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Fashion and cuisine combine

Fashion and cuisine combine

A creative trio is bringing both cuisine and fashion back to the city’s heart, with Christchurch’s only central city wine bar and the country’s only denim brand combining to create a must-see central city hotspot.

Fashion and cuisine combine


The funky yet friendly establishment, which is in the heart of Little High Lanes and opened at the end of July, is the brainchild of business partners Phillip Sunderland, Helen Pfahlert and Stuart Montgomery. All the wine, craft beer, food and fashion on offer at Not Without You is produced in New Zealand – much of it from Christchurch and Canterbury. Housed under the same roof as the wine bar is their fashion store DUAL, New Zealand’s only denim brand – manufactured only 800 metres away on Lichfield Street.

The team, who come from creative, design and fashion backgrounds have all previously worked together, have a passion for supporting all things New Zealand and are “here for the long-haul”.
“We love the unique nature of the story,” Phillip says. “We are staunchly patriotic to all things Aotearoa. It’s a true joy to support the artisans, winemakers, beer brewers, cheesemongers, bakers, knife makers, designers and manufacturers from New Zealand. We are not the experts; but we source from them.”

The coffee cups, plates and bowls are handcrafted by Tatyanna at the Busy Finch on St Asaph St; coffee beans are roasted by Unknown Chapter, just across the road; the feature lights are crafted by Ivy and Willow Baskets from Plimmerton; craft beers are from small suppliers all over New Zealand; the cheese is from the Canterbury Cheesemongers; cured meats, pâtés and smoked seafood from Sydenham’s Euro Gourmet Meats, Cashmere Cuisine and Eaton Drink Co and the wine from Central Otago to Kumeu.
The wine is even chilled in fridges manufactured 4km away in Christchurch. “We love this city,” Helen says.

“We have everything at our doorstep; mountains, oceans, great people. But the city has to be vibrant, creative, dynamic. It has been through a rough time, but is now reviving and we see some fantastic opportunities to support what is going on in our region and to draw people back to the city centre with a compelling story.”



Death by Denim

Merivale’s Denim Heaven: Death by Denim

Denizens of Merivale will be excited to hear that Death by Denim is opening its second Christchurch store in the Quinns building on Papanui Road.


Death by Denim


Owners Kirsty and Scott Malcolm, along with new store manager Mandy Rowe, are thrilled to open the lifestyle boutique in mid-October.
Kirsty says their philosophy of old school customer service will carry through to this new venture, where the pleasure of using the five senses in your shopping experience is paramount (yes, every taste is catered for, as Kirsty and Scott love to offer a glass of champagne to clients at weekends).


Death by Denim

Kirsty has been working with denim since she was 17 and the specialty service of fitting jeans to any body shape is her art and passion. Recognising that our bodies change shape at different life stages, Kirsty loves to help clients find the fit and style that makes them feel great. She says, “Come for the denim – stay for the tees, shirts, dresses, ponchos, vests, skirts, shoes, accessories…” You get the idea. Kirsty says they stock items at a range of price points and the selection of labels is vast. Loved Californian brand Johnny Was is exclusive to Death by Denim in Christchurch, while the range of ‘John Lennon’ shirts would make a stylish statement under a race day suit.



Death by Denim offers not only stunning lifestyle clothing and accessories, but also shopping as genuine retail therapy. Enjoy Death By Denim Merivale opening mid-October, or visit the current store – BNZ Centre, Cashel Street and find them at


Denim Dreaming

Denim Dreaming: Denim is reinvented and reinvigorated

Every decade flaunts a scandalous aesthetic which rides against the tide of convention. In the 1950s, it was denim that was making sartorial waves.

Denim Dreaming


Having found its fashionable feet in 1871 when the iconic ‘jean’ pant was invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss, denim has had a somewhat troubled upbringing since the 1950s when jeans emerged as the unofficial uniform of youth counter-culture.

Popularised by Marlon Brando and James Dean, jeans were torn, patched and intentionally abused by stone and acid washes, demonstrating the anti-authoritarian reputation of jeans and their wearers.
While at the time these rebellious revolutionaries stirred controversy with their sartorial courage, their visions have not only endured but been contemporised, and today denim is reinvented and reinvigorated season after sartorial season.


Denim Dreaming
Denim Dreaming


Its modern manifestation continues to court favour with the who’s who of fashionable circles, where it has since emerged as a timeless addition to your sartorial portfolio.
We put our fashionable noses to the ground to find out how this seasonal staple is being reimagined in upcoming collections and how you can up your denim game.


Denim Dreaming
Denim Dreaming


Mum jeans:

We probably don’t have to tell you that high-rise, non-stretch, vintage-inspired mum jeans are everywhere right now, and they’re a good investment because, with their timeless, flattering aesthetic and ability to suit everyone, they’ll likely never fall completely out of favour.


Gorgeously Groovy:

Yes, relaxed, full-length jeans in straight and even gently flared silhouettes are making their way back into our lives. A little groovy and a little 90s, they are practically made for a small heel and, with a little bit of a roll-up, you can go from dressy to casual with one pair.


A walk on the dark side:

Forget about acid wash or so-light-it’s-almost-white denim. Denim is taking a walk on the wild side this sartorial season, with dark wash denim trending in a very big way – dresses, skirts and shorts included!

Linen House Drift Denim

Dreamy denim decor: get inspo for your home from this fashion classic

The sartorial centrepiece of so many memorable outfits, from James Dean’s rebellious revolution to Britney and Justin’s infamous denim double-up, there’s nothing more iconic than denim.

Linen House Drift Denim
Kas Australia Denim
Holiday Aurora Denim Stool
Adairs Malmo Cushion Denim
Tallet Denim Throw

Decade after decade this style staple maintains its place on the ‘latest looks’ lists. Beloved for its timeless appeal and ‘dress up dress down’ versatility, it’s always on trend.
But this shape-shifting chameleon has sidled its way into the home and according to the powers that be, adding a dash of denim is a sure-fire way to bring enduring style to any space.
Much like its performance as a fashionable powerhouse, when it comes to homewares, denim offers a not-quite-neutral alternative to all of those whites and greys, can play to a variety of aesthetics, and provides a sought-after splash of textural interest.
With options in dark-wash, chambray, faded and even the well-worn look available, there is something to suit every style.
So shop our inspirational look, or raid the wardrobe or thrift store to craft some clever creations all of your own.