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Beddy Buys

Beddy Buys: Quality slumber spaces

When it comes to our slumber spaces, quality counts. After all, if the average night’s sleep is eight hours, then one sleeps for a third of one’s life.

Beddy Buys


Granted, for many of us, eight hours of sleep is but a distant dream, which makes it even more important to favour quality over quantity in the bedroom. Because, the busier our waking lives are, the more important the role of this sacred space to help us rest and recharge.
In 2018, functionality is key in the bedroom, which begs the question, how do we incorporate form and function here?


Beddy Buys
Beddy Buys


For a soothing space, decorate in soothing shades of lilac and grey or blue and pink. Tactile and textured fabrics will promote comfort and sleep-promoting scents such as lavender always have a home in the bedroom.
We’re taking a less is more approach to the space overall; less technology, less decorative elements and less clutter. Conservative design with modern clean lines continues to define the contemporary bedroom furniture market this year, while the wabi-sabi philosophy continues to reign supreme.


Beddy Buys
Beddy Buys

An easy, carefree concept to apply, wabi-sabi is about the beauty that can be found in imperfection. Life isn’t perfect, our homes aren’t perfect – and that’s okay.
We’ve put together a mood board of the things that sweet dreams are made of.

Vision Kitchens

Creative Kitchens: Vision Kitchens

These days, a kitchen is no longer just for cooking. While it’s one of the most functional rooms in a house, it can also be a very pleasant space to relax in. The expert team at Vision Kitchens believes a superior kitchen shares the personality of its owners and its aim is to help clients create a unique space they love.

Vision Kitchens
Today’s dream kitchens are all about embracing creativity

It has been said in the industry that today’s dream kitchens are all about personality — embracing creativity rather than adhering to any one formula or Pinterest board. This reflects why Vision Kitchens is happy for clients to visit the company showroom and explore all the latest kitchen products.
Many of the company’s projects have been completed in Christchurch, Queenstown and across the South Island, including the kitchens for two national award-winning homes in 2017. Unsure of what kind of kitchen you want? No problem. The creative and professional sales team can provide endless inspiration – from traditional to modern, residential or commercial. Alternatively, clients can choose from the stunning range of award-winning kitchen designs.

Visit the friendly team at Vision Kitchens, for an enjoyable, hassle-free process. The business is located on 16 Edmonton Road, Hornby South, phone 03 344 2566 or visit Open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm and Saturday by appointment.

Bright Bathrooms

Bright Bathrooms

Colour is a complex phenomenon and theories about its effect on our minds and emotions range across the scientific and artistic realms.

Bright Bathrooms

All it takes is a paintbrush and a pot of fresh paint to demonstrate the power of colour to dramatically alter a space.
The transformative capabilities of colour go above and beyond the emotional, to also alter how we perceive size and space.
As dark colours tend to absorb light, they have the ability to make a room look smaller. On the other hand, light and bright colours open up your space, making the area seem larger.

Bright Bathrooms

In a small space, everything counts. With bathrooms traditionally one of the smallest rooms in the house, we can’t think of a better reason to add some colour. But in case you need it, there is the simple fact that due to its small stature, it is a quick and easy re-paint if it doesn’t work out.
So why not experiment with some fun colour palettes to transform your bathroom into a stylish retreat after all, change is only a lick of paint away.

Dreamwool Beds

A site for SLUMBER: Dreamwool Beds

“Sleep that knits up the ravelled sleeve of care,” wrote Shakespeare. He was right. Sleep is a physical necessity allowing both the body and the mind a chance to recover and repair themselves after the stresses of the day so you wake refreshed and recharged. Adequate sleep is just as important for your health as eating well and exercising.

Dreamwool Beds
The best investment in tomorrow is a good night’s sleep

David Henderson of Dreamwool Beds says, “The best investment in tomorrow is a good night’s sleep, but unfortunately too many of us are missing out on that. There are simple steps you can take to dramatically improve your chances of getting a good night’s rest and one of these is to choose the best bed you can. We spend about a third of our lives in bed so it’s vital to invest in one that gives you the comfort and support that is right for you and your lifestyle.”

The beds at Dreamwool Beds use no synthetic materials – no glues, foams or polyesters – only New Zealand wool, Australian fabrics, pocket spring systems from Denmark and quality latex. “Wool makes for a drier bed; it’s anti-dust mite and anti-microbial, as well as being naturally cool in summer and warm in winter. We have been making our beds for 40 years using New Zealand wool from Perendale and Southdown sheep. Now we are using only 100 percent merino wool. Everyone knows the quality and luxury of merino in clothing. That’s what you get in our mattresses. They are exceptionally comfortable and supportive and we are the only bedding company that uses merino.”

Dreamwool Beds

David explains that merino is lighter and finer than other wools and very springy, allowing his company to put a greater density of wool into their mattresses. That means real benefits such as better comfort and insulation. “We have increased the amount of wool in each mattress by 25 percent with the queen size mattress now containing up to 7.5kgs of wool. And merino does not have that lanolin smell.”
There may be more wool in the merino mattresses, but they are still slim, fine and not bulky. The European-styled mattresses sit atop equally slim European-designed slat-system bases and visually they take up less bedroom real estate. “They are also very easy beds to make because of their design.”
Firm, medium or soft support can be customised to body weight and contouring to each partner. There are nine ranges from a basic model up to the Heaven, Paradise and Euphoria ranges. “All mattresses are manufactured onsite and made to order. There is no compromise on quality or performance across the ranges, just variation in comfort layers and spring systems. Customers can look forward to enhanced quality of sleep on our beds.”

Visit Dreamwool Beds Ltd’s new warm and bright showroom at 96 Disraeli Street, Sydenham. There is plenty of onsite parking. Phone 03-343 5105 or go to

Shelf Life

Shelf Life: No longer are shelves just shelves

No longer are shelves just shelves, today they are architectural objects in themselves.

Shelf Life

They’re no longer just the fixed bracket storage they once were, as form meets function and drives the access to almost limitless possibilities.
When it comes to storage, taking into account storage space such as cupboards and shelving is integral to harmonious design. So we’ve got all the inspiration for how to give your home a greater shelf life.
The Rolls Royce of shelving is custom made, with its ability to maximise the space available, utilising every inch, even those tricky pitched ceilings.

If your space is tiny, you live in a city and you love organisation, the modular shelving unit is another top of the range option. With ample storage, good design and countless configurations, it’s one of our favourite investment furnishings.

For smaller scale storage, wall-mounted, free-standing and even roll-away shelving are viable options and stylish wall-mounted options include modern floating shelves.
When it comes to freestanding shelving, at least locally, earthquake brackets are a must.

Piccadilly Bookshop

A bookworm bonanza: Piccadilly Bookshop

There is nothing more satisfying than having your feet up while turning the pages of a spellbinding book. Piccadilly Bookshop Owner fweqNeville Templeton gets that. With links to the major publishing houses and distributors, he and Manager Robyn Joplin ensure customers always have access to the cream-of-the-crop in titles and authors.

Piccadilly Bookshop


Situated at the entrance to Avonhead Shopping Centre, you can’t help but be drawn to browse the tables heaped with the hottest in best-seller novels, celeb biographies, thrillers, chillers, chick-lit, romances, historical, hysterical, children’s classics and children’s latest, plus books for gardeners, cooks and hobbyists. If you’re a word-nerd bookworm, then consider this a book bonanza at its most bountiful!

Open seven days a week, the shop has expanded twice during its 24 years in operation, to stock twice the range of bookshop merchandise, including magazines, calendars, cards, gifts and stationery.
In fact, the pickings at Piccadilly are so good that once you’ve chatted with the helpful, friendly staff; sneak-peeked the inside jackets of a few potential must-haves; bought the book you came for; added a couple of magazines for good measure and gasped over the gorgeous stationery and pretty pens that you know your desk would love… only then can you whizz across to the NZ Post shop and Kiwibank, tucked in the corner of the store, pay your bills and grab a car rego form while you’re at it.
Absolutely nothing beats a bit of a dally at Piccadilly!

Tropical Dreaming

Tropical Dreaming

It may have been inspired by some rather wishful thinking on our part, as we engage all our survival tactics to make it through the winter months. But tropical prints are gaining notoriety across interiors, fashion, prints, home decor accessories and art.

Tropical Dreaming


At it’s heart, this trend is about incorporating lots of lush, exciting greens into the home, whether it be a beautiful palm tree-inspired wallpaper feature wall or, for those feeling less adventurous, some exotic cushions and vases can do the trick.
The holiday-inspired trend is a somewhat natural inclination towards a more laid-back, relaxing vibe that we’re increasingly yearning for in such a fast-paced modern world.

In fact, many of the trends that are creeping into our home spaces in 2018 are related by virtue of their natural and earthy nature. And, although the tropical aesthetic most certainly meets this brief, its vibrant green elements enable you to create a natural, earthy vibe without losing any of its fresh, summery feel.

Just add elements of natural fibres and plenty of white to your tropical theme and you’ll be ready for a summer holiday. Though be warned, it may create some wanderlust for the more travel-inspired types out there.


Tropical Dreaming
Tropical Dreaming
Tropical Dreaming
Tropical Dreaming
Walk on the dark side

Walk on the Dark Side: Why not eschew the starker for the darker this season?

They say blondes have the most fun and, while we’ve been on the blonde bandwagon when it comes to our timber furnishings for the longest of times, furniture is set to take a walk on the dark side this season.

Walk on the dark side

From side tables, consoles and coffee tables to cabinets, dining tables or shelving, furniture in darker timbers is on the rise again, as we opt for walnut, ebony or even completely black tones.
If your home dons a neutral palette when it comes to walls, flooring or furniture, putting its dark foot forward with a statement timber piece can add drama, interest and warmth to your space.

Pair dark woods with off whites for modern minimalism, or some more down to earth décor for bohemian warmth. Whatever your aesthetic, these glamorous dark woods offer a timeless touch of retro glamour, while gold and brass handles and legs are the perfect partnership.
So why not eschew the starker for the darker this season, using our mood board for inspiration.

Walk on the Dark Side
Walk on the Dark Side
Walk on the Dark Side
Walk on the Dark Side
NZ Flower and Garden Show

Gardens for Tomorrow: Win with Metropol

Gardeners are endearing optimists. Frosts herald blue skies and sunny days, and there’s no such thing as a depressing winter garden when, already, jonquils are scenting the air and daphne buds are soon to flower. Gardeners don’t live for today; they’re too busy dreaming of tomorrow, and the tomorrow after that.

NZ Flower and Garden Show
Metropol has four of these any day early bird double passes to give away to readers who want to head up to the event. To enter, just visit, enter your details and click which competitions you wish to enter. Entries close Monday 13 August and winners will be notified Tuesday 14 August.


One event that will have Kiwi gardeners dreaming of a certain tomorrow with giddy anticipation is the NZ Flower and Garden Show 2018. Beginning 28 November through till 2 December at West Auckland’s Trust Arena, this is a garden show like no other. Last year’s inaugural NZ Flower and Garden Show saw some 28,000 people pass through the gates.
Christchurch writer and garden commentator, Rachel Vogan, returns to the show’s judging panel this year for the tenth time and says the desire for people to grow food to feed their families has become a visible trend which she expects will be reflected in the show.
“It’s phenomenal, really. While people are still wanting strong elements of design in their gardens, they’re also wanting areas to grow their own food; we lost that fundamental urge for two generations and now we seem to be reclaiming it – which is fantastic!”

Rachel says that as a plant expert, she will be on the lookout for good planting and a different way to use plants. “Plant use and plant appropriateness is important to me, followed by design – finding clever ways to use small places. Sustainability is hugely important, also designs that are environmentally careful, because the sustainability component is a big consideration in judging.”
The judging process is based on the UK’s Royal Horticultural Society standards, so there’s a very strict criteria that has to be followed. “We have the best international judges, which helps keep the New Zealand judges upskilled and ensures we’re current with the latest overseas trends. It’s very stimulating to work with these global experts.”
For Canterbury gardeners, consider taking a couple of days in Auckland to enjoy other gardens in the area. Visit for information on garden tours which coincide with the event.

Saving the best news till last is that discounted early bird tickets are available for purchase before 31 August. With early bird tickets valid for ANY DAY of the five-day show, they guarantee all our dreaming, endearing and optimistic gardeners out there a truly spectacular time. For more information, visit

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Metropol Cover

Colour by numbers: Updating the Home

With colours, fabrics, furnishings and accents all part of the redecorating equation, updating your home is easier said than done. The art of creating a space that makes an impact takes creative courage and a sense of conviction that you know what you want.

Colour by numbers

But as with anything, there’s some clever rules that will make the task seem a whole lot less arduous and decorating your space can be as easy as 60-30-10.
The classic rule of three – which has been put to everything from marketing, to floral arrangements and even writing – is a simplified way to create beautiful rooms with cohesion. In this case, three colour families are used to add balance and depth to a room.

How this plays out in your room is that 60 percent of a room’s colour is achieved through a dominant wall colour, flooring and large-scale furniture, like the white walls in our beautiful cover image by Fenton and Fenton; 30 percent of colour will come from furniture, textiles and lighting; while 10 percent, not unlike jewellery, provides that little something special.
Get clever playing with ratios and get some colour confidence when it comes to decorating your home.