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June Youngman

Sartorial crème de la crème: Q&A with June Youngman

It’s one of the most eagerly awaited times of the year, when fashionistas flock to the sartorial arena at Christchurch Casino New Zealand Trotting Cup Day and are put through their paces.


June Youngman


Addington Raceway & Events Centre plays prestigious host to ‘the’ crème de la crème of style showcases – Westfield Riccarton Style Stakes – and style mavens put their most fashionable foot forward, courting the public’s attention and vying for the judge’s recognition.
Metropol speaks to the beautiful June Youngman from North Canterbury about trading in her gumboots to step onto the Best Dressed podium for 2018.


How long have you been interested in fashion?

I think it was 2012 when I first tagged along with one of my friends who was entering in the fashion competition. I thought I could do this too so Addington was the place that I entered my first comp. From a farm in North Canterbury I’m always in my gumboots working so I look forward to dressing up every year now.


What inspired you to enter the Best Dressed competition?

Looking at all the amazing outfits, I just wanted to be a part of this fun and glamour each year. This only happens once a year so we try to make the most of it and over the years have developed many new friendships. I love going to the races with my crazy and beautiful race buddies.


How did you come up with the concept for your award-winning combination?

After my big win in Auckland Derby Day in March, I came home and started drawing in my book as usual, making sketches just thinking what I could design that would be a little different and also day wear. One of my sketches just stood out and I went with that one. Finding the right fabric is always a hard one for me. I went through hundreds of fabrics before I came across this one and the moment I saw it, I knew it was a winner. I didn’t know where or when but I had a feeling this was going to do well.

As soon as my fabric arrived, I got my friend Jo Laurenson, who is my seamstress, to cut a pattern so I could send the left-over fabric to my milliner Irene Moore. After six or more long months I was quite pleased with the outcome. Jo did an amazing job on it, the lace was very hard to work with but she made it look amazing.


How would you define style – do you have a particular inspiration in the sartorial sphere?

Originality is style. I think that when you create something yourself with all your hard work, that is style. I love and follow what Dior brings out each year; their new colours and amazing inspirational outfits.


What do you envision for fashion in 2019?

I know I shouldn’t, but I have already started to make sketches in my book; more challenges for my seamstress. I have just signed a contract working along with another amazing designer and together hopefully we can create some cool stuff. I love colour but I think 2019 will be quite different with simple but bright colours. I’m hoping to see some dark blues.


How did you feel the moment your name was announced as the Best Dressed Lady?

Best feeling ever, funny thing is the moment they said ‘Best Dressed Lady goes to…’ in my heart I called out my name hahaha. Sounds weird I know, but my husband who was standing across from the winning post videoing us said the same thing, that he called out my name in his heart. I think that was very sweet. I’m super chuffed and very grateful to all the sponsors. I think they need to be applauded.



Petersens Jewellers

A divine selection: Petersens Jewellers

For many things in life, quality is subjective and beauty immeasurable. At Petersens Jewellers in the Bush Inn Centre, quality is neither subjective nor immeasurable. It is clearly at the heart of this store.


Petersens Jewellers


This is perhaps best encapsulated in the store’s latest diamond range, Divine Solitaires. With a stringent grading system, this range comprises only the very best in colour, clarity and cut, and Petersens is the only Christchurch stockist. Known for their triple excellence cut, they can be purchased as loose diamonds or already made up, ready to impress. Owner/operator Brent Morrison takes pride in sourcing the very best diamonds from a global resource pool; attention to detail which goes as far as travelling to Antwerp – the diamond capital of the world.


Petersens Jewellers



This ensures the highest quality stones and the most sparkles in the bespoke range of diamond rings and necklaces. Petersens is also synonymous with high quality brands of jewellery and watches, making it the ultimate Christmas gift destination store. You’ll find the latest range of watches from globally renowned Seiko and Citizen brands, and a wide range of jewellery including Coeur de Lion, Thomas Sabo and the latest limited edition Mickey Mouse range by Karen Walker x Disney.

The team is also seeing a big uptake in gold jewellery and, with a beautiful range of pendants, rings and necklaces in store, it’s the perfect time to get in for your Christmas gifts. Gift exchange makes it ideal for men and friendly staff are always on hand to provide gift ideas.


For all the Christmas sparkles, head to Petersens Jewellers at the Bush Inn Centre, corner of Waimairi and Riccarton Roads or


Stepping out in style: ECCO

Whether you’re arriving at a party at dusk or strolling along a sun-bleached esplanade, metallic leather is about making a style statement.




The Women’s ECCO Touch Flatform is crafted from metallic Ecco Vibrio leather, with double foil finish – designed to shimmer and sparkle as it catches the light. The metallic finish, achieved through an innovative layering process, can be applied to a selection of base colours. Combining silvery blue hues with golden yellows, Ecco Vibrio’s two-tone effect adds depth and softness, bringing a subtle, sophisticated edge to any silhouette. As well as adding glint and glamour, Ecco Vibrio is velvety to the touch – with the leather specially milled to improve your shoe’s softness and comfort.



Ecco Vibrio is one of the latest premium raw materials to have been developed by the team of researchers and pioneers at Ecco Leather’s base in Dongen, near Amsterdam — resolving an ongoing issue with metallic leathers that fade with time. Instead, Ecco Vibrio Leather uses its multi- layered tonality to deflect age and maintain its radiance. The Ecco Touch Flatform features ripple sole construction. The leather-covered inlay sole with Ecco Comfort Fibre System™ technology cushions the foot and helps it to breathe. The stunning shoe also comes in white – the Christchurch store’s best-selling shoe.

With a strong focus on simplicity, function, and environmentally friendly practices, Ecco constantly strives to make the most comfortable and versatile footwear.


Visit the store on 195 Papanui Rd, or shop online


Bell bottoms

Bell of the Ball

Bell bottoms are swinging their way back into our wardrobes this season.


Bell of the Ball


It’s funny to think that this fashion style was originally created for sailors to readily roll up their trousers, when on messy deck duty. The ’60s has since embraced this look and the ’70s exaggerated it even further. But now, you don’t have to wait for the next fancy-dress party. This fabulous, fun and surprisingly flattering fashion statement will be swooshing down a street near you. Twiggy, Mary Quant, Cher and Farrah Fawcett have handed the trend over to celebs from Katie Holmes to Kate Beckinsale, who relish in the practical comfortableness and sassy style.

Unlike the former bootleg cut, the truest bell bottoms flare from the knee and can also start flaring out loosely from the thigh. The bottom can be as wide as the retro originals at around 65cms. They are not exactly the satin-white Abba variety – this season’s bell bottoms are beautifully boho in dusky denims and suedes and flower-child prints, through to the sharp electric hues of this summer. They are great-fitting, like the NYDJ jeans, and high-waisted this time round – a pair of high heels are a must to balance out all that fabric.

It will be so nice to slip your jeans on without having to take your shoes off first. And the down-to-the-ground length covers the craziest of heels. Anything that creates a bit of longer-leg magic will be whole heartedly embraced. I would like to place a bet that this look may very well linger on!



The Heart of the City

The Heart of the City

Home is and always will be so much more than where the heart is, particularly as it relates to the Garden City. It is this strong sense of patriotism that is propelling Christchurch clothing company DUAL into the sartorial spotlight.


The Heart of the City


Described by its owners as “the last man standing of New Zealand manufacturing”, Dual operates from a factory in Lichfield Street. Owners Stuart Montgomery and Phillip Sunderland are dedicated ambassadors for the quality denim brand and strong advocates for locally made products. A tagline, ‘Always Aotearoa’ perfectly captures the sentiment bestowed at the very heart of the business.
“We are in the unique position of being New Zealand’s only denim brand made right here in Christchurch,” Phillip says. “We don’t outsource to a third-world country. Everything is made here (has always been) and will continue to be made locally.”

The duo is supported by 90 staff, each with industry-related skills. “There are lots of designers who want to design but very few are willing to sit at a machine and learn the process. Designing a garment and knowing how it’s constructed are two different things.”
The pair is well versed in hard work. “Making it in the New Zealand fashion industry is hard work and we are all on the boat trying to stay afloat. We believe in our vision and keeping our industry alive but people need to buy New Zealand made – if they don’t, we all go out of business.”


The Heart of the City

Like the edgy, robust structured denim products they produce, Dual has stood the test of time and now is located at 5/181 High Street, in the Little High Lanes. At the industrial looking store, which shares a roof with Not Without You wine bar, there are a range of products, including the popular trench coats, jeans, skirts, overalls and soon to be released summer shorts. The next year promises to be a busy one for Phillip and Stuart who plan to ‘flesh-out’ their story further by taking their apparel to a larger market outside of Canterbury and New Zealand. “The most difficult part for us is finding stores that suit our brand values. We will be hitting the road to get our name (and story) out there.”

While Dual’s products are popular with all ages, Phillip says its biggest supporters are those who are not interested in mass-produced items and wish to support New Zealand made products. Nobody knows that more than Dual Designer Gina Lee. “Everyone here is like a family. We help each other out and I love working alongside the staff in the factory. “Producing a pair of jeans takes team work and takes time. Each garment that leaves here has had many people working on it, helping construct it.”Even though the margins are small, according to Phillip, Dual won’t compromise on quality or its ethos. “If people actually saw where some of New Zealand’s top designers have their brands made, they wouldn’t buy them.


The Heart of the City


“Ours is a story that is local – an authentic New Zealand story.”
For further information, email, phone 03 925 9786 or pop into the retail shop next to Little High Eatery.


Silver Linings

Silver Linings

Silver has never lost its lustre. The everlasting semi-precious metal in all its forms is still taking centre stage across fashion and accessories.





It eludes to the stars, the sea, a silvery moon – it can shout anything from edgy with attitude, to pure princess. As a statement or a complement to any look, silver still rocks! Silver is simply sparkling in jewellery, fashion, handbags, and silver locks are such a glamourous look for hair. As we edge a little closer to a very sci-fi sounding 2020, long ago predicted Star Trek-type fashion pages are not quite as spacesuit we thought. Silver now nods to our former heydays, just as much as does the future.




Finest vintage filigree is in vogue, as equally as luxurious Scandinavian minimalist pieces, as local and international jewellery designers are embracing silver as a medium to get creative. Silver is youthful, but also timeless, suiting all skin types and tones in jewellery. Swarovski crystals, pearls and semi-precious gems always beguile from their beds of silver.  With developments in materials and techniques, silver is cleverly embossed or blended into the colour wheel.




Shimmering silver is woven into delicate cotton knits, embellished into soft leathers of the latest summer sandals, melding with blush, lilacs and baby blues to create the iridescent appeal of a seashell. There is much variance, from palest white-silver or rose-hued, to an almost pewter.



The silvery wow-factor is now as much for day as for night. Once glittering up for a glam evening was the thing, now it’s almost mandatory to exude a little, or a lot, of shimmer in the sunlight. Mixing it up with other metallics also creates an original ensemble. Gold loves silver too.




Old World Glamour

Old World Glamour

Design cues from the past are injecting old world glamour into our interiors. Make a luxurious style statement and bring a little French antiquity or Victorian manor into your world.


Old World Glamour


Chic chandeliers
It doesn’t matter if your home is all downlights, hang one from the rafters anyway – just for the romantic effect. Glamorise a plain bathroom, accentuate a dining table or enchant a bedroom. Whether Phantom of the Opera crystal drama or candle styles, chandeliers are the cliché of timeless class. Identical versions of the classics are illuminating lighting stores everywhere.


Claw foot and slipper baths
A ‘have to have’ for a glamorous-era bathroom, they are pure luxury to look at and to soak in. New versions of this past-century style come in varying lengths and designs. And some can be colour-matched to your décor.


Antiqued fittings and fixtures
Ironically, modern techniques can be thanked for the large inflow of antique-style allure. Today’s tapware for bathrooms and kitchens is not just a chrome affair. They are expertly antiqued, or shiny in copper, brass, gold, and pewter effects. This finishes a chosen theme, as much more than a functional necessity.


Magical mirrors
If nothing else, the gilded mirror is the epitome of yesteryear glamour. Double up a view of the garden, city or seascape by facing one out to the window. Lighten a dim hallway, make your bathroom feel like The Ritz, and romance up the bedroom. Old-style options enchant – round mirrors, bevelled edges, thick ornate framing bearing grapes and cherubs, through to art deco geometric in silver.


Old World Glamour


Recline in grandeur
The classical chaise lounge is a charming Victorian-inspired piece to fill a purpose in any room. The decadent deep-buttoning on couches to cushions, originally hails from the 1700s, as in rolled-armed Chesterfield couches. This immortal style is now very in vogue.


Curtain glamour
Curtains can draw in the dramatic feel of an opulent era. It is imperative to drape generously down to the ground. Choose luxurious linens, sumptuous velvets, or baroque-themed prints. Embellish with pompoms, fringing and gold tassels, and tieback with brass crystal-knobbed brackets.


A floral throw-back
Victorian floral wallpapers make the finest of feature walls. Damask-pink old French roses through to granny’s garden bouquets enhance everything from vases, vintage crockery, paintings, to tablecloths and throws.


Time travel
Aboard the Orient Express. A brass luggage rack in the entrance way, an antiqued globe or map, a purposeful pile of leather vintage suitcases secreting a long journey had. Perhaps include a dome-studded pirate’s chest, nods to Jules Verne, or gilt-framed paintings of old sailing ships. It’s escapism through historical adventures from the comfort of home.




Tantalising Tokens

Christmas shopping is a sensory delight at token, a glimmering gem of a store located at Avonhead Mall. It’s a gift-giving heaven for all your favourite people, and something delightful for yourself of course!




A pretty range of Scandi inspired decorations sets the mood, with fanciful unicorns, touches of feathers, and a hint of pink bringing individual flair to decorating themes. Ecoya add their cult Christmas candle in Pine, together with Clove, Spice, Ginger and Lime to their delicious line-up.

Spend a bit or spend a bundle – there are beautiful gifts for all budgets. Jewellery pieces feature tortoiseshell, bright boho inspiration, soft pinks, and silver, Theseeke and Ashley and Co beckon beauty product lovers, while butter-soft wallets and purses from Status Anxiety whisper luxury. Cute gifts for children join gorgeous homewares, and who wouldn’t love to find merlot and riesling flavoured winegums from The Real Wine Gum in their Christmas stocking?



Champs-Elysées Day Spa

The Gift of Pure Pampering

The festive season has arrived and the team at Champs-Elysées Day Spa understands the importance of offering a thoughtful gift from the heart. What could be more meaningful than a voucher treating your loved one to an unforgettable experience that is all about making them feel truly special?


Champs-Elysées Day Spa


The beautifully packaged vouchers can be purchased at the spa or online at and sent directly to you or a loved one. Every purchase before 22 December goes into the draw to win a luxury prize package from Pure Fiji valued over $200!

The Exotic Island Spa Retreat is the newest luxury pamper package featuring Pure Fiji products. Choose your favourite Pure Fiji infusion, then surrender to pure pampering designed to transport you to blissful tropical paradise. Treatments include a relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage, rejuvenating foot soak, scrub and massage, and a luxurious exotic island facial for just $199!

The Champs-Elysées Diamond Club ensures 12 months of ultimate luxurious pampering with exclusive benefits such as a luxury spa party, and invitations to VIP events. A delightful range of beautifully packaged retail gifts at an equally delightful price is also available.
Champs-Elysées Day Spa are counting down the 12 days to Christmas with an assortment of 12 glorious skin care and beauty products, as well as a luxury Champs-Elysées gift voucher, that one lucky person will win on Christmas Eve.


Keep an eye on their social media for your chance to win! Phone 03 365 3630 for further information.


Straddle the seasonal divide

Straddle the seasonal divide

Some clothing is for winter, some is reserved for hot summer days – and then there are those clever pieces that straddle the seasonal divide. We look at some ideas to create an all-season wardrobe.


Straddle the seasonal divide


Double-up dresses

A fabulously fitting dress, structured in well-made quality fabric, can look perfect for a summer’s day with bare legs, strappy sandals and a smile. However, teamed with tights, boots and a jacket, it can see the winter through. Whether it’s a shirt dress or a shift dress, strong colours, bold florals and little black numbers can all sail stylishly through the calendar.

Shoes that breathe

The cut away shoe style is open-toed and possibly sling-backed, but still with plenty of structure. They can be worn with warm tights, or just tanned feet and painted-toes. Best of all, they allow the feet to breathe in summer and not be suffocated in winter. They are great for undecided spring/autumn weather – you can just take your socks off. Cute flat ankle boots with little pinholes are a trans-seasonal must-have.

The denim jacket

Teamed with floaty summer shorts and skirts, or cosy jeans and boots, the denim jacket is your forever-edgy fashion friend. The all-year-round staple is a real faithful. Whether embellished with bling, or a simple faded classic, they suit us all.

Natural-fibre knits

The latest fabrics in knitwear mean not having to pack away winter woollies. Cotton knits and the finest merino give layering options and style for all seasons. In zip-up cardigans, jackets, jumpers and slinky tops – it’s natural, breathable, trans-seasonal warmth without the bulk.