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Ocean Café

Destination Ocean-side: Ocean Café

Located in the most idyllic place in Scarborough, Ocean Café and Bar is the perfect destination for family or friends to congregate and enjoy the essence of what sumner is all about.


Ocean Café


At 147 Esplanade, next to the clock tower, Ocean Café and Bar is open every day for a la carte breakfast and lunch with baristas to make you a sumptuous coffee or two using L’affare Primo Coffee beans. With the need to reduce plastics entering the ocean, Ocean Café and Bar has been plastic free for the last six months. With so many of its customers having hot drinks in takeaway cups whilst dining in, it is introducing cup cycling by November.

Have you tried the legendary Zucchini and Corn Parmesan Fritters or creamy mushrooms with bacon for breakfast? Then what are you waiting for? Or perhaps lunch menu options like Smashed Pumpkin with Sundried Tomato Stack or Crispy Pork Balls with a crunchy Asian slaw. It’s a menu with variation designed to please, so you can enjoy the beautiful view while savouring something truly unique.

The menu changes three times a year, so there is always something new, including vegetarian options along with bespoke vegan options for those who need them; $5 Friday is a great time to visit, with a selection of tapas, beer and wine. With its friendly atmosphere, great staff and unique vista, Ocean Café and Bar will keep you coming back time and time again to savour something that little bit special. Enjoy.



Belgian Beer Cafe Torenhof

Christmas on the menu: Belgian Beer Cafe Torenhof

With Christmas on the horizon and the booking of the all-important Christmas function at the top of your Christmas list, look no further than ‘The Hof’, or for the uninitiated, The Belgian Beer Café Torenhof.


Belgian Beer Cafe Torenhof


A set Christmas menu is on offer, with prices starting from $45pp, with options like the Christmas platter, with smoked and cured meats, pate, beef and chicken skewers, garlic prawns, dips and crispy garlic bread. Main Fair Cider, thyme and roasted apple turkey breast with candid almond stuffing and cranberry sauce or the pistachio and light mustard crusted salmon steak with citrus butter and spiced orange pickle and accompanied by a dessert is just a taste of what’s on a much bigger menu that must be seen to be appreciated.

Why not head in for the EC Oktoberfest degustation dinner on 26 October with four courses and a wine or beer match for only $59; celebrate Christmas early!  With 32 great beers on offer, owner Mark McGuinness says people often start with Stella, then their taste buds grow into bigger bolder flavours like Leffe or Grand Cru which keeps them coming back.

With pre and post-theatre dining when a trip to the Academy Cinema is part of the plan or just a trip in with family or friends, access is easy with 250 carparks. The regular menu retains its revered favourites, steak fries and the mussel aficionado’s choice, but there’s always new options to keep things interesting. So drop in for a pint or two and give ‘The Hof’ your tick of approval.



The Pedal Pusher

Frolic Gastronomic: The Pedal Pusher

There’s nothing like celebrating warmer, balmier days than to wave bye-bye to winter foods, as they head off to their well-deserved hibernation period, and welcome in the lighter, fresh ’n’ flavoursome fare of a spring/summer season.


The Pedal Pusher


Over at The Pedal Pusher, Addington, they’re very excited to present to customers their hot-off-the press spring menu. It’s a taste-bud treat; a veritable springtime, gastronomic frolic of superb Kiwi cuisine. Chef Bevan Ward says the focus of their menu has very much shifted to supporting local people. “For example, most of our meat is sourced locally, from excellent suppliers, such as Ellesmere Butchery.”

A recent introduction to the menu is fat enriched, low carbohydrate dishes, for customers following a Keto diet. “And because we believe that a great restaurant should cater to all dietary requirements, we have six vegan/gluten free dishes on our spring menu,” says owner Rana. Whether catching up with friends for cake and coffee, following the footy with a juicy steak and craft beer, or lingering over a fabulous full-course feast, this is the place to be.

Because of the great location, it’s a doddle to perambulate, or pedal, to nearby entertainment venues, such as The Horncastle Arena, the Addington Raceway, or The Court Theatre. So, pull on over, park up your penny-farthing and pop in to the most pedal pumpin’ pub in town!



The Pedal Pusher 286 Lincoln Road, for brunch, lunch and dinner, open 9am to late. Phone 03 335 0095, email or visit


A spring salad

A spring salad: Recipes

Cold shrimp salads are the perfect accompaniment to spring meals. With prawns, fresh avocado, fresh dill, avocado, green onion and celery, it packs as much nutritional punch as it does deliciousness.


A spring salad



700g raw prawns deveined, in shell
2 sprigs of dill
1 bay leaf
2 tsp salt
Fresh cracked black pepper
About 2 litres water
1 ripe avocado
2 tsp lime juice
1/2 cup diced celery
1/3 cup chopped green onion
3 tbsp minced fresh dill
1/4 cup mayo




Bring water to boil and add 1/2 of the lime juice, bay leaf, dill sprigs, salt and pepper. Mix well and simmer for a few minutes.
Add prawns to the pot and cook until just done, this won’t take long. Strain water and let prawns cool in the strainer until cool enough to handle. Peel prawns and add them to a mixing bowl.
Cut, pit and peel avocado. Dice the avocado meat and add it to the bowl, along with diced celery, green onion, minced dill, lime juice and salt, mixing gently.
Add mayo and mix until all evenly coated. Cool for 30 minutes to an hour and serve.
Store in the refrigerator, in an air-tight container.



Continental Catering

Five-star finesse: Continental Catering

Catering to South Island’s most exquisite events, Continental Catering Ltd has an unsurpassed reputation, with five-star finesse.


Continental Catering


Known for fine cuisine and exceptional delivery service, Continental Catering also works in partnership with many Christchurch venues. Christchurch Gondola, Tait Technology Centre, The Arts Centre plus the Christchurch Art Gallery all offer fine dining, prepared by the Continental Catering team.

Be it Christmas functions in private homes to corporate dinners, menus are tailored to every occasion with grazing platters, buffets, canapés, or gala dinners. “Our food philosophy and direction are based on respect – respect for our taste buds, bodies, community and planet,” says new owner David Cartwright. His world-class experience and dedication complement Continental Catering’s trusted legacy of over 50 years.

“We source locally produced, premium, sustainable ingredients to produce contemporary cuisine that is memorable, delicious, served with first-class beverages, and delivered by professional, friendly catering staff.” Everything, including dietary requirements, is taken care of – our sumptuous menu selections pleasing the fussiest palates. “Our reputation is based on first-class service, food and outstanding value. We are often referred to as the #trustedcaterer.”


Visit for the extensive list of venues.

Continental Catering
Ph 0800 426 684


Peanut butter & white choc squares

Peanut butter & white choc squares: Recipes

The easiest and yummiest no-bake peanut butter slices with white chocolate


Peanut butter & white choc squares




2 cups (approx 170g) crushed Super Wine biscuits or similar
220g butter melted
1 cup peanut butter melted
2 cups icing sugar
1 1/2 cups white chocolate melts
4 tbs peanut butter extra


Grease and line a rectangular (32X20cm) baking tin with baking paper.

Finely crush biscuits in a food processor and set aside.

Place the butter and peanut butter into a microwave-safe bowl and melt, stirring regularly every 30 seconds.

Add the icing sugar and crushed biscuits and mix to combine. Spread the mixture evenly into the baking tin and set aside.

Place the white chocolate and extra peanut butter into a microwave-safe bowl and heat until just melted, stirring every 30 seconds.

Mix until smooth and pour over the top of the slice.

Place into the fridge for 3-4 hours before removing and cutting into pieces.

Bring the slice back up to room temperature before cutting it, to prevent the chocolate from cracking then store the finished slice in an airtight container in the fridge for up to one week.

Dux De Lux

An iconic anniversary: Dux De Lux

Christchurch has some iconic places that resonate amongst us. Dux De Lux is possibly the definition of this and has been a core part of Christchurch life since 1978, starting on the ground floor in the Arts Centre, before expanding into a bar in 1987 Live music, coffee and fresh fruit juice, yes fruit juice, were unique selling points back then.


Dux De Lux




Oh how far we have come. and it’s amazing to think that we are celebrating the 40th anniversary this month. It’s hard to think of Christchurch hospitality over those years not having the Dux as a core part of its hospitality fabric. It’s where the likes of Salmonella Dub and Shapeshifter got their start. It’s where Bic Runga was found by Sony Music and The Feelers by Warner. Dux was a hotbed of New Zealand music right in our own backyard.

Recognising there was a need for beer that was a bit different, the team started selling European styles. In 1989 Richard Sinke had a craft brewery humming along just as America was having its craft beer renaissance and well before it took off here.
The year 1990 saw its move away from a purely vegetarian menu to incorporating seafood, which has become such a staple in Dux Dining now and something the restaurant is well recognised for doing well at. I remember the moment I sat down for a fantastic Mexican dish which became a prime motivator in my career as a chef.


“We’re extremely excited to see what the vibrancy and life will look like in Christchurch in 10 years.”

So many of us have a Dux story to share. How many of us enjoyed the courtyard next to the Arts Centre on a balmy afternoon to meet friends or family over pizza and a pitcher of Ginger Tom, protected from a ghastly southerly or easterly wind?
Richard Sinke is proud of what he’s achieved over the years, but as he says, “Dux’s future is tied to Christchurch. We’re extremely excited to see what the vibrancy and life will look like in Christchurch in 10 years.”

Yes, our future in Christchurch is exciting, but I think it’s great to look back on the milestone that is Dux de Lux on its 40th anniversary and congratulate the business on not only surviving in such a challenging industry, but becoming the iconic gamechanger that it has been over the years. It has shaped what we’ve come to expect from hospitality in Christchurch. Here’s looking at you Dux De Lux. Cheers for the memories.





Prep your platter game: Hellers

With summer fast approaching, it’s time to prep your platter game. What better way to tease and wow your audience by whipping up a stunning and tasty platter for Cup and Show Week!




Never stray too far from Hellers’ treats that never disappoint a hungry crowd. Even Brydon Heller is proud to add his wonderful selections when getting the mates together to watch a game.
How can you go wrong with snacks such as the Mild and Spicy Biersticks with their moreish flavour and a spicy kick? They’re ready to eat straight out of the pack and are great on their own for a snack on the go.


If you’re ready to add some exotic flavours to your creation, add some Hellers Spanish Chorizo. Made with finely chopped pork, venison and beef, lightly seasoned with the traditional spices of the Spanish culture, you are sure to win over your troop. Mix these tasty morsels up with salami and a wide range of shaved meats. Hellers’ Salami Chub range is the most convenient way to dice and slice tasty meats straight onto your plate or meal. Don’t forget to get fancy and complete your plate with feta, roasted capsicum, sundried tomatoes and your favourite cheese. Brilliant!


With options like these to satiate your summer food additions, your place will be the centre of attention for those wanting fantastic summer fare.



Eat My Lunch

Nourishing young tummies: Eat My Lunch

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch and yet free nutritious lunches for local children in need are the basis of a social enterprise that is helping to nourish young tummies and minds.


Eat My Lunch


The concept is simple – get online, buy a lunch, which is delivered to your workplace and in return a nutritious lunch is delivered to a Christchurch child in need. Eat My Lunch, a national social enterprise opened its doors in the city recently, launching its buy-one, give-one model in the South Island for the first time. What might be the simple and affordable purchase of a lunch for your team, could alleviate the hunger of child at one of the nine local schools.


Currently in Christchurch, Eat My Lunch is making 270 lunches each Monday and Thursday. The enterprise hopes to increase the number of days it operates, but this will be driven by demand for purchased lunches from the Canterbury community. Before the arrival of the national business, this gap was serviced by Fill Their Lunchbox. Due to financial pressure, it closed, providing the opportunity for Eat My Lunch to step in and continue with the high demand social service. It approached Foodstuffs South Island, which agreed to help it transition into the Canterbury area. Foodstuffs South Island Chief Executive Steve Anderson firmly believes it takes a village to raise a child and when large enterprise gets the opportunity to step up and show leadership, it should. Statistics tell us that when kitchen cupboards at home are empty, so too are the classrooms.


Eat My Lunch launched its buy-one, give-one model in the South Island



“Our mission at Foodstuffs is to feed the South Island, and anything we can do to help another enterprise also committed to doing this deserves our support – and yours.” Steve invites businesses big and small across the city to join them in supporting this organisation to feed our hungry children. Foodstuffs, the company that owns the PAK’nSAVE, New World and Four Square brands provides its test kitchen free of charge as a base for Eat My Lunch. It has purchased lunches for staff and has encouraged its people to volunteer time in the mornings to help prepare the lunches. “We were overwhelmed at the number of people that passionately want to be involved.”


Each day, across New Zealand, 91 schools are given lunches to distribute to 2,700 kids. Eat My Lunch is close to giving one million lunches. In just three years of operation, this is a business that is making a difference, however it’s your business that will enable it to continue to do good.




Purple Weka

Classic Kiwi-style spot: Purple Weka Café and Bar

Located at 48 Fitzgerald Ave, Purple Weka Café and Bar is one of Christchurch’s best relaxed weekend dining spots, where good fun and great service goes hand in hand with great Kiwi-style breakfasts and lunches.


Purple Weka


With plenty of comfortable indoor and outdoor seating and onsite parking, the café offers a stylish ambience and friendly atmosphere, second to none. For Purple Weka, a new season means a tantalising new menu. Start your day by getting stuck into a succulent omelette, which one gentleman described as, “The best omelettes ever”.


The eggs benedict or a hearty big breakfast are all part of Purple Wekas’ popular breakfast menu. The mince on toast with a soft poached egg is always an old favourite but there’s so much on the menu worth exploring.
Along with whitebait, there’s a wide variety of new options to try. Why not give one of the famous cheese rolls a go, with mince and cheese straight from Otago? Purple Weka is also fully licensed, so wine and beer are available. It’s a great location to meet your friends on the weekend too. All sweet and savoury delicacies are made fresh each day and the kid’s menu means the wee ones’ cravings will be catered for. Speaking of catering, Purple Weka is also able to provide your next work or social function with quality eats and beverages.


For more information, visit, visit the Facebook page or phone 03-366 0258.
Open Monday to Friday 6am-4pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am-3pm.