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Georgies Wig Shop

Faux Fabulous: Georgies Wig Shop

You’ve just returned home from the movie ‘Mama Mia! Here We Go Again’. You can’t believe how gorgeous Cher looked with her platinum shoulder-length bob. She can’t be 72? You may have read somewhere that she’s such a fan of faux hair; her home has its own ‘wig room’!


Georgies Wig Shop


You stare in the mirror at your dull, drab do. The alopecia hasn’t helped. You sigh, loudly. It’s all right for Cher… who’s going to help you look like her? Eleanor Burgess, that’s who! Eleanor is the owner of Georgies Wigs and Hair Design, 570 Barbadoes Street and has been hairdressing for 40 years. She totally understands how a great head of hair can boost confidence and self-esteem. It was in response to a close friend needing reassurance after receiving a cancer diagnosis that Georgies was established in 1993, in Palmerston North.

Some 24 years later, and with legions of delighted, devoted clients up and down the country, Eleanor opened her Christchurch branch. “We’re New Zealand’s largest wig shop, stocking around 500 plus wigs of quality real and synthetic hair, in every conceivable style and length, as well as hair pieces and extensions,” Eleanor says.

“Our new colours are stunning – from toning blondes and cooler blondes through to ravishing reds and burnished brunettes. We offer private salon consultations, home consultations or hospital consultations with the best of experienced stylists.”
You stare at the goddess in the mirror…platinum shoulder-length bob…OMG, it’s you!


For more information, phone 03-385 6696 or visit


L-R Image is of owner Eleanor with Paris Carrol (13) and Aria Carroll (15) Christchurch Girls High Shave for a Cure

Head turning wigs: Georgies Wig Shop delights their varied customer base

The Christchurch branch of Georgies Wig Shop has just celebrated its first birthday. There are many reasons people require wigs such as chemotherapy, alopecia, hair loss, or transgender people who want to look their best.

L-R Image is of owner Eleanor with Paris Carrol (13) and Aria Carroll (15) Christchurch Girls High Shave for a Cure
L-R Image is of owner Eleanor with Paris Carrol (13) and Aria Carroll (15) Christchurch Girls High Shave for a Cure

“As well as hundreds of wigs, we stock a range of turbans, headbands and alternative headwear which gives our customers a lot of choice,” says Charolette from the Christchurch shop.
“Our job is special. Whether helping people going through chemo to feel better or celebrating with a transgender person who looks fabulous, we love what we do.”
Eleanor Burgess established Georgies Wig Shop in Palmerston North in 1993 when a close friend was diagnosed with cancer and wanted a quality wig she could rely on. Georgies’ team of consultants offer private consultations in the salon, at your home or in the hospital (clip ins can be done in-salon only). The products do not damage hair and are easy to wear. The real hair wigs can be treated just like your own and be foiled, curled and straightened.
“We pride ourselves on treating every client with discretion and respect. We hope to take away the stigma often associated with hair loss and love to help people find wigs that make them feel completely themselves,” Eleanor says.