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Southern Institute of Technology

Southern study success: Southern Institute of Technology (SIT)’s Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management has set up Shovik Saha for a great career

Shovik Saha is a graduate of Southern Institute of Technology (SIT)’s Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management. Studying at the picturesque Queenstown campus, Shovik was impressed by the standard of learning and the tutors on his course.

Southern Institute of Technology

“All the tutors are awesome and have been great advisors. The programme was a step up in my learning and incredibly helpful towards my education surrounding New Zealand hospitality.”
Studying the Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management definitely helped with finding a job in the hospitality industry in Queenstown. “I was given great exposure into New Zealand’s hospitality industry working for a year with Holiday Inn Queenstown and then stepped up to work with Novotel Queenstown Lakeside, which will boost my hospitality career.
“I would definitely recommend the Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management to other students who wish to further their studies in hospitality.”
The next intake for this programme begins on 30 July 2018, and SIT looks forward to receiving enrolments from interested students.

The International Culinary Studio

A culinary crusade: cooking up your future with the International Culinary Studio

The International Culinary Studio recognises the number of people that love their jobs working with food and wish they could get qualified; the many enthusiastic amateurs, aspiring to a professional finish on their creations, if only fulltime work, family and other responsibilities didn’t take up all their time.

The International Culinary Studio

The culinary studio can solve those dilemmas simply and economically with its online accredited courses. You complete the course whenever, and wherever, you are – it fits into the life you lead.
International Culinary Studio Marketing Manager, Tracy Kruger says one recent student is a mother, who worked full time nightshift. She had no fancy equipment in her kitchen, but through working to suit her lifestyle, at her own pace and after completing her hours in the industry, she received her Diploma in Patisserie and now has her own business. She will soon be able to give up her night job to do what she loves.
Professional chefs and restaurant owners endorse the studio: it enables staff to continue their role while gaining their qualifications. Theory is online and students can watch the lessons over and over, even complete quizzes on their phones.
They upload videos of themselves cooking, which chef instructors watch. The courses offer personalised one-on-one interaction with an executive chef in a way that isn’t possible in a standard classroom lesson. Students taste test their work using a flavour wheel and can take 12 months to complete but could get qualified in six. So, what are you waiting for? Change nothing in your life but upskill now!

Christine Leighton Rector of St Andrew’s College

Meet the Principal 2018: Christine Leighton of St Andrew’s College

Christine Leighton Rector of St Andrew’s College
Christine Leighton Rector of St Andrew’s College

With a wonderful year of Centenary celebrations now behind St Andrew’s College, Rector Christine Leighton says the StAC community has its sights set firmly on the future. “We look forward to new horizons, as we honour many of our old traditions, yet also create new ones which will inspire future generations. The essence of being a St Andrew’s College student, however, remains the same. The pride of wearing the thistle, the stirred emotion in hearing the pipes, the sense of belonging, and the shared values of truth, excellence, faith, honesty, generosity, compassion, hope, respect and responsibility, which underpin everything we do at St Andrew’s College.”

Christine became the first female Rector at St Andrew’s College when she was appointed to the role in 2007. She is proud to lead the only independent co-educational school offering boarding in the South Island, with its vibrant, engaged learning environment. “I was educated in a co-educational school myself and believe it is the best way to prepare young people for their future. After all, life is co-ed.”
Students at St Andrew’s are encouraged to strive for excellence in their academic, sporting and cultural pursuits, with their many successes widely celebrated. However, the students’ well-being and helping them to flourish are equally important at the College, Christine says. “The latest research shows learning is profoundly affected by well-being. We guide our students to not only cultivate their intellectual minds, but to develop a broad set of character strengths, virtues and competencies, which together support their physical and mental well-being.”

St Andrew’s College These values are also part of the High-Performance Sport and Elite Studies programmes at St Andrew’s, which are delivering some great results. “Recent successes include our Senior Boys’ and Girls’ A Volleyball teams both winning Canterbury Championships, our Mixed Tennis team finishing runners-up at national level, our rowers making nine A finals at Maadi Cup, and our athletes winning eight titles at the South Island Secondary Schools’ Athletics Championships.”
In the innovation space, Christine says St Andrew’s is looking forward to the opening of The Green Library and Innovation Centre in June, where students will be able to read, research, explore emerging technologies such as 3D printing and robotics, share ideas, and innovate. “This development is one of the exciting new ways we are helping students to embrace, and engage with life in a rapidly changing world,” Christine says.

Mike Fowler Principal of Hagley College

Meet the Principal 2018: Mike Fowler of Hagley College

Mike Fowler Principal of Hagley College
Mike Fowler Principal of Hagley College

“Kia ora tātou. Welcome to Hagley’s Junior Graduating College!
What’s important at Hagley, a school with a 160-year history making it nearly as old as Christchurch itself?
Our values matter. Those values are seen in the relationships our teachers build with each of our students. It’s how we treat our students that sets Hagley apart, valuing them as individuals – that is the Hagley way. What does that mean for our students? They feel that teachers are interested in them and care about their learning; they feel that they’re experiencing success – and much more.”

When you enrol into the Junior College at Hagley, you are in a learning environment that will enable you to achieve and exceed your goals and have a great overall experience at Hagley.
The school offers a range of support throughout your children’s junior years. From the beginning the students are tested and interviewed to see where they will slot in best. They then receive amazing pastoral support from both tutors and deans, and they will get to work on achieving Hagley Credits throughout the year to graduate into the following year.
“We’re often asked, what makes Hagley different,” Principal Mike Fowler says.
“We have a culture like no other. No one wears a uniform and everyone’s on a first name basis. But that’s just for starters. Students come to Hagley because they’re treated with respect, accepted for who they are as unique individuals. They know it’s cool to be different!”

Hagley College

It’s a strong framework, designed to get the best out of its students. At Hagley, learning is enhanced within the context of a student’s individual learning needs and is applied to their learning within the classroom setting. A wide range of support is offered aimed at scaffolding students’ learning appropriately to their needs.
“We love our students aiming high and doing well,” Mike says. “We believe there is no single stereotype for success. At Hagley being successful comes in many shapes and forms.
“We want you to feel excited about coming here. We look forward to you being part of Hagley’s 2019 Junior Graduating College!”

Ian Macpherson

Meet the Principal 2018: Ian Macpherson of Medbury School

Ian Macpherson
Ian Macpherson Headmaster of Medbury School

“While Medbury School enjoys a strong reputation as a progressive preparatory school for boys locally, nationally and internationally, the School has, at its core, an engaging family feel, which extends within and beyond the school gate. Traditional Christian values, supported by a strong emphasis on manners and respect, underpin the School’s mission ‘to unlock the potential of every boy’.”

It was this unique blend of Medbury’s long history of educational achievement, community engagement and its focus on core values that most appealed to Ian Macpherson as he accepted the position as Headmaster of Medbury School for the commencement of the 2018 academic year.

Medbury School

“Medbury School has successfully balanced the strong traditions established throughout the past 95 years, with innovation in teaching and learning, as it strives to be one of Australasia’s leading preparatory schools,” Mr Macpherson says. “I am looking forward to building on Medbury’s firm foundations of commitment to excellence and living the twelve Medbury values in both thoughts and deeds, as the school prepares to celebrate its centenary in 2023.”
With almost 30 years as a specialist in boys’ education, he has seen first-hand the difference a boy-friendly approach has on maximising academic engagement, as well as social and emotional development. “A boy with values is a boy set for life. The School motto, Play the Game, reinforces the standard for all student behavior and attitudes, whether in the classroom, on the playing field, in social interaction and activities, or beyond the school gates.
“Helping boys master skills, which help them tackle greater obstacles and ask more ‘why’ questions, drives our curriculum development and implementation programmes. We also value the learning opportunities that take place beyond the classroom and Medbury boys are blessed to be extended in so many ways.”
The School’s Boarding House is an integral part of school life and home to 43 boarders from different areas of New Zealand and overseas. Medbury boys are challenged in a supportive way, which adds to their resolve and resilience, and provides a long and successful list of traits from which they can draw upon.
“When a Medbury boy leaves for secondary school, he does so with an education equipping him for life in the 21st century. He will leave us a well-rounded individual; a motivated and independent learner and a critical thinker with high self-esteem, who reacts to others and the changing world around him, with confidence and good grace.”


St Margaret’s College

Meet the Principal 2018: Gillian Simpson of St Margaret’s College

Gillian Simpson Principal of St Margaret’s College
Gillian Simpson Principal of St Margaret’s College

“‘Everyday Superstars’ is the theme chosen for the St Margaret’s community for 2018 by our Year 13 cohort. For true wellbeing we all need to be a vital part of something bigger than ourselves and to feel needed and valued. The girls define an ‘everyday superstar’ as someone who contributes to the wellbeing of the community through regular small acts of helpfulness and kindness.
Living in a state of compassionate mindfulness is a proven indicator of happiness and wellbeing. Throughout my ten years of living in the St Margaret’s school family I have witnessed so many acts of kindness and compassion and so many shining ‘everyday superstars’.”

When she first arrived, Gillian likened the campus to a dented, rusty old jewelry box filled with shining jewels. “This school has always been about the people – our shining jewels, our taonga. These people grew closer and stronger, united in saving our great school in the face of unprecedented threats to our very existence in the challenges thrown at us by Mother Nature’s earthquakes.
“That jewelry box is now a new splendid modern version of itself; a tribute to those who seized every opportunity, cared for each other and rebuilt and future proofed our school.”
As a result, St Margaret’s is blessed with a school fit for the purpose of ‘educating young women to live and lead’ into their future. “I believe that never before have all-girls’ schools been so important in growing mana wahine and in nurturing and growing confident, compassionate women to make our world a better place.”

St Margaret’s College Choosing the school that is right for your daughter is an important decision which no parent takes lightly. St Margaret’s College Open Day offers an insight into how academic excellence and co-curricular opportunities combine for Years 1 to 13, with boarding from Year 7. The emphasis is on learning, combined with wellbeing and pastoral care. Each year group has a programme specifically designed to meet their needs, ensuring customised learning for every girl. The girls are empowered to become strong, resilient young women who relate well to others and have confidence and empathy to build lasting relationships.
Experience the St Margaret’s College difference at the Open Day on Friday 11 May from 10:30am to 1pm. The Principal’s address at 11:45am will feature talks from outgoing Executive Principal, Gillian Simpson, and Diana Patchett who will start in the role at the beginning of Term 3. For further information, visit

Dr Lyn Bird Principal of Selwyn House School

Meet the Principal 2018: Dr Lyn Bird of Selwyn House School

Dr Lyn Bird Principal of Selwyn House School
Dr Lyn Bird Principal of Selwyn House School

“One of my life long aims, as a principal, is to ensure all students are equipped with knowledge, skills and attitudes for their future lives and careers. To ensure students are equipped for their future, it is paramount that a personalised, future-focused curriculum which develops students as self-regulated learners is provided.
Selwyn House School offers the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP), which is recognised globally as a future-focused curriculum based on intercultural understanding and respect. In effect, the PYP learner profile attributes we develop embody a future global citizen of the world.”

Core learning in English, Mathematics and Science is complemented by transdisciplinary inquiries and rich tasks, which allow high levels of application, creativity and problem-solving. The development of these skills combined with crucial interpersonal skills, such as self-regulation, curiosity, and tolerance, enable Selwyn House girls to become confident and informed individuals eager to take their part in the world. Learning is further enhanced by the active role that our specialist teachers in Mechatronics, Robotics, Performing Arts, Music, Physical Education, Sports, Visual Art and Spanish invest in daily learning.
Small class sizes ensure learning is personalised and teachers are able to build strong connections with each child and provide clear instruction in learning strategies enabling students to take control of their learning, know themselves as learners, self-regulate, and develop self-efficacy – all life-long learning skills.

Selwyn House School

Selwyn House proudly encourages students to:

  • Ask questions and develop strong critical thinking strategies
  • Analyse complex concepts, work collaboratively and self-direct
  • Be creative, motivated and determined
  • Understand traditional arts and humanities while simultaneously having strong skills across all of the STEAM disciplines
  • Have a strong sense of empathy for others, be a confident leader and persist when facing challenges.

You are invited to visit Selwyn House School to learn more about this future-focused learning environment for girls in Years 1-8, nurturing Boarding House and co-educational Pre-school. Attend the upcoming Open Day on Monday 14 May or call today to schedule a personal tour.

Scott Thelning Principal of The Cathedral Grammar School

Meet the Principal 2018: Scott Thelning of The Cathedral Grammar School

Scott Thelning Principal of The Cathedral Grammar School
Scott Thelning Principal of The Cathedral Grammar School

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started and at The Cathedral Grammar School we aim to make that start something extraordinary for your child. Balancing our traditional Christian values with an energy to look forward, our students’ path to excellence begins here. Supported and encouraged by a culture of nurturing, knowing and growing, our students advance on their educational journeys with a solid foundation of academic success and a well-rounded character based on our Anglican character.”

The Cathedral Grammar School is an independent school providing high-quality education for pre-school, primary school and intermediate aged girls and boys.
This is a place of ambition alongside preparation where students learn from the best right from the start. Every year level benefits from the expertise of our high-calibre specialist teachers across multiple subjects. And small class sizes mean a lot of individual attention, ensuring every child’s strengths are identified and built on, with support provided where and when needed.

The Cathedral Grammar School The school structure is unique and designed to ensure students have the opportunity to make the most of their formative school years. The school understands learning happens in different ways at different ages; its students work in both co-educational and single-sex learning environments at times when this best suits their learning journey. In Pre-School and the Junior School, children learn in a co-educational environment. Students in Years 4 to 8 attend either the Boys’ or Girls’ School. Allowing students the best of both worlds, single sex classes offer the opportunity to target and deliver the curriculum in the most effective and interesting style possible, while social skills are developed by sharing mixed-environment break times, specialist classes and activities.
Creativity and culture play a big role here with four choirs and hundreds of individual music, speech and drama lessons every week. It’s also a proud sporting school, providing students with the facilities and encouragement to try their hand at a range of sports and recreation activities.
Ultimately, The Cathedral Grammar School is committed to providing a balance of tradition and rigour, while being curious and adventurous every day. The Cathedral Grammar School – aspiring since 1881.

Penny Tattershaw Principal of St Michael’s Church School

Meet the Principal 2018: Penny Tattershaw of St Michael’s Church School

Penny Tattershaw Principal of St Michael’s Church School
Penny Tattershaw Principal of St Michael’s Church School

Appointed in January, Penny is excited to be the new principal at St Michael’s Church School. “Our young pupils have limitless potential to lead exciting and generous lives,” Penny says. “We have the responsibility to educate and inspire them, to encourage every child to flourish, in mind, body and spirit. It’s a privilege to be entrusted by parents with the task of providing their children with the essential foundations for their education – for their lives,” she believes.
Having studied law at Oxford University, Penny trained at Exeter University School of Education. She has enjoyed a 30-year career teaching in prep schools around the globe.

As a history teacher, heritage matters to Penny. “St Michael’s has been educating children at the heart of our city for over 165 years. And we’re really excited! The city is thriving around us and St Michael’s is flourishing.”
At St Michael’s, small co-ed classes and specialist teachers ensure each child is an individual. “But of course we know our pupils well,” Penny says. “St Michael’s might be at the heart of city, but at the heart of St Michael’s are the essential virtues of Christianity and good citizenship: respect, integrity, faith, hope and love.”

St Michael’s Church School St Michael’s is a prep school for Years 1-8. “An independent school education at the primary level is a great gift,” Penny believes. “Your child’s traditional foundations in English and Maths are assured.” This academic rigour then underpins St Michael’s wider curriculums in Science, History, Geography and Spanish. “And we teach IT literacy, rather than assume it,” Penny says.
A prep education offers balance. St Michael’s cultural and sports’ programmes further develop each child’s foundation, as creativity and problem-solving come in many forms. Specialist art and music classes are enjoyed weekly; and most pupils play at least one instrument, “be it piano or flute, bassoon or bongos,” Penny laughs. “And we have two choirs, and speech and drama lessons.
“Our extended campus is pretty impressive: today, the Art Gallery; tomorrow, the Gardens; next week… Actually, next week it’s our Open Day. Come and see us,” Penny invites. “We’d love to meet you!”

Molls Dolls

The dames of dance: how the award winning dance group ‘Molls Dolls’ got their collective groove on

Molly Chapman was four years old when she donned her first pair of tap shoes and clicked her way across the floorboards. Born and raised in Dunedin, Molly grew up in a family that was, and still is, very involved in musical theatre. “My sister plays leading roles and directs musicals in Dunedin, and my brother acts and directs too.”

Molls Dolls

Molly taught tap in Dunedin and continued to teach it when she moved to Christchurch, aged 22. Her love of dance was passed onto her son, Hayden Withers, who graduated from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) in 2014, and is now New York based, and wowing audiences at Off Broadway. “Hayden’s my
inspiration,” Molly says.
The birth of Molls Dolls came about when the mother of a young girl she taught suggested Molly take a class for adults, as well as preschoolers. The same mother also suggested the name Molls Dolls.
It was while attending a Masters Games event with a softball team, which Molly says was enormous fun, that she became aware that the Masters had a Dancesports category.
She returned home with a plan in mind and wasted no time in putting out the word she was looking to teach tap to adult women. She set up a dance studio in her home and in 2015, Molls Dolls were up and tapping.
In 2016 they competed in their first Masters Games in Dunedin. “Our team comprised six ex-tap dancers. We were in the Formation Team section of the Dancesports and the crowds loved us so much that we returned home wearing silver medals!”
Fired with such a win, Molls Dolls headed to the Masters at Wanganui in January 2017. “But this time there were 11 of us (three teams) and we came away with Gold and Silver.”
On Waitangi weekend of this year, Molls Dolls competed at the Masters, again; by now the three teams had grown to 21 dancers, aged from 37 to 69. They made a clean sweep, with the red and silver team winning the gold medal, the blue team taking out the silver, and the black and gold team getting bronze. They also got the silver medal in Show Dance.
The girls are super industrious when it comes to fundraising. “From May to August we make up to 300 dozen cheese rolls, per run – we’ve even made over 1,200 dozen!”
Next up for these indefatigable dames of dance is the Masters Games in October at Timaru and Wanganui in February, 2019. “We’ve also been invited to an Australasian Competition called Follow Your Dreams, with a qualifying competition in Christchurch in August. If we qualify then we’ll be heading to Melbourne in January 2019.”
Molly says her dancers inspire her and have brought so much fun into her life. “The girls give me so much joy. I don’t think I would have survived the hard times without them; they make Molls Dolls!”
For more information, email