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Flirt & flutter: H&B Hair Art & Beauty

The H&B Hair Art & Beauty team is on hand to help you flirt and flutter your way through one of the most eagerly anticipated fashion and social events of the year.



H&B offers an extensive range of hair, beauty and make-up services to meet your every need. Complimentary consultations are available to discuss ideas on hair and make-up to suit that stunning outfit you have just purchased. The highly experienced internationally trained team at H&B excel in gorgeous hair-ups, luscious curls, sleek blow-waves, as well as amazing cuts and colours, using the latest international trends and techniques.

The team of makeup artists are also on hand to create your desired look from the natural to the dramatic. No look would be complete without a flutter of lashes and luckily the lovely Maureen is on hand to apply those lash extensions, from a full set to a flirt set. Hair and make-up work best on skin and hair that has been carefully nourished and conditioned. It offers an extensive range of colour and conditioning treatments for hair as well as facials, peels, microdermabrasion and exfoliation treatments for skin. Get your hair and skin primed to perfection and don’t forget the obligatory spray tan.

Full or half body tans will ensure you emerge as a bronzed goddess. Ladies, it’s all about you! The hair, the make-up, the lashes, the nails, waxed, exfoliated, pampered and bronzed… Cup & Show week awaits.


H&B Hair Art & Beauty is conveniently located at 96 Cranford Street, and bookings can be made on 03 381 8939 or online at


Hair today, gone tomorrow

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Now’s the time to give your hair a little consideration. We’re often told gorgeous hair is a matter of health and good diet, which makes sense.

Hair today, gone tomorrow


So foods high in good fats and proteins are the way forward. Salmon, chicken, cheeses, olive oil, avocados, nuts… all feed hair volume and gloss from within. Add at least one egg a day, plus one brazil nut, to be selenium-safe.
Then there’s the question of how to style your healthy hair for the fun days ahead, for Cup Day, and all the other seasonal dress-ups. Elaborate up-do, or a certain cut and stylised treatment?

As with dressing, retro looks are still conquering all, such as ‘80s rock-star perms, conferring luscious heads of curls, or the dead-straight and glossy, with the middle-part. Then there’s the kinked, balayaged ombre long-bob, fringed or not.
Two things are worth considering. The first is to make a hair appointment for the ideal time, so that you’ll look beautiful, no matter which style you choose.

The second is to play devil’s advocate with your tresses. Essentially this is the law of opposites. Be contrary. If your dress is very tailored or fitted, go loose, flowing and more natural on the hair front. Conversely, if you’re in a sharp-looking yet oversized double-breasted jacket (left swinging open), a close-groomed-cut and architectural sunglasses could look fab.


If a hat or fascinator is in the mix, take it to the hairdresser and, a tad of back-combing later, your best look will materialise.



Mondo Black

Creating happy hair: Mondo Black

Vibrant and fun is the flavour of Mondo Black hairdressing salon in Edgeware. There’s always great conversation, and the team of four make a point of knowing every client, not just their own.

Mondo Black

“Our salon’s favourite thing is to make people happy just being here and then popping out the door with a transformation they love, a stunning special occasion hair-up, or a perfect refresh of their signature style,” says Manager Alesha Brehaut. Alesha and fellow stylists Alana Jackson, Sheree Rosewarne and Janine Petrie love what they do and are experts on the in-house product range NAK, which is designed especially for Australasian conditions. They have a great eye for what will and won’t suit a client and, if a client brings in a picture that isn’t quite right, they can suggest gentle adjustments to ensure it is perfect.

Passionate about up-dos, the team has completed many a look for Cup and Show Week, including Fashion in the Field prize winners. Understanding that getting set for the party season can be expensive, Mondo Black offers the ideal solution of layby, first payment on the day of your style, then pay it off over the coming weeks.

Mondo Black’s Facebook page is a popular watch for up and coming trends. Last season’s copper tones are starting to be replaced with different tones for the warmer seasons ahead Alesha says. Open Tuesday to Thursday 9am-8pm and Friday and Saturday 9am-5pm, there is generous parking at the door.



Georgies Wig Shop

Faux Fabulous: Georgies Wig Shop

You’ve just returned home from the movie ‘Mama Mia! Here We Go Again’. You can’t believe how gorgeous Cher looked with her platinum shoulder-length bob. She can’t be 72? You may have read somewhere that she’s such a fan of faux hair; her home has its own ‘wig room’!


Georgies Wig Shop


You stare in the mirror at your dull, drab do. The alopecia hasn’t helped. You sigh, loudly. It’s all right for Cher… who’s going to help you look like her? Eleanor Burgess, that’s who! Eleanor is the owner of Georgies Wigs and Hair Design, 570 Barbadoes Street and has been hairdressing for 40 years. She totally understands how a great head of hair can boost confidence and self-esteem. It was in response to a close friend needing reassurance after receiving a cancer diagnosis that Georgies was established in 1993, in Palmerston North.

Some 24 years later, and with legions of delighted, devoted clients up and down the country, Eleanor opened her Christchurch branch. “We’re New Zealand’s largest wig shop, stocking around 500 plus wigs of quality real and synthetic hair, in every conceivable style and length, as well as hair pieces and extensions,” Eleanor says.

“Our new colours are stunning – from toning blondes and cooler blondes through to ravishing reds and burnished brunettes. We offer private salon consultations, home consultations or hospital consultations with the best of experienced stylists.”
You stare at the goddess in the mirror…platinum shoulder-length bob…OMG, it’s you!


For more information, phone 03-385 6696 or visit


Earth Organic Hairdressing

Loving our hair: Earth Organics Hairdressing

Traci Aylmer of Earth Organic Hairdressing wants us to love our hair better by treating it better and the best way we can do that is by not using harsh petrochemicals on our crowning glory.


Earth Organic Hairdressing


Formerly from Brighton, England, Traci has worked in the hair and beauty scene for more than 30 years and, although passionate about her work, has long had concerns about the chemical content and animal testing of many salon products. “Some of the laboratory animal testing was, and still is, little short of torture,” says Traci, “I thought there had to be another way.” When Earth Organics Hairdressing opened in November 2017, Traci’s dream was finally realised.

The exquisite floral murals adorning her salon walls reflects Traci’s core philosophy that using natural, organic products are not only kinder to our hair, but also safeguard and benefit our overall health. “People with skin problems, cancer worries, or people who just want to look beautiful without resorting to toxic products of questionable origin, this is the salon for them.

Our point of difference is that here you get the complete certified organic package – our gorgeous hair colours are 100 percent plant based, and the majority of our products are 100 percent vegan. None of our products are animal tested, and all packaging is 100 percent biodegradable and sustainable.”



Open Tuesday to Saturday in the hip new hub of High Street, isn’t it time you treated your hair to a whole lotta love?

Phone 03-365 7393 or visit


Manscape Hair and Body

Mecca for masculine grooming: Manscape Hair and Body

Manscape Hair and Body for Men is a mecca for masculine grooming. “Taking the ape out of the modern man,” for 14 years, owners Kaisa Pruler and Neil Chapman have created a haven where all hair, grooming, care, and relaxation needs are catered to in an environment designed with the Y chromosome in mind.


Manscape Hair and Body


“Men are discovering how great it feels to be well groomed every day, or for a special occasion,” Kaisa says. Arrive for your appointment a little early and you’ll be shown upstairs to the ‘Man Cave’, a comfy area with bar stools, couch, sports channels on the television, PlayStation and refreshments. All kitted out in a modern meets industrial/rustic style, Kaisa says clients come back time and again, “just one visit to us and they’re immediately a regular”.

All aspects of grooming are a forté: facials are always growing in popularity, as are specialist shaves, waxing of all zones and massage. Haircuts include a bijou head, neck and shoulder massage from the fabulous stylists, while deep tissue and sports massages are growing in popularity too.

If there is a primate in your life that deserves a break from the rat race, Manscape offers the genius gift voucher – The W.O.F. – where he gets to select three of seven premium ‘tune-ups’ for only $125. The team of twelve is proud of the service at Manscape. More than a stop for a haircut, it’s a destination, an appointment to look forward to and there is even parking at the door.




V for Hair and Beauty

Going grey gracefully: V for Hair and Beauty

Beautifully styled grey hair is turning more heads than ever before in a growing trend towards natural beauty – enhanced with a little salon magic.

V for Hair and Beauty


Master Stylist Vicki O’Fee, of V for Hair and Beauty upstairs in Merivale Mall, says women often start to grey by 35, or even earlier – and many are now loving the look and making the most of the change.

It’s important to choose a shade that suits your skin. The grey colour palette in clothes fashion has never dated, so sultry hues of silver, sand, dove, iris and lilac for hair can also be incredibly feminine and flattering.

Like any change in hair colour or style, it’s a transition, so planning ahead for special occasions is vital. V for Hair and Beauty’s stylists offer a complimentary consultation and may suggest going lighter with a base colour, highlights, age-blend colours to soften obvious lines, or weaving in lowlights for darker hair.




Help for hair loss: Hairmantra

Dr Padmaja Redekar, certified Trichologist at Hairmantra says that our hair is a very clear barometer of issues within the body. Gradual or sudden hair loss, or loss of any scalp condition can be an emotional and physical blow which can be medically worrying for the sufferer.

Gradual or sudden hair loss can be an emotional and physical blow

Hair fall can happen to anyone at any age, with causes ranging from alopecia and chemotherapy, to physical and mental stress, use of chemicals, poor diet, or hormonal changes as we move through life’s stages. Padmaja says she is seeing hair fall happening earlier in life, often because of lifestyle issues. She urges people to seek help as soon as they notice any changes. “We can get great results if we to tackle the problem as early as possible and prevention is always better than the cure.”

All the treatments at Hairmantra are natural and non-steroidal, and the newer laser treatments are very effective for some conditions, especially cancer patients. Counselling can be central to treatment. “It can become a vicious circle if stress or upset is causing hair fall and so you become more stressed about your thinning hair,” Padmaja says.
Consultations are of course confidential and Dr Padmaja will advise early if she cannot address an issue.

Exclusive to Hairmantra is the Australian organic brand Apteka. Padmaja can also recommend temporary solutions available to camouflage thinning hair by making the scalp less visible. Consultations by video are available as well as out of office hours appointments by arrangement.

Visit for more details.

V For Hair and Beauty Merivale

Fashionable feminine locks: V For Hair and Beauty Merivale

V For Hair and Beauty Merivale has specialists in the team for whom balayage and ombre is their passion; creating beautiful fashionable, feminine looks for their clients.

V For Hair and Beauty Merivale

The free-hand application allows them to achieve a more natural and modern effect with subtle transitions between the chosen hues, whether blonde, brunette, red or the latest pastlefier colours.
You can amplify the hue to vary from a soft wash to bright and bold depending on your personal preference. When balayage or ombre grows out, the demarcation line between the roots and the coloured strands is not noticeable when done by a trained expert.
Outside of very short cropped hair, it can work on a variety of hair lengths, textures and colours, making it truly universal and flattering for all women.
Nothing helps to stay looking current as a modern hair colour and a trendy cut. The balayage or ombre look is deservedly considered the hottest customised hair colour solution of today.

Mondo Black

Only a hairdresser knows… : Mondo Black

Family friendly Christchurch hair salon Mondo Black has a chic neighbourhood vibe. Despite this, it draws clients from far and wide. Maybe because stylists here possess specialist expertise in colouring.

Mondo Black


At the top end of Barbadoes street, Mondo Black stocks the professional-only haircare brand named NAK, which is manufactured in Australia and customised for Australasian weather conditions. Nak formulations include heat-protectants to keep tresses in peak condition.
Salon owners Janeen and Ross say their staff are passionate about giving clients the exact colour and cut to suit their wants and needs. Most Mondo Black stylists have been trained in Australia as well as on site in Christchurch when a Nak product educator visits several times each year.
Clients at Mondo Black are encouraged to show their stylist pictures from magazines or Instagram. For instance, when ‘going blonde’ there are so many variations a client might envisage, from gold, to cream, to grey blonde.
Then, depending on which shade is selected, plus the texture and style of hair, a product for this will be stocked here to give the colour treatment longevity. Such colour masque products also work to renew the intensity of certain gorgeous highlights.
And, because everyone’s crowning glory is unique, the products needed to nurture each client’s hair should be personalised also. That’s something at which Mondo Black stylists excel.