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Garage Carpet Pro

Garage Improvement Packages: Garage Carpet Pro

When is a garage not simply a garage? When that garage has been treated to Garage Carpet Pro’s insulation products and carpet it can become a useable additional space for all kinds of family activities – a dance or music studio, a home gym, an entertainment space or children’s wet weather play area.

Garage Carpet Pro

The temperature within an internal access garage dramatically impacts the temperature of a home. Even garages in new homes likely have less insulation and will be losing heat through their doors and floor, consequently letting drafts and cold air into other parts of the house. The solution is simple and cost effective – retro-insulating the garage door and laying carpet on the garage floor.

Garage Carpet Pro is in the business of improving garages by making them into warmer spaces. Retrofitting polystyrene insulation into the door panels of a sectional garage door noticeably improves the thermal properties of the door. Laying carpet means additional warmth as well as improved safety – no more wet, slippery floors. Garage Carpet Pro uses European waterproofed carpet. This means it will not harbour mildew or smell when wet and is very easy to keep clean.

There are often gaps around garage doors. Garage Capet Pro can deal to those with CleverSeal, a unique brush-based sealing system which will stop drafts, insects, rodents or debris from entering a garage. To complete the improvement package, it also offers ceiling insulation using 100 percent polyester GreenStuf insulation. You will not recognise your garage once Garage Carpet Pro has worked its magic.

Tim of Garage Carpet Pro can be contacted on 027 349 0527 or email

Garage Carpet Pro

Transforming spaces: carpeting bare places into comfortable spaces with Garage Carpet Pro

Whether your garage houses your car or boat, or you wish to convert it into the playroom, gym or man-cave of your dreams, laying down carpet with Garage Carpet Pro is the perfect way to turn your garage into a warm, safe, comfortable and fully functional space.

Garage Carpet Pro

Adivision of the award winning Pro Group, it is the largest installer of garage carpet in New Zealand. Made up of franchisees like Tim Gerard, their most experienced and busiest installer, The company has the experience, knowledge and techniques essential to giving your garage the best carpet makeover possible.
The company’s three step process from floor preparation to laying the carpet and finishing with the finishing touches, is done with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail, with no shortcuts taken.

Garage Carpet Pro Tim can also insulate your garage doors and garage ceiling, for those cold winter nights, giving you reduced noise and reduced power bills! If you are struggling to find space for storage, Garage Carpet Pro also partners with Stealing Spaces to supply and install your garage with high quality, heavy duty ceiling mounted storage racks.
For more information about what Tim and the team from Garage Carpet Pro can do for your garage, visit or phone Tim on 027 349 0527.