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Hagley College

Flexibility matters at Hagley: Hagley College

Hagley College recognises that there’s more to your life than school when you’re in Year 12 and 13, like sport, music, or other major commitments like work. You’re unique with your own aspirations, passions and plans. Hagley is all about flexibility, helping you pursue what’s really important to you, as well as completing NCEA. Tell them what matters to you and they’ll make school fit, with a flexible timetable personalised to suit.
Hagley College

Just think of the logistics required in drawing up timetables for hundreds of Year 12 and 13 students – a feat worthy of an airline scheduler! That individualisation and your best interests are at the heart of Hagley’s philosophy. You just have to listen to its senior students talking about their Hagley experiences to know they love being there. They’re treated with respect and dignity, accepted for whom they are as individuals; they feel embraced and included in a dynamic, mature environment where they take responsibility for their future, while knowing support and care are always available.
Year 12 and 13 students appreciate the huge range of opportunities and programmes on offer at Hagley. They can design their own programmes from the diverse subjects available, choose a tertiary pathways programme or a specialist school and follow their personal passions. At Hagley, being successful comes in many shapes and forms.

Hagley College is designated character school for students of all ages and lives by its mission statement – lifelong learning that is accessible to all. For a copy of Hagley’s Senior College Prospectus phone 03-379 3090 go oline to or email

Mike Fowler Principal of Hagley College

Meet the Principal 2018: Mike Fowler of Hagley College

Mike Fowler Principal of Hagley College
Mike Fowler Principal of Hagley College

“Kia ora tātou. Welcome to Hagley’s Junior Graduating College!
What’s important at Hagley, a school with a 160-year history making it nearly as old as Christchurch itself?
Our values matter. Those values are seen in the relationships our teachers build with each of our students. It’s how we treat our students that sets Hagley apart, valuing them as individuals – that is the Hagley way. What does that mean for our students? They feel that teachers are interested in them and care about their learning; they feel that they’re experiencing success – and much more.”

When you enrol into the Junior College at Hagley, you are in a learning environment that will enable you to achieve and exceed your goals and have a great overall experience at Hagley.
The school offers a range of support throughout your children’s junior years. From the beginning the students are tested and interviewed to see where they will slot in best. They then receive amazing pastoral support from both tutors and deans, and they will get to work on achieving Hagley Credits throughout the year to graduate into the following year.
“We’re often asked, what makes Hagley different,” Principal Mike Fowler says.
“We have a culture like no other. No one wears a uniform and everyone’s on a first name basis. But that’s just for starters. Students come to Hagley because they’re treated with respect, accepted for who they are as unique individuals. They know it’s cool to be different!”

Hagley College

It’s a strong framework, designed to get the best out of its students. At Hagley, learning is enhanced within the context of a student’s individual learning needs and is applied to their learning within the classroom setting. A wide range of support is offered aimed at scaffolding students’ learning appropriately to their needs.
“We love our students aiming high and doing well,” Mike says. “We believe there is no single stereotype for success. At Hagley being successful comes in many shapes and forms.
“We want you to feel excited about coming here. We look forward to you being part of Hagley’s 2019 Junior Graduating College!”