Louvre Solutions’ reputation has been built on a solid foundation. Craig and his team pride themselves on their burgeoning portfolio of repeat and referred business generated through word of mouth, independent builders, architects, landscape architects and building companies, all of whom recommend the company to potential clients. Louvre Solutions manufactures its products at its Canterbury-based factory. A louvre roof can be ready for installation within four to six weeks, making today the perfect time to order yours to ensure maximum summer enjoyment.



Visit for more information or contact Craig on
0227 356 286.


DJ Hewitt Builders

A four-fold favourite: DJ Hewitt Builders

Great things come out of a trusting two-way client relationship – Daryl and Tara of DJ Hewitt Builders, and Griff and Maree Lash of Estuary Veterinary Clinic, are testament.


DJ Hewitt Builders


Originally neighbours two decades ago, ‘take one’ was in 2002 when Daryl built a mezzanine floor for the Ferrymead-based clinic’s 21-cage cattery. ‘Take two’ in 2007, he enlarged the next clinic by 137sqm – until liquefaction destroyed the good work in 2011. ‘Take three’ was a fit-out of an interim unit, right next to the current clinic.

This shaggy dog tale had a happy ending this year, and ‘take four’ was the 180sqm fit-out of unit 4 1091 Ferry Road. Daryl utilised the empty adjoining warehouse to accommodate two consulting rooms, one a spacious 48sqm with water views, and separate cat and dog hospital wards. “He custom-built for our needs to fit our large bench unit and up-to-date equipment such as dental x-ray, digital imaging, diagnostic equipment, new dental station and space for a mobile animal cage,” Maree says.

Perfect for high-paw traffic, the polished concrete flooring works well. “We needed a natural-looking, wash-and-wear floor. Everyone loves it.” Daryl worked on the Lashs’ home rebuild recently, and also the Christchurch After Hours Veterinary Centre. “Daryl’s wife, Tara, was our interior consultant. She knows exactly what I like!

“We know all his staff and subcontractors now; they’re a pleasure to work with. The finish is always to a high standard, and Daryl and his team always listen to our needs, creating solutions and giving recommendations.” And the Hewitts appreciate their beloved Schnauzer, Porscha, is in Griff’s caring professional hands.