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Unichem Cashel

Beating stress to gain life: Unichem Cashel

According to Annabel Turley, pharmacist and owner of Unichem Cashel Holistic Pharmacy, stress impacts our mental and physical wellbeing in more ways than we could imagine.


Unichem Cashel


“The problem is that people simply don’t realise they’re stressed. Post-quake conditions, for instance, are still a major contributor to stress in this city.” Annabel cites couples seeking to become pregnant as another extremely stressful situation. Having watched a family member going through the emotional trauma that can accompany fertility treatments, Annabel decided she wanted to become more proactive in this area. Soon she begins her studies for the National Fertility NZ Educator Course.

“We have couples attending our Natural Health clinic who are being educated in making those necessary changes to their diet and lifestyle in order to improve their chances for pregnancy; it’s so important to seek infertility advice and treatment early on – don’t waste those precious years, because it can make such a difference to the outcome.”

Annabel says that aside from the usual medical reasons obstructing women getting pregnant, unrecognised and ongoing stress definitely doesn’t help either, and the sooner this is addressed, the better.  “Unichem Cashel Pharmacy is unique in that we have a natural health clinic providing the best advice, education and natural treatments for destressing in this hectic 21st century. To complete my training as a fertility educator means so much to me. I love doing this – helping couples achieve their dream of a successful pregnancy.”


For more information phone 03 595 1289, visit or find at


Frock Stars

We’re all about the frocks this season, but they’re not the saccharine sweet styles we’re used to. Why not add some edge to your wardrobe with some of our favourite Frock Stars?


Frock Stars


Sizzling on the international fashion scene, dresses are getting eclectically edgy – the designers are jazzing things up big time, as 2019’s dazzling knockouts are set to surprise the sartorial world – and even shock a little. Add flare to your wardrobe in fire-singed colours from burnished yellows to rusted tangerines. And on a brighter side, neon-coloured dresses are standing out like beautiful beacons. Blocks of vivid colour, as seen by Christian Cowen, are in bold geometrically spaced blocking – the polar opposite from former fussy florals.


Frock Stars

Oscar de la Renta introduces black and white checks, on an off-the-shoulder dress. And just to balance out the colour wheel, pale powder blue has also made the high-fashion stakes. Tie-dyed has jived straight from hippy to high-brow as Prada showcased a pretty pink mini-dress sporting those unmistakable spider webs and Jasper Coran created a tie-dye-over-floral technique and flared-sleeved crocheted frocks are futuristic versions of their former ’60s selves. This year’s neo boho is behaving more floaty, fluid and sensuous – and a real showcase of exotic travel adventures. Fringing has now gone to the frocks too.


Frock Stars

Sequin-smothered dresses are also still very much super stars of the frock fraternity. Pleating is still in, but it’s finer, slinkier pleats and the new metallic plaid is a juxtaposition of effects. Daring dress shapes are ballooning out in all proportions in tulip to bubble skirting, from a frilly tulle frock by Valentino, to mounds of tussled taffeta. Clashing patterns all the better. Puffed shoulders and sleeves are now even puffier – as puffy as you can possibly get – with feminine necklines to make this look work.

Animal prints, which are roaring on the runways yet again, are less cheetah cub and more raging tiger – just to add more bite. Meanwhile, big oversized butterflies are the new bows, according to designers like Zang Toi. Feathers also feature on bright downy dresses.


Frock Stars

More neutral tones, there’s everything from creams to khakis – for those with a pared-back preference. All in all, this year the fashion frontier is certainly proving it does not have to run with repeats.



Dentistry on Merivale

The Perfect Smile: Dentistry on Merivale

The continually evolving field of cosmetic dentistry has now entered the digital age, with Digital Smile Design (DSD). “This is a process of analysis and planning that allows you to participate in the design of your new smile, and see it before any treatment begins,” says Dr David Walsh of Dentistry on Merivale.


Dentistry on Merivale


Firstly, photos and a short video of the client talking and smiling are obtained, in order to see their current state when they’re smiling spontaneously. The DSD software then allows analysis of the smile, relative to facial features and movements as well as the colour, position and shape of teeth. “We can then virtually change the appearance of your teeth and design the perfect smile,” David says.

“The possibilities as well as the limitations of possible treatment are clearly established ahead of any treatment decisions or procedures. All the guesswork is gone and even minor imperfections, which are often missed with traditional diagnostic techniques, are factored in.”

Cloud technology and scanning are also part of the process, allowing seamless communication between all team members and specialists. Every nuance of your new smile is planned in detail, and a truly predictable process can begin. Meet the caring and expert team at Dentistry on Merivale – now you truly can have the smile you’ve always wanted!


Located on the first floor of Merivale Mall on 193A Papanui Road, phone 03 355 8297 or email for more information or to book in. Open Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm.


Polished Diamonds

The ultimate vision: Polished Diamonds

Award-winning business Polished Diamonds can turn your ideas into a beautifully handcrafted bespoke ring, using computer-aided design (CAD) technology. “In less than a week we can reproduce a client’s ultimate vision,” says owner Dan Joines, who specialises in engagement rings.


Polished Diamonds



Situated on iconic New Regent Street, clients can bring in their own precious stones or choose from a range of 20,000 diamonds and 2,500 ring designs. CAD allows clients to check the profiles of the ring. “This is because we use the finger size and gem measurements in the architectural CAD model, ensuring highest accuracy and a design precisely how they want it.”

Also offering remodelling, repairs and resizing – along with a lifetime guarantee – any design can be adjusted to suit any budget, using 22ct, 20ct, 18ct, 14ct, 10ct, 9ct Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold, Platinum and Palladium. Winning the ‘Best Retail Award’ is confirmation that the Polished Diamonds team is amongst the best in the industry.



Phone 0800 233 299.



Footprints Podiatry

Regain your barefoot freedom: Footprints Podiatry

Footprints Podiatry has just introduced the Lunula Laser, a new technology that helps to eliminate fungal infections.


Footprints Podiatry


Lunula Laser is the newest standard in treating recalcitrant fungal nail infections and has been used extensively worldwide with impressive results. Totally pain-free, it uses two cold laser beams, which means no heat or pain and there are no known side effects.

The two laser beams work in tandem to produce a long-lasting action that damages the fungus itself and helps the body break it down by producing antiseptic and antimicrobial hydrogen peroxide. Lunula Laser also stimulates the immune system and causes vasodilation (the dilatation of blood vessels) by producing nitric oxide. This allows improved blood flow and encourages healing and regeneration.

The Lunula Laser may also be able to help clients for other podiatry needs. It is currently being trialled with diabetic patients to improve blood flow in feet and toes, to aid in problems caused by diabetic arterial disease. The Lunula Laser has been used to aid in the healing and repair process of the nail and can also assist with psoriasis and nail damage caused by friction from footwear. In as little as four weekly 12-minute sessions, you can regain your barefoot freedom.

Footprint Podiatry can also provide treatment of foot and ankle disorders (including skin and nail conditions), biomechanical causes of back, hip, knee, leg, ankle and foot pain, prescription of corrective foot orthotics, advice on appropriate strength or stretching requirements and training programmes.


You’ll find them at three handy locations in Barrington, Ilam and Shirley.


Skin Rejuvenation Clinic

2019’s Biggest Beauty Trends: Skin Rejuvenation Clinic

The start of a New Year isn’t just a good opportunity to reflect on how the previous year went but it’s also a great time to look ahead.  What’s in store for 2019? Dr Brigid Lee from the Skin Rejuvenation Clinic has a few predictions on what will be big in 2019.


Skin Rejuvenation Clinic


Customisable skin care:
It is about assessing your skin’s requirements so that skincare products can be targeted to deal with each issue. Some like to layer various active products on while others prefer everything they need to be in the one bottle. Fortunately everything is possible!


Firm, healthy skin:
Ageing causes skin to lose its elasticity. Now there is technology to help stimulate new collagen, whether it’s from needling – ideally with a machine that also administers heat down the needle and into the skin – or with a machine designed to deliver heat into the deep dermis, such as Ulthera, which uses high intensity ultrasound.


Freezing fat from any of those stubborn areas where fat accumulates and no amount of dieting or exercise will move – tummy, inner and outer thighs, back fat, arm puffs (referred to as armpit vagina by Jennifer Lawrence), backs of arms and chin. No surgery, walk in and walk out.


Artfully done botox and dermal fillers to achieve naturally stunning results:
Beautifully arched eyebrows and curved cheekbones with full natural lips are all achievable if that is what you want or fillers can be used simply to restore the volume loss caused by ageing.


All available at the Skin Rejuvenation Clinic.



Showstopping Style

Showstopping Style

The next generation of designers will be ruling the runway in March, when the prestigious iD Fashion Show hits Dunedin.


Showstopping Style


Thirty-seven designers, who are in their final year of studying or have graduated in the last 12 months, will be showing their collections at the showstopping event. Entries in the iD International Emerging Designer Awards 2019 explore identity using diverse themes such as technology, war, sustainability and abandoned buildings through their cutting edge collections.

A panel of all-star Kiwi fashion designers, Tanya Carlson, Benny Castles (WORLD), Margi Robertson (NOM*d) and Kate Sylvester, as well as VIVA editor Amanda Linnell selected the shortlist and will be judging the event. Each emerging designer will show five garments which will be assessed by the panel during a day of judging at The Regent Theatre on Thursday 14 March.


Showstopping Style


iD International Emerging Designer Awards judge Tanya Carlson says it was interesting to note that whether finalists came from Auckland, Melbourne or Singapore there was a consistency with the themes their fashion explored.

“This year many of the entries are inward looking, asking ‘who am I?’ Young designers are drawing upon their experience with family, ethnicity and what it is like to be an immigrant to inform their clothes and at the same time question identity and how it defines their place in the world.”

This year’s competition features three new awards. The Blunt Design Award, emerging finalists are invited to create a fabric design for a Blunt umbrella and the winning design will be produced as a limited edition Blunt umbrella. The ‘Free To Be Me’ Award, sponsored by Ali Maginness will recognise one designer who embraces and empowers young people to freely express themselves in how they dress, to move confidently beyond the pressure to conform and takes pride and joy in being true to themselves.


Showstopping Style


The Holden Acadia Arrive in Style Award will be chosen following a finalists fashion shoot around Dunedin with finalists’ garments photographed with the new Holden Arcadia. The iD Dunedin 20th Anniversary Shows will cap off a week of fashion-inspired events throughout Dunedin.

From Monday 11 March through to Sunday 17 March 2019, everyone in the city can indulge their love of fashion with events, lectures, parades, shopping and dining across the city. Tickets are available from TicketDirect now.



M Factor Fashion Show

A decade of fabulous fashion

Ready, set, fashion – designers and celebrities are set to hit the catwalk wearing the latest New Zealand fashion to support families with a child in hospital on Thursday 4 April.


M Factor Fashion Show


In its tenth year, the annual M Factor Fashion Show will bring together some of the most talented designers from across the country to raise funds for Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) New Zealand and Ronald McDonald House South Island.
Guests at the family-friendly fashion show held at The Tannery for the first time will see collections from the likes of Trelise Cooper, Kathryn Wilson, Repertoire, Working Style, Ruby Six, Kilt and the usual favourites such as Annah Stretton, Augustine and many more, including children’s clothing labels such as Alaska Tees and Scarlett and Victor.

After the success of last year’s Fashion Show at The Transitional Cathedral, Maree Lucas, Owner and Events Organiser at M Factor Events is looking forward to bringing more glitz, glamour and fashion to the event’s tenth anniversary show.
Ronald McDonald House South Island CEO Mandy Kennedy says she is humbled by Maree’s dedication to supporting the charity year after year and cannot wait to see what’s on the catwalk this year.

The event will be held at 7pm on Thursday 4 April at The Tannery. Tickets are available at and are priced at $75 for VIP, table $750, adult $55 and $30 for children and students. Funds raised from this event will go towards taking care of the thousands of families who walk through the doors of a Ronald McDonald House each year.



The Gut Foundation

Getting to the Guts of the matter! The Gut Foundation

Getting to the Guts of the matter!


The Gut Foundation


New research is particularly important to Canterbury and better tools for diagnosis are urgently required. The Gut Foundation (previously the Bowel and Liver Trust), is aiming to provide support to Teagan Hoskin, a Post Doctoral Fellow at the University of Otago, Christchurch.

Teagan has extensive experience working in the field of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) research, having previously coordinated a large study which recruited 500 patients. Her passion for improving health outcomes for people living with IBD stems from witnessing her younger brother’s struggle with this debilitating disease for more than 20 years.


The Gut Foundation has a long-standing interest in supporting research in the field of IBD, previously funding projects assessing IBD incidence rates in Canterbury. A study funded by the trust in 2004 showed that Canterbury has one of the highest incidence rates of Crohn’s Disease (CD) worldwide. Strikingly, a more recently funded study in 2014 indicated that the number of patients diagnosed with CD had increased by 50 percent. This highlights the importance of continued research in this field and underpins our ongoing commitment to support this vital work.

Currently, colonoscopy with biopsy is thought to be the best method for evaluating inflammation location, extent and severity. However, the invasiveness of endoscopic examinations and unpleasant bowel preparation treatments is a strong drawback for this procedure, especially in children. Encouragingly, a growing body of evidence suggests that non-invasive markers measured in the urine and plasma may be specific in detecting gut inflammation in patients with IBD.


The potential of non-invasive markers to identify patients with IBD, monitor their treatment outcomes and assess their risk of relapse is appealing. Gastroenterologists would be able to diagnose IBD much faster by eliminating colonoscopy wait times. In addition, they would be able to individualise treatment by prescribing more powerful drugs to patients at risk of relapse, while patients at reduced risk would avoid these more powerful drugs.

The overall objective of this project is to determine whether levels of novel markers of inflammation measured in the blood and urine will correlate with disease severity in patients with IBD. Several studies have assessed the ability of fecal calprotectin to reflect disease severity in patients with IBD. However, this marker is not sensitive or specific enough to eliminate the need for invasive endoscopic examinations. Consequently, the proposed research is vital to enabling identification of novel markers of inflammation that better reflect disease severity and limit the need for colonoscopy.


The proposed research represents an exciting opportunity for an experienced researcher. Identification and validation of non-invasive markers that have the ability to reflect disease severity has the potential to aid in the diagnosis and assessment of IBD. If validated, non-invasive inflammatory markers could reduce the need for invasive investigations. This would be particularly beneficial for children, who often have to undergo several unpleasant procedures before obtaining an accurate IBD diagnosis.

With a delay in diagnosis and appropriate treatment often resulting in poor physical and mental wellbeing and limiting educational progress, better tools for the ongoing assessment and diagnosis of gut inflammation would lead directly to improved outcomes for those with IBD.


Become a Gutsy hero by supporting The Gut Foundations research.
Visit to donate.


All Ruffled Up

All Ruffled Up

Ruffles will be hailed as a dramatic and definitive style of 2019. This lovely look has us all ruffled up.


All Ruffled Up


Frilly flounces recently swished onto the international catwalk and now this fashion statement which was first seen during the ‘40s and ’50s, with origins in the 16th century, is even more fabulous. Finely frilled through to oversized big and billowy, this exciting trend is blowing the straight edge right out the window for a while.


All Ruffled Up

Floaty ultra-feminine ruffles are adding drama to the edging of crossover dresses, through to bell-bottoms. Sleeves are even puffier than last year, adding balance to wavy fronts and hemlines of shirts, frocks and skirts. Surprisingly flattering, you can contrast by accentuating a fitted waist and hipline.


All Ruffled Up

All materials are in the mix. Linen gives casual, modern structure, with ruffles seen out and about even in leather. In lace they create a new vintage boho. Romantic ruffles make us feel like screen stars and divas of the red carpet are having a ball with this playful fashion theme, with waves of silks and satins replacing bling.


All Ruffled Up


They’re a glamourous frame to a sultry off-the-shoulder evening dress and create fairy-tale folds that float to the ground.